‘Star Trek: Picard’ Wins 4 Saturn Awards, ‘Strange New Worlds’ Wins 1

(Photo: Albert L. Ortega)

Star Trek: Picard dominated at the Saturn Awards on Sunday night in Burbank, CA. The third season picked up four awards, Strange New Worlds also won, and the cast of The Next Generation picked up a special award as well.

Picard wins 4

Star Trek: Picard started with seven total nominations in five categories and came away with four wins, including Best Science Fiction Television Series. It beat Star Trek: Strange New Worlds as well as Andor, Foundation, The Mandalorian, and Silo. On hand to accept the award were series star Sir Patrick Stewart, showrunner Terry Matalas, cast members Michelle Hurd and Jeri Ryan, and season 3 guest stars Todd Stashwick, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, and Marina Sirtis.

You can see Terry Matalas accepting the award below (posted by production designer Dave Blass from the livestream).

Sir Patrick also won Best Actor in a Television Series for his work in Picard, winning over Strange New Worlds star Anson Mount along with Tyler Hoechlin (Superman & Lois), Sam Heughan (Outlander), Diego Luna (Andor), Pedro Pascal (The Last of Us), and Harold Perrineau (From). Stewart was at the event to pick up his award.

Patrick Stewart with his Saturn Award (Photo: Albert L. Ortega)

The Picard wins kept coming with Jonathan Frakes winning for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series. He beat Picard cast members Ed Speleers and Todd Stashwick as well as Ethan Peck of Strange New Worlds. Also up for the award were Harvey Guillen (What We Do in the Shadows), Ernie Hudson (Quantum Leap), and Matt Smith (House of the Dragon). Jonathan Frakes was not able to attend due to his filming schedule.

Finally for Picard, Jeri Ryan won Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series. She beat Strange New Worlds actresses Jess Bush and Celia Rose Gooding as well as Genevieve O’Reilly (Andor), Katee Sackhoff (The Mandalorian), Sophie Skelton (Outlander), and Rebecca Wisocky (Ghosts). Jeri was at the event to pick up her award.

Jeri Ryan with her Saturn Award (Photo: Albert L. Ortega)

Paul Wesley wins for Strange New Worlds

In a bit of a reversal from the trend in the other categories, Paul Wesley won the sole Saturn Award for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. He picked up the statue for Best Guest Star in a Television Series for his work as James T. Kirk, winning over Amanda Plummer for Picard as well as Gael Garcia Bernal (Marvel’s Werewolf by Night), Giancarlo Esposito (The Mandalorian), Nick Offerman (The Last of Us), Andy Serkis (Andor), and Catherine Zeta-Jones (Wednesday). Wesley was at the event to pick up his award.

Paul Wesley with his Saturn Award (photo: Saturn Awards)

Star Trek: Lower Decks was nominated for Best Animated Television Series but lost to Star Wars: The Bad BatchStar Trek: The Motion Picture: Directors Edition was up for Best 4K Home Media Release, but the award went to John Wick, Chapter 4 – 4K.

TNG cast wins special award

The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation were presented with a special Lifetime Achievement Award, which was announced ahead of the show. Producer and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige presented. The award went to Sir Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn, and Wil Wheaton (who were all at the event) as well as LeVar Burton and Jonathan Frakes, who had scheduling conflicts.

TNG cast at Saturn Awards (Photo: Albert L. Ortega)

The ceremony was livestreamed (and will be available on demand) on ElectricNOW.

TrekMovie was at the ceremony and had a chance to talk to many of the Star Trek nominees, presenters, and winners so check back during the week for those interviews.

Find more news and analysis on Star Trek Universe TV shows at TrekMovie.com.

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Congrats to winning beat show!! You deserve it Matalas! Best season of Trek since DS9!

Also congrats to my boys Frakes and Stewart along with my girl Ryan winning beat actor nods! You guys all shined.

And the TNG cast getting the Lifetime Achievement award made it that much more special! 😍

TNG had an amazing night. NOW GIVE US THE LEGACY SHOW PARAMOUNT!!! 😉

Also congrats to Paul Wesley! Really don’t like his Kirk but hey others obviously do and all that matters. 🙂


A big part of why LEGACY is so popular online is that right now, it’s all things to all people. But really, the only absolutely essential character for LEGACY is Jeri Ryan as Seven. Possibly you could add Michelle Hurd as Raffi to that list. But beyond that, what *is* LEGACY?

Is it essentially season four of PICARD, with all the TNG characters reprising their roles? That seems unlikely to me (witness the cast scheduling problems even for S3) and probably unwarranted as well. With the possible exception of the new Data — who *isn’t* the old Data — their story has been told.

I could see Riker showing up in a role of senior admiral, like Nechayeva, Ross, or Forrest: TNG realized the need for the captain to have a CO only around its sixth season, and all the shows since then have shown one; we might as well have the role filled with a likeable character with a backstory. But that alone hardly justifies an entire series.

Is LEGACY the adventures of Jack Crusher, Syndey LaForge, and Kestra Riker-Troi? I don’t have much desire to see “the continuing adventures of the Star Trek kids.”

Is LEGACY the adventures of Dr. Ohk and the rest of the TITAN crew? That at least sounds like a real continuation of the story — Star Trek: The Third Generation, as it were. But I also suspect that’s not what lies behind the clamor for LEGACY. Also, why did they kill off many of the interesting new characters, like Shaw and T’Veen and Rios?

Bro all I care about is that we get Captain Seven commanding the Enterprise G. That’s all that really matters to me.

Everything else is just a bonus. 😎🖖

We won’t forget you Shaw, T’Veen and Rios. 😥

Right? Seven is what I care about. Shaw would be a plus. Other than that? Don’t care at all…

Exactly bro! 😎

Would I love to see other TNG characters on the ship, sure but I don’t really care either. Matalas already said the show is not about them. I don’t understand why people keep acting like they would even be in the show or be the main cast? 😐

I want to see Seven as Captain since we obviously never seen her be a leader. Her story is one of the best in Star Trek, an ex Borg who was assimilatd as a child and freed from the collective is now part of Starfleet. I would love to see those stories.

I am on board for Ryan being a series lead (not in a Matalas-based “Legacy” follow-on, but something new), and Riker showing up as and Admiral guest star. But I have zero interest in seeing Picard (Stewart is just not playing him all that great anymore), his superpowered British son which I still haven’t bought into, and the Data Bunch (we’ve gone to the Brent Spinner well two too many times now) anymore — these characters need to be sunsetted once and for all.

PS: If the S31 movie is a success, I would be down with Hurd and Dorn joining Michelle Yeoh for a S31 series — that would kind of make sense if they could work the timeline out given Worf and Raffi’s roles now in Starfleet.

I think Jack’s powers came from his connection to the Borg. Now that the Borg is no more, I would imagine his “powers” are also gone.

Yep. The show was kind of fuzzy about it – but basically he could control anyone infected with the Borg DNA thingy.

While that sounds all and good. I don’t see this writing team being able to resist coming back to those super powers several times per season to save the ship and the crew — It’s too lazy of a “get out of jail free,” super convenient plot device for that writing team to be able to resist.

