Trailer Analysis: Second ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 Teaser Gives Us A Glimpse Of “The Road Not Taken”

The release of the second Star Trek: Picard season two teaser trailer earlier this week on Captain Picard Day gave us our first real look at season two. As usual, we’ll dive in to see what we can suss out.

A visit from an old frenemy

The trailer opens with the familiar: an establishing shot of Chateau Picard, where Jean-Luc Picard retired after resigning from Starfleet. We see Picard enter the house calling out for Laris, his Romulan housekeeper.

Picard is wearing an unfamiliar black uniform, which includes a variation on a Starfleet badge. He appears to be confused and upset: “What the hell is happening here?”

UPDATE: Although difficult to make out, through enhancing the image, Picard’s badge shows four stripes, likely indicating Captain rank in this alternate Starfleet. This style of bars of rank on badges has been used in alternate history episodes of TNG before, but not this exact design.

Enhanced view of Picard’s alternate Starfleet badge

He then hears a familiar voice – somewhat distorted – say, “Excellent question, Jean-Luc… Oh dear, you are a bit older than I imagined.” The music reaches a crescendo as we hear the unmistakable voice of John de Lancie say “Mon Capitan, how I’ve missed you.”

His old adversary from Star Trek: The Next Generation emerges, also wearing a black outfit, with some kind of black and silver insignia. Picard exclaims, “Q.” Q then approaches Picard, looking a bit menacing.

A meeting at Starfleet… but when?

Cut to an establishing shot of a conference room at Starfleet Command.

Q narrates over this scene: “Welcome, my friend, to the very end of the road not taken…”

We see Picard as an admiral addressing a summit. Raffi can also be seen to his immediate right. The flags present are (from L-R) Klingon Empire, Tellar, United Federation of Planets, Starfleet, Starfleet Academy, Vulcan, Bajor, and The Ferengi Alliance. It’s a bit of an odd mix, but should not be seen as an indication that Bajor, Ferenginar, or the Klingons have joined the Federation. It’s possible this is a flashback to a meeting regarding the Romulan supernova and refugee crisis in the mid-2380s.

Picard is wearing what looks like a dress version of the 2380s Starfleet uniform seen in flashbacks during season one of Picard. However, the badge he is wearing is the same as the one used by Starfleet in 2399. This may mean that the summit takes place sometime between 2385 and 2399. Being that Picard resigned in 2385, this would make it an alternate timeline. Another possibility would be this shot is set in the Prime timeline in 2399 (or 2400) after the events of season one, with Picard and Raffi rejoining Starfleet.

Our characters in a broken time

An unknown female voice says “Time has been broken.”

We get a quick glance of Elnor with wild wavy hair and Raffi with her hair combed straight down, running from trouble on the city streets.

Laris with long hair looking past the camera worriedly.

Light breaks through the trees outside of some buildings.

We see Soji (or perhaps Dahj, who might still be alive in this fractured timeline) looking dressed up as if she’s attending a fancy event. She wears two pins; one is the two circles that represent fractal neuronic cloning, which we saw as a necklace in season one.

The second is harder to make out, but it’s a blue circle with small lighter colored elements inside. Maybe it’s Earth or has something to do with the oceans?

A closer look at Soji’s blue pin.

Dr. Agnes Jurati looks ominously at the camera.

Cris Rios looks confused, as his outfit has changed to a new dark coat with a large Starfleet badge similar to what we saw Picard wearing. His ship is now branded with the alternate Starfleet insignia. Perhaps La Sirena was conscripted into service in this timeline?

We get a close-up on the badge: Unlike traditional Starfleet badges, this is symmetrical with sword-like edges. There is one bar on Rios’ badge, possibly indicating the rank of lieutenant.

A closer look at alternative Starfleet badge

Jean-Luc swears to his motley crew, “We can save the future, and I can get us home together.”

Seven, or perhaps Annika?

Elsewhere, Seven of Nine wakes up startled. She finds herself in a bed big enough for two, and clearly has a side of the bed that’s hers. No indication of who the other side belongs to.

