Analysis: Captain Burnham Faces Uncertainty In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ NYCC Trailer

The fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery arrives in just one month and so we are now taking a deeper look at the trailer released during New York Comic Con to get a better sense of what to expect. As with all of our analyses, it is based on previous reporting, along with some educated speculation. And of course, it contains potential spoilers.

For this analysis, we are taking the trailer in the order as it was presented, but grouping it into different sections that seem to have a theme or specific revelation. Of course, it should not be assumed the trailer presents these moments in the same order as they will appear in the season.

Into the anomaly

Early on the executive producers of Star Trek: Discovery revealed that the season will not have a traditional villain, rather it will deal with a gravitational anomaly that is threatening the galaxy, beyond just the Federation in the 32nd century. We saw evidence of this anomaly and its destruction in the previous trailer released in April.

The new trailer kicks off with Tilly in voiceover saying “Life is just a blink” as we see a closeup on Captain Michael Burnham’s eye as she faces the unkown.

[COSTUME DETAIL: Burham is wearing new tactical armor. Her version is somewhat different than armor others are wearing in the trailer. Possibly the captain’s version is unique. Hers appears to have lost its badge, with her name and serial number embossed directly on the chest piece.]

The USS Discovery pierces the outer layer of the anomaly.

As the ship enters, Burnham is thrown around and flashes to a memory of being in bed with Cleveland “Book” Booker.

Tilly’s voiceover returns with “It is one heartbeat, in the entire lifespan of the universe” as the ship enters the vast anomaly.

Flash to Burham in sickbay, awakened by Dr. Culber and Book.

Briefing Starfleet on the anomaly

Next in the trailer (although likely earlier in the season), the USS Discovery visits Starfleet HQ, with a number of other 32nd century Starfleet ships present.

Burnham on the bridge says, “Today we seek to understand a threat like none our galaxy has faced before.”

Now inside Starfleet HQ, Commander-in-Chief Vance asks, “What exactly is this anomaly?”

Commander Paul Stamets answers, “We are not certain.” In his TrekMovie interview earlier this year, actor Anthony Rapp revealed Stamets “is tasked with trying to figure out what the hell this thing is,” so he appears to be heading up the scientific investigation of the anomaly.

This briefing is intercut with shots of the USS Discovery encountering the anomaly.

Book’s ship is struck while encountering the anomaly; he says, “Our ship was hit by something.”

More shots of the USS Discovery getting damaged and thrown about the anomaly, with sparks flying.

The President rallies the galaxy

At the same gathering at Starfleet HQ, a mix of Starfleet, Federation, and non-Federation beings are present.

Federation President Rillak (a new character played by Chelah Horsdal who is a mix of Human, Bajoran, and Cardassian) addresses the assembly. “Together we will meet this threat to our shared galaxy.”

Attendees look on, including the Ni’Var President T’Rina, an Orion (possibly a representative of the Emerald Chain), and a Ferengi Starfleet captain.

One shot of those assembled at the summit includes a human (or humanoid) member of the Federation and a representative of the Osnullus species. The screens in front of each indicate voting.

Saru’s warning

Saru is also at the summit, wearing his Starfleet captain’s uniform, standing next to Tilly, Stamets, and Burnham. A graphic of the anomaly shows it destroying a planet.

Speaking to Burnham, Saru says, “Until we understand the anomaly well enough to predict its path, billions more lives will be at risk.”

Michael replies, “Not on our watch.”

Prez is concerned about Michael’s balance

President Rillak tells Burham, “Leadership is about balance.”

Over shots of Michael and Book fleeing from phaser blasts in an alien forest, Rillak continues, “Your acts of bravery are huge swings of the pendulum…”

She continues. “There is a very fine line between a pendulum and a wrecking ball.”

Michael looks chastened as the Prez walks off.

Ignoring the warning

The USS Discovery heads out from Starfleet HQ.

