‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Wins 3 Costume Guild Awards

Star Trek: Discovery new season 3 trailer

The third season of Star Trek: Discovery jumped the show into a whole new millennium, handing a lot of new challenges to the costumers. And now they are being recognized by the peers for all their work. We also catch up on an award Picard picked up a couple of weeks ago.

Discovery wins 3 CAFTCAD Awards

Over the weekend the Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts & Design held their annual awards show, with Discovery going in with six nominations. Head Costume Designer Gersha Phillips and her team came away with three prizes, making them the big winners for the evening. Gersha and her team took home the award for Best Costume Design in TV – Sci-Fi/Fantasy for her work in “That Hope is You, Part 1.” Discovery beat out competition from Altered Carbon, Snowpiercer, The Expanse, and Odd Squad Mobile Unit.

The gala event was held remotely and streamed over the web. Gersha accepted her award from the set of Star Trek: Discovery. She thanked the members of her team, CBS, Secret Hideout, the writers and producers, and the cast.

Gersha Phillips accepts her award with assistant costume designer Carly Nicodemo

Discovery costume cutters Tanya Batanuau-Chuiko, Carla Mingiardi, Ryan Smith, and Gulay Cokgezen won for Excellence in Crafts – Building for their work in “That Hope is You, Part 1.” They beat out competition from The Expanse, Odd Squad Mobile Unit, Snowpiercer, and Altered Carbon.

Discovery FX costumers Ray Wong, Hayley Stolee-Smith, Blake Hyland, Andrew Cook won the award for Excellence in Crafts – Special Effects Costume Building for their work in “People of Earth.” They beat out costumers from Umbrella Academy, American Gods, Odd Squad Mobile Unit, and The Boys.

Picard wins Golden Reel

Another event we haven’t reported on yet is the Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Awards, which were held on April 14th. Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard went in with a total of four nominations in total. In the end, the franchise took home one Golden Reel Award. Star Trek: Picard Supervising Sound Editor: Matthew E. Taylor and his team won in a tie with The Queen’s Gambit for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Episodic Long Form – Effects / Foley. Picard actually beat out Discovery for the Gold Reel Award, along with Better Call Saul, Devs, Ozark, and Raised By Wolves.

Speaking to THR last year, Taylor described how he and his team approached making sounds for Picard:

Supervising sound editor Matthew E. Taylor describes the Star Trek spinoff as a journey through “many soundscapes, both physical and psychological — physical in that the heroes experience new locations, technologies and languages. Psychological in creating the worlds of our characters’ minds as they experience nightmares, grief, horror and doubt.”Futuristic technology needed unique sound, as did the La Sirena ship. The sound team incorporated the noise of an electric motorcycle combined with electromagnetic recordings of a Dremel rotary tool powering up and down. Another key sound was the inactive Borg Cube vessel. “When inside the research section of the inactive cube, it needed to sound full of unassimilated organic life, a contrast to a Borg Cube. Yet the cube was still menacing, a threat and, to some … revered,” Taylor relates. “[Sound designer] Tim Farrell’s manipulated recordings of St. Peter’s Basilica was a fun element that contributed to a sense of the cube’s size. Also, parts of the cube walls would shift or reform. Dominoes and wood tiles were recorded and manipulated to help build the constant shape-shifting. And lastly, phrases such as ‘Resistance is futile’ and ‘We are Borg’ were recorded and manipulated to form subtle and foreboding textures when Picard finds himself isolated in the cube.”

On the Borg cube from “The End Is The Beginning”

Ready Room nominated for Webby

Our final bit of awards news comes from the official Paramount+ Star Trek after show, hosted by TNG vet Wil Wheaton. The Ready Room has been nominated for a Webby Awards in the Video Series – Variety category. It is going up against Good Mythical Morning With Rhett & Link, Project Runway After Show, Open Door from Architectural Digest, and Late Show Me More.  You can vote for The Ready Room at webbyawards.com.

Wil Wheaton is now a Webby nominee

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Ithor the Orion was suspended indefinitely from the Requiem Mercantile Partner Program for hateful and derogatory content.

Hmmm, not exactly setting the world on fire with WRITING awards, are they?

Unfortunately, that had been the norm for ages. The Hugos would recognize well-written stories on occasion, but only the Emmy nod for Best Drama for TNG’s final season really saw any of the shows taken seriously outside of the sci-fi niche, and that was just because the show was ending at the height of Trek mania.

IIRC, DS9 was tied for the most Emmy nominations of a dramatic series in the 1997-1998 season, but it was all Creative Emmy categories.

For fifty years, and counting, now.

Let’s hope some of the Strange New Worlds storylines can improve things on that front Harry.

Congrats to the talents that did get awards though.

It says a lot about the system when the only series Emmy has been for the Saturday morning Animated Series. (It certainly didn’t get the award for the quality of animation.)

Who’s the character in the red dress?

(And yes, I will slap my head when I’m told.)

Congratulations to Phillips, to all her team!!! For some reason, don’t remember the red dress!?