‘Star Trek: Resurgence’ Adventure Game Coming To PC And Consoles In Spring 2022

A surprise announcement was made on Thursday evening during The Game Awards; a new Star Trek game for PC and consoles is arriving in the spring of 2022. We have details and a trailer for Star Trek: Resurgence, a third-person choice-driven adventure game.

Star Trek: Resurgence

Dramatic Labs, a new fully remote independent game developer comprised of veterans from Telltale Games, in collaboration with ViacomCBS Consumer Products, today revealed Star Trek: Resurgence, a new third-person choice-driven adventure game set within Star Trek’s 24th century Prime Universe. Star Trek: Resurgence is scheduled for worldwide release in Spring 2022 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation5, PlayStation4 gaming consoles, and exclusively on the Epic Games Store for PCs.

Star Trek: Resurgence is an interactive narrative video game that tells an original story set in the era shortly after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Here is a synopsis of the story:

Stationed aboard the U.S.S. RESOLUTE, players will assume the role of two principal characters, First Officer Jara Rydek and Engineering Crewperson Carter Diaz, as they unravel a sinister mystery involving two alien civilizations on the brink of war. Throughout the game, players will immerse themselves in the Star Trek universe, interacting with new and returning characters through a variety of dialogue and action gameplay to determine the course of the story.

Check out the announcement trailer…

“We’re thrilled to be working with the team at Dramatic Labs on an exciting new adventure in the Star Trek franchise,” said Lourdes Arocho, Senior Vice President, Paramount Pictures Licensing, Global Games and Publishing, ViacomCBS Consumer Products. “Players will boldly set forth into this new adventure, meeting familiar characters and new cultures, while interacting with them in profound and impactful ways. This game will challenge players to make those similar tough choices that iconic Star Trek heroes have been forced to contend with.”

The Dramatic Labs team is composed of industry veterans, including twenty former Telltale developers that have worked on games such as The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series, The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones: The Telltale Series, and Batman: The Telltale Series.

“As fans of Star Trek, it’s truly an honor to be crafting a story which puts players right in the heart of the action, where significant choices and decisions will affect the entire narrative,” said Kevin Bruner, Founder of Dramatic Labs. “Built from the ground up using Epic’s Unreal engine and our proprietary narrative engine, this game showcases our team’s evolution in creating thought-provoking story-rich adventures.”

More details including an interactive FAQ can be found on the official website at startrek-resurgence.com.

Find more Star Trek games stories at TrekMovie.com.

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This just makes me wish Stage 9 had been allowed to continue/been scooped up for an official project like this… sort of like when Dice scooped up the mod team behind Desert Combat to create Battlefield 2 back in the day.

I hope this is good, there hasn’t been a good Star Trek game since Bridge Commander. Not one that stays true to the spirit of the films/shows anyway.

They could literally make a Mass Effect style game and slap a Star Trek skin over it and it’d be great.

Disagree, there have been a few gems since Bridge Commander. Star Trek Online is quite decent and Star Trek Bridge Crew is really special if you have a virtual reality setup.

From what I’ve seen from Bridge Crew it doesn’t seem like you actually do much though, STO, does not feel like Star Trek at all to me, too much running around killing and constant combat.

Remember Star Trek A Final Unity? 25th Anniversary just to name a couple? Even Birth of the Federation, all those games were so immersive.

I’m right with you on STO. The last several “episodes” added to the game, were nothing but pew-pew combat, fighting waves of enemies on the ground, beam up to your ship, fight waves of enemy ships.