As she moves out of bed, she sees an insignia pin. It’s not clear what this represents. There’s a star in the middle somewhat typical of what’s in the center of a command delta for Starfleet, but the crest around it with dots likely means this is an alternate universe UFP insignia.

From the looks of it, this version of the Federation only has a handful of worlds. The badge could imply Annika is a civilian advisor or diplomat for the Federation, and not a Starfleet officer.

A closer look at the (possibly) alternative UFP badge

She looks in the mirror to see a perfectly normal human face. No Borg implants (or implant scars) at all. Could it be that Annika Hansen was never captured by the Borg in this fractured timeline? Take note of what is almost certainly a wedding band on her left hand in the mirror.

L.A. connection

Also released with the teaser video was a poster with a highly photoshopped, yet nonetheless clearly identifiable, current-day (or close to it) downtown Los Angeles with the system of crisscrossing freeways around L.A. shaped into a delta. The trailer also has a downtown Los Angeles connection with the shot of Soji and the one immediately preceding showing the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and Disney Hall at the Los Angeles Music Center.

Since we’ve been told time is broken, it seems likely we’ll be seeing something of an alternate present-day or near future on Earth. Patrick Stewart hinted at something like this as a possibility back in January when he said of season two:

There are issues that are very contemporary… there is a sense that things have gone wrong and they need to be put back on track again.

Perhaps going back to contemporary Los Angeles is the key to putting things “back on track.”

The second season of Picard is currently in production in Southern California. As stated in this latest teaser, season two arrives on Paramount+ in 2022. It will also be available on CTV Sci-Fi and Crave in Canada, and Amazon Prime Video internationally.

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I’m intrigued! I’ll watch.

That Los Angeles skyline looks like its from the 1990s because the US Bank building is there, but lots of present day buildings are missing — like the Wilshire Grand.

I seem to recall the opening shots from CHiP’s usually had the panorama of the LA skyline at this point of view.

Maybe Ponch and Jon are in Season 2 of Picard!

It just seems really strange to use a decades-old LA skyline in that poster unless Season 2 involves something involving that era. I’m guessing whatever is messed up with time goes at least as far back as then.

So would that mean we’ll see Michael Dorn?

You are mistaken. The Intercontinental (@ Wilshire Grand Center) is there, as is the Ritz Carlton at LA Live.

What’s weird is that they seemed to have photoshopped out the Staples Center.

We have to also remember DS9 visited San Francisco in the year 2024 so they have to make sure events are closely in line. Unless they again want to forget DS9 happened.

JL and Rios are wearing black leather or pleather which in Alex Kurtzman’s Star Trek is a signifier for villainy. So the Federation is evil in the naughty timeline which is why the Time Variance Authority dispatches Q off to the evil Chateau Picard. I’m guessing Michelle Yeoh shows up at some point, to relay pleather fashion tips.

And while we’re talking fashion: What is it with the beards on Discovery and now Picard?? Is this a fashion trend, or someone on the Trek creative team really likes beards? ;-)

To be fair, black leather has long been a signifier for villainy in Star Trek long before Alex Kurtzman showed up. But yeah you could be right, maybe this is a Mirror universe version of the Federation only they are still in the Prime universe. There are other images floating around the internet that shows darker Federation/Starfleet motifs as well, at least one I’m thinking of (if only we could show them but oh well).

But maybe that’s what this is, there was a change in the timeline somewhere that sent Starfleet in a different or darker direction and they literally go back in time (maybe via Q) to where it started which could be in the 21st century somewhere to reset it.

I’m hoping they keep Space Hitler far away but yeah if this theory is true she would fit right in there. She could even be the new Federation President. ;)

I’m cringing at the idea this may be an alternate “Mirror” universe…..

I think after Discovery people are a bit tired on the MU but yeah that’s maybe what this is. Or maybe the Federation was corrupted by another group in the past that put them on this course.

More MU please. We need a whole show set in the MU.

Go away loser.

Stop that. You’re better than that.

Go away loser.

