CBS Chief Says Star Trek Remains A Priority For Paramount, Answers Why ‘Legacy’ Has Not Been Greenlit

The future of the Star Trek franchise remains in flux. Over the weekend, we reported that Paramount Pictures is putting together a plan to bring Trek back to the big screen; of course we have heard that before. Most recent activity has been on the small screen, starting with the launch of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access (now Paramount+) in 2017, which led to the “Star Trek Universe” of live-action and animated series as well as a streaming movie in development. The last year has seen Paramount (and the industry in general) pull back on spending for streaming content, which has already resulted in Discovery coming to an end and Prodigy being licensed to Netflix. Now, a Paramount Global exec is addressing how the media giant is approaching the Star Trek franchise.

On mission for Paramount and Star Trek

All of the Star Trek shows are produced by CBS Studios (part of Paramount Global) and in a new interview with Vulture, CBS CEO George Cheeks offered some insights into the state of Trek. While the Vulture interview was mostly about the CBS Network, Cheeks (who also holds the title Chief Content Officer, News and Sports, Paramount+) was asked how CBS “fits into the broader Paramount Global universe,” and the executive used Star Trek when answering:

“I think CBS remains mission-critical to the larger Paramount Global strategy, because part of it is focusing on building franchises, which CBS has proven it can do time and time again, both in terms of what exists on CBS and shows we produce for Paramount+, like the Star Trek universe. I also think that if you look at the numbers, what CBS really does for Paramount+ is, it drives an incredible amount of engagement. When you look at engagement numbers, we can have upwards of 23 of the top 30 titles in terms of time spent on the service.”

Sonequa Martin-Green at the Discovery series premiere in September 2017

Later in the interview, Vulture‘s Josef Adalian returned to the subject of Star Trek, with a pointed question.

One of the other big things under your purview is the Star Trek franchise. Discovery is about to start its final season; you have Starfleet Academy in the works and the upcoming Section 31 movie in addition to Strange New Worlds. But a lot of fans, myself included, are trying to understand why there’s been no greenlight for Legacy, the proposed spin-off built from characters introduced in Picard. Is Trek still a priority for the company?

Star Trek remains one of the most important franchises for Paramount Global, and Paramount+ specifically. There’s so much great opportunity with the franchise, and it’s really about the cadence and the timeline of it. We don’t want to offer up all these amazing premium drama series at once. We want to time it out appropriately. Luckily, we have this incredible partner in Alex Kurtzman, and we all work together to sort of manage long-range planning across many years, to figure out what’s the right cadence for dropping new Star Trek series. So there’s a lot we’re focused on, but it should not suggest to you [a scaling back]. There is a tremendous amount of focus and prioritizing of the Star Trek franchise.

Paramount has shown it supports the franchise by holding events like the annual Star Trek Day celebration (photo from the 2022 event)

Since Picard wrapped up last spring, there has been an outpouring from fans (along with the stars and producers) about a spin-off. Picard season 3 showrunner Terry Matalas has made it clear that there is no work currently happening, noting how Paramount+ has limited resources and already has two live-action shows shooting this year (Strange New Worlds season 3 and Starfleet Academy season 1) as well as the Section 31 streaming movie and continuing work on the fifth season of the animated series Lower Decks.

This is the first time a Paramount Global executive has talked about Star Trek: Legacy, at least obliquely. If one were reading into things, Cheeks’ comment about wanting to “time it out” and “manage long-range planning” could offer some hope that a show like Legacy could move to the front burner at a later date, maybe even next year. While no longer the biggest anchor for the streaming service since the 2017 launch, Trek is still clearly an important franchise for Paramount Global and Paramount+. Both Strange New Worlds and Picard made their way into the Nielsen Top 10 original series charts in 2023, something only Taylor Sheridan-produced shows and Halo have done for Paramount’s streaming service.

Embed from Getty Images

The cast of Star Trek: Picard season 3 with Alex Kurtzman and Terry Matalas

As of now, it’s not clear what Trek TV shows—new or current—will be in production in 2025.  All of this talk about the future of Star Trek is clouded by the uncertain future of Paramount Global, which is actively looking at a sale of the corporation. Any merger or acquisition would likely have a big impact on the streaming service, which Paramount says won’t be profitable until 2026. But, as Spock says, “There are always… possibilities.”

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Hopefully we will get more 25th century era shows/films then. For me, that is the present within the timeline and should be the focus going forward. Whether it is Legacy or something else.

