The All Access Podcast Tunes In Interviews With ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Creators And Cast

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 62 - TrekMovie

With Star Trek: Lower Decks season 2 done, Tony and Laurie round up interviews with creator Mike McMahan about what to expect in season 3. They ponder the possibilities of which Soong Brent Spiner will be playing on Picard season 2, what surprises Anson Mount and the Strange New Worlds team have in store, and clues about what’s happening in season 4 from the Discovery trailer. Then they play excerpts from the Star Trek: Prodigy interviews at New York Comic Con, hearing from the Hageman brothers, and cast members Kate Mulgrew, Ella Purnell, Brett Gray, and Rylee Alazraqui. They wrap up with a look at an AI addressing moral quandaries from Star Trek and a relaxing (?) loop of ambient Borg sounds.


Mike McMahan Reveals “Spicy” Details For ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 3

New ‘Lower Decks’ Cetacean Ops Merchandise (Official Star Trek Shop)c

Brent Spiner Hints At His New Character In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2

Anson Mount Clarifies Message To “Old School” Fans About ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

Little Golden Books about Kirk and Spock*

Analysis: Captain Burnham Faces Uncertainty In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ NYCC Trailer

New ‘Prodigy’ Clips Coming Sunday On CBS Sunday NFL (Kate Mulgrew/Twitter)

Interview: ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Producers Talk Legacy Characters, Canon, And Not Dumbing Down Trek

Interview: Kate Mulgrew On How Hologram Janeway Is “Fully Alive” In ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’


Tony: What does Delphi AI think of Star Trek’s biggest ethical dilemmas? (Stealth Optional)

Laurie: Star Trek: Lower Decks | An Hour Of Borg Sounds ASMR (Paramount+/YouTube)

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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Brent Spiner did a version on Dr. Noonien Soong in “Enterprise” called Dr. Arik Soong. I think it’ll be another “Dr. Soong” either 21ST Century or the other timeline.

I have been a fan of Kate Mulgrew since “Ryan’s Hope” and followed her career to every role and books she has authored and narrated. I am truly excited for “Prodigy”

Maybe I’m the only one, but I liked Bashir being generically enhanced. I found him kind of boring before that revelation.

Bubba Soong