Terry Matalas as showrunner — I would rate the idea that there is a single alternate timeline as a low likelihood scenario.

I suspect that Picard and crew are going to have to eke their way through time to get time back on track.

For all we know, Seven may not wake up in the same timeline as Picard or Soji/Dahj.

Sure that’s definitely possible. That’s why time travel or alternate timelines stories are fun you can go BIG with it! Maybe it is a situation where different characters are in various timelines. It’s stuff like that that makes a lot of Star Trek fans giggle with delight because you can set up endless possibilities.

BUT for now, I’m just going on the really vague info we have. But if Picard ends up in a timeline where he is no longer a Synth, please keep him there. ;)

Agreed! No more robot Picard!

The universe suddenly fractured, and all these bizarre things are happening. A totally nutso beginning – Picard is suddenly walking down a New York street dressed in his uniform but carrying a brief-case and wearing a fedora.

All our characters are there and they are doing things that make zero sense, and then the camera pans by an alley and there lying by a trash can is Q who is dressed like a homeless guy and he is mumbling to himself ‘I used to be a super-being’ It’s all about us trying to figure out that none of this is the way things are supposed to be and that nutty guy who is saying he used to be a super-being is actually right.

Ron Moore’s “Q goes insane” storyline?

Does Seven’s badge remind anyone else of Borg insignia?

I noticed that as well.

So, we’re getting a two season long treatment of All Good Things…. apparently.

You mean Tapestry? History didn’t change in All Good Things…

No, I mean All Good Things. Picard seems to be time tripping, again, only with overlapping realities this time. And as our heroes sailed off into the sunset at the end of AGT’s, Picard’s history was different because how he arrived at that moment in time was very different then that of his crewmates….

We saw 7 ‘startled to suddenly have no implants’ multiple times throughout Voyager, but the wedding band is more interesting, especailly if her spouse is another character from Voyager–maybe the doctor, who developed a way to finally remove that implant? Or maybe Harry Kim, Balana…I would be less excited if it was Chakotay.

I’m guessing if she is married, it’s to a new character entirely. Sure it could be someone from Voyager but it would feel a little forced if the alternate timeline have her never being a Borg or ever served on Voyager. But if your theory holds up and she did do all those things in the new timeline just got the implants removed then yeah it’s possible.

Wow, can you imagine Chakotay!? :P

There is no chance of Chakotay coming back. They’d be much more likely to bring back a popular character played by a good actor.

Maybe not, but I remember a few people saying it was no way Q was ever coming back either lol.

In other words, never say never.

Ugh, thankfully no one hated Chakotay more then the actor who played him, so it’s not really a possibility.

If I remember correctly, Beltran’s main problem with Chakotay was that he was bored because his character never got anything interesting to do. So if the producers promised him some interesting character arc for Chakotay he might consider doing it. Also, he doesn’t seem to be in high demand, at least not in movies/TV (no idea if he does theater). So he may be even more willing to accept a role if offered. On the other hand, this may also lower his chances that the producers approach him.

I felt bad for Beltran, I always believed his character was poorly written. Chakotay was really good in few episodes. I really liked his strategy skills. He was a great leader as well. My issue was his relationship with Janeway. Many times he was humiliated. After season 3-4 you can see they gave up in the crew and focused on Seven.

Chakotay had potential in seasons 1 and 2. He was still rebelling and had some edge, like when he went off to deal with Seska on his own against orders. But by season 3 the writers felt it was better for Janeway to be the one who went off-script and Chakotay had to be the one to lecture her about making risky deals with the Borg or sacrificing herself or going off the deep end. It didn’t quite make sense as he was the former Maquis maverick, and I can understand Beltran’s frustrations. Chakotay blanded out.

No. I’d not think Robert Beltran has any interest in returning. Further, Seven and Raffi were making eyes with each other at the end of the last season. Maybe that got serious….

She’s married to Janeway. Why do you assume she’s married to a man?

Being that Picard resigned in 2385

I always cringe when I see this site’s writers using weak writing constructions “Being that.” It’s a very amateurish way to start a sentence, and it’s not something pro writers should do.