Start with Seven and Major Kira, and build a new group of younger officers/characters around those two as the senior leads.

No Picard, no Janeway, no unconvincing Picard superpowered son. No other TNG, VOY, PIC or ENT characters except for occasional guest appearances — and those should primarily be Worf, Bashir and Tuvok in their Starfleet roles. And ZERO animated crossovers and musical eps.

I would love to see a Klingon based show set in the 25th century. It would certainly be something different and who doesn’t love 25th century Klingons.

Would it? Between TNG and DS9 that’s a monoculture that has been delved fairly deeply (and enough IMO)

No, it’s been TNG and VOY that all the delving in new series has been focused on. DS9 is getting totally screwed in bringing back main characters under Kurtzman (Worf doesn’t really count).

I mean, for Christ’s sake, Mulgrew gets to play Janeway in two different roles — that’s eating up screen time that could have applied to bringing a DS9 cast member in.

Ahhhhh, DS9 the luxury space hotel & customs of Star Trek. I watched the 1st season, and could not watch it after that. Only 2 good things that (im aware of) that came out of DS9 was Worf and the Defiant…, IMO.

Worf came out of TNG, Mensa.

Skip to the last episode of season 2 and try again. You wouldn’t judge TNG by “Skin of Evil”

…says they never watched DS9 but said Worf and the Defiant are good. eyeroll.

DS9 is a favorite so I’m biased, but I think you can treat S3 as the “start” of the show and S1/2 as an extended prologue to get a real feel for all of the characters.

I had the same experience during its initial run. Then about 8 years ago I watched the entire series and it’s now my 2nd favorite. Picks up in season 2 and 3, and really gets good from season 4 on.

Janeway makes sense as a mentor figure for young characters like the ones Prodigy is centered around. Not every other TNG/DS9/Voyager character would fit that role so well – most wouldn’t, in fact.

DS9 may not have had as many characters other than Worf return for as many episodes as have TNG and Voyager, but Kira, Quark, Rom, and Leeta have all been on Lower Decks, as has the station itself.

He hates Lower Decks, so I’m not sure how useful that is.

A one-off guest star voicing on an animated comedy sitcom for some reason doesn’t quench my thirst for more DS9 characters stories…go figure!

I agree…, I’d love to see a federation klingon series, seen from the eye of the klingon side. I’ve even thought a (simi-serious) Klingon law/court series might be fun. Klingon Kourt, or
Kronos NCIS…., which would fit in perfectly with paramounts heavy, Cop Crime & Court portfolio. : )

in Klingon, with subtitles…

I believe Michael Dorn was pitching a klingon based show before the production of Discovery, maybe they can pick this back up some time in the future.

The only person who ever thought this had any chance of happening was Michael Dorn tbf.

Unfortunately I think his original premise doesn’t work, as I believe it was Captain Worf in command of a Klingon Defense Force ship to show things from the Klingon perspective. However, could be easily reworked with a different (and new) CO, as the events of Picard indicate that Worf is still working for Starfleet.

That’s a lot of limiting conditions for Legacy. How about we just go with the premise as (sort of) established at the end of Picard S3? Seven in charge, backed by Raffi, and some younger officers (maybe de-power Jack a bit if one is so inclined), and bring in any Trek vets (TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT descendants?) as good stories require them.

I wouldn’t mind PRO and LDS vets either, but some might think their appearances would limit their respective, ongoing shows. So, maybe it is a good thing Legacy isn’t kicking off now (though you could always wait to into those characters till a hypothetical Legacy season 3 or 4), and instead time Legacy to start after the end of a 7-year run for LDS and deal whatever future Netflix decided for PRO when the time comes.

Jack’s “abilities” are one of the open-ended questions that remain from PIC. Obviously his enhanced mental abilities were the product of the Borg. Other than the Jurati Collective (which Jack would have no connection to), the Borg collective we know from TNG, VOY, FC, and PIC is gone. Without a link to the collective, it would seem reasonable his abilities are gone.

You’re fun. Also, no.

Yeah, I don’t even really care as much necessarily about continuing the story of the Picard characters as much as I’d like to just see a new series set in that time period, continuing moving the 25th setting forward as the “modern day” of Star Trek.

I don’t mind your idea, but I do continue to hear some Berman-era fans (like you and Capt Braxton here) trying to push this notion that the 25th century is the Trek current/modern day for Star Trek?

I personally find that asinine and self-serving as it comes across like TNG/VOY fans are trying to force the rest of us who also like other periods to sort of validate that this period is preferred over the other great periods in Trek history, and that the other periods other fans may like are not as important or worthy.

