Watch: First Trailer For ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Is Gorgeous… And Reveals The Ship

Today the virtual Comic-Con@Home event kicked off including a series of panels for Paramount+ “Peak Animation” offerings including Star Trek: Prodigy and Star Trek: Lower Decks. The virtual Prodigy panel went first and fans got their first look at actual footage from the show.

Return to the Delta Quadrant with Prodigy 

This teaser trailer was introduced by Prodigy executive producers Kevin and Dan Hageman during the  Comic-Con@Home virtual panel.

[CLICK for international version]

The CG-animated series aimed at younger audiences was revealed to be coming this Fall of 2021.

Meet the Protostar

Prodigy is set in the Delta Quadrant a few years after Star Trek: Voyager and follows a crew of young aliens who find a derelict Starfleet ship – now seen for the first time in this trailer. It appears to be named (if you zoom in) the USS Protostar. The ship’s designation is NX-76884. Star Trek: Voyager’s Kate Mulgrew reprises her role as Captain Janeway, in the form of the ship’s Emergency Training Hologram. Her voice can be heard at the end of the trailer, but we only have a still image of how she will appear in the show.

The USS Protostar

More coverage and analysis from Comic-Con@Home

There is a lot more to see in the brand new trailer and TrekMovie will be following up with our traditional shot-by-shot analysis. More details about the show are also being revealed at the Comic-Con@Home panel, which is still ongoing (click here for live stream). So keep an eye out for our breakdown of all today’s news from both Prodigy and Lower Decks along with any new images or footage from Lower Decks season two.

You can keep up with all the coverage via TrekMovie’s SDCC sub-category.

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It looks like fun.

Great trailer. I love the animation! Really looking forward to this and SNW

Do it!! :)

This looks incredible!

And the ship, it’s ‘derelict’ but look amazing inside! I love that futuristic looking bridge and how it looks like the entire area is surrounded by glass. And the voice of Janeway at the end with the familiar Trek fanfare booming through feels like classic Star Trek! All the new characters looks great too! Can’t wait to see more!

Makes me wonder if they are going to try to replicate that bridge set-up in any future live action Trek show. Use The Volume to create a 270 degree space view which can be “turned off” when needed and just show regular panels, viewscreens, etc. Would be sweet!

As for my thoughts on this trailer overall, the only complaint I had is that most of the shots seemed to be too “zoomed in” on just a hand or a face or a character. It felt claustrophobic, not being able to see the larger environment/context for like 95% of the shots. I wonder if that was on purpose leading up to the reveal of the ship and space/stars at the end?

I would assume it was a trailer thing – hide a lot, make it feel mysterious, this way they can save a lot of surprises for the first episode still, and as you mention, makes the closer to the trailer feel even “bigger.”

That WOULD be sweet! Honestly, I sort of expected to see that kind of stuff in the 32nd century starships on Discovery but since we didn’t actually SEE any of their interiors so far then I guess we can’t assume anything. But I love the look at it in this trailer. Since it’s an NX classification, clearly it’s an experimental ship or prototype of some kind so who knows what kind of goodies it has. But yes it does look very advanced and sleek so can’t wait to see more of it.

The close up stuff may just to keep things hidden more as ElwoodJD said. We’ll see! But it has definitely peeked my interest and then some!

Very Clone Wars-y in style. I think that’s a good thing. More of what I’m wanting from animated Star Trek than Lower Decks, personally (though I did enjoy Lower Decks more than I thought I would after the first episode — it’s just not really my style).

The trailer is stunning. I am going to predict that the ship is a dilithium mining facility. Look at those pink-ish crystals. Very, very interesting.

The Prodigy Trailer is absolutely fantastic. I LOVE IT! This is the sort of animation that almost feels like real. The only letdown is the ship’s name. Why call it Protostar and not Prodigy?

The LDS trailer was once again horrible… I just don’t get that show… It takes everything sacred about Trek and turns it into one giant unfunny joke…

Yeah not feeling the name of the ship either. I mean ‘Protostar’?? I don’t love the Discovery ship but the name is great. I wish they went for something like that again.

