‘Star Trek: Picard’ Wraps Production On Season 3… And The Series

The second season is just going, but the third season of Star Trek: Picard has been in production since last fall, and that’s now done. And it looks like that’s it for the series too.

Picard beams out

Production on Star Trek: Picard season three began last September, picking up the day after season two production wrapped. And on Monday they wrapped up work in Los Angeles for season three. Co-exeuctive producer and writer Christopher Monfette was first to announce the wrap on Twitter on Monday night, thanking showrunner Terry Matalas and the cast and crew, and promising “the next and final chapter in Picard’s story is a truly remarkable thing.”

Series star Jeri Ryan also weighed in on Tuesday, announcing “that’s a series wrap,” and how she can’t wait for fans to “see what’s to come in season 3!”

Ryan also followed up on a fan question, saying “nope” to the idea of more seasons, adding “it was always intended to be 3 and done.”

Over the weekend executive producer and season three showrunner Terry Matalas, who was also directing the season three finale, said the plan was for Picard to wrap and “beam out forever!” He also used the opportunity to show off a transporter pad.

In his TrekMovie interview last week, Matalas said this about season three:

I think it’s shaping up to be an extraordinary season of television. It’s incredibly different from the two seasons before it and features quite possibly, one of the all-time great Star Trek villain performances we’ve seen to-date. But I don’t want to oversell it in the early stages! There’s miles yet to go. But I think–I hope – we’re concluding Picard’s story in the best, most appropriate, most satisfying way. I can’t wait for fans to see what we have in store.

While it does sound like everyone is assuming it’s over for Picard after three seasons, there could be a sliver of hope for more. In his recent TrekMovie interview Picard co-creator, executive producer and season two co-showrunner Akiva Goldsman also confirmed that the series was always planned for just three seasons with no plans for more — but he kept the door open a tiny bit to say it was possible there could be more Jean-Luc Picard if Sir Patrick Stewart were interested.

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Especially since season 3 is winding down, I’m Surprised Noone has asked the production team if we are to expect any more TNG alumni (Beverly, Geordie, Worf). Even a “no comment ” would be a clue.

IF they are all up for it, they may all show up for a funeral scene at the end. Assuming he ascends to the continuum like I predict. The holdout I would think would be Dorn. He would have to be OK with donning the makeup for just that one scene. And in the past he has been reluctant to do so I hear.

Dorn lobbied for a Captain Worf Series… seems he would loved it to wear the mask again.

He did but that was for a full series. Not something that is little more than a cameo.

Oh come on it wouldn’t kill him

It doesn’t seem like Q will be in season 3, so I doubt Picard will ascend to the continuum. Besides, that would be to similar to Sisko becoming a Prophet. And Picard has made it quite clear that he doesn’t want to be immortal.

We don’t know for sure if Q will be in the final stretch of episodes. But I would argue the mere fact that he has accepted cheating his natural death with becoming a robot would mean his stance on mortality has changed some. Even if it was designed to age like a human. He has still cheated his destiny to squeeze out more life. Funny how when push comes to shove one’s stance on some matters suddenly change.

He said that after he was put into the new body. One of the first things he said was “you haven’t made me immortal?” in a tone that made it clear that the idea terrified him. He didn’t “cheat his destiny” any more than we all cheat our destiny every time we see a doctor.

He’s an android, so we don’t need Sir Patrick per se. You could just give him a new, younger body, cast James McAvoy, and send McAvoy’s Picard on many more adventures.

That would have lit the Star Trek and X-Men interwebs up if Picard S1 had that blank golem body that received Picard’s consciousness turn into a bald McAvoy when the download was completed.

That would truly have been something creative and unanticipated from a Trek writer’s room.

Thanks for putting that idea out there!

The entire point was that the android body is no different from the human body, apart from the brain abnormality.

I know, I’ve seen the show. But at the end of the day it’s just an android body that you can replace, and you could easily use that to have a different & younger actor portray Picard for years to come. And then, at least in my humble opinion, McAvoy would be the perfect choice.