Detmer says to Burnham, “It’ll be bumpy; we can be destroyed.”

Tilly (in tactical armor) asks Burnham, “We’re totally going to ignore that warning aren’t we?” Michael responds, “Mhmm.”

Jett Reno says, “Oh well, I’ve lived a good life.”

Ready for action

The USS Discovery engages the spore drive.

Burnham walks through ruins with Tilly and her mother Gabrielle Burnham. While Gabrielle carries a sword as a member of the Qowat Milat, so too do Burham and Tilly. Burham in voiceover says, “With so much at stake…”

Voiceover continues, “…countless lives…” as Tilly attends an unknown severely injured crewperson.

Michael continues, “…futures…” as she addresses an assembled group of officers in the Discovery hanger deck.

[COSTUME DETAIL: Burnham is in a new dress uniform. The assembled group are wearing an unfamiliar uniform of primarily gray, with a large blue stripe along both left and ride sides.]

The ship approaches the anomaly, with Stamets and Captain Saru on the bridge with Captain Burnham.

Now in the captain’s chair, Burnham concludes, “Once we enter the anomaly, we are going where no one has gone before.”

The speech is interspersed with close-ups of Tilly, Rhys, and Adira.

Into the action… together

Book’s ship flies towards the gravitational anomaly, dragging a tether.

A hooded figure wields a sword.

Saru, in civilian clothes on Kaminar (note Kelpien language script on the floor), opens a galaxy map hologram.

Burnham continues in voiceover,. “Wherever we come from…” as she removes the covering from a dead unknown alien.

Two young Qowat Milat spar.

Voiceover continues, “…whatever our experiences…” as Burnham and Book seek cover from an explosion inside an unknown facility.

Book looks on as a child runs through a forest, possibly on his home planet of Kwejian. Both he and the child wear the same outfit, indicating he could possibly be another empath. This may be his nephew Leto, or possibly a memory of his brother Kyheem.

On a snowy planet, Tilly tells Adira (also in tactical armor), “You got this.”

[COSTUME DETAIL: You can see how their version of the new tactical armor is different from Captain Burnham’s]

Tilly and Adira walk on the snowy planet with three other crew people.

Michael hugs Book and in voiceover, she says, “We’re all in this together.”

The action really ramps up with quicker cuts, starting with the hooded figure with a sword taking on a Discovery crewman.

And Michael fights back with her own sword

Book is in distress in the spore chamber.

An alien man (or possibly a human with a brand on his forehead) yells at Captain Saru.

A Qowat Milat nun sticks a sword in the black hooded figure.

The bridge crew (including Captain Saru, who wears a new pin) flies up, affected by the gravitational anomaly.

Gray is real

Gray is seen briefly wearing white and looking emotional and touching his chest. In season two, Gray was mostly seen through visions of Adira, and was always wearing the same outfit. In his recent TrekMovie interview, Wilson Cruz spoke about how Dr. Culber will make Gray “seen” and corporeal again.

Holding on to hope

Dr. Culber tells Kovich, “I’ve got to have hope that we’ll find a way to stop it.”

A Discovery crewperson trains with the Qowat Milat.

Stamets looks concerned as sparks fly on the Discovery.

Culber, Tilly, and Adira assess the damage to the USS Discovery.

Captain Burnham, in spacesuit, approaches an unknown ship or space facility.

Qowat Milat nuns fight hooded black figures on Book’s ship.

Owosekun spars in the ring as Captain Burnham watches.

Book jumps over a console on his ship to avoid an explosion.

Back on the snowy planet, Tilly looks concerned as Burnham is heard in voiceover again: “We cannot let fear define us in this moment.” An alien Starfleet officer can be seen behind her, possibly a Tellarite or even a Nausicaan.

Back on the Discovery bridge with sparks flying, Captain Burham is alone in her spacesuit.

In their quarters, Adira shares a moment with Gray (in his ghost outfit).