I fully agree with your first paragraph. 2nd Paragraph not so much, although we’ll see how the S31 movie does. I’m not really optimistic, since I still don’t like how they brought S31 out into the apparent open. Maybe they’ll explain how everyone forgot about them by the mid 2300’s. Kind of like how a galaxy far, far away forgot about the Jedi in less than 20 years.

Any news what timeline the S31 movie is set in. I know the emporess went through the portal but not sure which century she ended up in. Would be great if it was in the 25th century, wishful thinking I suppose.

That would be great — And that would easily support them bringing in Raffi and Worf if it became a series.

If the movie takes place in the 25th century then that would excite me the most because I want to know how Section 31 is functioning in a post Sloan era. We know it still exists of course as we saw in Picard but at what level?

And totally want Worf or Bashir as a part of it. But also wishful thinking.

I agree with pretty well everything you wrote, especially your idea about Worf and Raffi: I would love to see that team-up continue, along with occasional guest spots by Admiral Riker (Frakes was a stand-out in the final season, particularly when interacting with Dorn).

Thanks, and yeah, that would be great to see.

I think all of that is valid, but Legacy would be an instant hit in the fanbase considering how popular Picard ended up being.

Personally I’m open to whoever joins up again. Of course I would love to see anyone from the TNG cast back, but guessing just as guest stars, but it wouldn’t be about them.

I would still love a way to get Shaw back and Matalas said he would be involved again. Of course it’s Star Trek so yeah lol.

We’ll always have Holograms.

Yes great point! If we can have a holographic Janeway these days, a holographic Shaw would be just as cool! :)

LEGACY crew:

Seven, Raffi, Jack, Sydney, Hologram Shaw, Other People Who Are Neither Holograms Nor Shaw If We ABSOLUTELY Must

Yep would love that as the Legacy crew and I didn’t love Jack much but I accepted he would be there.

And plenty of characters I didn’t start off liking much only to love them later on.

No LEGACY series. Instead let’s come up with another series with a new concept, actors, characters, and story ideas. Please!

Not really a big fan of Wesley’s Kirk either. IDK, he just doesn’t feel like Kirk at all to me, but I kind of liked him more in season two. But it’s nice he won.

Yeah dead weight Kirk sucks.

But it’s just my opinion only.

+ 1, there. I just don’t get the casting. I mean, the actor seems fine, but not as JT. I could take Chris Pine as Kirk over this guy all day. Just my opinion, though.

Agree per usual Danpaine. It just feels so ‘off’ to me. And while I had some issues with Pine’s Kirk, he at least felt like him. Wesley just feels like another character entirely.

So would you say that the closer we get to TOS in the timeline, the more he seems like Kirk from TOS?

That feels like more of a feature than a bug to me.

I don’t know if I agree with that though. I liked him a bit more, but he still didn’t feel any closer to Kirk in season two to me, but can warm up to this version in time I guess.

He’ll probably be in 7 episodes next season so lots of chances lol.

Frankly, call me biased (because I am) but I won’t be ever satisfied with anyone other than Shatner as Kirk. I didn’t like Wesley and I didn’t like Pine either.

I only like Shatner’s Kirk too. I always hated Pine’s Kirk but I did like him a lot more in Beyond. He was finally feeling like an actual adult and not a spoiled dumb jock like how he came off in the first two movies. He still wasn’t that bright in Beyond either but at least better.

And I never blamed Pine. He played the role great, it’s just the direction and how he was written that I hated. I did love the Shatner pauses he added in Beyond. I read that was solely his idea.

But I would take Pine ten times over Dead Weight Kirk. That guy feels like he barely has a pulse much less a personality. 🙄

To be honest, I also prefer Shatner’s Kirk. Neither of the two could really compare to his portrayal of the character. But Pine is imo still ok and definitely a better choice than Wesley. 

To all us old fans who remember when it was just one Kirk, Shatner will always be the Kirk for most of us. Maybe newer fans who got into Trek with the Kelvin films and the new shows sees it differently though with Pine or Wesley. I’m sure some day people will be arguing that Stewart’s Picard will be the only true one and Tom Holland’s version sucks in about 20 years lol.

I wasn’t a fan at first (and posted here incessantly about his lack of Kirk charisma), but he’s grown on me this season.

Me too. I also find him somehow unsympathetic and I’m not really convinced by his portrayal of Kirk. 

Dude, I’m so happy right now!!!!!

Yeah this felt sooooo good!

And you probably don’t remember this but I doubted season 3 would be any good after seeing how bad the first two seasons were. I was excited about the TNG cast being back but that didn’t mean it was going to be good either. I knew the actors themselves would be great but I still doubted the writing itself would be.

But glad to be proven wrong! This is what I wanted in the first season. I think most fans did to be honest. Most wanted to see TNG back but I know Stewart himself didn’t want it.

The show ended on a huge high note and one of the best things if not THE best thing in NuTrek for me personally.

Thank you Terry! 🙂

Congrats to one and all! Awesome showing!

Happy for them all, but the Frakes’ win makes me the happiest. He’s always been such a reliable player, but I was totally unprepared for him to be the low-key MVP of Picard season 3.

Definitely agree about Frakes. I remember reading he was the most apprehensive about acting full time and he just knocked it out of the park. They all did IMO, but Frakes certainly stood out the most among the original cast. It’s a well deserved win.

I love this guy so much. It’s nice to see them all having a Trek revival and the great reception they been getting by the fans, but Frakes seems the happiest to be doing all of this again.

Yep! He was awesome!

There usually wasn’t much for Frakes to do on TNG (and he always just seemed generally pissed off) — but Frakes was the heart of Picard S3. Well-deserved win.

Spot on about Frakes, much deserved recognition for MVP performance.

I’m very happy for the cast and crew.

That said, Andor wuz robbed! ;)

Andor, Foundation and Silo were way better that Pic S3 for sure. And Stewart won on the sentimentality of the evening in my opinion — although I think Ryan and Frakes were most deserving, Stewart’s performance was rather pedestrian and not up to his portrayal of Picard in the past. So I find if rather laughable that he beat out both Luna and Pascal, but they had the entire TNG cast show up to the Saturns, so I get why he needed to win of course.

Andor, Foundation and especially Silo were all snooze fests. Anything Star Wars did on the small screen was a huge disappointment.

Dude, I enjoy our banter, and this is not meant personally, but I don’t think you would know real science fiction if it popped you on your head and called you papa. ;-)

I would know a lot more than you, my boy. A lot more than you. But then again, you are so obsessed with your hate with Lower Decks, don’t you would even know what Sci-Fi is.

Nah, I’ve been reading science fiction for 50 years and have even dabbled in writing it. Nice try though

I feel bad for you that there weren’t enough hijinks and comedy in Silo and Foundation to give you the titillation you need.

So about 10 years less than me. I have a series of sci-fi shorts that were published back in the early 80s. Soooooo….