And it’s rather hilarious as well given that we currently have NO live action Trek series occurring in this supposed current/modern Trek timeframe anyway.

Disco and Academy is set in the modern day of Trek. Picard is a Prequel.

I personally feel like 32nd century is just too far a jump from the previous shows. 25th or maybe 26th century would be a better progression.

It’s not real anyway. Just sit back and relax.

I’m one of the weirdos that like the 32nd century setting but they probably should’ve just jumped to a little closer to the TNG timeline. I think 26th can would’ve been a better compromise.

The fanbase clearly wants more 25th century stories, that can’t be denied. It is a question do people want the Legacy show or something completely new and different with new characters.

And while I’m not speaking for the entire fanbase but in all honesty I don’t think it really matters either way. Of course many fans wants to see some of the TNG era characters back and the adventures of Captain Seven on the Enterprise. That’s really a no brainer premise wise.

But I ALSO think most of those same people will just be excited to have brand new characters a few decades after Picard because most people just want to see the franchise going forward as long as you can still tell similar stories from that era which is why people are focused on the 25th century.

But yes having Seven back would be much easier to maket to and especially the casual fans who only cares about the shows that has one of their favorite characters on it.

But I truly believe most fans just want a 25th century show more than anything.

The fanbase clearly wants more 25th century stories”

No we don’t..

Well they want it more than more Discovery lol.

The fan base isn’t the 10 people that post here everyday.

I’m talking about literally everywhere else and you know that lol. There are more passionate about it in places like Reddit and YouTube.

How many people are begging for more Discovery?

But you’re just coming bitter, defensive and tiresome now. So just leave me alone.

You come off so bitter people want this show. No one is forcing you to be here. So why are you here then? Go to the place where everyone loves Discovery. I’m sure those dozens of people will welcome you.

I wouldn’t put much thought in what people over on YouTube or Reddit think. Most of those people have never had an original thought in their lives. You should hang out in better places.

Of course because you don’t like their opinions. I wouldn’t put much stock in the 14 people who thinks Discovery is actually a good show.

See how that works.

Come on man,

I’m okay with more 32nd century stories. I’m okay with more 23rd century stories, or anything in between. As long as we understand that the entirety of Trek’s Federation universe is more than starships battling it out with the enemy of the week. That’s one of the reasons I don’t think the Academy show is a bad idea, as opposed to a second season of fan service. If there’s one thing I’m a bit concerned about now, was the mention that STA will be effects heavy. Why would an Academy show need to be a CGI extravaganza? Just tell some good stories, damnit….

I agree for me the 25th century is really present day for Star Trek. But of course I still like seeing the other periods. LDS and PRO are great because we’re seeing shows just a few years after Nemesis which I always wanted to see and the 24th century is really what I care about. I don’t really care about prequels because they are literally about the past and going backwards but SNW is certainly a good show and great for old TOS fans reliving their childhood. And it’s a way for new fans to see that era of TOS feels too outdated for then to watch.

I was very excited about Discovery going to the far future in the 32nd century but it’s still Discovery so…

But 25th century Trek excites me the most. We are going forward but also can bring in other legacy actors. It’s the first time since Voyager ended that has excited me the most as a fan.

I love how the dude completely punts/ignores the question about Legacy just like an adroit politician would do.

Translation: Legacy is 99% not happening, which we already knew.

I think it will, when Lower Decks comes to it’s natural end in the next 3 years probably, Then they will Announce a start date, they just cant afford it yet.

Yeah I’m guessing if LDS gets cancelled next then Legacy can replace it.

It’s giving me more hope it can happen now! This is obviously what fans want and they know it. But they only have so much money and the Taylor Sheridan shows are getting the most of it now for obvious reasons.

But I’m happy it sounds like Legacy is on the table!! 😎🖖

Dude I would be super excited if we got 3 more seasons of Lower Decks! Sadly I feel season 5 will be it’s last but I’m really hoping I’m wrong.

I’m really hoping for seven seasons and a movie lol. And yes a Paramount+ movie like S31.

And yes the Legacy show could eventually replace LDS or even SNW when that is done. There are a lot of possibilities but it’s not going to come overnight either.

Probably because it was a stupid question to be asked in the first place.

Also, Studio execs are BS factories, so don’t expect a straight answer from any of them.

Ricky senses much “BS” from this guy. Discuss!

