Full Length ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Trailer Drops With Premiere Date

"Star Trek: Prodigy" title card showing premiere date of October 28th

The first full length trailer for Star Trek: Prodigy dropped today during the show’s panel at Star Trek Day 2021. Within is our first look at the show’s main antagonist, The Diviner, plus the familiar Delta Quadrant species the Kazon. It was also announced that Star Trek: Prodigy will premiere with a one-hour episode October 28th on Paramount+ in the US.

Most of the footage seems to show scenes from the beginning of the crew’s adventures. As we saw in the teaser, Dal and Rok-Tahk are on the asteroid of Tars Lamora, a bleak mining planet(oid) where they eke out an existence working on heavy machinery. “Hope has no purpose here,” is heard in voiceover as we pan over bleak imagery of Tars Lamora.

Dal on Tars Lamora (CBS/Paramount+)

Our heroes soon stumble upon a starship stuck inside of some kind of cavern, and we get our first glimpse at some of the era’s Starfleet insignia.

Jankom Pog holds up a golden Starfleet insignia badge.

Jankom Pog holds up a golden Starfleet insignia badge. (CBS/Paramount+)

Rok-tahktaps another Starfleet insignia badge.

Rok-tahk taps another Starfleet insignia badge. (CBS/Paramount+)

Meet the USS Protostar and her new crew

Somehow, Dal and the gang manage to activate the derelict ship, which we know is named the USS Protostar, and bring the whole thing to life along with a hologram of Captain Janeway.

The USS Protostar brought to life

The USS Protostar brought to life. (CBS/Paramount+)

The Captain Janeway hologram aboard the USS Protostar

The Captain Janeway hologram aboard the USS Protostar (CBS/Paramount+)

Another look at the Captain Janeway hologram

Another look at the Captain Janeway hologram (CBS/Paramount+)

A shot of our full crew on the Protostar bridge seems to indicate that Gwyn didn’t come willingly… is she bound with early TNG-era Ferengi whip material? (Only kidding.)

Meet the new crew of the USS Protostar! And possibly one prisoner...

Meet the new crew of the USS Protostar! And possibly one prisoner… (CBS/Paramount+)

You can get a closer look at Gwyn’s bindings in this shot. As the crew does their best to pilot a starship—something Zero the Medusan admits to never having done before—they don’t make the most graceful of exits, and Murf is sent sliding across the bridge floor.

Murf is adorable.

Murf is adorable. (CBS/Paramount+)

Exploring strange new worlds

We get a handful of shots showing the crew exploring new worlds, sometimes on an ATV. There is also a hint that the Protostar may, like Voyager, be able to land. We see a short clip of the ship not-so-gracefully touching down on a planet’s surface, and you can catch a glimpse of a possible landing gear. Eagle-eyed viewers may also notice a familiar Delta Quadrant species: a Kazon.

The Prodigy crew explore strange new worlds

The Prodigy crew explore strange new worlds. (CBS/Paramount+)

The Protostar attempts a surface landing.

The Protostar attempts a surface landing. (CBS/Paramount+)

A member of the Kazon species, which was heavily featured in early Voyager episodes, appears in Prodigy

A member of the Kazon species, which was heavily featured in early Voyager episodes, appears in Prodigy (CBS/Paramount+)

Get me my ship!

We also get some great first looks at the show’s antagonists, namely The Diviner (also father of Gwyn) voiced by John Noble, plus our second look at his robot minion Drednok, voiced by Jimmi Simpson. (We saw a glimpse of Drednok in the recently released title sequence.) We’re told The Diviner will stop at nothing to get “his ship” back (presumably the Protostar) and relies on his loyal minion Drednok to chase our heroes around the galaxy.

The Diviner wants his ship back.

The Diviner wants his ship back. (CBS/Paramount+)

Our second glimpse of villain Drednok after his reveal in the recently released title sequence.

Our second glimpse of villain Drednok after his reveal in the recently released title sequence. (CBS/Paramount+)

A scary looking robot seems to have it out for our heroes.

A scary-looking robot seems to have it out for our heroes. (CBS/Paramount+)

Where’s the “pew pew pew” button?

The trailer ends with an inspirational score over some fun and lighthearted moments between our protagonists.

Dal instructs Rok-Tahk to "fire the pew pew pew button"

Dal instructs Rok-Tahk to “fire the pew pew pew button”. (CBS/Paramount+)

The Prodigy crew celebrate on the bridge with the Captain Janeway hologram.

The Prodigy crew celebrates on the bridge with the Captain Janeway hologram. (CBS/Paramount+)

Star Trek: Prodigy arrives on Paramount+ October 28th.

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Looking forward to this.