You should ask for a refund.

And yet “Étant donné que…” is excellent French.

English style and usage varies, and this is a fairly international group.

I’m not sure your set of “things professional writers do” should get in the way of my enjoyment.

French is irrelevant to this discussion, and I in no way implied people shouldn’t enjoy anything. Next.

You sound like another poster that has since disappeared….

It isn’t amateurish, it’s hifalutin, and is grammatically sound (though admittedly anachronistic).

Being that it’s just a site for geeky updates about TV shows, who gives a shit?

I’m with Eric Z. on this one.

Maybe this relates somewhat to the Temporal Wars?

Would LOVE that! And it would be a great way to link the show to Discovery as well!

Yeah, that would be really cool if it is connected to the temporal cold war!

Yeah I think it would really be an amazing story telling device because you can literally use it on any era or universe. When it was used on Enterprise, we ONLY had Enterprise at the time so the storyline was only filtered through that show. But now with so many new shows popping up, they can really run with it. We can even see it as way to cross other characters and shows together. And before anyone starts typing it doesn’t NEED to do that, but we know for writers stuff like this only gets them more excited over the possibilities, if TCW is going to be used beyond someone mentioning it in passing.

God, I hope not.

I’ll be honest when it was originally introduced in Enterprise, I wasn’t a big fan of it either. I didn’t mind the idea of it too much, but like everything in story telling, it really comes down to how well written or well executed it is and I didn’t think TCW was either. It was clear the people writing it didn’t quite know where it was going which seemed really ridiculous at the time. I know this is how a lot of story telling works on TV and writers try to be flexible but this is one of those concepts you should map out some kind of plan from the beginning even if you change it later.

But 20 years later and thanks to Discovery we are now talking about it again lol. Just more proof nothing EVER dies in Star Trek and it’s all connected. And while I don’t REALLY think Picard will have anything to do with the TCW, I do have a feeling that is going to be more important on Discovery and the franchise as whole.

I even feel that’s what the Section 31 show may even deal with since it was constantly brought up on Discovery. Even Kovich presence may be there because of his dealings with it. REALLY hoping they at least reveal who that guy is next season since we know he’s coming back.

They even tied it to both the Guardian of Forever and the Kelvin Universe since Temporal Agents were coming from that universe to fight it. So, I have a feeling this a concept they like and want to do something with it on a bigger level. And it could be way to make the multiverse element of Star Trek tied closer together (because I’m guessing in time we will finally get there too and have it be a pivotal element in the franchise as Marvel and DC are now beginning to do with theirs).

And now that Star Trek is properly going forward again, it’s easy to use TCW, especially in post-Nemesis eras.

Or maybe it will just stay referenced but why keep referencing something that happened on a show from 20 years ago if you don’t intend to use it? I feel they are setting up something bigger.

s2/3 Picard/s4 Disco/ST XIV = Infinity War/Endgame/No Way Home/Multiverse of Madness (& The Flash)

Maybe not as big lol but yeah I definitely see something like that happening at some point. I don’t think with Picard this season or even anytime soon but they could be thinking about something similar down the road. My guess is the new Section 31 show could also be a big player in that, especially if it does deal with different eras and/or universes.

Fans love their shared universes and Trek is one of the biggest that is now getting bigger every year now.

Looks cool, but what about the loose ends from season one? Agnes is a murderer. Does she just get a pass on that?

Probably so. Jeez, I’d forgotten about that; what a dreadful plot development.

Are you really complaining about the story development you assume?

Because there is nothing that suggest the murdere Arc will Not come Up again.

Given that the writers said they weren’t going to do anything with Picard being an android, the notion of the Agnes the murderer plot line being likewise brushed aside is a real possibility worth consideration.

When did “the writers” (all of them?) say they weren’t going to do anything with Picard being an android/synthetic? If any of the writers did say that I missed it.

I don’t recall this at all. What I remember is them saying that how this affects Picard will be explored.