If Terry had just been less greedy, and not renamed the ship Enterprise, there might have been a chance for a Titan show.

There’s no way they’re gonna have two concurrent shows with two ships named Enterprise.

That was one of the many, many idiotic things from S3.

I worked in the legal field for over 30 years – this guy is pretty adept at boilerplate rhetoric. Or his speech writer is.

He probably has no idea what Star Trek Legacy even is, or what the interviewer is specifically asking about. He just tap dances around it with empty corporate happy talk.

That’s what you do when people ask you stupid questions.

Lol I was thinking the same thing but someone who worked on the PR/marketing site of things.

He straddle the line fine but I just made a post about this I hope you read but ironically it convinced me the opposite of what he’s saying, at least for now and that there is really nothing else in the pipeline currently.

Sure I’m guessing there are lots of memos and Kurtzman and company are throwing out ideas all the time which could include Legacy.

But OFFICIALLY it doesn’t sound like a single thing is being developed beyond SFA and remember that took 5 years to finally get a green light. There may not be anything beyond that for years.

He can say they aren’t scaling back but they been doing it for awhile now.

Yup, totally agree they likely have nothing going on but SFA and Sec. 31. Ha! So true, that guy really said absolutely nothing. And you’re right, look at how long it’s taking to even get these out to the public! At this rate I’m gonna be in my sixties by the time we see anything new! And by then, who the heck knows what corporate entity(ies) will be in charge of the franchise? So ruminating what these shows are actually going to BE, is just that, ruminating. And for folks to actually get upset about it, is kind of silly, imo.

Exactly. I did this for a long long time in another life and reading between the lines all he is saying is yeah when they feel they need to make another show to keep ‘engagement’ up they will but basically there is nothing else beyond what has been announced.

And considering that both SFA and Section 31 were announced about a year ago and nothing since makes it more clear it’s obvious nothing else is going on.

To give a better example I think you mentioned before there are 11 Taylor Sheridan shows that are either on Paramount+ or in development now. There are already 5 shows on that site (and that doesn’t include Yellowstone itself) so they are actively developing another 5 more shows??

Think about that. Meanwhile we have one show and a TV movie to look forward to in the next several years along with LDS and SNW. That’s it kids.

That’s why as much as I love these boards I’m always amazed how much basic logic and reasoning goes out the window. Yes everyone is correct when they say nothing is happening with Legacy right now. That seems to be a completely true statement. But what keeps getting missed is NOTHING else is happening with Star Trek right now…period. There hasn’t been a single rumor about anything because there is nothing else out there.

So to say a Legacy show is never happening and people should move on is ridiculous when it’s very obvious from his statements they don’t have a clue what’s even next. They have been downgrading things for awhile. It’s probably all up in the air at the moment and exactly WHY he didn’t rule out a Legacy show because Star Trek is currently in a stalemate in terms of new projects of any kind.

We could get another new show announcement in a year or in another five years. At the moment I don’t think they have a clue, Legacy or not.

“This is the first time a Paramount Global executive has talked about Star Trek: Legacy, at least obliquely. If one were reading into things, Cheeks’ comment about wanting to “time it out” and “manage long-range planning” could offer some hope that a show like Legacy could move to the front burner at a later date, maybe even next year.”

This is literally what I been suggesting for months now. Legacy is probably still on the table but they have other projects they already greenlit like SFA and the Section 31 movie. I think they were truly caught off guard on how much fanfare there was over Picard season 3 and the only reason why we are discussing a spin off because Matalas set one up so well in that season which excited fans about the future.

But honestly it’s NO different than what happened with Pike on Discovery and suddenly they had fans begging for a spin off and it eventually happened. But that was also a time they were committed to having five new shows on a year and S31 still got sacrificed over it because Paramount still only had so much money

Now they have have even less money today. But if what he’s saying IS true and they are going to keep making more shows after SFA then I have no idea why Legacy wouldn’t at least be on the table?? This is the easiest decision to make lol.

But sure there could be other factors why it eventually won’t happen, money of course still being the most obvious..And yes who knows what will really happen once the studio gets sold off to another broker. Maybe they will add multiple shows or just cancel the current shows now and just give it another break. We obviously don’t know the future.

But fans have to be patient. I been saying if Legacy happens it’s going to be a few years regardless. But I’m happy to see so many people keep pushing for it to the point everyone at Paramount knows how much the fandom wants this.

When a reporter at Vulture is saying ‘hey what’s up with that Legacy show ‘ you know how much it’s on the radar.

