60+ Star Trek Guests Slated For Six-Hour Trek Talks Live Charity Telethon

This Saturday, January 15th, Roddenberry Podcasts and the Trek Geeks Podcast Network is hosting a very special, star studded, six-hour Trek Talks charity telethon streamed live on YouTube. With COVID keeping us apart, this event promises to be a fun-filled evening that almost (but not quite) makes up for the lack of conventions for the last two years. Plus, it’s for a good cause. The event will raise money, in a Jerry Lewis-style telethon, for the Hollywood Food Coalition, which has been providing hot meals and other resources for those in need seven nights a week for 35 years.

Host John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox of Enterprise) promises a night of antics, giveaways, panels, and serious conversation. The event is meant to allow viewers to drop in and out as they please, so you can tune in any time on Saturday January 15th from 12-6pm Pacific. All the details, including links to the event when it goes live, can be found at the Trek Talks website.

The live event will stream here (you’ll also be able to find it on Roddenberry, Mission Log, and Trek Geeks social media platforms):

Or, right now, you can watch a promo for the event here:

Over 60 Star Trek guests are slated to appear including:

Jeri Ryan Jonathan Frakes
John De Lancie Gates McFadden
Armin Shimmerman Robert Picardo
Rod Roddenberry Andrew Robinson
Nana Visitor Garrett Wang
John Billingsley Jonathan Del Arco
James Cromwell Dominic Keating
Chase Masterson Anthony Montgomery
Adam Nimoy Denise Okuda
Michael Okuda Linda Park
Tony Todd Connor Trineer
Jery Taylor Brannon Braga
Bryan Fuller Kevin & Dan Hageman
Cirroc Lofton Dr. Erin Macdonald
Jack McBrayer Rachel Robinson
Andre Bormanis Denise Crosby
Dan Curry Max Grodenchik
David Livingston …and more!

The Hollywood Food Coalition is a charity located just a few blocks from the Paramount studio lot, where Star Trek has been filming for over 50 years. The coalition provides a hot, nourishing, multi-course meal for all comers seven nights a week. Plus, they have a number of programs to provide food and resources with 100+ not-for-profits in the Hollywood community. You can learn more about the Hollywood Food Coalition or donate now at hofoco.org or by tuning in this Saturday from noon-6pm Pacific.

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Donation made. Thanks for sharing.


Will Bryan Fuller be discussing what his version of Discovery would have looked like if CBS had let him build it? I would pay to hear that for sure.

I read it would have been an anthology series. Starting with DIS, then went to TOS era, finishing with TNG and beyond. Unfortunately, when Fuller departed and Kurtzman/Moonves were left in charge (with very little idea of the franchise/what to do), they just kept DIS within the 23rd Century.

Funnily enough, now they’ve moved the show into the 32nd Century. Maybe a little return to the original plan? Would be interesting to hear more. Maybe then the visual canonicity issues might not be as blatant, though I think Fuller was also going to update things if I remember correctly etc. Who knows.

Back then it was reported that some of the more controversial aspects of the first season like the Klingon redesign were Fuller’s ideas. It sounded a bit like Fuller basically wanted to reboot the franchise, whereas what we ended up getting was a visual reboot that claimed to still be taking place in the same continuity as TOS.
I’m not sure if enough time has passed already so that the people involved can talk freely about what went down during the development of Discovery.

I hope they make this available later, of course I would be busy for the duration of this. But happily donated, this is a wonderful thing to do.

I remember this bit on First Contact!

Lily: Down! Who are you with? What faction?
Picard: I’m not a member of the Hollywood Food Coalition.