Back to Earth?

Book’s ship comes out of warp at what looks like Earth’s moon. Burnham is onboard with Tilly, her mother, and another member of the Qowat Milat. Michael and Tilly smile at the sight.


Back to her speech in the shuttle bay, Michael in voiceover says, “The future remains uncertain.” At the NYCC panel, showrunner Michelle Paradise says “uncertainty” was the main theme of season four.

Michael and Book traverse an alien planet.

An Orion, a Tellarite, and two humans (or humanoids) fire phasers at something. They are possibly members of the Emerald Chain.

Anything is possible

T’Rina places her hands on Saru’s.

Burnham in her spacesuit on the Discovery with sparks flying, with her voiceover saying, “But the captain in me knows anything is possible.”

The Federation President hands Ni’Var President T’Rina a Federation flag, indicating that the Vulcans (along with their Romulan cousins) are rejoining the Federation. Michael and Saru look on, wearing dress uniforms.

Michael and Saru, likely on Kaminar.

Tilly and Michael share a moment of laughter and hugging on the USS Discovery.

Detmer gets ready as Michael sits in the captain’s chair, wearing her season 4 standard uniform.

Captain Burnham in the captain’s chair.

[COSTUME DETAIL: Here she is wearing yet another outfit, this time a new leather captain’s jacket.]

Captain Saru says (wryly), “Ready when you are, captain.”

Captain Burnham says her new catchphrase, “Let’s fly.”

The USS Discovery warps away.

Final thoughts

Season four is making good on the promise of bringing the Federation slowly back together, with the anomaly threat possibly being a catalyst. Earth could be part of this, as the Federation really can’t be seen as truly back together until Earth is back in the fold. This gravitational anomaly seemingly dominates the season, providing drama to the plot and motivation for the characters themselves. It also continues the pattern for this show to have “save the galaxy” stakes each season.

Even without a group of bad guys to fight, season four looks to be just as action-packed as previous seasons of Discovery. The Qowat Milat appear to have a big part to play, with some members possibly joining the crew for the mission. It could be that there is a reason the crew needs their help and training, perhaps for entering a region where Starfleet weapons cannot be used.

As the newly minted captain of the USS Discovery, Burnham may be going through some growing pains and appears to also be honoring the longstanding Star Trek tradition of defying orders when deemed necessary. Burnham is also honoring the tradition of the captain having a lot of outfits as well. To help her on her mission she will have the support of Captain Saru, who rejoins the USS Discovery, and there is no indication (yet) that having two captains onboard is a problem.

We are going to get a little (and sadly maybe just a little) of the acerbic Reno, the enigmatic Kovich, and the stoic Vance. President Rillak looks to be an interesting new character, with her own unique background. Oh, and Grudge is back too.

One month away

Star Trek: Discovery season four debuts on November 18. It streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. In Canada Discovery is broadcast on CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave. It is also available on Netflix in 190 countries around the world.


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All right, am I nuts, or does that “anomaly” have the same Dairy Queen shape as the corridor in V’Ger??

I see what you’re saying. It does in that screenshot, which is a fun nod. However in motion, since it’s a gravity anomaly, it looks similar to what we think a black hole would look like now (since being rendered as accurately as possible for the movie Interstellar).

That’s gravitational lensing, it’s what happens when light is projected onto a super-massive object (like a black hole). The ring that forms above and below it is actually light from the other side of the object.

Anyone else here getting a V’Ger vibe?

Looks nothing like V’Ger.


From an ‘it’s a big anomaly that we know nothing about’ standpoint, yes. In any other way, no. Which means they’ll probably find a way to tie it back in. Fan service is the one constant in this universe.

It’s weird, but after really getting into “Lower Decks,” the contrast is kinda jarring.