I’m personally still confident we are going to get the show but nothing is guaranteed obviously.

I admit I’m one of those impatient people who wants it today. 😂

But I know they have a lot of balls in the air right now and Paramount is hurting.

But reading this actually gives me more hope now. The guy could’ve just said Legacy was out of the question because it would be too expensive or they just don’t see it fitting in with their future plans.

But he’s leaving the door wide open and that is a good sign at least! They know how much fans want this. It’s all most people are talking about when discussing the future of Star Trek. It’s certainly none of their 47 useless movie announcements which has turned into either a joke or a heavy eye roll. For me it’s both. 😂🙄

Legacy is where the pulse most of the base seems to be at. SFA could be a great show but it’s not even a question which one most fans would prefer.

NOW GIVE US THE LEGACY SHOW (hopefully sometime in the future) PARAMOUNT!!

Just a reminder Legacy got more than TWICE the number of signatures than SNW did in its petition drive and we know how much fans wanted that show.

So yes the door is open. Alex Kurtzman himself made that clear last year when he said he heard the fans. This could’ve been shit down in this article and they simply said it’s a nice idea but it will never happen.

Because they all know how much fans want this show but it will probably take time to see how feasible it is to make it happen. If this was 2020 and not probably would’ve been greenlit by now.

But yes people have to be patient. Star Trek like Paramount itself is at an impasse right now but it’s at least comforting that they came out and said Star Trek will still be going boldly. Of course it could all be empty words but it suggests Star Trek has a future after SFA and yes possibly Legacy.

I posted a poll on reddit recently asking fans if they wanted the SFA show, Legacy, or something new. Was split pretty evenly between Legacy or something new (some really great ideas tossed out, by the way), but out of 96 responses, less than 5 said they’re excited about SFA. Most specifically noted they wanted stories about the 25th century.

None of this is a surprise obviously.

It’s basically what happened with SNW and S31. Every time the former was brought up there was an overwhelming positive response over it with people begging for the show. When S31 came up it was usually met with scorn and negativity.

The same thing is happening with Legacy and SFA. I WILL say there isn’t as much bitterness with SFA as there was S31 but it’s obvious a lot of fans are not into the idea like they are with Legacy.

Now of course I have to do the obligatory disclaimer obviously not everyone wants Legacy just like not everyone wanted SNW either. And yes SFA may end up being a great show. I think what drags it down besides the premise is that it feels too attached to Discovery itself and being in the 32nd century.

For me personally I WANT the show so no one can accuse me of being bias lol. But I also know I’m the minority too. But I also want Legacy.

And also I’m not remotely surprised people are saying they want something new as well since I said exactly that on this thread that there are just as many people who just want more stories in the 25th century with new characters and doesn’t care it’s with legacy characters or not.

Again this idea people want Legacy because they just want old characters is a misnomer. Sure most will take it but most won’t have an issue without them either. I really feel most just want stories in the 25th century.

Good to know man! 👍

And also not surprised. I do think most fans just want a 25th century show of some kind. I would definitely prefer Legacy because I want to see my girl Seven as Captain but open to something completely new too if the Legacy show doesn’t happen.

As far as the four votes for the Academy show how did it get SO high? 😂

I only tease because I ♥️.

I love PIC season 3, but I’m lukewarm on a ‘Legacy’ series as possibly depicted at the end of the season. I have ZERO interest in ever seeing Raffi again. Seven is cool, but I just don’t see her as a leader in a Starfleet environment. I would have preferred her as a Fenris Ranger.

Fair enough. And for the record I would’ve been fine with a Seven Fennis Ranger show as well. Honestly I’m pretty much open to any show lol, I just want more 25th century Trek in general.

But all that said I do think the majority really want a Captain Seven show on the Enterprise. I have said this enough times that while I think fans are open to any premise in Star Trek it’s obvious most want the tried and true and that is Starfleet officers on a starship exploring the unknown. You put it on an Enterprise, ANY Enterprise even better lol. Matalas clearly knew this and why it was set up that way.

And the reality is all five current shows are all on starships now, one being on the original Enterprise and another will be on a new Voyager this year. These things don’t happen in a vacuum obviously. They all seem to accept this is what the fanbase ultimately wants and probably why both S31 and Khan (ugh) didn’t happen. And probably another reason why a Fennis Ranger show was never in the cards either.

And while I may be proven completely wrong I still believe the SFA show will basically take place on a Starship. They may pull a DS9 where the characters are stationed in one place like on Earth but then have a starship that gives them an excuse to go on missions whenever the story calls for it like they did with the Defiant.