It might be possible, but they would have to completely ignore season 1’s themes on mortality to do it.

And it would be silly to cast McAvoy as young Picard just because he played young Professor X. Tom Hardy would make more sense, but that would also be kind of dumb.

What themes of mortality? I couldn’t figure out what season 1 was all about to begin with. There was so much they tried to do that they really couldn’t do anything.

And even if such themes existed, which I don’t think did, it wouldn’t be the first time Trek’s next installment completely destroyed the ideas and themes of the previous one. (WoK-SFS)

I mean, Data pretty much spelled it out. Death is what gives life meaning. Picard doesn’t want to be immortal, so he wouldn’t want to be deaged.

Picard has said that in the past. Yet he accepted a robot body and cheated his own death in doing so. So I don’t think that argument has any merit.

macavoy, not stewart.

Why do people keep calling him an android? He’s not. Just got a new hand wavy human body that’s not going to last any longer than his real human body otherwise would

Then what’s the point of doing it to begin with then? That was Picard’s time to go. If he’s going to cheat his destiny then why go through with all this to squeeze a few more years out? Why not give himself a stronger, healthier body with a much stronger constitution?

You might as well ask why anybody has a medical procedure to prolong their life. You can say that Picard “cheated destiny” as a young man when he got the artificial heart. He should have died of his stab wounds.

He doesn’t want to be young again. He said as much ages ago when he turned into a kid. His life is about going forwards, not backwards. He just wanted to get rid of the brain abnormality that would have caused him to die before his time, and the only way to do that was to get a whole new body.

Then what is stopping that from happening to everyone everywhere? Heart surgeries are one thing. Completely changing your body every time the old one fails sounds very much like ignoring your mortality.

Dr. Culber explained that other people tried it after Picard, but it was a risky procedure that rarely worked.

Was hoping we would get a Seven spin off!

And we still might. They are probably throwing a lot of ideas in the air and Picard just started on season 2. The show is still a year away from ending. They are not going to announce something anytime soon even if they do have a show in mind. SNW didn’t get announced until a full year after Discovery’s second season ended. People were convinced a spin off was coming for that show and it happened. But it happened because fans kept pushing for it. Trust me, if the chorus sing loud enough here something will happen too. And they probably want to see how the next two seasons of this show goes first.

The irony about this situation is no one WANTS the show to end. Not the studio, producers, fans etc; it’s really only Stewart and for understandable reasons. So I think it will continue in some fashion, but they aren’t going to say anything now.

Oh please, no. I almost bailed on Picard because of her. I wish they would give her a series and get her out of the show. She destroys everything she joins.

she saved Voy in its later seasons.

Or a Stargazer spin-off too. I don’t think they should destroy that beautiful Stargazer bridge set after barely using it.

I watched The Ready Room with Patrick Stewart talking about the premiere and he’s mightily impressed with the Stargazer bridge set! I mean VERY! He suggest it should be turned into a fan exhibit of some kind where people can tour it. Hopefully it will be used more than that in the next few years though. ;)

Going to miss Picard as a character, but considering his age, it obviously makes sense. I just hope the next two seasons makes his coming back worth it.

Now give us the Stargazer spin off! We Trek fans don’t mourn long before moving on to the next thing. ;)

Bring back the rest of the cast and include a few TNG era legacy characters as recurring through the season. Riker, Tuvok, Worf, Janeway, Bashier, Dax, it’s a wide open field of possibilities. Whoever they can convince to come back and I’m certain fans will show up with bells on. I was super happy they got Stewart to come back but for me I just wanted a show in the 25th century more than anything and hopes it continues.

Yeah sad to see it will end next year, but that is okay, nobody thought this would happen and then one day Patrick Stewart ran out on stage at STLV to make the big announcement. Shooting a series in the midst of a pandemic must have been trying for Sir Patrick and all the cast and crew. Thank you to all of them for making it so!