I’ve never been one of those people who’ve subscribed to “Star Trek” having to fit in a certain mold or having to hit a certain list of criteria. I think “Star Trek” can be whatever it wants to be as long as it’s a good story centered around the franchise’s themes. But nothing about the trailers for the next season of “Discovery” really gets me hyped for it as an exercise in “Star Trek” the way “Lower Decks” hit those buttons (and that might be because I actually care about and know the names of the characters on “Lower Decks,” where once we get past Michael, Saru, and Tilly, things get a little iffy).

I’ll watch it and I hope it’s good, but something about all of this just feels and looks so generic sci-fi action-adventure story.

I’ve disliked the first three seasons, but even then they were at least able to cut trailers that made me think the seasons might be good. The disappointment came after that.

This time, there’s nothing whatsoever in the trailer that makes me think this looks appealing. Here’s hoping that results in some sort if inverse effect where I end up loving the season!

I’ll believe it when I see it, though, and I don’t expect to see it.

Same, but I really enjoyed Season Two, mostly because of Anson Mount, and what he brought to the Pike character. I feel like he brought us a Starfleet Captain that fit the mold of what they should be.

What you said about the trailer is how I feel about the Picard trailer. Nothing in it makes their upcoming season look good. Which is saying something. Usually trailers make things look like they at least have potential. They are designed to get that reaction.

I’ve got at least a bit of hope for the new season of “Picard” but can understand where you’re coming from. Big potential there for it to be awful. Boy, I hope not, though.

Same for me about season 2 of Picard as well. Yes it could be terrible, I think everyone has to acknowledge that, especially if you didn’t like season one much. But it being a time travel story, that’s already a big positive for me since I love most of the Star Trek time travel stories. I can count on one hand the ones I didn’t love. They are always fun. Throw in Q and it could be an amazing season, but yes still remain cautious.

BTW, interesting we haven’t gotten a time travel story in Lower Decks yet. I know that HAS to be on the table with that show at some point!

Oh, GOT to be. But I’m fine with them not rushing it. I’d love it for this show to run for twenty seasons, if it’s going to be as good as it’s been so far.

Yeah, I agree. I had this feeling (or lack thereof) for both DIS season 4 and PIC season 2 trailers. I am dissapoint.

Well the good news is that you don’t have to watch the series if it doesn’t appeal to you. Same goes for you, Bryant. Nobody is forcing you to do so.

Your ”don’t watch” posts are getting a little tiresome.

Yep. The “don’t watch” answers are quite tiresome. It’s as if the people who say that don’t understand the concept of being a fan.

While true, we can also consume and criticize. No one is forcing us not too.

Wanting Star Trek to be great when it’s not doesn’t mean we don’t still care for it, as a property. Quite the opposite.

I have a decades-long interest in and love for Star Trek. I want to know what it’s doing even if I don’t like it, the same way if one of my parents turned into a broken drug addict who was a mere shadow of the proud person they used to be I’d still want to stay informed about them.

Thanks for informing me of my rights in the matter, though; it’s a real valuable public service you’re performing.

I agree, not excited about this. Probably going to let it go on for half a season before I subscribe to Paramount+, and even that might depend on what you guys are saying about it. I don’t think Trek has to fit in a tight box, but definitely it has hallmarks that should be part of it. I think I could be more forgiving if it were an actual reboot, and not something they say fits within canon, just because they are so bad at understanding the canon. (They totally did not understand what The Guardian is). I also think they’re too beholden on the past. The Star Trek brand can be malleable. I just wish they’d be bolder than they’re being. Fan service used discernibly and organically can be great, and I welcome that. But they really aren’t on top of it.

I tend to agree. I think my initial feelings about the show would have been a little softer had they just called this another reboot. I still think it would have been bad. But it also would have removed all the canonical issues moot. (I agree with your Guardian comment, too)

It effectively is a soft reboot. So much is shoehorned in or completely ignored.. it’s frustrating. I just pretend it’s fan fiction, which honestly isn’t hard to do.