Cool! I will mention that as much as you seem obsessed with my comments on not liking LDS — and I will acknowledge that some of that is justifiable criticism — I haven’t really seen your knowledge of serious science fiction come across in your posts? You come across as someone who more appreciates the lazier type of situational soft science fiction that network TV shows have historically put on. Just an observation.

Actually, I have not even mentioned what shows I really do like. And as far as Trek is concerned – I have never voiced my like or dislike for them. I just know that I am not a fan of the crappy Star Wars shows. Silo had promise… but it was lost somewhere along the line.

Not only have I published sci-fi, I also wrote 2 episodes or Are You Afraid of the Dark? The 2 episodes were based on short films I produced in University.

I am basically on here to read the articles… but I have found that the negativity is intense. People crapping all over the shows, the actors, the people involved. So I started posting as well… to counter-point the negative posts but basically saying the same thing as them but changing Star Trek for something else. And I find repeated comments. With you included. Sometimes going out of your way to mention your dislike for LD when no one is talking about it or the article has nothing to do with it. You and Emily are famous for that. Your dislike for it goes so far that your username shows it.

And all that is the reason why I chose my username.

Okay, that’s all good to know.

What you fail to miss in all of my comments is that sure, I don’t like the show, but I am having fun with it, and the fact that you and like three other people here take it so seriously and try to police me is part of the fun of it. You guys take me way way more seriously than I take myself. So you guys keep me interested in keeping this up.

But there is also the awards thing — that’s just a comedy gift to me. I mean four freaking seasons now with all the other new Trek series getting multiple awards an LDS still has not won one single award? Given I’m not a fan of the show and I think it’s overrated, I find that futility as rather hilarious and kind of reinforcing my point that the show isn’t all that.

I bet you’re fun at parties too.

That’s more like it!

“What you fail to miss”

So he understands then?

Good catch! correction: “see”

I adored Andor. Foundation is just a guilty pleasure/sometimes hate-watch for me now, but at least I’ve managed to separate it from the books, which was not easy at first.

I liked Andor too! 🙂

But Trek is my baby!

Oh yeah I really loved Andor as well and thought it was going to win actually. But I’m so happy Picard won.

And I thought Silo was really good too. I could’ve saw that winning as more of a dark horse.

I actually didn’t watch Andor until just a few months ago. It didn’t appeal to me especially after how much I hated Boba Fett and Obi Wan. Didn’t want to even bother with Andor.

But a few friends swore by it it was really good. It started off slow got really good. It actually felt like Picard season 3 and it was a show made for adults with real drama. It made you actually fear the Empire too.

Never checked out Silo. Is that really good? It looks kind of dark. I may check it out one day.

Yeah Andor is actually a bit divisive in the SW fanbase. Some think it’s the greatest SW ever made, while others think it’s a total bore as even some people here has said. I think it’s really good personally but if you watch Star Wars because you want to see Jedis or space battles I can see why it leaves some people cold. I wouldn’t want ONLY Andor or anything, but like Star Trek it’s nice to see another side and tone of the universe IMO.

Silo was one of those shows I knew zip about. I had no plans to watch it because it just didn’t interest me. But I read some of the reviews for it and really like Rebecca Ferguson from the Mission Impossible movies and gave it a shot. I think the season was almost over when I decided to watch and binged watched most of it in a day. It’s definitely a dystopian/end of the world type of story with a big mystery at the center that drives it. But it’s very intriguing and makes you want to keep watching. Its based on a series of novels that I never heard of before. I recommend to anyone watch the first three episodes at least. If it doesn’t grab you by then, then maybe don’t bother with the rest.

But Picard season 3 is still easily my favorite out of the three, but I’m a bit biased lol.

I’ve tried watching ANDOR twice now, and can’t get past the guy’s accent (tho it didn’t seem to be a problem in ROGUE ONE.) It certainly sounds like a show I’d be into with the spy angle, but what do I have to do to get 1/2 hr into ep 1 without tuning out? Watch with subtitles turned on? I’m beginning to wonder if this is the streaming equivalent to Mann’s HEAT, which I’ve tried to watch a half-dozen times now, but can never get more than 45minutes into.

All I can is still give it a shot Kmart. And yeah if you’re having that much trouble understanding him just use the subtitles. And probably after a few episodes you may adjust to him more anyway.

So much love for these people and what they have given and created.

Well deserved Luke…well deserved! :)

And yet “no plans for a Legacy series…” Picard face palm.

Tell me about it! 😥

But we keep fighting! 😎 👍

Well Rise of Skywalker won five Saturns, including JJA winning for Best Director for that crap movie, so let’s not get too carried away here…lol

Yeah, the Saturns have never done all that much for me, truth be told. But I’m happy for the people who got to carry their trophies home, nevertheless.

I just read about this huge scandal at the Hugo awards where writers with qualifying stories (Neil Gaiman among them) were disqualified for wholly unexplained reasons by the Hugo committee. All of these 4 writers had protested against holding the WorldCon in China over their human rights violations, but nobody is even coming clean to say that it was on account of that, it is just a fiasco par excellence. (I think I saw the story on Esquire, so it must be pretty mainstream.)

The story also mentions one time when the Hugos got it right, when L.Ron Hubbard got a nomination, but came in sixth in a field of five, coming in behind even the ‘no award’ category, so there is occasional justice.

I never had that much faith in the Hugos, given that BACK TO THE FUTURE won one.

They should not have been penalized for that, obviously.

That being said, I failed to see how punishing science fiction fans in China for what their government does achieves anything to move the ball forward regarding their human rights violations? I think the people-to-people cultural exchanges you would get at a Chinese Worldcon would be far more beneficial than the negligible impact of canceling the event there.

Why should Chinese science fiction fans be penalized for their government’s actions? The only real thing this does is to make those of us in the west feel good like we’re doing the right thing, which at the end of the day not only doesn’t do anything to move the ball forward on human rights, but it actually penalizes the sf fans over there who need more in-person cultural contacts with people from democratic countries.

The best diplomatic outreach we have tends to be in the export of entertainment and mingling of ordinary people outside of governments the Hugo Awards won’t change no matter what. If we close off all these avenues then we just make it easier for authoritarian governments to promote anti-Western pop culture and propaganda.


One aspect the article cites is the strong likelihood that Chinese fans stuffed the ballot boxes (tons of ballots are done in one person’s handwriting), which is how China was awarded the con in the first place — so if they had actually withheld having the con there, TPTB would only have been delivering just desserts to unethical fans. Rewarding them for illicit behavior has the same effect as letting somebody get away with stuff in any other country, empowering them to keep bilking systems and peoples just because they can and to continue benefiting from doing wrong.

If this same weird disqualification happened with the con held in Canada (I think that was the runnerup), we’d have to be looking for other reasons for the disqualification, whereas in this instance, the smoking gun seems aimed at China, given how they seem to be able to withhold a lot of territories for films being seen unless they are edited or modified to their code. (these are the same folks who superimposed their flag over the Enterprise in TOS showings — I assume pirated showings — of TOS. at least according to period accounts from 50 years back.)

Interesting. I haven’t been to a Worldcon since the 80’s. It would be fun to go to one again.