But sure I get the pushback as well. I’m completely happy with a Legacy show but I’m open to anything frankly.

Maybe by the time Legacy is finally greenlit, the present legacy actors will be as old as Patrick Stewart and colleagues are today, so we’ll end up getting Legacy’s legacy… Grandkids in Space!

LOL true! And that’s how I feel about the next Kelvin movie at this point. Half that cast is in their 50s now. Crazy right?

Star Trek: Legacy of the Last of the Summer Wine 🍷🤣

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Stop wasting my time.

Smoking dat chronic is wasting most of your time tiger.

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Get some real friends and stop wasting my time. I don’t like you and don’t want to talk to you. If you’re this lonely reevaluate your life.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks

No you’re creepy and you know I don’t like you. Reevaluate your life if you are this desperate to have a conversation with a total stranger they have told you for years now they don’t want to talk to you.

You don’t see that as a little pathetic?

Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong.

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You didn’t answer the question. It’s pathetic right?

Just leave me alone man..Find some actual friends or get a cat.

Star Trek Legacy is the only show I would care about, and I wouldn’t trust anyone in the current regime to produce it. Either bring in Matalas, or I’m not interested.

So you just want Matalas and his fan service cameos and easter eggs.

No, I want some decent sci fi without the left leaning moralizing and the focus of representation over story.

Left leaning? Star Trek has always been to the Left. What nonsense you’re talking.

Star Trek has always been left leaning. And always will be.

I will say, that Trek’s politics has not been overtly left leaning historically.. but it has always been progressive. It was never choosing a political side. It also wasn’t preaching. At its best, It presented MORAL questions and let the viewer decide. That’s just not true anymore. I would agree it’s leaned to the left in certain aspects, but It was never trying to push an agenda. If anything it put certain things on display so viewers could see how ridiculous certain people were (Let That Be Your Last Battlefield).. but it did it in a way that hopefully helped people understand how ridiculous certain ways of thinking really were. As a young man raised in a conservative house in the south, it helped me understand that. But that’s not the case anymore. They put an active politician in a position of power on the show, and if that isn’t political advocacy, I don’t know what is. I’m not squarely conservative, and not squarely liberal, so I’m certainly not a partisan. I miss Trek’s ability to speak to both sides of the political aisle in a broad sense.. the way it could show us that we’re not so divided. God knows we need that idea now more than ever.

You must be new to Star Trek.

He must think that 7 and Raffi are just roommates.

You must completely live in a bubble. How is it possible that I’ve always loved Star Trek and all its iterations until Kurtzman came along? It has always been balanced and inclusive and diverse. Now it’s inclusive and diverse, except for straight white men, who now can only be portrayed as the villain, a simp, or covered in an alien mask. And the comments on here prove that you’re thrilled that right leaning people are being pushed away. You reject me, and then you’re perplexed when I reject NuTrek.

You care about a show that doesn’t exist?

i don’t get the whole ST has to move forward you can’t live in the past. if ST Legacy was greenlit, it would only have Seven as the only character from previous / classic Trek, with everyone else being new or new-ish from PIC S3. having occasional cameos by Riker or Geordi or Q IMO isn’t holding on to the past. if anything this show could be a bridge between new fans and the ST history. a young cast on a good show that is tied to the franchise’s history….they would be like i like ST Legacy and Riker is always cool when he shows up 1 or 2 times a season, how bout i go explore some TNG or VOY.

Exactly. This has been made clear. There are just fans who doesn’t want a continuation of Picard at all and keep pushing this false notion.

And that’s OK, you don’t have to want the show obviously. But it’s clear most do because it sets up so many great possibilities. You can obviously bring in characters like Janeway or Kira but you can present new and younger characters which the show was obviously setting up.

To me it’s the best of both worlds (pun intended lol) because you have Seven to anchor the show for the older fans but you can present all new characters that new fans can grow to like as well.

This is literally what Prodigy and the first two seasons of Picard did. A legacy character to anchor the show like Picard and Janeway did but surrounded by new characters to make it feel fresh and different.

Start with Seven and Major Kira, and build a new group of younger officers/characters around those two as the senior leads. No Picard, no Janeway, no unconvincing Picard superpowered son. No other TNG, VOY, PIC or ENT characters except for occasional guest appearances — and those should primarily be Worf, Bashir and Tuvok in their Starfleet roles. And ZERO animated crossovers and musical eps.