I really loved the LDS trailer, but I get where you’re coming from, especially if you hated season one.

The name sounds like the name of a 2nd tier X-men character and I don’t mean this in a good way.

😂 true

I’m more in between. I was surprised by the Prodigy trailer. But then, there are a lot of cases where the trailer makes the movie/show look much better than it turns out to be. But that is their goal. That said, I liked the trailer. Not as much as you it seems but it sure didn’t suck.

I do, however remain disappointed with LDX. The trailer didn’t change my tune on that at all. I’d wager season 2 is just more of the same from season 1. Unfunny gags surrounded by waves of Trek references end to end where the most fun the show has is guessing how many fangasms in each episode.

I’m feeling really good about this. I hope it finds its new audience…

That SHIP!!! Stuart and Samuel at Trekyards must be drooling!!!
Eaglemoss! Shut Up And Take My Money!!

They won’t like the JJ nacelles.

Stuart and Samuel don’t like anything, they’re intolerably grumpy and miserable.

Liking what I’ve seen so far. The animation looks excellent. Some hints of the wider story. And, of course, hearing Janeway again…

Hopefully this show will land well with its target audience and act as a gateway to the wider world (universe?) of Star Trek for them.

Personally, I’ve been hoping for a sort of Pixar-style vibe: something clearly suited to a young audience, but that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

With Q returning to PIC, the exciting potential of SNW and now Prodigy on its way soon, things are looking good.

Things ARE looking good! And like you said, this show is suppose to be a bigger gateway to all the classic Trek shows and I really hope Prodigy gets new and young fans checking out Voyager and the other shows for the first time once this show starts. And conveniently it’s all on Paramount+ so they don’t have to go far to find it. ;)

They definitely want to introduce Legacy Trek for a new generation which is good. But it would be even better if they finally upgrade VOY (and DS9) to HD/UHD. Because if they manage to win over the interest of an entire generation of kids, they will surely be disappointed having to watch that in inglorious 480 SD… The logical conclusion to having Janeway on PROD and Seven on PIC is finally giving VOY the HD treatment… or it’ll be a dead end…

As someone who has been rewatching both DS9 and VOY for over a month now, I definitely agree! It never bothered me that much that the shows weren’t in HD. But after getting ‘spoiled’ watching Ent through TNG in HD that by the time I got to DS9 I noticed just how big of a difference in viewing quality it is. I mean, its still fine but I can imagine it could be put off for a newbie.

I’m not sure just because the characters are reappearing again it’s going to really change that reality but fingers crossed I guess.

I guess it depends. If new audiences watch the shows mostly on their phones the 480p SD may not be as much of a problem. Of course, if they try watching it on a 60+ inch TV it’s going to be an issue.

Give it up. That ain’t going to happen bro.

I thought it looked like fun and was kind of casually interested until they played the traditional Star Trek theme at the end, and then I was like Must. See. This.

It’s kind of scary what that theme can do to me. Dr. Pavlov, please phone your office. :-)

That theme song is soooo intoxicating lol. It just makes everything seem better once you hear it.


The CG animation is reminiscent of Clone Wars and I love that show.
Clone Wars is watchable for all ages, though obviously has a primary audience somewhere between 7 and 17, but really it’s accessible for everybody.
Hopefully Prodigy is going for that. It has a primary audience but can be enjoyed by everyone who likes Star Trek in general.

I’d rather compare it to Rebels. Clone Wars was quite good but the thing that didn’t work for me were those strange chins and noses so totally overdone.
Rebels was much more realistic and PROD looks that way too. I’ve seen every episode of Rebels and surely will watch every adventure of the starship Protostar as well…

I thought Clone Wars animation in the latter seasons is brilliant, especially in S6 and S7. I thought the animation there is the best I’d seen done for Star Wars.
The earlier episodes were much weaker for animation but that’s because it was a new thing. Clone Wars got better and better as it went on with regards the animation quality and the last third of series is simply jaw dropping at times IMO.
Rebels is great of course too and I’d not complain if Prodigy was of that more of that vain either.