Sometimes I think of Secret Hideout stuff as fan films. And yes, that does decrease the nausea some. But then I remember reality.

I kinda dig the Ferengi makeup. I also kinda wish that tactical armour was the new uniform.

Burnham in her spaceship spacesuit on the Discovery with sparks flying, with her voiceover saying, “But the captain in me knows anything is possible.”

Minor typo in your coverage. But I guess she is captain now, so it is her spaceship

Ha what a fun typo, fixed.

Looks good. Lots of exploration and I like the rebuilding the Federation arc.
The Gray stuff is pretty nonsensical though.
I hope they let the Emerald Chain be legendary villians and actually counter the rebuilding of the Federation. Maybe have it where they trick races into joining their “better Federation” only for it to end up a Hierarchy of Battle Thralls or something.

They need to tackle a threat on a smaller scale that involves more intimate storytelling. Each season doesn’t have to involve a threat on a massive scale with a resolution that comes as a surprise to no one.

Agreed. It’s feeling a bit old now.


The show has always managed to integrate intimate storytelling into the larger arcs. They can walk and chew gum at the same time. There’s no need for it to be either or.

In season one, we got episodes like Lethe, which was quite an intimate character piece, as were moments in Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad, between Stamets and Burnham. And Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum was certainly pretty intimate, too, both with Saru’s story and the Burnham/Tyler stuff.

Season two did the same thing, with its examination of Spock and Burnham’s relationship, the episode New Eden’s look at a small colony, and the fallout for Pike from his experiences in The Cage. And Burnham finally reuniting with her mother was another moment that was large and small at the same time.

Season three had a top-ten episode in all of Trek for me, in Forget Me Not, which was an intimate tale of the relationship between Adira and Gray, as well as a subplot where Culber and the ship’s computer help Saru build morale. The moments between Gabrielle and Michael Burnham in Unification III would also qualify as intimate.

They’ve done all these smaller moments alongside a larger jeopardy arc each season, as well as an arc regarding the state of the Federation each season. It’s really not that different from the A/B (and sometimes C and D) plotting for individual episodes in past Trek series. It’s just that it’s over a longer period of time.

I have always thought the “larger arcs” have been universally the weakest part of each of the Discovery seasons. It’s only been the intimate stuff that has worked for me (and some of that failed in season 3). Though I did like the Red Angel stuff from Season 2, but the “Control Arc” fell apart.

this. Thought they exact same thing. When the stakes are so high every time, then the stakes are never high.

Thanks for this sincerely.

There was so much stuff strung together and flashing by quickly that I found the trailer hard to follow and not very engaging.

Working through your detailed analysis and screencaps, I’m decidedly more intrigued.

Makes me wonder who in the promotional side thought this was the way to draw in the audience and build excitement.

Aside from the challenges of this trailer, I’m delighted that Chelah Horsdal was cast as the Federation President. She’s fantastic and will be able to offer a credible foil. It’d hoped that she had a role in Discovery when she mentioned in social media that she was heading out to Toronto for work from her home in Vancouver, but gave no hint about what it might be. Glad this turned out to be so.

Please be VGer. Please be VGer. Please be VGer!

That would be a horrendous idea. So it probably will be.

Yep. That has been the MO of secret hideout. If you have a terrible theory for something on Star Trek Discovery don’t dismiss it as outlandish. It very well might be correct.

LOL, you always make me laugh Bryant!


I didn’t need to think it was possible, but of course, why not?

Not unless they bring Stephen Collins back as the face of the merged V’ger :)

Sadly this trailer still does nothing for me. It’s trying so hard to be the usual Discovery elements and it just feels empty. I got more out of the Prodigy trailer just watching a bunch of kids escaping off a planet.

No issue with the Ferengi design though. It’s been 800 years, some things change. And maybe just maybe he doesn’t represent every Ferengi in that period.