As for a Stargazer series, it is funny but despite some ups and downs in S1, the non-TNG cast of Picard have really grown on me. The chemistry is quite good and I can definitely see some potential for a series. That said, let’s see what happens in S2 and S3 first plus the all new adventures of Captain Pike and the crew of the Enterprise before we consider what’s next for Rios and his crew.

It remains to be if he still will be for me given is new ascension to captaincy but I found Rios to be the best character in all of Secret Hideout Trek. If SH wanted to do a show centered on him I wouldn’t complain too loudly. Unless it ended up being garbage. ;)

I loved Rios and Raffi; I’d be glad to see them in something else!

BTW — Happy Birth-month Corylea!

Definitely have to agree about the new cast. We’re still getting to know them but I liked them for the most part after the first season. But for some reason I liked them even more in the second season premiere. They all felt a lot more upbeat for one, but it was also great just to see most of them back in Starfleet uniforms. It now feels like proper Star Trek!

But whatever happens, plenty of Star Trek to keep us busy for awhile! I’m happy to just watch them in the next two seasons and see where it all goes.

So that’s finally confirmed. Makes sense. We’re pretty lucky to live in a world where these nostalgic spotlight shows of old fan favorites can exist.

Hope to see these characters again. A Seven miniseries might be cool. Maybe this will lead to the return of more legacy characters. Not every show has to run multiple seasons.

Agreed! I’d love more Picard also but for Sir Patrick to bless us with this show (and I know it’s not everyone’s cup of earl gray but which Trek show is) in his 80’s, I’ll take these three seasons graciously. Especially if the rest of season 2 and then 3 are half as good as the season 2 premiere.

I think Seven is an ideal candidate for a Section 31 series with Georgiou. I know it’s not the same time period but are we sure Georgiou went back to the old Discovery time?

She was out of synch because she travelled too far from her origin point in time and dimension, so it’s implied she’s going back to the 23rd century, more or less from the time she came from.

This idea would actually get me interested in a Section 31 series. So far I have not been.

I knew waaay back in 2018 when Sir Patrick first announced that he was coming back to play Picard again that the show was only intended to go for three years. He said it in every interview he did for the show. The reporters would ask the question “How long do you see the show going for” and Sir Patrick’s reply was, at first, “Two years. Three, at the most”. He would slip the three in there but I think, originally, the show was gonna end with the second season.

But the overwhelming response they got and the streaming numbers of course is probably what prompted him to go for three. He just wanted the chance to come back and play Picard and play him like he did Professor X in Logan. And that’s the main reason why he came back to the character after twenty years. It’s sad to see it end.

But I’m happy that the shooting is over for Sir Patrick. They’ve been shooting for thirteen months straight now and he must be so exhausted. Bravo 👏, Sir Patrick. Kudos to you and everyone else who worked so hard, behind the cameras and in front of them, to make this show something special.

Now that I’ve said that, my prediction for season 3 is Picard will have a son (remember Q is supposed to show up in season 3 so maybe the timeline doesn’t reset correctly.) and he will marry Laris and Picard’s son is going to be the villain of season 3. Then, at the end of the season, after a big starship battle between father and son, Picard will have to destroy his son in order to set things right. Then, in the last few moments of the show, the timeline will reset itself back to normal and as Picard steps up onto the transporter to be beamed back to Earth, he will take one last look at his friends and say “Energize” and he will disappear and reappear in front of Q, who will tell him “As one journey ends, another begins, Mon Capitaine”. Then a black title card should come up and say “The journey continues…”.

That’s my prediction for season 3 of Picard. Kudos again, Sir Patrick and live long and prosper, Trekmovie 🖖.

Stewart said before season one started, they had planned 3 seasons. That was ALWAYS the plan. What others like Goldsman said later was there was an option to go two more years in his contract if Stewart changed his mind, unfortunately he didn’t.

It was never just two years. That’s why they filmed season 2 and 3 together because it was a guarantee.