Breathtaking. Can’t wait. WOW.

So far so good. Looks like fun.

Although, having watched it a second time, all those lines of dialogue (aside from the last one, which is a nice little character beat) feel like they were created by a boilerplate danger/intrigue/inspiration algorithm. I’m assuming trailers are made with those now.

I can’t wait for this. It’s looking good.

Ship looks very interesting. Like a small Rhode Island class with a Discoprise skin and Kelvin style nacelles. NX registry to boot

Prodigy looks horrible, Lower decks on the other hand looks great!

What?!? Prodigy looks great.

Given that we’ve got a Tellarite, a Medusan, and a Starfleet ship in the Delta Quadrant, I think their must be something similar to the Caretaker that’s kidnapping people from different parts of the universe.

Yeah, I’m more than curious about the exact backstory. So far, things don’t add up yet. It’s suppposedly set a few years after Voyager’s return. At that point, the Caretaker’s Array had been long destroyed. Even if those kids were taken years before that, the Protostar must have stranded there after Endgame if the Janeway hologram had been created after Voyager’s return. So it cannot be the Caretaker who brought the ship to the Delta Quadrant. Plus, there are supposedly Klingons on that show too.

I guess they are starting out in the Alpha Quadrant and in order to escape their enslavers, Janeway takes Protostar through the Barzan wormhole into the Delta Quadrant…

Unless they specifically want to use Janeway’s knowledge of the Delta Quadrant the training hologram could have been created much earlier.

Oh my gosh that brought tears to my eyes!

One would think that a rock creature, no matter it’s age, would have a “gravely” voice in some form or fashion.

Sorry I know it’s not time to get overly nerdy yet since we just seen a minute trailer but I do wonder since this is an experimental ship, do people think that maybe holographic Janeway will be able to run the ship on her own for the most part? I’m starting to think MAYBE Starfleet is now experimenting with holographic A.I.s who can just do the work of running a starship like a human crew does? Or would people think that would be still be too advanced for this time period?

I am very curious about this because it seems to me after The Doctor was able to just be ‘on’ all the time and while he clearly wasn’t assigned to run the ship someone HAD to think there could just be holographic engineers, technicians, etc at this point? I don’t mean to REPLACE humans but as the EMH was done, to be a substitute for them when needed.

But I’m wondering maybe they are getting the idea of doing something like that more long term for long away missions, like going to the Delta quadrant and back. I think it’s at least feasible. We already seen Rios having multiple EH to do tasks and he’s just a regular guy.

I still think it’s odd that at least by the 32nd century there are not an all holographic crews doing some of the heavier work. Again I don’t mean to do ALL the work, humans will always be the forefront because its a TV show but its surprising we have not seen that in the 32nd century but then again its shocking there are not a fleet of ships equipped with spore drives so I’ll leave that alone. ;)

But maybe holographic Janeway is more than just a trainer and have multiple functions running the ship too.

That poses an even more interesting question: does there have to be a difference between humans / aliens and A.I. lifeforms on the long run?

There have been many instances for main crew members with some aritfical enhancements and / or completely artificial background… from the artifically enhanced bodysuit that was Airiam, to Data, Soji/Daj, the Doctor and Ex-B Seven, the multiple Rios holograms, Andro-Golem Picard, the A.I Zora. running Disco etc… They were all vital parts of the crew, we consider them characters, people… starting with the Ilia probe in TMP…

At one point everyone will most likely merge with that sort of tech. I still believe some if not all 32nd century Starfleet officers are more or less technologically enhanced entities… Admiral Vance (ad-vance) is just too good of a telling name to be ignored… As matter becomes programmable and holographic simulation as part of reality on these future ships, there is hardly any boundaries left between biological life and artificial upgrading and procreation…

I’m not really sure if there is a real emergence of biological and artificial integration. I thought by the time we got to the 32nd century that we would maybe see more A.I. based characters or even more transhumanists/cyborgs by that century. I mean yeah we have them in the 23rd/24th century thanks to the Borg and of course Ariam, I thought we may see an emergence of that a lot more. But we haven’t really gotten that at all, at least not yet. We saw lots of advance tech, but still done the way most of our tech is today and previous Trek shows and that is an extension of our society but not directly part of people either. I mean in the 32nd century they now have tech where the transporter, communicator and tricorder all rolled into one which is cool but they can go a lot farther with it if they choose to do and we haven’t really seen that.

