Watch Star Trek Celebrities Come Out For Inaugural LLAPy Awards Celebrating All Trek, Past And Present

Last weekend the team behind Virtual Trek Con (which was originated by the 7th Rule Podcast featuring Cirroc Lofton) held their first “LLAPy Awards” to celebrate the Star Trek franchise. The virtual show had a mix of categories picking the greatest moments, episodes, and more from Star Trek history along with honoring a number of franchise veterans. Many well-known Star Trek personalities participated, both presenting awards as well as receiving their honors. The entire event is available online (and below) and we have a breakdown of some of the highlights as well as a full list of winners.

Highlights from LLAPy Awards 2022

Some of those most poignant moments of the ceremony were for the special honors being handed out. This includes Mary Chieffo presenting the Kenneth Mitchell Hope Ward to Kenneth Mitchell (timestamp 32:35), Michelle Hurd presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to Nichelle Nichols (1:47:52), and Cirroc Lofton presenting the Aron Eisenberg Community Award to Malissa Longo (on behalf of Aron at  2:09:42).

Other Star Trek celebrities who participated in the event include Tim Russ, Raven Dauda, Alexander Siddig, Mike McMahan, Robert Duncan McNeill, Michelle Paradise, Aaron Waltke, Andre Bormanis, Oyin Oladejo, David Livingston, Jayne Brook, Dr. Mohamed Noor, JG Hertzler, and Robert O’Reilly (kind of).

Watch the full first LLAPy Awards

And the winners are…

There were a total of 25 categories, with 5 of the winners being announced ahead of the event. All of the nominees came from fans via open polls on social media with thousands of entries starting in January And in February fans voted for winners in each category using Google Forms, to allow as many people to participate (even those who don’t use social media). Winners were announced last Sunday.

The LLAPy Awards broke the Trek franchise down into different eras with Legacy Awards covering all Star Trek prior to 2017, Renaissance Awards covering from 2017-2019, and New/Current Star Trek covering 2020-2021. And then some Trek Universe categories, which were all-encompassing. Going forward, the New/Current Star Trek category will only include the preceding year. So the 2023 LLAPy’s New Star Trek category will only have shows/movies from 2022, etc.

The following list of categories is shown in the order as seen during the ceremony.  Winners are bolded and celebrity appearances are noted.  

Most shocking betrayal in Star Trek

  • Ro Laren [TNG S7E24 “Preemptive Strike”]
  • Michael Eddington [DS9 S5E13 “For the Uniform”]
  • Thomas Riker [DS9 S3E9 “Defiant”]
  • Gul Dukat joining the Dominion fleet [DS9 S5E15 “By Inferno’s Light”]
  • Seska [VOY S1E10 “State of Flux”]
  • Valeris [ST VI “The Undiscovered Country”]
  • Ash Tyler [DSC S1E11 “The Wolf Inside”]
  • Gabriel Lorca [DSC S1E12 “Vaulting Ambition”]

Biggest “wow” moment in new Star Trek  

  • Capt. Freeman is arrested [LDS S2E10 “First First Contact”]
  • Capt. Riker arriving on the USS Titan [LDS S1E10 “No Small Parts”]
  • Kweijan is destroyed by the DMA [DSC S4E1 “Kobayashi Maru”]
  • Guardian of Forever reveal [DSC S3E10 “Terra Firma Part 2”]
  • Picard reunites with Riker & Troi on Nepenthe [PIC S1E7 “Nepenthe”]
  • Icheb’s death [PIC S1E5 “Stardust City Rag”]
  • Hugh’s death [PIC S1E7 “Nepenthe”]
  • Seven Arrives on La Sirena [PIC S1E04 “Absolute Candor”]

Accepted by Discovery showrunner Michelle Paradise 

Funniest moment in Star Trek: The Next Generation [presented by director David Livinston]

