Confirmed: Michael Dorn’s Cryptic Tweet About Starfleet Return Isn’t For A Star Trek Show Or Movie [UPDATED]

No actor has clocked more Star Trek screen time than Michael Dorn, and on Monday he used his Twitter account to hint there may be more Worf in his future. TrekMovie hasn’t been able to confirm what it’s all about, but we have eliminated two big possibilities.

Dorn has been summoned… but to what?

On Monday afternoon, Michael Dorn tweeted, “Just got the news, being summoned back into action. Starfleet calls.” This cryptic tweet garnered thousands of likes and retweets and hundreds of comments within an hour.

Michael Dorn played the Klingon, Worf, in seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation and four seasons of Deep Space Nine, along with all four TNG feature films. He also played his own ancestor in the final TOS movie, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Even with all that Star Trek and countless hours in the makeup chair, Mr. Dorn has made it clear he is ready to return to the role. For years he has been pitching an idea for a new series focused on Worf set in the Klingon Empire. He spoke to TrekMovie about this pitch earlier this year.

So is it time to break out the blood wine for the return of Mr. Worf?

Michael Dorn in the 2021 film Agent Revelation

UPDATED: Not for Paramount+ Streaming

While Dorn’s tweet about being summoned back into action by Starfleet could be seen as a hint related to his Captain Worf show, or possibly one of the three live-action or two animated Star Trek series currently in development, it appears that isn’t the case. TrekMovie has confirmed with sources that whatever this is, it isn’t related to a Paramount+ Star Trek project.  [A spokesperson for Paramount+ has since confirmed our original report.]


UPDATED: Not Paramount Pictures either

Of course, Paramount Pictures just announced a new Star Trek movie for 2023, however, that film is being described as “top secret,” so having an actor tease out their role on Twitter doesn’t exactly fit producer J.J. Abrams mystery box style. And a spokesperson for Paramount Pictures has confirmed they are not behind this new tease from Mr. Dorn.

Michael Dorn as Worf in Star Trek: Nemesis

But what could it be?

There is also the issue of the “#ad” hashtag included in Dorn’s tweet. Usually “ad” or “#ad” is used for social media posts that are sponsored, to show full transparency that the poster is being financially compensated. There are actual FTC guidelines for sponsored posts. However, those are usually for posts that mention a specific product, which this obviously does not. However, it still feels like Dorn’s tweet is related to some kind of promotion.

One possibility would be for this to be related to a licensed Star Trek product, including current (or possibly upcoming) Star Trek games. Both the Star Trek Online console and PC game and the Star Trek: Fleet Command mobile game regularly bring on high-profile Star Trek stars to voice their characters, as well as for promotions.

TrekMovie will monitor the situation and provide any updates on the Dorn summoning news.

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An hour ago I was really excited. Now I’m disappointed. What a rollercoaster of an hour it has been.

That roller-coaster sounds more just like a zip-like going from high to low. Not so exciting. Where’s the inversions, the loops, the corkscrew. 😅

This is why Gene Roddenberry rejected the idea of zippers in the future…

Man, don’t tease us like this Dorn!! I just saw the words ‘Starfleet Return’ and I was already jumping for joy until I read the full headline lol.

I’m still really hoping we get Worf back in Picard next season. We need our prune juice loving Klingon back in the action while listening to his favorite Klingon operas.

But if it doesn’t happen, it’s great to hear he’s coming back in some from. Even if it’s just a video game or something, it keeps the door open for future projects. And like Q, Worf will eventually show up again at some point, just a matter of when. Kurtzman all but hinted it will happen. Just hopefully sooner than later.

Yes! Right there with you on this.

It would be great to see Worf again, in any capacity, if Dorn is up for it. I’m really quite intrigued by this announcement.

Hoping for a Captain Worf show set around stardate 2387 when the Romulan supernova threatens the galaxy! Bring back Gowron!

In how many pieces?

Worf only stabbed him a bit… ‘twas just a flesh wound

There is no chance of a Worf show and there never has been.

Now is the perfect time for a Worf show. Worf is a fan favorite just like “the inner light” and TWOK are unquestioned fan favorites. TNG nostalgia is at its highest (PIC, Riker and the Titan on LDS, cardassians on DSC). A captain Worf show is the show we need right now. An ageing empire in deep denial about itself with Worf being the perceptive outsider? He could get into honor battles and challenges every week, dismantling the archaic patriarchal systems of the Klingon empire, challenging their prejudiced attitudes towards non-Klingons. And they could finally give TNG era Klingons the visual reboot update they desperately need. Dorn is bald now so he should have the elongated Klingon skull worn by T’Kuvma. Methinks the chances are good for a Worf show! With Worf, Martok, and Gowron! Qa’Pla!

Video game.

We finally getting Elite Force 3?

Hah! Well he certainly knows how to draw attention to himself!

