Watch: Violinist’s Medley Of The Evolution Of Star Trek Music, And A Soprano Sings TOS Theme

Join us in a little musical interlude between the news and interviews with a couple of new musical videos that should be of interest to Star Trek fans.

The evolution of Star Trek themes on violin

The first video comes from the VioDance duo, featuring violinist Becky Sánchez performing the themes of all the Star Trek television series in a single medley. The VioDance duo says they put a lot of work into creating this while stuck at home during the quarantine.

Soprano sings TOS

The second video was posted earlier this month by conductor Rainer Hersch, featuring Spanish soprano Laura Ruhí Vidal warming up for her appearance with his orchestra by singing the theme to Star Trek: The Original Series.

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So beautiful

Yeah it is beautiful

Bravo for the musicians!

Cannot — WILL NOT — pretend to lie: they had me misty-eyed by “DS9” and full-on weeping by “Picard”. Absolutely beautiful!

I wept on Voyager. Sooo beautiful. Amazing video.

Absolutely beautiful

Too bad the real Ent theme want don’t with strings!

Interesting that she chose to do the closing theme from ENT, rather than an instrumental version of “Faith of the Heart.”

For many many fans (me included), “Archer’s Theme” is the real main theme of the show.

Couldn’t agree more. Don’t know why they didn’t just use it all along.

Yes. I can appreciate them wanting to change things up a bit. But not all change works. A favorite saying of mine, wish I knew who to attribute it to, is… You can’t have progress without change but not all change is progress.


McCarthy wrote beautiful Themes for Trek, absolutely the right choice. “Archers Theme” is marvellous.

Great work! Lots of great themes. Btw the best thing about Discovery is it’s theme

I can’t even remember how the theme goes. For me the best thing about discovery is the cast.
Maybe for me the best thing about Voyager is the theme…. nö -Seven

Beautiful, but what’s the deal with the little dog?

Probably just her dog.

And the operatic version of the TOS theme was amazing! I love her giving the Vulcan LLAP sign at the finish.

Well done, Becky. Brava!

Who else spotted the Inner Light theme? ❤️

That was just awesome! The music of Star Trek is really gorgeous and these are fantastically played and sung.

Loved the virtual sets!

Yes. Oddly they all greatly resembled the actual bridge sets from the respective series except the TOS set which resembled no bridge seen prior.

Really hits home how much even the STD music falls by the wayside when compared with the past themes of Trek.

This was brilliantly done, got chills throughout the TNG era and then Enterprise.

Russo is the Eaves of Trek composers!


Reminds me of how much I disliked every theme after Next Generation up until, but not including Discovery and Picard. However the violinist – very talented.

Wow, that violinist video is just amazing! Just really make you appreciate the shows more. My favorite one is Voyager, listening to it always make me feel so emotional and love this version of it. Amazing work all around though!

Couldn’t agree more. Goldsmith really gets top marks for that one. And TMP theme comes up 2nd for me. And while TOS is still my favorite show the theme, apart from the iconic fanfare, leaves me flat.

To borrow a certain phrase from another Star franchise Star Trek’s music has always been “impressive, most impressive” :)) These are excellent, especially that violin medley was awesome.

As more as I see of all Star Trek now I see how many things Star Trek Enterprise did right. The music of the show was great, also the song in the intro. Love it. I would love to see more Star Trek Enterprise.

I’m one of the 20 people on the planet that never had an issue with the intro song lol. Always thought it was fine and fit the theme of the show perfectly. I had plenty of issues with the show early on but that wasn’t one of them. But I’m going to stop writing now before I get banned.

A BORG DOG with beautiful violin music. It doesn’t get much better. Bravo!

Regardless of how you feel about the actual themes, those transitions were AMAZING! All of the themes have some common elements, but I was really impressed on how they came together.

And, to second several other comments, yes, “Archer’s Theme” was the right choice for this compilation.

(applause). :)

Damn.. both of those caught me in the feels. I’m weeping at work. This will be interesting to explain if a user walks in needing help with something. Bravo!

Absolutely fantastic especially Voyager, Discovery and Picard.
Would love to hear her play ST First Contact.

Late to the party, but I just want add my jaw-dropped bravo.

The violinist with video is an unexpected delight.

The singer was a pleasant surprise.

When I think of how much the music from a certain other franchise gets picked up, it’s especially appreciated for Trek themes to get some loving interpretations.