Your predictions are interesting though, but one thing I learned on these shows is never to predict anything lol. I haven’t predicted a single thing right on any of them.

I was making a general reference to what Sir Patrick Stewart was telling the reporters about the longevity of his return to the character of Picard. I didn’t say it, he did. All you have to do is find a couple of interviews with him from 2018, post-STLV, and you’ll see right before your eyes in black and white that he said, originally, he could see the show going for two years, maybe three. He also said back then, because this was a whole year before the show even came out, that he didn’t want to put the cart before the horse, meaning ViacomCBS (now Paramount) wanted to see how the reception was for the first season before guaranteeing a third.

The only one that was guaranteed was the second season because word got out about that before the show was even on the air. So, if you would like to further dispute Sir Patrick’s own remarks, then I kindly say for you to go take that up with him, okay 🙂? Also, about my predictions, thank you but, you’re right, they may not come true. That’s why they’re called predictions, not spoilers.

It’s just random speculation that I spout off the top of my head. It’s what makes sense, logically, if you follow the show, which I know you do otherwise you wouldn’t have responded to me, right? I can’t predict any of the other shows myself, which is great because if you can predict them then that makes them predictable so why bother watching even them, right? I like not knowing what’s coming myself.

That’s a very tough task for Star Trek to accomplish with over a 1,000+ plus hours of television under it’s belt, don’t you think? So, if they can come up with something that’s totally unpredictable, then that’s great, right? Well, they’ve come up with 6 shows of unpredictability so isn’t that amazing? I’ve been a Trekkie since I was 12.

My first interaction with TOS was when I was 4 and TNG when I was 8. I have read thousands of comics and books. I’ve listened to the soundtracks. I have a MEGO Gorn and Salt Vampire figures on top of my Star Trek bookcase.

I have a Horta and a 3-D model of the Guardian Of Forever next to them. I have seen all of the Star Trek shows and movies and, yes, the fan films too. I am old school Trekkie. I love it!!!!

The Enterprise is my first love 💖! So I’m very happy if my predictions don’t come true because that means that the writers are doing their job then, right? They’re supposed to keep us guessing and keep us on our toes. But I did have two of my predictions come true for Picard and it didn’t disappoint me, not at all.

I predicted that Picard was going to die in the series, which he did. And I wasn’t disappointed when it happened because he was also resurrected. The second one was that I had a feeling that Soji was related to Data somehow and that came true as well but in a different way then the way I was thinking she was. So, see, isn’t it nice to be surprised in a franchise that turns 56 this year?

If none of my predictions come true, then I will be thrilled because I will not have been able to see what they have planned coming. Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖.

OK no worries! And I wasn’t getting on your case about making predictions, yeah that’s what we do here. I was only saying for me, I’ve given up trying because out of the four years since the new shows started, nothing I have ever predicted ever came close to reality lol. But I’m happy to hear and agree with other’s.

Old school fan as well. Watched TOS around 6 years old and TNG around 11 and 30+ years later, still obsessed! I love Trek to my core. Even if I’m not in love with all the new shows and films yet, I’m still a fan of all of them and support them.

And I love hearing all the stuff fans have collected over the years. That sounds fantastic!

Yes, I agree with you about supporting Star Trek wholeheartedly, no matter what. I’m on the fence myself about 2 of the recent shows but I still watch them because it’s better than having no Trek at all, you know. Sounds like my journey with Star Trek started around the same time as yours did. I became a full fledged Trekkie during the 25th anniversary waaay back in 1991 and I’ve been with the franchise ever since.

It was in my life before that though because of my Mom. She loved Star Trek, especially the Horta! She adored the Horta. She loved how the Horta would do anything to protect her children because that’s how she was with me.

That’s what she used to say to me. I actually have two Hortas now because my Mom just passed so I brought her stuff to my place. I have the Tribble I gave to her too. We named her Squeaks.

She purrs and screams like she’s near a Klingon 😄. It’s too adorable, man 😊! I have a big Romulan Warbird in my apartment too from Balance Of Terror. It has a microchip in it and if you press the button, the Romulan Commander’s voice comes out of the chip.