Not streaming. No movie. That pretty much leaves video games, or some Starfleet spoof episode on Family Guy….

Could be. Or an ad. Remember when Shatner did a mock TUC scene in an ad for, was it Direct TV?

Video game. Check.

Meh…. another Star Trek video game.

A paying gig is a paying gig. Good for him….

Even if it is, he will show up eventually on another show or even film. We just have to be patient. ;)

Cool. Have never actually played Star Trek: Online, but have fond memories of playing a bunch of PC games in the late 90’s/early 00’s and Dorn was one of the few who regularly lent his vocal talents to them. Was always a nice bit of authenticity whenever Worf showed up, as a result.

Yep. Fans should seek out Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Fallen. One of the better Star Trek game IMO. It’s a 3rd person shooter with playable characters of Sisko, Kira and Worf. It’ll probably be hard to find though, it was never released digitally.

Yeah, I do remember that one. Never owned it myself, but did play it a few times. Was a single story told from each of the 3 characters’ own perspectives, if I recall.

Has anyone considered that it could be a Star Trek Convention?

Nah, they do the conventions all the time and this isn’t the way they advertise their presence at one. This seems like he is definitely being called to play the character in some capacity.

probably more star trek online voiceover since they’re in their “year of the klingon” revamp of the whole klingon faction and focus on new klingon story content

That almost *has* to be a video game or something.

he obviously means hes playing Colonel Worf again in Nicolas Meyers new Star Trek movie.

There is no Nick Meyers Trek movie. Just Nick Meyers wishing there was one.

Qapla’, my brother. I wish you continued recognition and success in the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek Online is coming to the end of their “Year of the Klingon” and Dorn has voiced Worf in the game previously. Seems almost certain he’s returning for the last set of missions, which should be coming up relatively soon.

Ah, I see. Another instalment of Star Trek: Paycheck.

Oh well, good for him. Got to keep the fam fed. I’d do the same thing.

It’s probably recording Worf for the finale of Star Trek Online’s Year of Klingon “episodes” (missions), which have centered on Martok, Worf, and Kurn, as well as Akaar son of Akaam (played by Gowron’s actor, they even gave him the eyes) of House Mo’kai lead by J’ula sister of T’kuvma displaced in time and now finding herself supporting Martok and his allies from the Romulans, Federation, and Dominion, against Chancellor J’mpok who betrayed the empire to the Hur’q.

Has anyone even considered Michael Dorn HAS been called back for a movie or TV show, WASN’T allowed to post about it and Paramount simply denies everything because it doesn’t fit their marketing strategy? Spokespeople can say a lot of things…

Please make it so!!!! Fingers and toes tightly crossed!!!!

Dorn has been in the business long enough to know the drill. He wouldn’t reveal a role he’s not allowed to reveal. Also, doing a stunt like that would probably be a save way to ensure they wouldn’t ask him again.

No. As Picard seems to be shaping up as a reunion show, I’d expect him to slap on the head ridges at some point in the future, but absent any corrobating information, I’ll take the studio’s announcements ast face value…..for the moment.

That’s my preferred SKINARIO!

Good – at least Worf’s character won’t be destroyed by the hacks.

You’re so mean dude lol.

Lol – I don’t mean to be. Sometimes the truth is harsh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (I’ll be commenting similar in news of LeVar Burton possibly being on Picard).

I was so hoping for a Klingon Mimes show…..

Pretty lowball from Dorn if it’s just something to give him cheap publicity

Has there ever been a TV show where the main character is a non-human from another planet, outside of half-hour comedies (like My Favorite Martian, Mork and Mindy, Alf, 3rd Rock)?

Doctor Who.


Resident Alien

Stargate SG-1, Babylon 5

BSG, if you count the Cylons.

I’m betting it’s for that Star Trek mobile game. They just had a commercial with Sonequa and Karl Urban.

I always wanted a Klingon show…something in the vein of Game of Thrones where they are different HOUSES dueling it out to be the lead family of the klingon Empire. So much potential…if the writers would get to it and stop being lazy. Discovery set that up perfectly. I really am one of the few that LOVED Discovery’s look and take of the Klingons.

Michael Dorn reads “Star Trek” audio drama “The House Of Mogh”, a 20 hour emotional rollercoaster charting the history of one of the Klingon Empire’s most storied Great Houses, 19 hours of which are just guys cutting their hands with d’k-tahgs, the sound of which Dorn manages to mimic very well for an audio only product.

Lol. I would listen to that! I wish we had more Klingon content.

And here I was hoping today was a good day to die.

it’ll be star trek online. they’re doing a very klingon centric plot and Micheal Dorn’s done a LOT of voice work for them in the past. chances are they’re brining him in to do some voicework for the finalle of that plotline.

Even money says he’s going to be on Lower Decks/Standards.