Never went to a Worldcon. I think I only attended about a half-dozen conventions over a dozen or so years, but the only one that was really memorable was in the late 70s, where they had a very rough print of THE EXORCIST that mesmerized everybody (and outside the con center, somebody had a ‘working’ LOGAN’S RUN blaster that scared the crap out of all of us — it was like the ‘sandman’ had a flamethrower inside the barrel or up his sleeve.

Man, I gotta find another copy of THE MAKING OF THE TREK CONVENTIONS, I haven’t reread that in 15 years, but i remember it is a lot of fun.

Back in the 80’s, as I think you know, most of those conventions were volunteer efforts, and the best part was the questionable illegal video and film rooms (sometimes in someone’s hotel room) where they showed all kinds of movies and spoofs.

Regarding your blaster story, at one costume call I went to a dude made and was inside a full-size costume (styrofoam I think) of the Power Loader from Aliens, and he had sound going for all the motions he was putting it through — that was the single best costume I ever saw at a fan convention.

That’s pretty amazing, would liked to have seen it! ! I think that book I mention is where I first heard of somebody who went as the comic book character The Turd, and his costume was supposedly over 100 pounds of peanut butter slathered on his body, which I guess was melting under the stage lights during the contest and triggered new rules about what could be used as part of a costume.

LOL, that’s nuts.

Hey now, Back to the Future popularized some pretty complicated time travel ideas for the masses.

If we’re talking fantasy time travel from the period, PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED absolutely smokes BTTF … plus it doesn’t ever look like a sitcom filmed in widescreen. BTTF is one of those rarities, a film I saw at a drive-in where I wanted to walk out on it. (instead I turned around and watched LIFEFORCE which was playing on one of the other screens at Capitol drive-in.)

LIFEFORCE is underated B Gold!

ACTION JACKSON is underrated B Gold. LIFEFORCE is just the gold pressing before you put the latinum into the mold.

But it does have some good ship shots, and the lifeforce effect in the streets of london is very nice, as is the impaling light at the end. Trivia: Patrick Stewart’s first bigscreen kiss is presented here, with Steve Railsback (but probably no tongue!)


Given the sad news of Carl Weather’s death, you just gave me an idea to watch Action Jackson, which somehow I have never seen over the years.

PLEASE keep in mind it is a moron movie … one that knows it is a moron movie, which for me makes all the difference (at one point, the film’s score seems to obey a character directive to say ‘amen.’) You’ll probably see a lot of familiar faces, as nearly everybody in the cast is in at least a couple of other Joel Silver movies. It also contains the most outrageously unsubtle exposition dump ever, one that could have been in a Zucker film.

Hope I didn’t hype it too much for you!

That’s OK. I like 80’s cheese. I ordered the Blu Ray, I will let you know. Thanks

Wow congrats to Picard/TNG! This really warms my heart!

No matter if Legacy happens or not, Matalas can say he went out on a high note. Congratulations Terry! :)

But I still remain confident we will get the Legacy show at some point! Just gotta keep the faith.

I love your positivity! And seeing them win just makes it clearer why I do hope Terry gets to make more Trek. The guy breathes Star Trek the way McMahan does.

We need Legacy!

LOL thanks! :)

Even if we don’t get Legacy, I still hope to see Matalas be more involved in Star Trek in the future. But that’s probably not feasible until things settle down with Paramount and ultimately what happens with Trek long term.

But I hope he’s part of it again. I think he’s brought back an element a lot of fans been missing.

Congratulation to The Cast of ” Picard”and Terry Matalas! and TNG cast. much love.

Great to see the cast of Picard and TNG get all those wins. Their acting in Pic S3 saved the season in my book — just a great effort. But Pic S3 winning Best TV series over Foundation, Andor and Silo has to be one of silliest wins I can ever recall at an award event — I think having TNG actors all show up for the Saturns obviously helped Picard carry the day there for that award since the overall season was a mixed bag at best. But certainly a feel good night for the ole TNG cast given Pic S3 was the end of that chapter in Star Trek given Legacy was never happening — well done all!

Also, so glad to see Paul Wesley get the recognition he deserves with his vastly underrated, nuanced and update version of Kirk. Sorry haters, but this actor is great in that role and I can hardly wait for him in to appear in a couple years in the rebooted TOS or TOS continues series.

PS: But no Saturns again LDS? Left at the alter again? ;-)) And to think, Will Wheaton 1 Saturn, LDS 0 Saturns — how funny is that? LMFAO :-))

Are you even a Star Trek fan? 🙄

If I wasn’t a fan I wouldn’t care so much.

Regarding LDS, even though I’ve kind of joked about the awards situation, I’m kind of actually feeling sorry for Mike M now. I mean, imagine waking up this morning to the situation where after working your ass off for four seasons on a labor of love series, and you now you have to face the embarrassment that Wesley crusher has won more awards than your show? That’s got to suck.

The series does deserve some kind of award here at some point — this is getting too ridiculous even for my sense of humor and personal dislike of that show.



Best animated series should have gone to Transformers: Earthspark My Adventures With Superman but congrats to the Trek winners.

I’ll be quiet again for the next while. My dad died yesterday.

My condolences.

Sorry about your dad. You’ve had a tough last month. Keep your chin up, my friend!

Ah man. So sorry Gritizens. You know how much I like and respect you. You’re in my thoughts tonight.

Please accept my condolences.

Deepest condolences.

So sorry about your dad.

Sorry to hear about your father. Hang in there!

Let me add my condolences as well Gritizens. I know you been through so much and I really look forward to talking to you when I do. I am truly sorry about your father. Please know you have people thinking about you and hope you pull through.

My condolences. There is no wrong way to grieve.

Picard S3 deemed better than Andor. omg that’s hilarious. Judges must really love the TNG cast.

Because, like every other Star Wars series, it was horrible! By the way… since you are so against same old, same old… same characters, same story… I am guess you hate the Star Wars franchise too.

Yes, the two Star Wars shows Mando and Andor that were nominated for “Best Drama series” are “horrible”. Well done on that excellent take.

As for same old same old:

Mando: new characters
Ahsoka: returning characters
Kenobi: returning character
Andor: new characters
The Acolyte: new characters
Skeleton Crew: new characters
The Bad Batch: new characters
Resistance: new characters
Rebels: new characters
Jedi games: new characters
The High Republic: new characters
Outlaws: new characters

Mando: Did it not have Boba Fett in one of the seasons or was it the other way around. Either way, the Mandolorians are not new.

Andor: Characters from Rogue One / spin-off show

Jedi games: nostalgia and call back to all Jedi

The Bad Batch: Storm troopers and Palpatine

Resistance: Had Poe, Princess Leia, C3PO. Not to mention the whole theme of the resistance.

The High Republic: Isn’t than a book or series of books or graphic novels?

Outlaws is a video game.

And you forgot Asoka: Returning characters all fan service

Droids: Same thing.

Skeleton Crew: Not even out yet, I don’t know anything about it, so I cannot comment on it… yet. But it is supposed to be a spin-off taking place in the same time frame as Mando.