  • Riker and Guinan teach Wesley how to talk to girls [S2E10 “The Dauphin”]
  • Worf wants Q to die to convince them he is mortal [S3E13 “Deja Q”]
  • “Jealous” Picard recites Shakespeare to win Lwaxana back from the Ferengi [S3E24 “Ménage à Troi”]
  • Worf is not a merry man [S4E20 “Qpid”]
  • Picard wakes up next to Q [S6Ep15 “Tapestry”]
  • Data asks Worf to take care of Spot [S7E6 “Phantasms”]
  • Data searching and singing for Lifeforms [Star Trek: Generations]
  • Riker and drunk Deanna argue about the timeline [Star Trek: First Contact]

Best new character in Star Trek: Discovery (2020-2021) [presented by Raven Duada]

  • Cleveland “Book” Booker 

Best pilot or first episode in a legacy Star Trek series

  • TOS “The Cage”
  • TAS “Beyond the Farthest Star”
  • TNG “Encounter at Farpoint”
  • DS9 “Emissary”
  • VOY “Caretaker”
  • ENT “Broken Bow”

Accepting: DS9 stars: Nana Visitor, Alexander Siddig, and Cirroc Lofton

Best new (2020-2021) Star Trek episode

  • That Hope is You, Part 1 [DSC S3E1]
  • First First Contact [LDS S2E10]
  • wej Duj [LDS S2E9]
  • Nepenthe [PIC S1E7]
  • Stardust City Rag [PIC S1E5]
  • … But to Connect [DSC S4E7]

The Kenneth Mitchell Hope Award [presented by Mary Chieffo]

Accepted by Kenneth Mitchell

Favorite Legacy Star Trek Fling [presented by JG Hertler and Robert O’Reilly]

  • James T. Kirk & Edith Keeler [TOS S1E28 “City on the Edge of Forever”]
  • Tasha Yar & Data [TNG S1E03 “The Naked Now”]
  • Jean-Luc Picard & Vash [TNG S3E19 “Captain’s Holiday”]
  • Quark & Grilka [DS9 S5E03 “Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places”]
  • Wesley Crusher & Robin Lefler [TNG S5E06 “The Game”]
  • Kathryn Janeway & Michael Sullivan (w/o deleted wife) [VOY S6E11 “Fair Haven”]
  • Jean-Luc Picard & Nella Daren [TNG S6E19 “Lessons”]
  • William Riker & Ro Laren [TNG S5E14 “Conundrum”]

[NOTE: Robert O’Reilly had tech issues couldn’t be heard, so JG roasts him for five hilarious minutes]

In the category of Best Star Trek documentary film [presented by Cirroc Lofton]

  • Trekkies (1997)
  • The Captains (2011)
  • Chaos On The Bridge (2014)
  • For The Love Of Spock (2016)
  • What We Left Behind (2018)
  • Woman in Motion (2019)

Accepted by 455 Films

Most impressive show of production talent in Star Trek: Discovery (2020-2021) [presented by Raven Duada]

  • Visual Effects 

Best Star Trek movie visual effects for its time

The nominees are:

  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)
  • Star Trek: First Contact (1996)
  • Star Trek (2009)

Most wholesome/best moment in Star Trek: Prodigy episodes 1-5 (2021 only) [introduced by Cirroc Lofton]

  • Rescue of Gwyn from murder planet [S1E05 “Terror Firma”]
  • RokTahk gleefully covered with alien babies [S1E04 “Dreamcatcher”]
  • RokTahk’s real voice is revealed [S1E1-2 “Lost & Found”]
  • Gwyn rescuing Murf instead of abandoning him [S1E04 “Dreamcatcher”]
  • Gwyn shows mercy on the Caitian child [S1E1-2 “Lost & Found”]
  • Hologram Janeway explains the Federation to the “cadets” [S1E03 “Starstruck”]

Accepted by co-showrunner Aaron Waltke

Favorite legacy Star Trek family [presented by Aaron Waltke]

