Watch Violinist Performs ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Theme

Last year we featured a video from violinist Rebeca “Becky” Sánchez performing a medley of Star Trek themes, and it went on to get 1.8 million views. Now Becky and her VioDance partner Davor Jelacic are back to celebrate the season two finale of StarTrek: Lower Decks with a performance of that theme, set aboard various locations of the USS Cerritos.

Lower Decks on violin

Hear Chris Westlake’s theme performed on violin. This is one track of an upcoming album of Star Trek covers being planned by VioDance.


More from VioDance

The theme from The Orville.


If you missed last year’s Star Trek video.

ICYMI – Lower Decks soundtrack out now

Last Friday Lakeshore Records released Star Trek: Lower Decks Volume 1—Original Series Soundtrack on digital. The 53-track album features music from the first and second seasons by composer Chris Westlake. You can get Star Trek: Lower Decks, Vol. 1 at Amazon for $9.49 or from other music providers.

Keep up with all the news and reviews from the new Star Trek Universe on TV at

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Beckett “Becky” Sánchez

Another inspiring interpretation.

Out of nowhere, i have now a great urge to see a feature lenght adventure of the cerritos in a cinema – with a bigger animation budget and a story that needs to be told in 80 sth minutes…
That rendition of the LD score was that effective! Plz Mr McMahan and CBS – make it so!

That’s pretty awesome.

This made me appreciate the LD theme even more. One thing Star Trek does so well is the music and main themes for the shows. Prodigy also looks to be epic and I can’t wait what they’ll come up with for SNW.

She’s hot

I love that she animated herself.

And I see she did The Orville, too!

Makes LD sound even more epic and adventurous.


Is it me or do the Orville theme and the Lower decks theme sound like they are from the same “universe”. Never heard em back to back before but they have the same vibe