So your argument was what again?

Are you 12 years old?

Oh, what’s wrong? Don’t like when someone goes against you so you have to resort to insults?

I’m happy to debate all day long. Just not when the other person comes up with the most childish and nonsensical arguments ever, just for the sake of making a point.

I guess we all have personal opinions — but it’s tough to argue that Andor was horrible.

I don’t think any of the Star Wars shows are bad (although Boba Fett was a slog) and they all have original ideas/stories (sure, as part of the SW universe and often connected to other stories) — but the better ones avoid fan service for the sake of it.

But that’s the point. It is ALL fan service. When you are talking about a franchise, whether it’s Star Trek or Star Wars or Marvel, it is all fan service or nostalgia. Every Star Wars show, like Star Trek, calls back to the originals… I am not just talking characters, but with themes as well. That is the basis of a franchise. That is what makes it a franchise. Terminator, Predator, Alien, Star Gate, etc. Otherwise, it is just a one-off sci-fi movie or show.

I don’t disagree with your overall point, but the levels of fan service can certainly be different. And to me, continuing to trot out the same actors/characters in the 70’s/80’s is a level of fan service well above recasting the characters in a newly conceived reboot. Also, when you do it for the gimmick/joke purpose, that’s a rather desperate and lazy level of fan service.

Luke Skywalker, Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C3PO, Darth Vader… Soni go on? Rehashing the same characters all the day. Mando, Ashoka, Kenobi, Boba Fett… All characters from the 80s/90s. Darth Vader… Rehash rehash rehash. All fan service… Grogu… Using the whole Yoda thing as a joke. Come on.

I don’t think this follow-up comment of yours nullifies my point at all. I am simply saying that there are degrees to the level of fan service in every franchise show, and I also acknowledge that your main point is correct in that in general, everything after the original is all fan service.

Andor was…generally excellent? This is wack.

Andor was the best Star Wars live action series, but it still wasn’t great. Neither was Picard S3, it would have been a coin-flip for me as to which was better. I liked Silo, too. Never saw Foundation.

Picard S3 could not hold up either Silo’s or Foundation’s jock-strap.

Oh come on, Silo was good but it did seriously drag from time to time. I’d read Wool so I knew basically what was going on, but newcomers might have been a tad confused.

Picard season 3 was far better than both, foundation is a mess

Based on your BS attack comments to me in multiple places in this thread, I don’t believe for a minute that you watched Foundation S3, so I reject your opinion. Besides, you comments don’t illustrate the intelligence and thought of someone who would watch a hard sf show like that — go watch some Dr. Who please…lol

It’s great to see Star Trek getting more wins at the Saturn Awards. While i didn’t love S3 of Picard it was still a good season but to me it had it’s problems. I’m always happy to see Trek and it’s actors win Awards.

Star Trek Picard joins the likes of Star Trek Discovery & Strange New Worlds in winning an award for Best Science Fiction Series. I’ve actually gone back through the Saturn Awards for the past few years since TV Trek came back.

(Awards won by Modern Treks – Star Trek Discovery won Best New Media Television Series in 2018/Best Streaming Science Fiction, Action & Fantasy Series in 2019 & Best Science Fiction Television Series in 2021.)

(Sonequa Martin-Green won Best Actress on a Television Series/Best Actress in a Streaming Presentation in 2018/2019.
Doug Jones won Best Supporting Actor in a Streaming Presentation in 2019 and Best Supporting Actor on Television in 2021) winning the Best Science Fiction Television Series Award.)

(Strange New Worlds won Best Science Fiction Series (Streaming) in 2022.
Patrick Stewart won Best Actor on Television in 2021 for Picard.)

(The older Trek shows (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT all won various Saturn awards as well but i think all of us know that)

Yeah, since the Saturn’s starting covering TV series in 1990, there is only one Star Trek series since then that has never won even a single Saturn Award.

(Hint: Believe it or not, it’s not Enterprise)

Star Trek Prodigy.

Well technically you are correct, but the they have only one season completed so it’s not really fair to include them yet.

They have half as many episodes as Lower Decks released so far. And ironically, you have been arguing again and again that episode 11-20 are actually season 2, not part of season 1. So yes, they should be included. Prodigy hasn’t even been nominated.

And to make things worse: DS9 never won a single”regular” Saturn Award either. All they got was a “Special Recognition Award” that was given to the whole Berman era of TV shows, long after DS9 had ended. The show itself was nominated several times, but never won (sounds familiar).

I can argue my personal opinion on a fan website all day, but S1 of Prodigy is called S1 by the studio, and that’s what any awards body will look at. LOL, that Saturn’s aren’t calling me, and saying, “hey Upper, we saw what you anonymously wrote on Trekmovie and our TV Committee has decided to accept your interpretation that it’s really two seasons” — ha, ha, ha. So yeah, of course I am not going to include Prodigy here since it’s only been one freaking season in terms of how the awards bodies would judge it.

And as you said it yourself, DS9 won as part of a Special Recognition Award Saturn, so I am counting that as 1 more Special Recognitions Award than LDS has received. 1-0

We can compare Emmy Awards between LDS and DS9 though if you would like? Somehow, I don’t think that would be “convenient” for you to discuss though…lol

You claimed that Lower Decks was the only Trek show that never won a Saturn Award. That’s clearly not true.
You then claimed that Prodigy was excused because they only have 1 season even though you yourself otherwise argue that Prodigy already has 2 seasons. So basically, you simply flip your argument to whatever suits your current narrative.
By the way: Since part 1 and part 2 of Prodigy season 1 were released so far apart, they were actually eligible during 2 different Saturn Awards seasons (everything released during a certain time window is eligible, no matter whether Paramount calls it 1 or 2 seasons). So yeah, they could have won twice. They weren’t even nominated.
Any way, this discussion is pointless. Clearly, you just like to take potshots at Lower Decks at any opportunity. And who cares if reality gets in the way of that.



PS: Wesley Crusher had no problem winning a Saturn though…lol

That’s a bit shocking never won one. Today I imagine it would win easily but it was still pretty divisive when it actually ran although many fans like me loved it at the time. But I knew plenty of people who thought it sucked.

I don’t know who votes for the Saturn Awards – so no idea if “being divisive among the fanbase” would be a factor in their decision. Depending on how many people actually vote, it may be kind of random who comes out on top. I guess this is true for most awards.

Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan won for VOY, but the show itself never won a Saturn Award.
It gets even stranger with ENT: Only Jolene Blalock won a Saturn Award. The show itself and some of the other actors (Bakula, Trinneer) were nominated but never won.
TNG, Discovery, Picard and Strange New Worlds actually won a Saturn Award as best show. Several actors have also won. But there have also been a lot of nominations that didn’t win. You can argue whether it’s better to be nominated and not win or not to even be nominated. The latter certainly gets reported less.

No my point was probably the people at the time who voted for these things were just as divided on DS9 and it’s place in both sci fi and Trek were the same as regular fans and critics were. Some probably loved it, others not as much and why it never won. But of course you can say that about most anything.

