Watch Patrick Stewart’s Wife Sunny Ozell Sing In This Week’s ‘Star Trek: Picard’

On Thursday’s episode of Star Trek: Picard things will get personal for Sir Patrick Stewart. This includes his wife Sunny Ozell making an appearance. The show star is also talking about how this season of Picard is informed by his own experiences.

Patrick’s wife sings on Picard

ET has an exclusive clip featuring Jurati walking into an LA Bar where a singer played by Sunny Ozell is performing. Ozell is a professional singer, and she revealed to ET that it was her husband who made the cameo happen.

My appearance as a bar-band singer in Patrick’s show was entirely his idea, and when he first proposed it to me, I have to admit I was a bit reluctant. I like that our professional lives don’t overlap, even though we’re both performers. But when I learned that CBS Studios and the episode’s director, Joe Menendez, actually wanted me to sing one of my own tunes off my most recent record, Overnight Lows, I couldn’t resist the opportunity.

Watch the clip below…

Jean-Luc Picard being informed by Stewart

Participating in a Deadline’s Contenders panel over the weekend, Patrick Stewart talked about how his approach to work has “undergone significant changes in the last few years,” specifically how he has come to “trust Patrick Stewart more than I used to and find that my instincts, my impulses, my feelings and emotions are authentic.” And this has manifested on Star Trek: Picard as the star is also an executive producer, saying “I was involved up to here.”

Stewart talked about how co-creator Alex Kurtzman motivated him to show how Picard changed by channeling his own life story: “He said ‘It’s over 30 years since you were last Jean-Luc Picard. You’ve probably changed somewhat in that time in those 30 years: different opinions, different feelings, maybe even ways of working. Well,’ he said, ‘maybe that’s happened to Jean-Luc as well’…I was caught up by that.”

Stewart detailed how this is played out in the series:

“Picard had to face a reality about his childhood and his home life and his parents that he had never ever faced before. Why? Because he was afraid, and an afraid Jean-Luc is a pretty rare creature, but to have that undercurrent of unexpected emotion running through Season 2, and coming to a climax of course in Season 3, was very satisfying.”

Thursday’s episode “(“Monsters“) may see some of this. And according to the synopsis Tallinn will be going inside Picard’s subconscious mind “to help wake him from a coma and face both his darkest secrets and deepest fears.”

Sir Patrick Stewart as Picard and Jamie Callis as an unknown character in “Monsters”

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I have to admit I had no idea who his wife was let alone that she had pipes. I’m more of a metal guy but that impressed me. Very cool!

Old guys dating young women is weird right?

Well, SPS is 81 and Sunny is 43 so yeah..that’s a significant age gap.

Well,consensual is consensual,adults are allowed to choose their partners.

Doesn’t hurt to be a RICH old guy though…lol

Naaa… they are both grown-ups, they can do what they want.

In a world that could use way more love going around why would anyone thumb their nose at too adults who have found it in each other. Not to mention that Sir Pat is in better shape than a lot of 40 somethings, this 40 something being one of them. May we all find love.

And may we also all find a fat wallet at his age…lol Seriously, I am very happy for them and that he gets to share Star Trek with his lovely wife!

Troll much, do you?


Given that Hollywood writers and producers still stigmatize women who date men 10 or more younger as “cougars”, there seems to be a disturbing asymmetry in social acceptance when men are involved with women younger than their own birth children.

Holy Sh** Yesss, Gaius Baltar on Star Trek! :D

I know, RIGHT????

“He said ‘It’s over 30 years since you were last Jean-Luc Picard.”

Nemesis came out 20 years ago.

I don’t get the Picard’s Dad/family arc. One instant Picard’s Dad is a jerk. The next instant the Picard’s are astronauts. What is the connection between the two? Something in Renee Picard’s mission is such that one of her ancestors ends up an abuser? Inter generational trauma?
I can’t figure out if this is them trying to extend Generations where Picard cares about his family legacy, though he seemed to obsess more about Data and AI than about his friends and having any family in Season 1?
I’m sure there is some political analogy they are trying to put across, but what?

