Watch The Kids Try To Figure Out The Universe In New ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Commercial

Star Trek: Prodigy‘s debut arrives in less than a month, and there is a brand new video promo to help prep you. We also have news on the Australian premiere and some more fun stuff.

A motley crew

ViacomCBS has started running a new commercial for Star Trek: Prodigy aimed at younger audiences on Nickelodeon (including Nick At Night). The animated kids series will actually air on Nickelodeon after the first season wraps up on Paramount+.

A longer version of this new promo was released today on Twitter promo (also Instagram) featuring new footage from Prodigy giving us a better sense of who does what on the USS Protostar.

Holo Janeway still needs coffee

Yesterday was National Coffee Day leading TrekMovie to pose the Twitter question of if the Emergency Training Hologram version of Janeway on Prodigy had the same close relationship with the caffeinated beverage. And one of the writers chimed in. Aaron J. Waltke let us know how integral it is to her programming.

The Diviner isn’t so scary

Last month actor John Noble was revealed to be playing The Diviner, the primary villain for Prodigy. Earlier this week co-star Rylee Alazraqui (Rok-Tahk) shared a cute photo with the veteran actor, noting “The Diviner isn’t SO bad.”

Prodigy coming to Paramount+ Australia in October

Good news for fans down under, Star Trek: Prodigy will debut on Australia’s Paramount+ on October 29th. This will be the first new Star Trek series on Paramount+ Australia. Prodigy will also be on Paramount+ in the UK and select countries in Europe when the streaming service launches there in 2022. ViacomCBS has not yet announced where or when the show will be available in other international markets.

Prodigy arrives on Paramount+ in the USA and on CTV Sci-Fi on October 28th.

Find more news and analysis for Star Trek: Prodigy.

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Here in Australia you now need Netflix(Discovery), Amazon(Picard, Lower Decks) and Paramount(Prodigy) for Star Trek. Strange New Worlds will probably go to Paramount as well.
No way am I paying, will have to wait till all are up and then do a 7 day trial.

As a visual artist, I always love reading these entitled “I’m not paying…” posts time and time again. I bet these people don’t blink twice when they pay for other nonnecessities like coffee, eating out, going to a movie, and so on and so forth BUT (for whatever reason) they draw a hard line at paying for a show they enjoy. So illogical.

Paramount Plus isn’t even on FireTV here in Australia… it’s not exactly like they’re making it easy. If I can’t watch it, then I won’t.

Agreed. Entitled whiners. If you can afford a little cost like a streaming service, maybe you should be updating your CV or taking an online course to improve your situation instead of complaining online that TV shows that cost millions of dollars to make cost a few bucks to watch. Just a thought.

Looks like you guys missed the point of OP. It’s not about paying for multiple services, it’s the frustration over the fragmentation of the shows. Why not put it on one service and that’s it? Because of the lack of a streaming service strategy from CBS All Access now P+ a couple of years back, and now they are tied up in distribution contracts. I hope they get it sorted, so we can watch all Trek in one place. It’s just about user-friendliness, I’m glad to pay for Trek, in the 90s we in EU paid 30 € in today’s money for 3 episodes of TNG on VHS. Go with the times, not against them.

Fully agreed. I completely get the OP was saying and understand the frustration.

For the record I’m American and I remember back in 2017 when the REAL whining was happening because some people here were practically offended over the idea of paying for one Star Trek show on a streaming service. I defended the idea at the time a lot and thought CBS was only seeing where the future and trend was heading and made total sense to do it. And yeah, I just wanted new Star Trek again! I would’ve paid twice as much if I had to.

Now look where we are just a few years later? CBS All Access was a truly bad service, not worth the full price, but it was still forward thinking at the time. And Paramount+ has improved a LOT in my opinion.

And then of course the other thing people whined about was how ‘lucky’ people outside of America was because Discovery was going to Netflix, a service many people liked and probably already had. They felt we were getting gipped having to get Star Trek on AA. Today, it’s gone the complete opposite way. Now it looks like its the international crowd who is getting the short end of the stick with all these shows. It sucks some places has to own three different services to watch all of them. And on top of that, many of them are still arriving late if at all. It’s crazy Short Treks season 2 still haven’t landed on Netflix yet. Maybe in time the shows will eventually all move to Paramount+, at least future shows. But that’s probably years away and depending on the contracts some companies like Netflix will probably have Discovery permanently unless Viacom offers to buy them out. So it’s going to be a mess for awhile.