My reaction when I saw the trailer was that it feels like we’re going to get a full season of overstuffed Discovery season finale flashiness but I have no idea about the story other than they’ll save galactic civilization again (sigh).

But the TM breakdown gives me hope that there will be a bit more than that along the way.

Yeah, it seems this ship is a magnet for galaxy ending/altering anomolies….with astonishing regulatory. Maybe it’s time to toss an ensign into a volcano to appease the galactic god.

Drat that Temporal Prime Directive!

I bet that the UFP President would like to send Discovery and Burnham another 900 years into the future if only to avoid the stress of another galaxy wide catastrophe.

There’s a risk of overdoing things with yet another “galaxy-threatening” big bad in every season — and this will be another season where the danger results from an anomaly rather than a villain in the traditional sense. In both cases, something apocalyptic always seems to be happening in DSCworld.

One way to explain such bad luck following Burnham wherever she goes across time and space could be that “Spock was never meant to have a sister” and all these convulsions are because of the timeline trying to correct itself, especially if Burnham was supposed to have died as a kid during the Klingon attack. But that’s a story for a different group of showrunners/writers, perhaps.

On a more positive note, it’s great to have Oded Fehr as part of the Trek franchise. I actually suggested casting him as a Starfleet captain in a comment here on Trekmovie a year or two ago. The showrunners obviously decided to go even better and cast Fehr not only as an admiral but the head of Starfleet! Good stuff.

PS. I’ve posted a reply to one of your comments under the Anson Mount article.

One way to explain such bad luck following Burnham wherever she goes across time and space could be that “Spock was never meant to have a sister” and all these convulsions are because of the timeline trying to correct itself, especially if Burnham was supposed to have died as a kid during the Klingon attack.

Yes, I’ve just realised this would be the same theme as the Final Destination movies too…

That actually is a good idea. They could set everything right if they end the show with her realizing she shouldn’t be existing. Somehow goes back, dies as she was meant to and everything is reset accordingly.

THAT I can live with.

But I can just see the following reaction at Secret Hideout with that idea… “It’s a good idea. Therefore, it must be rejected.”

Always great to see you Jai! :)

I think people are just getting weary of the same super stakes every time. It’s kind of how I started to feel about the Kelvin movies and another over-stuffed action movie with uber-villains trying to take down the Federation for really questionable motives. These writers seem to have only one default gear sometimes.

Someone said it best about Discovery on Reddit. It’s basically become the ’24’ of Star Trek shows. Every season there is some major crisis, big villains and a count down clock of sorts. They actually said season 4 won’t have an actual villain and yet a third of the trailer shows them fighting people. But yes it could be anything and the article suggests remnants of the Emerald Chain.

Still it may be a great storyline. We’re obviously just commenting on the trailer itself. Some of the images they posted from it definitely look interesting.

As for your point about events happening due to the Spock/Burnham issue, I don’t think anyone is thinking about it that hard. I think they feel moving Burnham out of the 23rd century solved that problem and I have a feeling Spock won’t even mention her name in SNW or maybe just vague references to her. There could be another layer down the road but not holding my breath.

But I agree with you about Oded Fehr. He is a good actor and Vance was definitely one of the big highlights of season 3. I hope his role is bigger this season. Most of the new characters in season 3 were good!

Hope to see you around more when the season starts! And I’ll check out your other reply to me soon!

Guys maybe I’m too old, as much as I enjoy both DSC and PIC I don’t feel they have much ‘rewatchability’ value. I have my entire DVD collection ripped to digital, so when I have time to kill I often find myself playing episode roulette and choose random episodes from across all the series to watch. 45 minutes and we have a full story.
I’ve tried doing this with DSC and PIC and it’s just not the same. It’s the very reason I rarely watch Enterprise Season 3.
For this reason I am really looking forward to SNW.