Obviously, I don’t know any more details about season 2 than what has been released officially but I get the impression that whatever plans they originally had for season 2 may have been retooled since Terry Matalas took over as showrunner. So if it doesn’t fit into the story they’re trying to tell I can imagine them finishing off loose ends from season 1 quickly or even outright ignoring some.

She was influence by an outside force, so of course. It’s happened plenty of times in Star Trek.

For all we know, season 2 takes place while they are on their way back to Earth where she is to be tried. Something to do with time travel and/or alternate realities doesn’t preclude her from starting or ending the season with facing the consequences of her actions.

Picard killed tons of people on tng. It’s all good.

The road not taken is Picard backing down from working harder to save the Romulans. This cascades into a more militant Starfleet.

But where does present-day Los Angeles enter into that equation?

Yeah, I also don’t think it’s related to the Romulans at all. It has to be a WWIII story somewhat similar to City on the Edge of Forever. If WWIII doesn’t happen, humanity won’t learn any lessons from it and conquers space in an aggressive, mirror-like way. It will be Picard’s job to make WWIII happen again… WWIII is supposed to happen in 2026, Q has been linked to the post-atomic horror since day one and I bet they also brought back Q to ridicule the Q-anon movement. Delicate to say the least…

Considering that Q junior has been working the state department for years, chances are good that Q IS Q. /s

OMG… That’s exciting… He’s currently at the Foreign Department… I’ve just pooped my pants…

You’ll have to watch to find out.

The gentleman seated to the right of Raffi reminds me of Tuvok.

Q’s goate reminds me of “mirror” Spock. Oh no.

The wonderful Laris seems younger.

The horizontal lines in the centre of the new Starfleet insignia are clearly rank lines, not “a sword”. Rios has one horizontal line, Picard has more (higher rank). Similar to the starfleet insignia in the “alternate/fake” timeline of TNG’s “Future Imperfect” and “Parallels” but inside the insignia rather than surrounding it. I also wonder if there’s been a Klingon/Federation merger due, as the inner gold part of the delta is now vaguely shaped like the Klingon insignia (that and the presence of a Klingon flag in the meeting hall).

Hmm What I saw in Rios is the Petrine Cross (Cross of St. Peter) and a Cross in Picard’s.

If you zoom in on Picard’s badge (it’s only briefly visible) you will see his has four (maybe five) horizontal lines crossing the vertical line (equivalent to rank pips).

So, the timeline has been altered and Picard just happens to take this happy trip through time with the crew of Picard Season 1, not his seasoned TNG crew with which he shared so much, the closest thing he’s ever had to a family.

Alrighty then.

Yeah that is a little odd but maybe they will somehow all be together when it happens?

But then not sure how Dr. Jurati will be there since she should be serving time in prison for first degree murder. But when it comes to these writers, minor details sometimes gets missed. ;)


She did that while under the influence of a mind meld. It wasn’t her fault.
Star Trek has done this before without their being any punishment.

What mind meld? No one has ever mentioned it…ever! Don’t you think that would’ve been the first thing she brought up once she was caught?

But again, small important details are not always mentioned by these writers. That would’ve been another important one if true. ;)

We saw the mind meld on the show. I would need to watch the episodes again but I think it was at least suggested that the mind meld was more than a simple info dump.

It has NEVER been suggested it was used to have her kill anyone. She never bought it up and the writers/producers never suggested it at all either. Chabon even said she belongs in jail for what she did when he was answering questions about the show. You would think he out of all people would say she was coerced to kill him, clearly she wasn’t.

Again, if she was I think she would’ve been the first person to say she was brain washed by Oh and why she did it, right?

No, like a lot of things on this show her arc was simply poorly resolved. Nothing more.

Jurati was under the influence of Oh who implanted both a memory and an order into her mind.

The moral crisis is about how much she understood about that situation. Dramatically it was underplayed – perhaps not played at all. Maybe something could have been made of an interrogation by Rios or if Picard was pissed at the murder Bruce Maddox that he blurts out, “I’ve killed too.” Or if she does in her defense.