Where’s the Exploration? Solving mysteries, solving things without violence, use of diplomacy etc. “To seek out new life and new civilizations”, all we seem to do is go around killing anything that looks at us in the wrong way. Maybe STO is actually in the Mirror Universe, and we’re actually playing as the Terran Empire. Would make more sense…

Star Trek Online is quite decent

Can’t agree with you there. STO is a monetization nightmare. Nothing but promos and lockboxes for several years now, with the occasional new episode added (fewer each year). Also been several years since the last expansion. Deprecating legacy features like “exploration”, some of the early episodic content etc, with promises to replace with something better. Not seen this replacement yet. STO needs to be taken out of the hands of Cryptic/PWE and put in more capable hands, who know what Trek is about and how it should be handled (much like a certain other corporation really).

The Ferengi would absolutely love STO though…

Wasn’t at least one of the Armadas after Bridge commander? Also Legacy was kind of fun to play. But I’m with you on Star Trek Online. It feels way to Fan Fiction-y … Bridge Crew looks interesting, but I could only play the Quest version and I’m still unsure about those 30 Euros.

Could’ve been, just to be clear I’m not saying there haven’t been a lot of fun Trek games, I’ve loved most of them, I’m just saying there’s not many that stay true to the spirit of it.


However, I would dig a Star Trek Game, escpecially a telltale Style game, where you Just have Episode like in a old school Star Trek Show. Little advetures but a handfull If Them in a season and mit alwS saving the entire universe.

Damn…. Sometimes I hate autocorrect.

Man I got super excited and thought they were announcing another show lol!

Full disclosure I’ve never played a Star Trek video game in my life. But this looks REALLY good though. I love seeing Spock at the end. The voice actor did a pretty good job.

Indeed, he did.
I wonder who it is.

I think it’s a clip from a movie audio track.

Looks like the traditional trek video games, set maybe in and around Nemesis, can’t wait! Has Fallen/EliteForce/Generations vibes to it

No Nintendo Switch release. Bummer.

Ahhhh. A single-player story-driven Star Trek game. I thought we’d never come back to that. And TNG movie era too (Though I’ll never accept literal window viewscreens on the bridge!)

I’ll definitely be following this one.

Telltale Star Trek sounds good to me….hope its on IOS too at release

Should have set it during the movie era!!
Any plans to remake Star Fleet Command? That is the only game I feel where starships felt like Starships and the other races had some character.
Best adventure games, hands down, Star Fleet 25th Anniversay and Judgement Rites. They really have to one day finish Secret of Vulcan Fury be it a CGI show or the game itself.

It is set in the movie era…

Who is that voicing Spock there

It sounds like a clip from one of the movies or perhaps TNG episode Unification 1.

the 10 seconds of actual gameplay look kind of cool. Although as a trailer it also reminds me a lot of those weird ads you get for mobile games, that never have anything to do with the actual game 😅 … also: is that supposed to be Spock? If so, the voice actor does a pretty decent job of channeling Nimoy

This is like a dream come true! The best Star Trek games have always been adventure games. Of course, these days, the term “Adventure” can be used very liberally, but if there are people from Telltale involved then I’m sold. This game could be the push I need to finally upgrade from PS3 to a second-hand PS4. Also pleased that the game is set in the TNG movie era so I get to see those awesome gray uniforms again. Happy days are here.

Window viewscreen again 🙄

Makes sense. Telltale wanted to do more big franchises but couldn’t find a way to make the licensing costs worth the expense.

One of my favorite games was DS9: The Fallen, partly because it had a little bit of a choose your own adventure feel to it – the story was not open-ended, but you would be able to play as Sisko, Kira or Worf and thus play totally different maps that went with that character’s storyline the whole way through.

It’s 2021, as a gamer it makes me sad that the visuals look like this. I like the fact that it’s an adventure game and I have a strong feeling that it will FEEL like playing the old pc games like A Final Unity but again, it already looks so very dated with that trailer. Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect Andromeda, Mass Effect 3 even, and Fallen Order – anything in that realm would at least make gamers who never have Star Trek on their radar (MOST gamers) sit up and take notice. Again, I’m looking forward to the gameplay, story, and the fact that it’s a single player adventure game but man those it could use a little upgrade. Hopefully I feel different when playing it.