And to be honest I don’t really keep up with award shows. Without sites like these I couldn’t tell you who won what in the past. I just assumed DS9 won several times lol,so that was partly why I was surprised. I didn’t know Blalock won one for Enterprise until now either. I missT’Pol.

Neither do I. I looked up the Saturn things.
To be honest, I haven’t even heard of the names of half of all these awards. My personal favorites may not always align with what the awards deem “the best” but I’m happy for any of the show creatives when they get recognized for their work.

Jess Bush was robbed.

Low energy.

I could have sworn I read ‘Jeb Bush was robbed’ and I was really at a loss for a minute.

I’m glad someone got my wordplay joke — thanks!


Well deserved! Picard S3 has been the best live action Star Trek since 2005.

Now Paramount, green light Star Trek: Legacy with this team ASAP!

“The best live action Star Trek” … substitute ALL the legacy characters and make them new characters. Would you still be saying that? I think not.



It’s just because you don’t really like Star Trek. You like the idea of Star Trek but as generic Sci-Fi. Maybe Star Gate will be more to your liking.

While her point is extreme, I’m certainly ready to move on from the Picard and The Data Bunch characters, and if I never see that fake-ass son of Picard with his Marvel-like superpowers ever again, I’ll also count that as a win.

He didn’t have Marvel superpowers. Ridiculous comment

Yes, he did. Ridiculous response.

“Make the show different…would you say it’s the same?”

C’mon now.

Same script, same storyline, same scenes, same cinematography, same everything, except characters. My point is the only reason people like S3 is because of the legacy characters

I know what your point is. Your point’s moronic.

You speak for everyone who liked season 3?

The vast majority for sure.

Absolutely 👍

I like the way you think Captain Braxton. 🙂👍


This is the boost we need for Star Trek Legacy and another TNG-Movie !

Nostalgia and legacy characters. To the max.

Just like Star Wars

Does anyone in the industry care all that much about the Saturns?

Lorna Dune said no.

LOL. No, I said **I** don’t care. :) I can’t speak for anyone else in the industry.

Probably not much, yet it would be pretty glaring if you were a sf series that had been running for several years and could never get even one Saturn win — that probably gets some industry attention, but not the kind of attention one would want for their show.

Thrilled for the PIC winners. Well deserved, and job well done! Especially happy for Frakes and Ryan. As to Paul Wesley, good for him but even in rewatching some SNW lately, I still don’t see where he embodies the Kirk character at all. Maybe that’s just me, but to beat out Giancarlo Esposito, Nick Offerman and Andy Serkis? Strange new world indeed. Anyway, cheers to all award recipients!

Yes It does not reflect well on the prestige or validity of the awards if Wesley won over Esposito, Offerman, and Serkis.

I am happy for Picard Season 3, but the Wesley win is strange.

In twenty or thirty years people are going to watch Picard S3, and see the convoluted, idiotic story-telling, terrible cinematography, forced melodrama and awful visual effects and wonder how this thing became such a big deal. Legacy characters only work for so long.

Much like Star Wars.

Isn’t it past your bedtime?

No, but it is time for you to stop repeating yourself. Annoying, isn’t it?

For some of us, it didn’t take that long. :-)

Yeah, great point — it is not going to stand the test of time.

In a decade, looking at Picard S3 as compared to all of Star Trek will be how Shakespeare in Love is now views against other historic Oscar winners.

That’s still Discovery seasons 1 and 2 for me. I only wish it took me 20 years to see it lol.

And who knows? Maybe fan forums will look back at Discovery more favourably in 20 years ;-)

Which I have been saying since 2017 actually. I think Trek proves most shows have all aged super well overall. I always bring up Enterprise as the perfect example. It’s currently at 80% on Rotten Tomatoes for audience ratings and the fourth highest rated show right now. The only ones higher than it are TNG, TOS and DS9. I don’t know if RT was around 20 years ago, but I doubt it was at 80% back then lol.

I also always remind people DS9, while not rated as badly as ENT was back in the day but still not even remotely close to TNG/TOS popularity either. Today it’s at 89% and currently tied with TNG and TOS. This is the show that was once called the ‘black sheep’ of the franchise.

So yeah, Discovery can become more popular in time too. I don’t know if it will, but it’s certainly possible as new people find it and view it with different eyes as I’m sure both DS9 and ENT ultimately got.

Does that mean I myself will like it more,I’m not holding my breath. ;)

Discovery currently has a 37% audience rating. That’s the lowest rating of any Star Trek show, period. The only thing lower than that in all of Star Trek is The Final Frontier with a 24% rating haha.

It may take a bit more than 20 years to reach anything close to real popularity in the fandom. 😂

Well I purposely didn’t include it in order to not trigger anyone lol. And yeah the ratings themselves don’t really matter, but just your personal feelings on anything. But yeah when we talk about the fandom as a whole and see where things are trending, especially for old franchises like Star Trek, it’s a way to gauge where things are and Discovery is still a very divisive show, it is.

The biggest proof of that is Trekculture recently releasing a video on YT that’s titled, and this is literally the title, “Top 10 Reasons to Stop Hating Star Trek Discovery.” And I haven’t watched it all yet but if you go to the comments section, it’s still tons of people who just don’t like it for various reasons and this is a show already four seasons old. Of course there are others who truly loves i and praises it, but it shows how much infighting it still has overall.

No one is making videos telling people why they should stop hating on Lower Decks or SNW for a reason.

That said, maybe DIS season 5 will pull a Picard season 3 and have a huge turnaround in that perception. Picard is currently the second lowest rated show at the moment with it’s first two seasons and season 2 having an awful 40% rating. But yet season 3 is one of the highest rated seasons of any Star Trek show period with 89%. Can some of that be due to nostalgia, sure of course, but the first two seasons also had tons of call backs and iconic legacy characters from Data to Q showing up and still manage to get low ratings because the seasons simply sucked to a lot of people.

As far as Enterprise and Deep Space 9, I mentioned this before but both of those shows I never thought I would like myself. I gave up on Enterprise by episode 12 in first season and vowed to never watch again because I thought it was so awful. Deep Space 9 just felt too different and weird to ever like it. I didn’t think it was bad but just not for me either.

I didn’t give DS9 another chance until 2004 and Enterprise until 5 years after that because I just didn’t care about prequels at all. But my mind was changed for both. DS9 is my second favorite show and Enterprise is tied with TOS for me.

Once I became more open minded I really liked both shows even though I still think both of their first sessions are pretty bad but both became awesome in the end. But don’t get me started on TATV. 🙄

But Trek shows do age pretty well. I can probably count on one hand what other 30+ year old shows I watch yearly lol.

I have stated I always liked DS9 from day one, but there was a time it was my least favorite show by the time VOY came around. Still liked it but nowhere close to loving it either. That’s very different today. Also like you, and I said this many times, I stopped watching Enterprise after its first season. I didn’t think the season was that bad, I just wasn’t pulled in either but a big part of that was just not liking it as a prequel. I didn’t bother going back to it until literally 2013. I had no interest in it at all and I watched all the previous shows loyally when they all aired. But today I love that show as well.