I’m going to say it again, neither Jurati, the actress who played her or any of the producers/writers ever said she was under any type of mind control.

In fact watch her on the Ready Room. Here I posted for you. The part of interest is at 14:25:

It’s made pretty clear that she simply killed Maddox out of her own belief that she was doing the right thing and said the decision to do it to tortured her. So, OK? No on has said anything about the mind meld being the reason. Obviously it help influence her decision but she wasn’t brain washed either.

I think fans are trying to just wash away bad writing in this case but that’s all it was. Or at the very least how the left it was eye rolling.

You’re wrong.

What part of she was being controlled don’t you get? Not her fault.

I bet you have no friends.

Patrick Stewart and Co go back in time to remove the Donald from office (or someone heavily based on him) can see it now.

Maybe we are thinking too small about this, maybe the events of Picard season 2 will have an effect on all the Trek universe and might be a way to create a true Trek multiverse as that seems to be the trend these days. Or it maybe a way to connect all the universes (Kelvin, mirror, etc…) together.

There’s always been a multiverse in Trek, as seen in Parallels. It’s just usually not explored much beyond the Mirror Universe.

Maybe Picard already lives in your present time. They predicted the unification of Ireland, so maybe he goes back to our time period to cause Brexit which might lead to the unification of Ireland. ;-)

I’ll be there day one, in the hopes that they will somehow repair the damage done from the odious first season. I’m not optimistic; but I will indeed be there.

Hear hear Bryant, hear hear!

I am soooooo much looking for this! This is just anwesome! Bring it on@

“The road not taken”. Seven not borgfied… Q introduced Picard and mankind to the Borg… Could this be a reality where the events of “Q who” never happend or how bad a life without Q would be for Picard or mankind?

Seven was assimilated before Q introduced Picard to the Borg.

That’s the thing that doesn’t fit somehow. How were the Hansens aware of the Borg before they were introduced and known?

There would have been rumors about the Borg before Q sent the Enterprise to them. There would be records of the Borg that Archer met, and all of the El Aurian refugees that Scotty beamed out of the Nexus would have told people about them.

They heard rumours of a cyborg race. It’s explained in the episode(s)

THAT is the best theory I’ve read. Add in Guinan to guide Picard as a sort of antidote to Q harking back to Yesterday’s Enterprise… ‘This timeline isn’t supposed to happen!’

The excitement builds 😃😃😃

Q introduced mankind to the Borg but due to a timeloop they were already on their way to the alpha quadrant after getting a message from the 22th century in ENT, sent from the Borg which went into the past in First Contact and remained stranded there for a century. But did it all happen because Q introduced them or did Q introduce them because they were already on the way?
What if this timeloop wasn’t set in motion?

I’m still trying to figure out how Starfleet personnel assimilated in the Battle of Wolf 359 made it back to the Delta Quadrent instead of, you know, blowing up in Earth orbit.

“You think in such three-dimensional terms.”

Transwarp conduits?

There is canon justification for Q to appear old to match Picard’s age. He does it in All Good Things.

There is canon justification for Q to be played by another actor, and deLancie could voiceover for effect. It’s Q.

I don’t think most people want Q recast. But, to each their own.

Mirror universe

Guinan is dead in this timeline….

Looks like everyone here suffers from a case of PREMATURE………………………………………ANTICIPATION!

Star Trek hasn’t been our future since 1992. It’s as alternate as Blade Runner, John Carpenter’s Escape movies, Terminator, Planet of the Apes, Solyent Green and any number of 20th Century franchises who only ever projected the worst of their histories two or three decades ahead.

For a utopian vision of us exploring the galaxy centuries from now, it sure painted the immediate future as very dark indeed… a result of the Cold War between the West & the USSR and arguably worse than anything that might ever occur.

Exactly! Star Trek’s past is just a veeeeeery different and much more scary and violent era then we ever had. You’re talking about a past where the planet basically lost its ozone layer in the 21st century according to Star Trek. Where I’m sitting, it seems to be doing OK.

