Check Out 4 New Preview Images From ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Showing Stunning Alien Worlds

At the beginning of the week, Paramount+ revealed first-look images and character details from Star Trek: Prodigy. But they aren’t done yet, today they released four new images from the upcoming CG-animated kids series.

Alien worlds of Star Trek: Prodigy

There are no specific details for the images that were released today, with all four being described as “environmental coverage.” Each image shows a different alien environment for the show set in the Delta Quadrant, five years after the events of Star Trek: Voyager. The first shot appears to show Gwyn and Dal sitting on a beam, possibly part of an alien station or ship.

Environmental coverage of the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Prodigy

The second image shows a ship streaking through clouds above an alien planet with a two moons very close by.

Environmental coverage of the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Prodigy

The third shows a view from inside a cave looking out at an alien desert landscape.

Environmental coverage of the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Prodigy

The fourth and final new image shows a shot above an alien station or city.

Environmental coverage of the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Prodigy

Star Trek: Prodigy will debut later this year on Paramount+ in the USA and CTV Sci-Fi in Canada. It isn’t currently known where or when it will be available internationally.

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Inspired by CDF. Nice


That a Tellerite is in the Delta Quadrant suggests travel between the quadrants has become common place. But how? How did he end up there?

There are plenty of in universe Trek explanations: More Caretakers. Supreme beings. Nexus. Trans-warp conduits. Guardians. There are always….possibilities.


It doesn’t necessarily mean that its common place. Something weird could have happened to get the Tellarite and the Medusan their. We already knew that a Starfleet ship was going to get there somehow.

Voyager showed that random Ferengi, Klingon’s, humans, and even dinosaurs found a way to the Delta quadrant, so I’m sure a Tellerite could as well.

There was nothing random about those Ferengi, and TNG showed that.

Technically the location where the wormhole opened WAS random, sooo…

My guess is he’s the orphan to two Tellerite’s that got brought to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker.

In star trek online you can travel between the quadrants via iconian jump gates

Quality work….

Are you sarcastic? Because I like it.

No sarcasm here. Looks good so far.


I knew it would be with Hibon heading the animation, but these environments are in no way cutefied for kids.

It’s so great that they put a European with the sensibilities of the great European tradition of sophisticated animation for children in charge.

Hello TG47,

I’m delighted that you take interest and show appreciation for European animation. As a European lover of animation myself, I personally have to say: America is still the leading force in animation. Few of the stuff from here can compete what the Americans create. But I see strong influences of painters of the Romanticism in those images here. Masters like WilliamTurner, Thomas Cole and as I mentioned before Caspar David Friedrich.

Why do they just keep rolling out images and not a trailer? The images are nice, but the lack of actual footage of the show is annoying.

There would be very little footage for a trailer. In the olden days we wouldn’t of seen any images until a trailer was released. We live in an age of micro-second updates of very little.

Why would there be very little footage for a trailer? Presumably they are nearing end of production on season one if they have a 2021 premiere date. I see your point if this was just the announcement of the show, but it will be streaming sometime in the next few months.

Computer graphics take a long time. It’s possible that they’ll still be finalizing stuff right up to launch, but certainly they’ll need to release a trailer EVENTUALLY.

San Diego Comic-Con is next month, we expect something then.

Yeah I know we’re all dying to see more! It is very strange how they decide what and when to release. Picard doesn’t come out until next year we’ve already gotten two trailers for it. Mostly teasers but still something.

You would think PRO would’ve released something more now since it premieres this year. But its more than what we got for SNW which is basically zip in terms of ANY images of any kind. We don’t even know who the other characters are yet outside of the main three characters.

Hopefully we’ll get a ton of stuff when Comic con comes. This will be the year Star Trek will have the most stuff to promote at one time ever.

Point taken about Picard S2 having had two trailers when it’s farther away, but it’s not like this show is premiering next week. Lower Decks S2 is set to be the next production in the franchise for release, and even that doesn’t start until August.

I don’t know for sure, but I expect Prodigy will begin when the next season of Lower Decks ends, which would put Prodigy premiering in late October or early November (depending upon whether LD S2 has 10 episodes or 12; I’ve seen both reported).

Patience, Padawan. I want it to, but we aren’t entitled to anything they’re not ready to release. This is their story to tell to us, not our story to demand.

Strange new worlds, the unknown. Add some danger, conflict, tech limitations, science and let the kids have their own path and individualism and this should be good.

Nothing about this show looks remotely Star Trek.

Not being snarky but I think that’s because you’ve limited your scope for what Star Trek is, what that aesthetic is. We’ve had show after show after show that have given us a limited scope of the final frontier because we keep seeing it through the lens of Starfleet captains and a few senior members of their crew. People say it looks like Star Wars because Star Wars has given us deeper looks at planets, we’ve had more variety especially with their shows. There’s nothing at all that says this wouldn’t be Star Trek. It, like what we’ve finally been getting in Picard and the most recent season of Discovery, is the benefit of modern Trek having a real budget. We can finally see some of the many locations that are out there from the eyes of people who aren’t Starfleet officers. Enjoy it and let your scope expand with it.

Well said!

I’ve been watching Star Trek for the better part of 46 years, and it’s looking pretty Star Trek-y to me.


My sources are saying there’s a 47% chance this show is better than Picard: Time Cops Edition.

Bring it on.

Are those huge tentacles erupting from those clouds? Cool! These are great images.

I have a feeling season 1 of Prodigy will be dumped all on the same day. I personally would’t mind that at all.

That doesn’t seem to fit the release model CBS All Access has followed so far. Why would they suddenly dump Prodigy all at once if they haven’t done so with any of their other original shows? Also, CBS wants to release new Trek basically all the time to keep people subscribed to their service. For that to work they have to space out their seasons.

No way that is going to happen. They haven’t done that to a single show in all this time and I don’t see a reason they would now. And I think outside of Netflix, no one does that anymore. Even Amazon has seen to stop doing that, at least with some of their shows and just release the first 3 at the beginning and then weekly after that.