All Access Star Trek Previews NYCC And Boards Three Ships For “wej Duj”

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 60 - TrekMovie

[Lower Decks review starts at 25:57]

Tony and Laurie talk about the upcoming panels and screenings at New York Comic Con, new Star Trek: Prodigy ads, and Tony’s Star Trek Day red carpet interview with Star Trek: Picard‘s Isa Briones. They discuss the new trailer for the History Channel’s new Star Trek docuseries The Center Seat, Laurie’s recent interview with Deep Space Nine‘s Nana Visitor, William Shatner’s plans to go to space (for real), and the latest on Star Trek comics and novels. Then they review the penultimate episode of season 2 of Lower Decks, “wej Duj.” They wrap up the podcast with a look at a Klingon language expert (who helped them with the episode title) and a game show from 1986 that pitted James Doohan against Michael Dorn.


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Watch First Trailer For ‘The Center Seat’ History Channel Star Trek Docuseries

Interview: Nana Visitor Is Writing A Star Trek Book That Goes Where No Woman Has Gone Before

Confirmed: William Shatner Is Going To Space

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Tony: Lieven L. Litaer, Klingon teacher

Laurie: SuperPassword: James Doohan vs Michael Dorn

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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Great discussion guys!

I can’t believe we will possibly get another Discovery trailer tomorrow. But honestly I would be shocked if we didn’t! The show premieres in what, 6 weeks? On top of that, we gotten three trailers for Picard already, THREE, and that show doesn’t premiere until February. So it would be crazy not to have one tomorrow.

Also loved your review of “Wej Duj” and agree with nearly all of it. And nice touch bringing in a Klingon language expert to announce the tittle lol. And you made a great point on how ‘confident’ the show is. I think that’s another GREAT example of how it feels so set apart from DIS and PIC. Those two shows for example, no one can really define what they are actually about? I mean what is their purpose for existing? They aren’t like the classic shows where they have a basic premise and just follow that through the seasons. DIS feels like it finally has an actual direction and that is rebuilding the Federation, but that took 3 seasons and a thousand year time jump. And who knows if that’s going to be its true direction? Maybe at the end of season 4, they’ll end up in the Kelvin universe in season 5…trying to save the galaxy again.

Picard is even more aimless because it’s now just a retired Picard hanging out with these random people on a cargo ship lol. We saw what brought them together in season 1 but I have no idea why they are STILL together? Hopefully season 2 will give the show a strong core for its existence.

But with LDS, no issues on that front at all. It has a well thought out premise and knows where it’s going. And even that said, its not afraid for the show to grow as you guys mentioned. We already saw Boimler on the Titan and we could see others (minus Mariner ;)) getting promotions in the future. I think McMahan knows quite well where these characters will be going in the next several years.

LDS is probably the first spin off show in Star Trek history with super strong seasons out of the gate. It’s not perfect, but it knows what it is and can really expand on the premise in a lot of fun ways as this episode proved. No beard growing needed. ;)

Maybe the penal colony thing is from “Birthright”, in which klingon prisoners from the Khitomer Massacre mated and formed a society with their Romulan captors…

That was my thought too.

I think that’s it! Thank you.