  • Spock, Sarek, and family
  • The Siskos – Benjamin, Jake, Joseph, Jennifer, and Kasidy Yates
  • The O’Briens – Miles, Keiko, Molly, Kirayoshi
  • Rom, Leeta, Nog, Quark, Zek, Ishka (Moogie), and Cousin Gaila
  • The House of Martok – Martok, Sirella, Worf, Jadzia, and Alexander
  • Trip Tucker, T’Pol, Elizabeth, T’Les
  • Data, Lal, Lore, B4, and the (many) Soongs
  • Tom Paris, B’Elanna Torres, Miral, and Admiral Paris
  • The Rikers (William, Thomas, Kyle, & Thaddius) and Trois (Deanna, Lwaxana, Ian, & Kestra)

Accepted by Cirroc Lofton

Favorite legacy Star Trek Friendship

  • James T. Kirk & Spock
  • Data & Geordi LaForge
  • Jake Sisko & Nog
  • Julian Bashir & Miles O’Brien
  • Julian Bashir & Garak
  • Odo & Quark
  • Seven of Nine & the EMH Doctor
  • Harry Kim & Tom Paris

Favorite supporting bridge officer/character appearing in Star Trek Discovery (2017-2019) [Raven Duada presents]

  • Joann Owosekun

Accepted by Oyin Oladejo

Funniest moment in new Star Trek (2020-2021)

  • Raffi conversing with multiple Rios holograms [PIC S1E8 “Broken Pieces”]
  • Michael Burnham trips out from the truth serum [DSC S3E1 “That Hope is You, Part 1”]
  • Borg babies [LDS S2E8 “I, Excretus”]
  • Orgy on the USS Cerritos [LDS S2E8 “I, Excretus”]
  • Riker burns the pizza [PIC S1E7 “Nepenthe”]
  • Whales in Cetacean Ops want Rutherford to join them [LDS S2E10 “First First Contact”]
  • The Mugato likes to watch… a lot [LDS S2E4 “Mugato, Gumato”]
  • Picard’s French accent in Stardust City [PIC S1E5 “Stardust City Rag”]

Accepted by Michelle Hurd


In the category of

Scariest Star Trek Episode [presented by Andre Bormanis]

The nominees are:

  • Schisms [TNG S6E5]
  • Frame of Mind [TNG S6E21]
  • Empok Nor [DS9 S5E24]
  • The Darkness and the Light [DS9 S5E11]
  • The Thaw [VOY S2E23]
  • Impulse [ENT S3E5]

Malissa Longo accepts on behalf of Aron Eisenberg

 Most nostalgic moment in Star Trek: Picard season 1

  • Picard and Riker on the dock [S1E7 “Nepenthe”]
  • Picard playing poker with Data in Ten Forward [S1E1 “Remembrance”]
  • Seven of Nine & Icheb together [S1E5 “Stardust City Rag”]
  • Riker showing up to rescue with USS Zheng He [S1E10 “Et in Arcadia Ego: Part 2”]
  • Picard says goodbye to Data [S1E10 “Et in Arcadia Ego: Part 2”]
  • Picard’s embrace with Hugh [S1E6 “The Impossible Box”]

Lifetime Achievement for Nichelle Nichols presented by Michelle Hurd

Nichols accepts the award via pre-recorded video.  

Best antagonist in new Star Trek (2020-2021) [presented by Tim Russ]

  • Agimus [Lower Decks]
  • The Packleds [Lower Decks]
  • Badgey [Lower Decks]
  • Osyrra [Discovery]
  • The DMA (Dark Matter Anomaly) [Discovery]
  • The Diviner [Prodigy]
  • The Murder Planet [Prodigy]
  • Narissa [Picard]