I assumed Picard’s arc is dependant upon whether he ended up living with his abusive father or not.

Another bar?! 3rd one this season?

Well it is present-day LA. Tons of bars there.

Glad to see her marriage is finally paying off! :)

It’s unfortunate that this is the first place some of us go. To bad loving a show about optimism is’t paying off for all of us.

I know. I felt bad about hitting the enter button as I posted it. I was being petty and I don’t even really feel that way. Internet anonymity made me feel comfortable being an asshole. No homo, but I would totally suck Patrick Stewart’s dick too, so I get it.

Got Filter?

Are the mods all asleep today? Technical problems? Over the last three months I’ve had two comments seemingly blocked (?) and one removed completely but this shit gets through from this guy? So let’s get this straight, if I, or anyone else here, writes a post which is critical of the box ticking politics of modern Trek and /or uses the word ‘woke’ in a derogatory sense, we could find ourselves in trouble with the mods. But if we choose to employ the term ‘homo’ in a thread, and ruminate on the hypothetical benefits of pleasuring Sir Pat, then we’re free and clear? Sorry to rant here, but that can’t be right.

I agree completely. That dude’s post is unacceptable

But also…chill out a little bit? [shrug emoji]

Sorry, where’s the optimism?

I don’t mind someone’s spouse being in a scene if a singer is needed but this sounds like there is going to be a focus on her so that they can promote her song which isn’t very Trek-y. And this just after another episode with an unnecessary song and lots of filler. Why couldn’t they have combined both singing scenes?

I guess the writers really are giving Patrick whatever he wants.

I don’t mind someone’s spouse being in a scene if a singer is needed but this sounds like there is going to be a focus on her so that they can promote her song which isn’t very Trek-y.”

Certainly doesn’t appear that way based on the clip, but go off…

“And this just after another episode with an unnecessary song and lots of filler.”

lol what?

“But go off” 🤔

I mean, they do focus on her in the clip. Did you even watch it? But do “go off” about how wrong I am…

And I guess you didn’t watch last week’s episode either. Why are you even here?

Well said, it is more filler of which this show already has a lot, the last few episodes especially have been really aimless and could have easily have been told in one single episode. )They tried to promote a song by the soji actress in the first season as well.)

It is very telling that they had a preview for the third season when the second season was only five episodes in.

Sounds like nepotism, but whatever. It’s interesting that they find ways to incorporate actor’s musical talents into Picard. Unique to the series.

Doesn’t Riker play the trombone because Frakes plays the trombone?

Um, Nichelle Nichols sang a song in TOS. And Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner showed off their musical theater performance skills in Star Trek Insurrection. This isn’t new.

And speaking of nepotism, Majel Barrett was inserted everywhere she could be, starting with the original Trek pilot to multiple other Trek series. Now, she’s rightfully seen as a Trek legend, and no one cares how she got her start.

Yes, and Michael Dorn also sang in Insurrection, and after that, Spiner sang in Star Trek X: Nemesis, and before that, Colm Meaney and guest star Bob Gunton sang in TNG:

Actually, Star Trek has more instances singing.

And William Shatner’s second wife Marcy Lafferty was inserted in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Chief De Falco, right?


And Gene Roddenberry’s daughters Darleen and Dawn, Grace Lee Whitney’s sons Jon and Scott Dweck, and William Shatner’s daughters Leslie and Lisabeth were in TOS: “Miri”, Scott Dweck and James Doohan’s sons Christopher and Montgomery were in STTMP, another of Shatner’s daughters Melanie was in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, and Christopher Doohan was in Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek into Darkness.

Sir Patrick’s son appeared in “The Inner Light“.

Good memory! I forgot Daniel Stewart!

OMG, she’s like half his age. That’s a little creepy…lol Good for both of them though!