I don’t think it’s Mark Lenard’s voice though but it’s pretty close. The ship also makes sounds. It hums which is supposed to represent the engines thrumming. There’s other sounds but I can’t remember what they all are.

I also have Playmate figures of Captain Kirk, Spock, and Edith Keeler from City On The Edge Of Forever from the ’90s in my collection as well. They’re like 12″ tall so they’re behind my Guardian Of Forever. I realy can’t wait to get the Rok-Tahk figure from Prodigy! She’s gonna go right next to my Hortas 🙂.

I love the Brikar! Zak Kebron is one of my favorite characters from the New Frontier book series ❤️.I’m actually hoping that Rok-Tahk turns out to be his daughter 🤞. My Mom got to see Prodigy before she passed, the first two episodes.

She liked Rok-Tahk too. She thought she was so adorable. Prodigy is an awesome show. I’m happy that she got to see Captain Janeway return because she really liked her, right behind Kirk and Picard of course 🙂.

Well, nice talking to you, Tiger2, and live long and prosper 🖖.

I would not be surprised to see Seven, Raffi, Juradi, Rios, et al. continue on in a spinoff series. They put together a fun group of characters with good chemistry and many potential stories left to tell beyond the story of Jean-Luc Picard.

I hope so !

Just a hopeful hunch, Star Trek: Stargazer and that will be the series to continue on our TNG era storylines

One of Terry Matalas’ biggest influences is the movie Back to the Future, so I am expecting very smart science fiction in seasons 2 and 3.

That movie and it’s follow ups were not smart or good unlike doctor who which does a better and more realistic job at time travel than those films and there was no ugly piece of junk one of the all time worst cars made deloran

Doctor Who is realistic?

“Realistic time travel” lol. Okay….

Lol so you have experience travelling through time

Hmm here’s a thought…don’t know how the rest of S2 and S3 play out but..

We know there’s a Starfleet Academy series in development. What if it’ll be a spin-off of Picard with Elnor in it. Maybe with Raffi too and of course Picard can always make an appearance as Chancellor. Would be fantastic to continue the storytelling in the 25th century.

TPTB always say how wonderful their work is. It’s bizarre given the quality of some of current Star Trek.

Well, they love what they do, they aren’t trying to making anything terrible, and on Disco they’re clearly on a mission to highlight the importance of diversity, self-care and empathy, with lots of people giving them positive reinforcement about that. So that may be blunting some of the criticism they get about the actual quality of how it all comes together. Some production personnel for Picard have indicated they paid attention, which is gratifying.

I won’t begrudge them the joy they get from making the shows, but I do hope someone they listen to is giving them a bit of tough love about the writing and character work on Discovery. Since they’re still getting funny money to make the show and it’s on its fifth season… I have my doubts.

Further to that, sometimes the actors involved have no idea how it’s all going to come together because they really only see things piecemeal unless they are directly involved with the scripting and storytelling. There are times where you can tell they know that whatever they worked on was a steaming pile though. Of course, in interviews and other canned media releases they project this positivity about the production because that’s part of the job they were contracted for.

I don’t think anyone involved in Star Trek sets out to deliberately write or produce a terrible show. Sometimes it’s the culmination of bad ideas, shortsighted execution, or the person at the top just lacks the vision to make it come together (but no one can tell the Emporer is wearing no clothes, either). You only have to watch the first season of TNG when Roddenberry and his lawyer had control to understand how the final proudct can end up like that.

It’s a very tight cast, I have no doubt they enjoy the work regardless of being paid to look happy, but yeah, sometimes you can’t tell until the edit if it’s not working, so the burden is on the producers. And by the time an actor gets a script, there’s only so much they can do to change it anyway. The story is baked and they can at most just adjust some dialogue.

