Review: Movies On Glass Personalized Star Trek Barware Beams into Your Home Bar

Movies On Glass is expanding its Star Trek collection to include personalized barware. Now no other members of your crew should accidentally sip from your glass!

Drink from your own Star Trek barware

Now you can have your name and your rank etched on high-quality Star Trek glassware. Movies on Glass offers customization for their “on the rocks” tumblers and stemless wine glasses. Each can be customized with a Starfleet ship (and appropriate division emblem) along with your name and choice of rank.

Once I chose my badge, name, and rank, my order was shipped quickly and arrived almost as fast as if by long-distance transporter beaming. The glasses were packed well, nested in plenty of bubble wrap to protect them from damage during 21st-century shipping procedures.


There are 14 official ranks approved by CBS to choose from. You can choose the combadge style from six series: TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, and DSC. For the UFP glasses, you can personalize your rank and name.

How it’s done

Each personalized frosted glass costs $44.95, which is a lot of latinum, but the results are still impressive. The $19 additional cost as compared to the regular rocks and stemless glasses is due to the double-sided etching as well as the individualized patterns that are necessarily created to personalize each glass.

According to Movies on Glass Founder and CEO John Mascarich, they make each glass by hand and using sand-blasting, which costs more than laser etching but he believes has superior results. Each glass takes an hour to make and the quality is apparent. I’ve had a set of their etched glasses for about 2 years and they look as good as the day I received them, even after many dishwasher cycles.

Having previously reviewed the other available licensed Star Trek glassware from Movies on Glass in 2020 (Starfleet Glasses and Alien Glasses), I can confirm that the glasses hold up well. My Quarks Bar pilsner glasses in color are used daily and cleaned in the dishwasher and have not faded or peeled (similar glasses that I own from local breweries have not only lost their logos, but also show a lot of scratches). Mascarich explains, “We use the highest quality materials & processes in every case. For color, for instance, our color digital printer uses Epoxy based ink – it doesn’t come off in the dishwasher!  This is why we have to charge $25 for one glass as opposed to $15 charged by sellers with a cheap process where color lasts 6 months.”

You can see a video of this process here:

Drinking test

Of course, to really give the glasses a test drive, you have to use them, so the first drink I made in my new rocks glass was a Picard Sour, which was recently featured at the Ten Forward Experience in Los Angeles. The exact recipe wasn’t listed on the sign, so I guessed at the ratios.

I just happened to have a bottle of James T. Kirk bourbon and Chateau Picard wine (what serious Trekkie doesn’t?). And my brand new glasses were the perfect vessels for this Trek. They are heavy on the bottom and the glass is thick enough to feel sturdy in my hands. No worries about accidental shattering with washing.


Get your own personalized barware and check out the entire Star Trek collection from Movies on Glass at And get 10% OFF any Star Trek product, using the coupon code TREKMOVIE. Comes with a 100% “I Love It” guarantee! You don’t pay if you don’t love it.

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100% “I LOVE IT” GUARANTEE – IF YOU DON’T LOVE IT – YOU DON’T PAY! 100% refund! Many thanks for Christine’s review!

John Mascarich.
Founder and CEO, Movies on Glass

Not crewmember? Crewman/woman is okay, too.

Probably because the ranks are based upon existing naval ranks from our era. The Crewman equivalent today is Seaman. Plus, on Voyager, we heard Janeway identify someone as Crewman. Each title identified has been on the show at least once from the looks of the list.

A team of people watched all Star Trek TV Shows and movies for weeks while noting down the roles in every show. There were many! The 14 roles you see are the roles that were approved by the ViacomCBS team – if you have a special request, email us at


Cool! I get paid in a few weeks and I would definitely order the science TOS glass. I’m not too ambitious so I’d probably go for LT. Commander. Lol.

I see Voyager is listed in the photo, but can’t find it on the website. Is the photo an upcoming link to the website?

Voyager is 5th down in drop-down for “Combadge”

Thank you John

CBS and Paramount appear hellbent on milking Star Trek for all its worth.

It’s their IP, why shouldn’t they?

And it’s about time. For literally decades we’ve had a lack of branded products for those wanting them.
BTW, feel free to not buy anything. No one is holding a phaser to your head.

See, it’s stuff like this that ruins franchises.

You mean the products? Could be, but many people see it as a way to stay in the good fond movie mood that the name and merchandise brings to mind. entertainment for some


Oh, don’t mind the resident grouch! 😉🗑


So we should ignore the dishes/china that were released when ST:TUC came out? Or the blankets that were released for ST:TUC?

And we’re not talking decorative plates, like the Franklin Mint ones, but actual to-be-used dishes and tea cups and saucers and…

Weren’t those plates and blankets in the film? I have no idea if the prop or merchandise came first.

I’m no longer a fan of most of this kind of merchandise, I find most of it gaudy. I mean, who’s eating off of Federation plates from TUC? I suppose the blanket, if it’s exactly like what was on-screen, wouldn’t be so bad. The stuff on the Star Trek’s official store is a bit embarrassing.

If people like that kind of kitschy stuff, more power to them. My parents, in their 70s, love this kind of merchandise for Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, etc.

I have two (unlicensed) etched shot glasses in a box somewhere that I got 10+ years ago. They were fun when I had roommates, but they don’t really fit anywhere in my house’s aesthetic now that I’ve gotten older. I do have TOS red-shirt pajamas that were basically a gag-gift from my family from 5+ years ago. I only wear it maybe once or twice a year on one of the few occasions my wife is out of town or when I want to bother her with my “absurd looking” pajamas.

How? I don’t get having Star Trek plates but I’d definitely want to have a drink on the rocks or a cocktail or two while watching new episodes of Trek. Trekkies drink, so it’s all good

Off topic….has anyone tried the JTK Bourbon? How was it?

I bought a next generation glass, went to pay for it, and surprise surprise this company don’t ship orders to the UK. One the countries that made star trek what it is today. Americans shoot themselves in the foot each time by not shipping orders to Europe dissapointed to say the least🙁