And don’t call it Legacy — that sounds like some Star Trek grandpa wants to watch (BTW, I am no spring chicken myself).

But a lot of fans, myself included, are trying to understand why there’s been no greenlight for Legacy

That’s a rather silly question on Vulture’s part. The reason it hasn’t been greenlit is that it was never even under consideration in the first place. Also, reading into Paramount’s response to that question is fruitless; the response provided was just a prepared answer because Paramount is likely tired of being asked that question by people who don’t realize it was never something in the works.

…the response provided was just a prepared answer because Paramount is likely tired of being asked that question by people who don’t realize it was never something in the works.

Yes! Both Trek fans and the Trek media need to just drop it and move on. It’s simply not happening.

But no one knows that. All we know it’s not being considered RIGHT NOW.

SNW didn’t get a green light until a year after Discovery aired. He’a just saying the obvious, they will be making more Star Trek in the future and AFAIK since there is NOTHING else under consideration past SFA that we know of then Legacy could ultimately be one of those shows.


Yeah it still may not happen but this is good news, it means fans can now fight to live another day. I’m confident we will ultimately get it but I have been wrong before since once upon a time I was confident we were getting both the Hemsworth and Tarantino movies which WAS officially on the table; so do with that what you will lol.

The Tarantino one was the only one I took seriously at the time. I took the Thor movie seriously when they originally announced it but once both Thor and Chris Pine walked away because Paramount was either too cheap or broke to pay them what they promised I knew that movie was dead from that point on and I was right. But people kept hoping for both.. and hoping… and hoping lol.

As far as Legacy I think everyone understands they aren’t considering it right now but as you said nothing is being considered right now. They are probably too broke and wants to see how SFA does before they start thinking what’s next. If that show doesn’t completely tank and they see fans want more Star Trek then something will come after that and yeah my bet is on Legacy since that has instant marketability and they know fans will watch it in droves.

Put it this way, I have not seen any other idea from fans what should come next after SFA except this show. I know people have other suggestions but this is the only one that is being pushed to happen on a wide basis and very passionately.

And people are sick of prequels and reboots, they want to keep going forward. Paramount isn’t (that) stupid they know easy money when they see it. It’s why they keep making anymore Star Trek at all..

“Put it this way, I have not seen any other idea from fans what should come next after SFA except this show. I know people have other suggestions but this is the only one that is being pushed to happen on a wide basis and very passionately.”

This a great point. Put it yet another way what was the LAST idea that fans were passionate about or pushing?

It was SNW. In fact I can’t think of a single idea since that show came out that fans was pushing for until Legacy. They clearly all know this. Anthony in the All Access podcast a few weeks ago there is no movement on the show but there is movement on anything else either.

I think that’s why people are more positive about it. It would be different if they had 12 other Tek projects on the table right now and Legacy wasn’t one of them, that would be more proof Legacy wasn’t happening at all..

And here is another thing that I don’t people realize but I brought this up on another site recently.

In 2018 they had laid out all the rumored shows which was at the time:

-Picard show
-Khan show (ugh)
-Animated show (which became Lower Decks)
-Section 31
-Starfleet Academy show

Those were the five shows mentioned at the time. And guess what, they managed to get them all on which is a pretty big accomplishment (especially when you consider the OPPOSITE has literally happened with all these movie announcements that went absolutely nowhere and still nothing yet).

Yes both S31 and Khan (ugh) not in their original form as Section 31 became a TV movie and Khan is now a podcast (which was announced back in 2021 and still nothing but I digress).

SFA was the last piece on the board that finally happened. And of course we did get two more shows later that was Prodigy and then SNW (which once again proves a Pike show was never remotely on the table until much later when fans were demanding for it or it would’ve been one of those many rumored shows since Discovery was making season 2 then so yeah).

So that’s the thing, every show they started developing back in 2018 has happened so now it’s a wide berth of what could come next. And of course they could very well have other new projects now under consideration.

But he could just SAID that if that was indeed the case. The fact that he didn’t suggest what I others have been saying, Star Trek is probably in a holding pattern right now. They have put out all the input they developed (and supposedly the Khan thing will happen at some point). It’s actually funny this article was to reassure people more Trek was coming but the lack of saying they have new projects kind of says it all.