I rewatched the entire franchise this year, every show, episode and movie and for me PIC and DIS were the least rewatchable as well. Mostly because I didn’t think any of their seasons were great but the sterilization does make it hard to watch them randomly. It’s a bit easier with DIS, especially in seasons 2 and 3. There are definitely episodes that feel standalone(ish), but still nothing like watching a random episode of TOS, VOY, TNG, etc IMO.

It’s also a big reason why those are my least favorite shows in the entire franchise so far.

Looks meh at best. For me Lower Decks is the best CBS trek to date.

Absolutely spot on. I find them ‘heavy’ to watch, needs a lot of emotional investment, perhaps they are mostly too fast paced and action packed that you need to be mentally aware of what’s going on all the time. Whereas the old shows mostly felt like an episode of Cheers

Kovich is the most interesting character in any of the new Trek. Change my mind. Lol!

That’s because we know next to nothing about his character, but in a good way, not like those unfortunate bridge crewpersons, who are little more than window dressing. By now Burnham is severly overexposed and we got much more background details about this Andorian friend of Book, than, e.g. communications officer (what’s his name?).

Truth! I’m ok with them being unexplored. It’s too big to make them all part of the core ensemble

As a big Cronenberg fan, I am still amazed how a legendary cinematic figure like him is involved with Trek. I just wish he could direct some episodes or a Trek movie too. It’s funny though, in a way this is kind of like the antithesis of Tarantino working in Trek. Unexpected but good.

He seems to like just dropping into other peoples’ creations and rolling with it as an actor, as long as he doesn’t have to leave Toronto.

He noted in one interview that there is a tradition of working in one another’s productions that goes back to his early days in the Toronto community. He seems to genuinely be intrigued to see how others do things, citing the mix of practical and technological effects.

One can’t imagine Tarantino dropping into someone else’s project with that kind of positive inquisitiveness.

My feelings are, as usual, these new uniforms look ridiculous. But fair-play to those people who think that they look good…

All Starfleet uniforms look ridiculous.

I thought TWOK uniforms looked the best of the bunch and actually quite nice from the waist up.

The season doesn’t seem to have a compelling narrative thrust like the previous seasons, although I wouldn’t say any of those stories worked out that well in the end. So I’m not too bothered by the big bad “anomaly” and hope for more world and character building. This world is rich, I hope they use it well.

A season with Kovic and Saru debating things round a table would have been better than Burnham saving the galaxy single handedly

I see lots of folks mentioning V’Ger vibes…but my first thought was the graviton ellipse from “One Small Step” (VOY). But I’ll also admit to this being the second time a Disco trailer made me think of a Voyager episode (and I was wrong the first time) :)

The shape of that “anomaly” reminds me of the thing we see during the first time travel sequence (back to 1986 Earth) in The Voyage Home…Always wondered what that was supposed to be…

“Can anyone remember when we used to be explorers?”

The bad news is that there does not seem to be much of Reno in this season. Which is most unfortunate. Maybe Tig could find more time doing voice work. Find a spot for Reno on LDX. She’s generate more laughs in her small Discovery moments than anything on LDX thus far…

There’s never enough Reno.

I think the anomaly is Burnhams ego and she has to face off against it as it develops its own consciousness.

Indeed. Can you imagine Sisko, Archer, Janeway, Picard or even Kirk ever saying something like “But the captain in me…” ? She’s way too impressed with her rank. This goes for Burnham and Sonequa Martin-Green as well. She needs to tone it down.

Putting the captain in a different looking outfit goes back to Kirk’s green wraparound shirt in TOS; it makes dramatic sense on television but it’s also a really bad idea from a real life tactical standpoint. If you’re in an environment where there’s a dangerous adversary, you don’t want to make it obvious whom to shoot first. That’s why military “uniforms” are, um, uniform. I can only think of this being addressed by a TV series or movie once, on an episode of the TV comedy M*A*S*H, when a superior officer’s insistence that he be saluted in the field led to that superior officer being targeted by an enemy sniper.