But it also proves over and over again Trek fans are a fickle bunch but in time most will come around to a show or movie given enough time (or you think they simply got better). But while ENT was marred from the start, DS9 wasn’t that much more popular on its own. It’s a lot of revisionist history lol, but tons of people truly hated that show back then. It wasn’t so much the stories but just the premise itself. They even made that clear in the documentary “What We Left Behind” with the actors reading off the scathing letters fans sent in it’s first season saying it wasn’t Trek-y enough or it was just too dark and cynical with a lot of unlikable characters on a station that didn’t go anywhere. You can even read comments on this site between 2006-2010 and there were plenty of people here saying they hated the show or it didn’t align with Roddenberry’s ‘vision’ and it had already been off the air for years. There were just as many people saying the show shouldn’t be considered canon like a lot of current shows today.

The best example was bringing Worf in to get more Trek fans to even watch it. And Michael Dorn said in a recent interview when he was asked to come on he was told it would probably just be for two seasons because they thought the show would be cancelled by season 5. So there was a lot of uncertainty how it would all shake out because people really had problems with it at the time.

Now it’s considered one of Trek’s biggest gems. Sure there are tons of people who still don’t like it now, but they are in the vast minority. Back then they weren’t.

But it comes back to shows like Discovery. Maybe in 10-20 years no one will remember how much loathe it was in the fanbase and become a huge darling in time. I don’t think that is impossible when ENT is now one of the more popular shows today and people wanted that wiped from canon as well. Some still do.

When the SW prequels are now hailed as the ‘good’ Star Wars by a large amount of fans today anything is possible lol.

Trying to imagine Discovery being a ‘darling’ in the fandom is like trying to imagine Trump winning California in an election .😂

But I can’t disagree people have changed their views on things, me included as I said. But Discovery is just bad TV to me. I think it’s going to take a lot of time.

Picard season 3 is the best Trek since the final season of Enterprise by a country mile.

For me, it was the best season since DS9 and that’s my favorite show.

ROTFLOL — OMG, that’s like saying the spam I just ate is the best tasting meal since I ate dog food back in the 2000’s.

You’ve got to be effing kidding us, right son? LOL^2

I agree as well! It felt like true Star Trek again!

Congrats to both Star Treks Picard and Strange New Worlds. The night belonged to them.

How the heck did Picard beat those other shows? It was slop compared to the other nominees

To paraphrase the late great Carrie Fisher just a bit…..who do I have to sleep with to win a Saturn?

That, or bribery.

I suspect their are a lot of politics as well as marketing to get famous people to show up at their major awards event every year. One their web site, you can’t find a list of who actually votes on their “committees”

I would not be surprised in they go with themes in certain years, and this year is was obviously going to be TNG given the sentimental sendoff, quality sf or not…and so then they see if all of the cast will show up, and then they hear yes, then all of a sudden “the committee” votes a landside of wins for Picard.

PS: And given the Saturns obviously made the theme this year to be Star Trek, it’s even more funny that LDS still couldn’t get off the dime and finally get an award…lol Wesley Crusher has more Saturns than LDS — how hilariously twisted is that!

Probably the nostalgia factor. With the caveat that I haven’t seen Foundation (I’m not even sure which streaming service it is on) I would probably have given the award to Silo. But Silo was far from perfect, too. At least it was very, very original and not “Bermantrek’s Greatest Hits” like Picard S3.

Because it was far better than all those shows put together

Dude, you are so entertaining…LMFAO

Monday, February 5, 2024–7:51 am CST

I want to congratulate the cast and crew of “Star Trek: Picard” on winning the the Saturn Award. I also want to congratulate the cast of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” for winning the special award.
I also hope that “Star Trek: Legacy” will start sometime. I hope Paramount will approve the filming of the series.

Terry Marvin (Dallas, Texas, USA)

These awards are pretty meaningless, though. The fact that Amanda Plummer was nominated despite her character being the weakest aspect of PICARD season three, and that Katee Sackhoff was nominated despite her character being the dull spot of The Mandalorian, shows how random, arbitrary, and irrelevant these awards shows are.

Yes! Also the fact that Jolene Blalock won Best Supporting Actress back in 2002 shows that these awards have been based on something other than acting skill for a long time. :-)

Well, watching her in the decontamination chamber scene over and over certainly deserves some kind of award in my book. ;-).

But NOT for acting skill! :-)


Best plastic surgeon?


Especially given a couple years back they gave five awards to ROS, including best Director to JJ Abrams… for the worst Star Wars movie since Phantom Menace.

It Is rather funny that LDS can’t even win a Saturn though. I mean, especially this year, given the skids were greased for Star Trek to get all these awards. The Saturn is the easiest award for a Star Trek show to get — and LDS still can’t get off the dime here

Stewart winning for lead over Heughan? That was a pity win, not based on the actual performance.

Yeah. I thought the last time Stewart nailed his portrayal of Picard was S1. In these past two seasons his voice is too low and the confidence and the way Picard carries himself hasn’t been the same.

He was nothing like Picard in season 1 and much improved in season 3! are you really a Trek fan because everything you say is wrong.

Yes, I am a Trek fan. Your assessment of Stewart playing Picard is bizarre, because many other fans, including those that loved Picard S3, have noticed what I have noticed here in terms of his performance slowing down/degrading some since S1.

So I would ask you back, are you really not coming across as a moron? Because all of what you are saying here defies observational common sense judgement

I always thought season 3 of Picard was a bit on the derivative side with a fairly unoriginal story, but at the end of the day it was the most entertaining Star Trek I’ve seen since the middle seasons of TNG and I liked where everyone was at the end. It was definitely a “feel-good” story and there haven’t been too many of those recently. I do think Andor was a more powerful show overall but Picard Season 3 was a lot more fun and I’m glad it got recognized for that.

Patrick Stewart gave one of his better performances; I don’t know if it was the best of the candidates but he largely avoided the over-acting trap that he’s fallen into recently.

Really happy that Jonathan Frakes was recognized for his acting; he was easily the best character in the season for me (I’d still love to see a mini-series with him and Worf going on an adventure). I am a little disappointed that he didn’t also get recognition for his directing as I think he helmed some of the best episodes of the season, including – if I’m not mistaken – the one where Todd Stashwick relives the Wolf 359 incident; that was some powerful stuff.

Jeri Ryan was a good selection as well. She really got to stretch her acting muscles during the season and always looked beautiful doing it.

Unlike some people, I liked Paul Wesley’s turn as Kirk. It was a likable and fairly understated performance without any of the bad-boy nonsense of Pine’s first couple of outings. I do think Stashwick would have been a better choice as he showed a lot more range in his performance though.

Great news. Something positive we can all get behind.

What’s striking with these wins is how good the competition is. It’s a completely different sci fi world than when TNG originally aired.

Yeah TNG had it pretty easy back in the day lol.

I would have been rooting for CAPTAIN POWER and SPACE RANGERS back then. RANGERS in particular had one good episode, BANSHEES, that I still rewatch every year, in spite of criminally bad VFX and overall cheesiness.