I have to say I really like the set up we have here now. I decided I’m going to just pay for the whole year for Paramount+ like I did this year instead of monthly like I previously did. Because starting in 2022 it looks like there will be enough shows to go the whole year and it will save me money in the end. No way would I consider doing that if I had to watch the other shows on various services. But with five new shows with all the old ones added, that’s worth it to me.

Everyone was bitching 15 years ago about the cost of satellite and cable tv, but at least you could get most content in one place. Now the same people are whining about all the streaming options. LOL

There is no free lunch people. To get all the content you want you will need to shell out about as much as you used to pay for cable/sat TV. So what was the point???

About 10 years ago, it was pretty obvious to MOST that streaming and other VOD services were eventually going to overwhelm terrestrial broadcast services and ultimately cable tv.
When I lived in the US, the time to cut my premium cable cord happened around 2015. Basic cable was good for news and live sports, meanwhile I supplemented it with various streaming services. It was simply a matter of spending about the same amount of money to several sources instead of one big cable company. When Discovery premiered in 2018, I too could not understand the whinning from some.
I returned to Canada a few years ago and here premium cable is still extremely strong so it makes sense for me to go back to paying for premium cable. Live news and sports continues to be its primary strength, but entertainment also is strong. My primary entertainment concern of course is Star Trek and I am lucky Bell Media has decided to offer all the new and classic Trek on both premium cable’s CTV Sci-Fi channel and its streaming service.
There is an old school adage that seems to apply today just as much as when I was younger – you get what you pay for!

“I thought I was captain.” Adorable. Very excited.

I love the fact that Janeway needs to drink her holo coffee or she destabilizes lol. Great nods like that is what will make hardcore Trek fans appreciate this show more.

I’m just excited to see more and more of this era coming back again.

I’m not sure the tweet is more than a joke from the writer.

Either way I’m just happy Janeway still has her coffee addiction!

in AU I will NOT be subscribing to Paramount+. They can’t even be bothered to make the app available for my 2016 ks9000 Samsung TV… something that Disney had no problems doing; and of course Netflix and Prime all the others work just fine on there.
Screw you Paramount.

No Disney+ on the Old Samsung TVs in Germany, so I turned Smart into Dumb and got a fireTV Stick. Which is okay. No need for Smart TVs, just give me a dumb panel, even cheap maybe. This is modularizing. Dont replace the whole TV, just replace the module that needs replacement, when its time has come.

Hmmm, not sure if this is for me. But I hope it does well.

So just to be sure… This is not going to start on Nick but on P+ then?

And I hate to say this because the track record is not good but this show is looking better than when it was first described.

Yes, that was announced a while ago.

There are reportedly some conditions in the cable carrier agreements with Comcast that require new Nickelodeon content to run only on cable and wait to stream.

ViacomCBS has put priority on ensuring Paramount+ streams concurrently or first. It seems part of the overarching policy to ensure that no other provider will carry new content that Paramount+ cannot.

I do recall that. For some reason I felt like it needed to be confirmed again. It’s unfortunate because I will re-join P+ for this show. It was good when the show was originally going to be on Nick. Would make seeing it much easier.

There is an excellent documentary on Paramount + about the wild fires in CA. It’s called “Bring Your Own Brigade” by an Academy Award Winning doc maker, Lucy Walker. It has amazing, harrowing footage and a lot to say. Something you probably don’t know if you’re a subscriber.

No one hates Star Trek as much as Star Trek fans.

Perhaps, but so far Prodigy doesn’t seem to be attracting much hate. I do occasionally see people say they’re not interested in animation and/or kids’ shows, but my impression right now is that most fans are either looking forward to this one or at least cautiously optimistic and willing to give it a shot (at least as long as they’re not in the “all Kurtzman Trek sucks” camp). Even on this article, the most heated sub-discussion isn’t actually about Prodigy itself but about how the franchise is spread around a bunch of different streaming services in different countries, requiring people who want to watch all of it to get multiple subscriptions.

Will there be a way to watch this in Europe?

So far the only available information is that Prodigy will be released on Paramount+ when that service launches in Europe some time next year.