Paramount+ UK To Launch With 3 Episodes Of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

Last month it was announced that Paramount+ is coming to the UK and Ireland on June 22nd. We now have more details including how the service will be rolling out the new series Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Paramount Plus UK debuts with Strange New Worlds

Paramount+ UK has announced highlights for their launch in June which includes Strange New Worlds. When the service arrives on Wednesday, June 22nd it will include the first three episodes. New episodes will be available weekly on Wednesdays for the 10-episode first season. This does mean that in the UK and Ireland fans will be running around 5 weeks behind Paramount+ in other regions, with episode 8 of Strange New Worlds set to arrive in the USA on Thursday, June 23rd.

From the series premiere of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

TrekMovie has also confirmed that the UK service will include all four seasons of Star Trek: Discovery and all ten episodes of the first season of Star Trek: Prodigy. There is no word yet on how new episodes from these three original Star Trek series will arrive in the future in the UK, however recently global Paramount+ releases have been in the same week as the USA. Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Picard continue to be exclusive to Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

According to the original announcement, the UK release will include “access to the Star Trek universe.” And the new June update confirms this includes six Star Trek feature films (II, III, VI, Generations, Nemesis, and Star Trek 2009).

From the season four premiere of Star Trek: Discovery

Other highlights for the June 22 launch include the first three episodes of Halo, The Man Who Fell To Earth, and Super Pumped along with full seasons for The First Lady, The Offer, Mayor of Kingstown, Yellowstone, 1883, American Rust, Yellowjackets, and iCarly.

In the UK and Ireland, Paramount+ will be available online at and via the Paramount+ app. Pricing is £6.99 per month/£69.90 per annum in the UK, with Republic of Ireland pricing to be confirmed in the coming weeks. It will also launch on Sky platforms in the UK with Sky Cinema subscribers getting Paramount+ at no additional cost.

In case you missed it, here is the launch teaser from last month

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Rule of Acquisition no.1: Don’t release all episodes on streaming services at once.
Rule of Acquisition no.2: Don’t release different series on the same streaming service, even if they are related.

Aaaaand still no news about Germany.

I think the problem for some of the content is they are still locked in to exclusive contracts with other providers, possibly ones from years ago, so if there are Star Trek series and films missing that’s likely why.

It doesn’t excuse them for not just catching up Strange New Worlds though.

Huh – so we don’t get ST-TMP Director’s Edition.


“the new June update confirms this includes six Star Trek feature films (II, III, VI, Generations, Nemesis, and Star Trek 2009)” – no mention of the Motion Picture director’s edition, which is on P+ in the US.

No news about Japan. I get it. You don’t want to partner with Docomo. That is unfortunate… They made it so easy to get Disney +. Bummer.

🤢 🤢 🤢 🤢 @ Paramount+

Still no “Strange New Worlds” for Germany, one of the main Star Trek markets with the most faithful Trek fans. They should have released season one here as Season Pass on amazon prime for purchase (they did the same for Discovery season 4 for people who wanted to watch the season in good quality and not this bad quality on Pluto TV).

And before someone says, that then Paramount has got no top seller for the Paramount+ streaming service launch in Germany remember that the launch in Germany will come so late, that they can already use Season 2 of SNW for marketing the launch.

Really abominable what Paramount does.

Maybe they still haven’t dubbed it yet, though plenty of people will presumably watch it with subs or even just in English.

CBS went big and all-in with the early licensing agreements overseas.

They’re mostly expired, but it’s been a long transition.

I keep wondering when things will unwind with BellMedia in Canada, but the situation is complex, especially as Discovery is produced in a studio co-owned and run by BellMedia.

People complaining probably don’t realize that these delays in other territories are because of pre-existing international distribution agreements that go back a decade or more.

At least we have PlutoTV in Germany. So, why not presenting SNW here in the original? And how can an old contract refer to a brand new series? Or why is the information policy so bad in Germany? Why does Paramount not attend the biggest SciFi Convention in Germany?

Gosh, staggered international release dates make zero sense in this day and age. Such an outdated model. Many UK fans for example are right up to date with all the new series including SNW. VPN is big business among the more tech savvy folks.. not forgetting the less-than-legal services which are also thriving…

Any idea if we will get the Directors Cut of TMP

Well the way they’ve handled this hasn’t made me wait to watch Strange New Worlds, it’s just stopped me paying for it.

Me as well

I wont be paying for another streaming service

If we don’t have TMP DE and up to the minute SNW, they can forget it. Boo.

So even when we get Strange New Worlds, they still can’t catch us up to the US….

Well done, I may consider once everything is released, I’d have happily suscribed but if I am going be behind anyway what would be the point?