Exclusive Preview: ‘Star Trek – A Celebration’ Promises A Fresh Look At The Show That Started It All

In September Hero Collector—the publishing arm of Eaglemoss—will be celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise with a special book that takes a fresh look a the show that started it all back in 1966. We have all the details and some sample pages to give you a taste.

Celebrate the show that started it all

Following the highly-praised book on Star Trek: Voyager from 2020, Hero Collector is releasing the next title in the series, Star Trek – A Celebration. Due on September 21 and in time to celebrate the 55th anniversary of The Original Series, the new book promises to be “the ultimate guide to the making of the Star Trek.” Like the Voyager book, this focus on TOS is co-written by Eaglemoss’ Ben Robinson. He has teamed up with journalist and former editor of StarTrek.com Ian Spelling.

Sample pages from Hero Collector’s Star Trek – A Celebration

The new Star Trek book boasts 256 pages filled with brand-new and archival conversations, and over 200 photos and sketches, many rarely seen or never-before-seen, that shine a fresh light on the actors, writers, directors, production and costume designers, composers, prop builders, visual effects and makeup artists, and more who brought Star Trek to life. The book also pays tribute to the fans who campaigned to save the show, looks back at the earliest Trek conventions, and breaks down 12 key episodes.

Sample pages from Hero Collector’s Star Trek – A Celebration

Regarding the new book, co-author Ian Spelling tells TrekMovie:

Our goal with Star Trek – A Celebration was to explore every facet of the show and have it all in one place. Other books have examined this aspect or that aspect of TOS, or they’ve looked at it as a piece of the overall Star Trek phenomenon, and they’ve done a great job of it. Ben and I were laser-focused on the show itself, its creation and production and impact. We spoke to people who’ve very rarely been interviewed. There are stories we’d never heard before, including Muhammad Ali visiting the set, hoping to meet Nichelle Nichols. We tracked down photos and sketches that were either never seen or hardly ever seen before. Actually, I showed the book to George Takei and his husband, and they pointed out photos of George from TOS that they’d never seen. It’s also our hope and expectation that longtime fans will find something fresh in Star Trek – A Celebration and that it will help franchise newcomers embrace the show that started it all.

Sample pages from Hero Collector’s Star Trek – A Celebration

Sample pages from Hero Collector’s Star Trek – A Celebration

Coming in September

The 256-page Star Trek – A Celebration arrives in hardcover on September 21, and is priced at $34.95 ($44.95 in Canada). You can pre-order it from Amazon.com. or directly from the Eaglemoss Shop.

Also new from Hero Collector

There are three other new Star Trek books from Hero Collector. Released this summer was the Star Trek Shipyards: The Delta Quadrant, Vol. 2: Ledosian to Zahl. and Star Trek Shipyards: Star Trek Starships — 2294-The Future.

And coming next month is Star Trek Designing Starships: Deep Space 9 And Beyond.

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New info? Ooooh, gimmeee!!

Sounds great!

I’ll be thrilled if this is the book that FINALLY chronicles visual effects production, model design and production, post production, props and costuming, and even more cinematography and direction…

…one more book with “heretofore” unseen actor head-shots or production shots, studio memos, or and writer / producer recollections – – yawn!

I’ve read SO many books about the making of TOS that I doubt this one can tell me much that I don’t already know. I also doubt that I’ll be able to resist it. :-)

It’s a shame that Roddenberry, Fontana, Coon, and so on are all dead, so there can be no new reminisces from them.

I used to be religious about buying Trek fact books like this back in the 90s (and the fiction tech books)..haven’t bought one in a while..probably that chunky Making of TMP Cinefantastique one a few years ago or theArt of Kelvin trilogy book. I did want to get the Art of TMP but still too expensive at the moment. might get this too (at least put on the list)

Return to Tomorrow is like 85 bucks is it worth it?

Probably not for that price (I got it when it came out for more normal price)..

Get it on Kindle, if you have one. It’s absolutely exhaustive – incredibly thorough.

Looks terrific and as a TOS fan, a must have for me. Thanks for the review and specimen pages.

OK, so I have the Making of Star Trek by Stephen Whitfield, The World of Star Trek by David Gerrold, the Star Trek Compendium by Allan Asherman, Inside Star Trek: the Real Story by Herb Solow and Bob Justman, and The Star Trek Sketchbook by Yvonne Solow.

Do I need another book about the making of Star Trek? Ugh, ok, yes, you twisted my arm. I’m a sucker for these things…..

You need to get ‘These Are The Voyages’. Those volumes surpass all the books you’ve named above.

The last word on TOS is the 3 volume set of ‘These Are The Voyages’. It is definitive! But this looks like a beautifully illustrated overview. Ordered!

I hadn’t heard of “These are the Voyages”. I must check it out.