Never seen either of those shows to this day and I was still a kid back when they originally aired and was the target demographic. They just never interested me. I remember how popular Power Rangers was at the time then, especially at my school. IIRC I think they even made that into a movie not that long ago.

I only say one ep of CAPTAIN POWER, in which they killed off one of their regulars (same actress who piloted one of the shuttles a decade later in ARMAGEDDON, Jessica Steen.) I thought it was very well handled, probably better than they way TNG did Tash (which I think was the same year.)

SPACE RANGERS is something I was fortunate enough to find on a long-gone dvd site, kind of the precursor to HamiltonBooks. I can’t recall the name now, but remember being heartbroken when they folded. I got the full run of CHINA BEACH for something like 25 bucks, but was esp excited about RANGERS, as it was just three or four bucks and included 2 unaired episodes in addition to the 4 they did air. I think even a little kid would probably have found problems with RANGERS, but it did have its heart in the right place, even if it was heavy-handed beyond belief (done by the Ron Howard company folk that also did the TZ remake in the 90s, I think, which might explain Clint Howard’s regular role.)

As much as I liked Picard S3, the correct order for the nominees for best SF series of the year is:

The Mandalorian

Sounds like a win of sentiment over accomplishment.

It won against 2 excellent sci fi series in Foundation and Silo so fair play. Apple is putting out some pretty great shows, Masters of the Air is fantastic.

I can’t wait to star watching Masters of the Air this weekend! Halo S2 and Tokyo Vice S2 are queued up to start this next week as well.

Episode 3 of Masters of the Air is probably as good as TV can get for me. Truly breathtaking and probably the best looking TV series after Foundation for me, visually.

Paul Wesley wins for Strange New Worlds


You speak my Mind! That’s totally what I was thinking.

Absolutely! Wesley’s Kirk is awful

It’s a good thing GIGLI wasn’t sf, I guess it could have won a Saturn at this rate.

Yeah he sucks! But glad others like him.

Congratulations to all!!! What an amazing night for Star Trek. It’s truly well deserved. Star Trek: Picard season three was truly an inspired gift. Everyone evolved was outstanding. I’ve watched the season over and over and I love it more every time. It’s crazy that Paramount didn’t move heaven and earth to make sure that a spin off to this season didn’t happen and retain all talent involved.

Not that awards shows mean much really but my favourite sci fi shows of 2023 were in this order were.
1) Silo
2)Foundation S2
3) Picard S3
4) Andor (I class Star Wars as Sci-fi fantasy but Andor felt more sci fi than any Star Wars)
I kind of wish Star Trek was on Apple rather than Paramount as that is a great channel if you like sci-fi shows. I think they would do more with the franchise and support it much better financially than what Paramount are doing.

Yeah, I can get behind those ratings, although I might put Foundation above Silo — but both are leagues better than Andor and Picard.

Clearly some folks did not like S3 of PIC .. fine … expressing intelligent criticisms is cool. Derogatory comments say more about those expressing them … especially on a Trek site.

Just to be clear, I thought the season did a credible job of providing a sentimental ending to TNG — it accomplished that mission, and the cast was largely great.

But was it great Star Trek and does it deserve a follow-on series — no freaking way…the story was nonsensical, the ending was Star Wars, the force-fitted son thing was inexplicably dumbass, the baddie was laughably cardboard, and the VFX was embarrassingly bad. Matalas got lucky that the sentimental, fan service elements overshadowed these huge weaknesses for a lot of fans — that would not be the case in this Legacy concept, so I can’t get behind him leading that.

Fans should just enjoy the closure and fan service they got out of Picard S3, and just move on and drop the Legacy wishful thinking BS.

“On hand to accept the award were series star Sir Patrick Stewart, showrunner Terry Matalas, cast members Michelle Hurd and Jeri Ryan, and season 3 guest stars Todd Stashwick, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, and Marina Sirtis.”

Anthony, you forgot to list Gates McFadden in this lineup (and only mention her later on for the cast award)! What gives?

Awards for one decent season and two meh seasons?

The nomination’s not for the sum total of the show, only for the most recent season…

We want more Star Trek!!!

This is always the right answer! ;D

I’m still disappointed that the PICARD writers jettisoned all their best characters after season two yet kept Rafi, an unlikable and overly melodramatic annoyance. We lost Isa Briones, Santiago Cabrera, Orla Brady, and Alison Pill, all of whose characters were so much better written than Michelle Hurd’s Rafi, who had no chemistry with anyone else in the cast. Jeri Ryan’s return was welcome, and the additions of Todd Stashwick, Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut, Mica Burton, and Ed Speelers worked well. But Rafi has been the show’s worst character since the beginning, and she improved only marginally working alongside Michael Dorn in season three. It’s bizarre to me that they dropped Rios, Jurati, Laris, and Soji but decided to keep Rafi, whom a large cross-section of viewers reacted negatively to.

Agreed. But my guess is that since Rios opted to stay in the past and Jurati is a new Borg Queen, they really couldn’t use those two characters. I think that Laris could have been used more in Season 3, though.

I am not a Raffi fan, but who else could they have used there? Not Elnor (who was just as bland as Raffi, IMHO), or Soji? Soji had not joined Starfleet, but maybe….You know, it should have been Soji instead of Raffi. It would also work as a Legacy character since she is Data’s “daughter.”

Yep. it should have been Soji. As for Rios staying in the past, that bothered me a lot, because it throws the whole idea of not messing with time right out the window.

You are starting to convince me to want Raffi gone, but Jurati also reallly annoyed me, and I never bought into Speelers as Picard’s superpowered son. Jettisoning Todd Stashwick though was unforgivable. And Picard basic dumping Laris for Beverly (I think this is implied as the result of the season) was moronic — it’s no contest for me as an older male that I would choose Laris any day over high maintenance, boring Crusher…lol

I found Crusher very sexy back in TNG s1, but geez, Laris absolutely smokes everybody else in these new Trek series, like a more natural version of Carrie-Anne Moss.


OK I was curious to see how the best show nominees translated on RT and while they were all pretty strong critically, they didn’t all seem to have as strong as audience reviews either. But here are the scores of the specific seasons up for noms, with both critics and audience scores:

Picard: Critics: 98%; Audience: 89%

Strange New Worlds: Critics: 97%; Audience: 76%

Silo: Critics: 88%; Audience: 66%

Mandolorian: Critics: 85%; Audience: 51% (ouch)

Andor: Critics: 96%; Audience: 86%

Foundation: Critics: 100%; Audience: 78%

So critics scores, they are all super strong, with only two being under 90% and that is Silo and Mandalorian. With audience scores though, only two even has above 80% scores which is Picard and Andor.I thought Silo would at least be at 80% but not the case. Not surprised how low season 3 of Mandalorian is given the bad reception it got.

But not surprised that Picard got it, it was a solid entry all around in terms of reception pretty much every review site but Andor is pretty strong as well. They are basically tied. I guess I have to check out Foundation again when I resubscribe to Apple. The critics obviously loved season 2 of whatever how many episodes they were given to watch.