Yep. Many of them have often said things viewers like hearing but when we see the final product we are sitting there with mouths agape. We know they aren’t trying to make bad Trek but the fact is, that is what nearly all of them are doing. We want to encourage them to do better but if this is the best they can do then I would endorse them doing something else.

Its kind of weird that the whole 3 seasons of Picard has the same amount of episodes as nearly a single season of TOS. How times have changed.

How true that is.

-Star Trek- Stargazer
incoming !

maybe sir patrick will appear as picard one last final time in the next movie. even if its just a holographic birthday message

I see what you did there.

It was the elephant in the room but had to end sometime, it will feel like a fleeting visit to Picard , 30 or so EPs and his story is finally over.

I think for some reason he won’t survive but he will have a child that will…and Laris will be telling him to “look up at the stars…”
*End Scene, End Series*

I just don’t believe they are going to kill him off….again! And only two seasons later. I think they are just going to give him a happy ending. Have him married off for the first time in his life and retire on Risa with Laris or maybe even Crusher! ;)

Kind of reminiscent of Matilde in NO TIME TO DIE — where it worked.

And for the next series …. “Star Trek: KIRK”!

Star Trek: ARCHER

Doesn’t seem like Scott Bakula’s going to be a series regular in rebooted Quantum Leap.

it could still happen.
actors lie…..

I would LOVE to see that. So long as they can bring back as much of the Enterprise BTS folks as possible. Including Manny.

One thing would have to get done… They would have to just ignore “These Are the Voyages…” We’d have to just pretend those events never happened. It’s the only way it would work.

Easy to do. “These Are the Voyages” was, ultimately, a holo-novel. Even the most scrupulous historical fiction takes some liberty with the truth.

Yep it would be Star Trek Archer for me in a heartbeat as well. And we could see him as the Federation President at this point too!

So they are gonna go the Marvel route and have nearly a show about all the characters? Star Trek Moon Knight :))

In honesty Bakula is the only captain left who is probably still willing and able to do Star Trek…whether his backstory has enough oompf I dont know.

Well, they could do a miniseries on the Romulan War, ending with the signing of the Federation Charter. I would be down for that

I’m certain someone can blackmail Avery Brooks to do maybe a scene somewhere. ;)

Star Trek: SHATNER (P+ breaks due to overload subs)

Let me..

Star Trek: Janeway


As lng as Shatner has breath in his body (and he’s a lot spritelier than most 90 year olds) I hope there is one last chance…

I know Sir Patrick is getting up there in years, but 3 seasons just seems so short…
The 3rd season is when a Trek show always hits its stride. It’s very disappointing.

I think this is a red herring. Part of the marketing. If this is going to be the ‘last’ we’ll see of Picard/Stewart then people might be more likely to tune in/stream.

What I personally think they will do is continue the show with someone else playing Picard, and it doesn’t have to be someone obvious as James McAvoy. Think about it, that android body has no limits on what it can do. It’s a tabula rasa. We might even get a Tom Hardy cameo as a ‘buff action hero’ alternate Picard as a funny in-joke.

When they hint at Picard’s ending with phrases like ‘innovative’ and ‘truly remarkable’ I get the impression they are going to cast a woman as Picard and continue from there. Story wise, they have already laid out the possibility. PR-wise, well… if Doctor Who can do it….

I get what you are saying but due to the nature of Dr Who the regeneration aspect allows for various kinds of casting for the Doctor. Not so when it comes to Picard. Unless you just want to do a complete reboot and let the new thing stand on its own with zero connection to everything else.

I don’t really see that happening. And I just don’t see the point. The Star Trek universe is huge now, they can basically bring in any legacy actor and it’s going to get people tuning in. I mean Lower Decks is already guaranteed 4 seasons, proof you don’t need a big name to carry these shows.

Patrick Stewart playing Picard again was special, but I don’t think the franchise needs Picard around to stay relevant. I know someone will eventually play that role again but I rather just have a spin off with the new characters or bring back another legacy character from the TNG era.