Looks good on the setting – looks real final frontier and no TNG snoozefest.
That being said… what the heck, did they learn nothing from comparing the 1701 bridge to the Discovery?!?!?!
WHY DO THEY MAKE THE BRIDGE SO BLAND?!?! What kind of command centre has grey walls everywhere?? Don’t they teach people to make their sets alive and colorful anymore?!?
“OH NO, ENEMY SHIP OFF THE PORT BOW… maybe out that window”
“I’d look but that grey wall is so mesmerizing. Glad it takes up half the bridge”
“Maybe these little hard drive blinky lights will assist you Captain with information… the uh, computer I guess is on?”
“It might turn red, that means hard drive failure… that’s critical to navigating a Starship”.
“If you look really really closely you might see a dot of a mass swirling around a black hole out the window.”
“Good thing I can look at the science station… uh…. well, whatever.”
.. Avoid the TNG wall paper bridge, holo-projections everywhere!!
PUNCH IT while there is still time!!!!!

Oh, the fake melodrama.

WAGON TRAIN TO THE STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes!!! It blows my mind when talking with friends and they are all, you must watch “The Mandalorian” it is so great!! It’s like a space western on the final frontier…
When did Star Wars become the place for final frontier action!?!??!

Ah, now I see what that guy on the other thread was referring to. This was only supposed to be posted on that other thread. Somehow, when replying to this one, I inadvertently pasted my other reply here, replacing what I had originally typed (I don’t recall the wording, other than that I’m OK with the blandness since I’m a non-repentant fan of ST:TMP and enjoy the fact that it’s consistent). I ask that the admins please remove this comment, as it was posted inadvertently. I tried to remove it myself just now, but I don’t see an option to do so.

Voyager’s bridge was about as gray a bridge as you could get lol.

Yes, it was indeed very bland and forgettable!!! At least it had some functional stations on the side, maybe science and communications, unlike whatever this is. So… a little worrying.
Yellow alert!!! Energize defense fields.

Mr Snoozefest is back!

Seriously dude you need lighten up on TNG It’s not so bad!

I’ll give you the episode where Picard destroyed the Starfleet at Wolf 359 and there was this Borg unimind (just ignore all the follow up where they quickly detooth the whole concept).

I can’t wait!!!

This looks great! I’m very excited about this show seeing Janeway again and that very cool looking ship! But I learn to stay cautious with all these shows but I am looking forward to it. Crazy it starts next month!

The wonder, the storytelling, the fun, the earned humor, the childlike joy instead of teenagerish snarkiness, and holding fan service gimmicks to a minimum — now that’s what a Star Trek animated series should look like!


October 28th? Okay now I’m confused… Does that mean this will be overlapping with Discovery season 4 in late November -> December? Or is Prodigy only going to run for a few weeks?

What I’m worried about is that they might drop the entire season of Prodigy on Oct. 28, in which case I’d better request that day off work now!

This would fly in the face of the normal Paramount+ release strategy but it could make sense. Is this series still going to air weekly on Nickolodean as well? If it is then there’s a certain amount of logic in dropping the whole season as kids that are only watching the show weekly will pressure their parents into subscribing when their friends that do have the streaming service tell them all the episodes are available. With Discovery season 4 then dropping imminently there’s a potential hook to keep those new subscribers on the platform.

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking.

It should be noted that they did release all of season 2 of The Twilight Zone at once, and I think they’ve done this for a couple of other series as well. So it is possible, but probably not likely.

I’m so tired of region locks.

Didn’t expect to, given the target audience, but I loved this trailer! Excited for the series!

This looks good. I hope we can get John Noble in a live action role some day. I think he’d make a good Robert April TBH.

Very clearly designed for small children, I just cant see myself enjoying this as a 30 year old man. Maybe it was just the trailer but I think despite how much it pains me given Kate Mukgrew’s illustrious return that I may just have to give it a miss.

Small children?!!

You haven’t been subjected to Dinosaur Train, Backyardigans or Rescue Rangers yet.

Watching early childhood television with our kids was its own kind of joy, but very much changed and updated any notions I had about preschool media.

I was very grateful when they hit the primary grades and literally binged the TAS DVD set.

But the Hageman brothers’ Troll Hunters came out when our kids were school age heading into middle grades and it more than held their interest.

Prodigy looks to be targeted at that same 8-12 market, but our teens plan to watch it too.

I think perhaps the small children comment might have been derived from the fact that Lower Decks has been called an adult show when it is anything but. It seems like it’s geared more towards tweens. So the logic based on that is probably given that Secret Hideout says a show that’s aimed at adults is really aimed at tweens then a show that they say is aimed at older children would really be aimed at very small children.

It is designed for children, yes, but not particularly small ones (by “small” I presume you mean young, but I’m even more certain it’s not targeted at children of any particular size range :p ).

There was a time when I didn’t dare be caught watching and enjoying material meant for people younger than myself, I admit. I’m so glad I grew out of that as I got even older, so that now I can enjoy material for all ages, young and old.

All I can say is I like that trailer. Is it possible that this could be the very first thing from Secret Hideout that is at least mediocre? We shall see…