Accepted by creator Mike McMahan

Favorite singing moment in Star Trek

  • Kira Nerys “Fever” [DS9 S6E20 “His Way”]
  • Vic Fontaine “I’ll Be Seeing You” [DS9 S7E8 “The Siege of AR-558”]
  • Ben Sisko + Vic Fontaine “The Best is Yet to Come” [DS9 S7E15 “Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang”]
  • Seven + the EMH Doctor “You Are My Sunshine” [VOY S5E21 “Someone to Watch Over Me”]
  • The EMH Doctor’s Pon Farr version of “La Donna è Mobile” [VOY S6E4 “Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy”]
  • Data “Lifeforms” song [Star Trek: Generations]
  • Picard + Data + Worf “A British Tar” [Star Trek: Insurrection]
  • Data “Blue Skies” [Star Trek: Nemesis]

Funniest episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks [presented by Raven Duada]

  •  “We’ll Always Have Tom Paris”

Accepted by Robert Duncan McNeill

Aron Eisenberg Community Award presented by Ryan Husk and Cirroc Lofton

Malissa Longo accepts

[announcing previously revealed winners]

Most exciting moment in new Star Trek (2020-2021)

  • Seven takes charge of the artifact Borg cube [PIC S1E8 “Broken Pieces”]

Favorite reintroduced Star Trek: The Original Series character

  • Captain Pike

Best episode of 2017-2019 Star Trek

  • [DSC S2E10] “The Red Angel”

Favorite moment of 2017-2019 Star Trek

  • The Enterprise is first revealed, TOS-style end-music [DSC S1E15]

Most interesting character in 2017-2019 Star Trek

  • Saru

The LLAPy Awards will be back in 2023.

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This is something new to me, never heard of this award. But I have to say that its about time! There is so much in the Trek universe (not a pun) to explore for award categories. I am quite sure that some winners will be debated for some time and other winners are a given fact we all knew. Happy to see this created, great idea!

How is “Gul Dukat joining the Dominion fleet” an example of a shocking betrayal? Dukat was a villain from the moment we met him until the moment he died. Betrayal is not something that would apply top him.

I may be misremembering this, but didn’t Dukat’s joining with the Dominion come right after his renegade/Klingon fighting phase where he showed a bit of decency to Kira?

Anyway, I do remember being a little surprised by that turn. He was always for Cardassia, but I don’t remember him expressing any sympathy for the Dominion up to that point.

It was a HUGE shock to me at the time too. Gul Dukat was never a ‘true’ villain on the show until this moment arrived. He was certainly someone you couldn’t completely trust but he actually helped the Federation quite a few times until then and was forming a relationship with Sisko, mostly due to the Dominion threat. You’re right, until that moment Dukat was very much against the Dominion and wanted to stop them from gaining a foothold in the Alpha Quadrant.

But you know the saying, if you can’t beat them….

From that point on, he became the big villain of the show and it was glorious to watch! Marc Alaimo just does not get enough credit for how amazing he was in that role.

Yeah, and I’d argue he didn’t become a true mustache twirling villain (and a less interesting character) until after Ziyal died and he lost his mind and became, I don’t know, Space Satan in disguise or something.

Also true. Dukat had basically laid his cards down once Cardassia joined the Dominion but it was after the death of Ziyal where he adopted a scorched Earth (or scorched Federation) policy and no longer cared about anyone who wasn’t on the side of Cardassia.

For the record, I liked him then too but yes he was a much more interesting character in the early days because he did straddle the line of friend vs foe. But as we are seeing in the real world, that’s what Putin did for decades himself. He always came off as someone who at least came off reasonable even if you knew he always had his own agenda. And now he finally became the mustache twirling villain everyone always suspected he was deep down inside. The parallels are kind of crazy in a way.

Next year, could TrekMovie tell us about this in time for us to VOTE, please? Thanks!

No Night Terrors (TNG) in scariest episode category! :-0

Wow this a fantastic idea! I never heard of this until now either. Really great way to get the fans involved and show our love for all things Trek. I hope this continues every year.

And no surprise to me that DS9 cleaned up most of the awards! ;)

I am a bit shocked TMP didn’t win for best effects considering how much that film is discussed mostly for its FX by fans.

Holy wow are some of those winners poorly chosen.