It’s sometimes better, a miniseries was always what it was to be and more often than not they work better. It’s a high stake series with the galaxy at peril. If they sort it out after season 3 then they can’t really go elsewhere with it. It gets a climatic finish. I do suspect the rest of the cast will get a spin off however.

considering the original intention was just a Picard Short Treks, 3 seasons/30+hrs is mindblowing. Patrick did us a good’un wanting to come back at all

Up there in the years? This lovely man is in his 80’s, we were lucky to have one season and we are getting three! Come on, let’s be realistic about our expectations here. That being said I agreed that I’ll never get enough of Patrick Stewart as Picard.

In those moments of “The Star Gazer” with Captain Rios as leader of a brand new ship called Stargazer…to see 25th century starship operations…made me really wish they’d make a show about him and that ship and each week they visit a planet. The Next Next Generation. I don’t need another 8 hour “movie”.

Agreed. I would love a Captain Rios of the starship Stargazer show. I love what little we saw of his crew (I like the smaller earring on the Bajoran). I know there is Strange New Worlds coming out, but a Stargazer show could be just as good and give more classic Star Trek story-telling.

I would think that based on things being said about SNW that is the one that will return to the more classic Star Trek story-telling. But this is Secret Hideout so it remains to be seen if that actually is the case….

I mean I don’t think they built a whole set just to use it in a single or several episodes. I am sure they are thinking of a possible spinoff.

I’m not mad at this idea at all!

Picard: “We should tell him the truth”

It feels to me like Picard should become a part of the Q continuum.

You know what, that would work. Nice move, there.

The studio/CBS/Paramount has been and always will be tight lipped (like an Aldebaran shellmouth) about these series. They will not let nothing out to the public before its time while they develop any new series. I am quite sure they have many options or ideas being kicked around now. True, we have precedent set when the built the Pike Enterprise bridge and we now have SNW. So there could be Stargazer series or who knows what. There is more than enough material/ideas out there to have a series on every week for years to come. Its only a matter of waiting for it.

I have enjoyed Star Trek Picard and even though we have nearly two seasons worth still to watch, I would love to see it continue perhaps as Star Trek : Stargazer with Captain Rios and his crew. More 25th Century Star Trek would be brilliant.

I like it… Imagine if we also got to see older, more serious versions of our favorite Lower Decks characters join such a spin off. Some of them might be lieutenants or commanders in the 25th century.

The ending will have Burnham and Tilly in a 32th Century holodeck saying “Computer, End Program”.

Please, God No.



But it would be better than having him awkwardly barging in on Rios, 7, his holograms and Rafi playing cards much to their chagrin.

Why not make a Kirk series in the same way they Picard for onçy tree seasons?

Because Kirk died on Veridian III?

Why not make a Kirk series as they did Picard, for only three seasons?

My guess is it would feel waaaay too close to SNW right now. But it doesn’t mean it won’t be done some day.

I can tell it’s Picard on the right – Could that be a freshly minted new Data on the left?

so which means this time next year we may be getting Picard Season 3 then.

What is bittersweet is perhaps the confluence of PICARD with current events.

I remember watching “Nepenthe” in a bar, on a big screen. It was essentially the last gathering in a bar for a year. People ordering drinks were already discussing the looming pandemic, since Italy and South Korea were already being hit. Although the bulk of the series aired before lockdown, I’ll always remember watching the final 2-3 episodes in lockdown. The sense of foreboding undoubtedly will tinge my feeling for the series.

Now we have the Ukraine crisis coloring season 2. I suppose I could go watch “Penance” in a bar again; not sure I feel like it.

It just seems so melancholy, when you remember that TUC and “Redemption” aired during such a time of optimism in world affairs. Let us hope that events pan out in a way we get back on track.

If they ever do decide to do further seasons of “Picard” with a younger recasting, I’d suggest using this guy — particularly if they do it as a musical: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl5TUw7sUBs&list=RDMM&index=2

Eesh, I hope we’ll finally get some proper 25th century Trek in the 3rd season