Funny thing is when Booker was announced as a character showing up and they alluded he represents the new century they were heading to, I thought he would be either be an advanced synth or a hologram of some sort and of course neither turned out to be the case either.

And maybe that’s the issue, end of the day, they simply don’t want to go down that rabbit hole on a societal basis. Sure there can be exceptions like with Soji or Picard (sigh), but not the norm. I think they want to keep the idea of Star Trek still as ‘human’ as possible even with all the crazy tech and aliens running around in it. But maybe you’re right and there is more of it happening, we just haven’t been presented with it yet. But Admiral Vance just seems like a normal guy to me. Nothing about him suggests to me he is robotic in any way, at least not yet.

But this reminds me of a conversation I had with a poster here the day the new Picard show was announced and he was adamant that we shouldn’t have any post-Nemesis shows because in his mind, the future should be filled with cyborgs and post-humans and he was only talking about the 25th century. I remember arguing well no, not necessarily because Star Trek is just a fictional version of the future, and therefore it doesn’t have to align with the real future at all, which btw, none of us know what the ‘real’ future will even be ourselves. And it’s pretty clear Star Trek’s version of it is wildly wildly off from that version for decades now anyway (the bigger irony most of our exploring in the centuries ahead will probably be done through A.I. based ships and probes and not with such a human element which was my entire point of my OP lol). End of the day, the future of Trek is WHATEVER the writers will deem it will be and most fans will just shrug with whatever they present.

And that’s exactly what is happening. They could present something closer to a more integrated A.I. landscape or not at all because end of the day its a TV show and they can imagine whatever they want and however they want regardless since none of us even have a clue what the future will look like a thousand years from now.

Not every country Nickelodeon channel will show Star Trek Prodigy.

Get a VPN and Paramount Plus and that will solve your problem.

Ok this looks like a fun show. I’m not into shows aimed towards kids but I am definitely going to give this one a shot!

The first time I heard about this I thought, well, this might be the first Trek series I skip altogether.

Nooooope. Looks good so far.

Nice tease- whetting fans’ appetites without revealing anything specific. ( Hence – all those closeups.) Good animation, nice vibe.Looking forward to the big Janeway reveal. I feel good about this.

Exuding strong vibes of generic assembly-line tripe, or “content” as they call it. Glad there are numerous adults who find this exciting and fascinating.

I’m guessing you have at least one van which has been custom-designed to look like a shuttlecraft. Take your pompous-lecture routine elsewhere.

Hmmm… This is the advantage of having very low expectations. It makes it easier to clear the bar.

This trailer didn’t suck. But still waiting to see the actual show.

The Ship looks nice. Actually one of the few Designs in New-Trek that looks cool and fits its era. But the look of the show is just terrible. Stylized characters are one thing but that cheap-ass rendering looks like thy only had 10-year-old PC at the office and needed to get the show done.

That look was okay for something like clone wars because you couldn’t do it much better on a budget for the time but for 2021 this is embaressing. Look at some of the CG-animated Netflix shows form the last two or three years. That’s no even a comaprison.

The JJ nacelle detailing doesn’t fit the era the rest of the ship appears to be from… other than that the ship looks like a cool progression forward (the front on silhouette looks great). Just wish the JJ nacelle design schemes would go away as I’m not a fan of it.

But so far the animated shows seem two for two in feel and tone for mostly fitting with the time periods they’re placed in.

Looks awesome! I am really looking forward to it! Bring it on and don’t mess the international streaming rights again! ;-)