That’s why every time someone brought up the ‘we can’t go too far in the future or the show will no longer feel relevant enough to us’ is just the oddest argument to have. You realize Star Trek in present day is no longer relevant to us now, right? Everything about the late 20th century and on is just a very different world from what we actually experienced. We have caught up to Trek’s ‘future’ now. We’re still exactly 140 years away from when the Federation comes into existence but everything leading up to that moment in the Star Trek world is nonexistent at all, most for the better if we starve off two global wars over it.

I know they’ll never do this, but a fun time loop would be where Phase II was in real effect and Xon became first officer and Spock stayed on Vulcan.

In the back of my mind, after reading the projection forward suggests the Trailer appears to tease, I seem to hear the writing team pondering how to show all of us Trekkies (and anyone watching the series) what can happen when we make any choice, and/or avoid making a choice, and so forth – for Season 2 of this ‘Trek series. At the same time, that also brings to mind how many pivotal moments in Trek history we have seen that turned future history on a dime by one ohoice made, or one choice not being made, in the way(s) we thought it would. ‘Too many to state here. Then, WHO was present when those choices were or weren’t made in any all episodes which were written along those lines? This thing with Q getting involved (and by extention, Guinan when she appears and why and what for) prompts me to consider an even far-fetched idea: who might Q bring into Picard’s life at this juncture to inspire him to UNDERSTAND why Q is doing this (again?), and also what for – which are often two, distinctly different questions. Could we, finally, see that often-talked-about scenario where Q, for one GOOD reason, whisks every Star Trek captain into one, ultimate finale of Season 2 to bring it all home for Picard and his new crew in a way that is inspiring, and at the same time satisfying for them all and Q as well, to bring everyone closer to WHY WE ARE HERE? Where is the human adventure really going, and what love and sacrifice will it take the characters [and us, by Star Trek extention], to get there? It may not take a finale-to-end-all-finales with all the ‘Trek captains together on screen in one story, but it’s a mighty intriguing possibilty for a show with such trememdously broad impact. Whatever the writers choose to do with the Picard-Q relationship, I’ll be there to see it unfold. And I’m looking forward to it.

I think season 2 might be a setup for this while season 3 might be the execution, but it would be awesome if they really could manage to do this.

Now this looks awesome! I know a lot of us old school Star Trek fans love to talk about how we love the philosophy and moral dilemmas, “human condition” and all that. However, what I really want is galactic politics, world-building, alternate timelines, time travel, hard sci-fi concepts, gigantic fleet battles (like Sacrifice of Angels). I’m really excited about this teaser in a way I haven’t been for any other of the new batch of Star Trek shows!
Also would love a galactic politics thriller show set after the Dominion War.

Hopefully it won’t be grimdark and it will treat any returning characters well.

I’ve seen some suggestions on Twitter that the new badge does not represent a sword, but rather uses horizontal bars to represent rank. So the captain’s version would have 4 gold bars across the center gap. Someone did a mockup and it makes sense for the space available.

I think it’s a fine idea, though it does imply Rios is an ensign here.

More murky alternant time lines and cross overs to mirror universe.
It’s great that we will be able to see this happening but that it didn’t really happen in the end.

Perhaps not watching this garbage will fix the timeline.

Imagine having to live in the alternate universe where there’s been no new Star Trek since 2005.

Time travel and parallel universes are so over used at this point. MCU, DCU, Trek. It substantially lowers the bar on any of the story stakes. A little goes a long way. Unfortunately, a lot spoils the dish. They could kill everyone in the first episode and it wouldn’t even matter.

Let’s get back to linear stories and timelines with palpable story stakes.

They could kill everyone in the first episode and it wouldn’t even matter.’ – that’s a great point. And its also a great part of Star Trek Generations. I remember watching it for the first time and thinking, ok great. The Enterprise was just destroyed and they crashed the saucer and all that was great fun but Picard is just going to exit the Nexus right before that all happens and somehow save the ship too. But then that didn’t happen. Anyhoo….

so all good things + voyage home