But all of this goes to the point, yes nothing is happening with Legacy, everyone agrees on that, but NOTHING is happening with Trek on the TV side at least beyond what’s been announced. That’s the very bizarre logic people are using. Because Legacy isn’t being developed PROVES it’s not happening. With that logic the fact nothing else is being developed proves Star Trek is finished long term once SFA is out. 🙄

What it all really means is they have no clue what they are doing next probably because they don’t have any development money for any project yet. Maybe that will come soon but it’s obvious there is nothing now. And until then the pipeline is currently empty.

Does that mean Legacy will be on the table when they are in a position on where the next phase goes, once again no. And maybe they will come up with something that puts the Legacy idea to shame and fans can get excited about that instead. But as you just pointed out, since it’s the ONLY thing fans are hollering about and everyone from Matalas to the actors to the actors wants to do it…I have no idea why it wouldn’t be on the table at some point.

I think creating a new series in the current streaming environment is a bit like steering an ocean liner, very slowww. Unless people feel that Paramount is simply planning to shut down the Trek franchise — which I don’t believe for a minute — then eventually there will be a need to plan new series once the current ones run their course. At that time pitches will be considered, and one of them might be for Legacy, but they’re just not up to that stage yet, and might not be for a few years considering budget restrictions. But eventually there will be something… The brand is too valuable to let lie fallow for long.

Yep totally agreed. You said everything I been thinking for a long time now.

I do believe it when he says Star Trek isn’t going anywhere, but I don’t buy the franchise has the priority as it once did either. I think once they found other content that could compete or even surpass Trek in terms of subscriptions or views it started to have a smaller emphasis for that site and probably because of how much they are paying for these shows.

It’s really no different than what happened with Star Trek and UPN. You’re only the golden boy for so long. And yeah like UPN we don’t even know if Paramount+ will even be around in the next few years either.

So nothing is guaranteed anymore that’s certainly true. And yes I have always said even if we do get a Legacy show it’s probably years away, especially since they don’t seem to be in a rush to develop anything right now beyond SFA and S31.

One more point I forgot to add (gee wonder why lol) this is another reason why SFA HAS to be successful because if we do want another show then obviously fans have to show a real hunger they want more.

This is no longer 2019 or 2020 when they were greenlighting things left and right. Again people can spin BS until they cows come home but both Paramount and Star Trek are simply in a different place today. Back in 2020 every show was getting renewed before their latest seasons even aired. The animated shows got two season renewals up front. They were desperately trying to expand their Trek footprint as much as possible.

Those days are now gone and why both Discovery and Prodigy were unceremoniously cancelled before their last seasons aired and why SFA was the first new show in 3 years to even be greenlit. Think about that. Again the guy at CBS can spin things all he likes but yes these productions have severely slowed down and that’s probably because they have maximize their subscription output when it comes to Star Trek.

And yes people could be 100% right and the Legacy show will never happen.

But trust me if enough people won’t watch SFA when it comes out I wouldn’t hold my breath ANY new show will come out for years beyond what is there now.

So it needs to do well IMO if we want Legacy or ANY new show for that matter.

Per usual you laid out everything so well! 👍

I completely forgot all those shows were rumored so long ago. And you’re riight, they are all on the air or being made and there hasn’t been a single rumor about anything since which tells you something because there has been nothing else being rumored to be made outside of SNW and that was announced in 2020.

I’m definitely going to watch SFA because I watch everything. I watched Lower Decks and still watching Discovery although for the life of me I have no idea why. 😉🙄

I think Star Trek is being stalled for awhile in terms of new shows but I believe Legacy will be one that will get developed in time.

Yeah I think about this stuff way too much lol.

And yes it’s solely my speculation only. But everything I said is true and they developed all these shows long ago and oddly there hasn’t been anything outside of that for literally years now. Not even so much as a rumor.

And another reason why people are being short sighted on Legacy. Again they can certainly have other ideas they are pushing for but Paramount doesn’t seem to be in a rush to develop anything right now.

And you look at the other big franchises like Marvel and Star Wars and while they are certainly having their down sides they are still announcing new shows..It sounds like they are pulling back on some of it now but I have no doubt they will still have more Marvel or Star Wars shows on the next few years because they still get a ton more views even when people say they suck.

But I certainly believe we will still get new Trek shows but the frequency is slowing way down now.

Move on.. I’m starting to feel embarrassed for you.

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You post way too much here. Most of the time I didn’t even know I was replying to you in the first place. I rarely check who I’m talking to. You need a holiday.

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Thing is, it 100% presented as having been greenlit by virtue of its having been previewed in the Picard finale. The final episode sets up a spinoff series with a Seven-Captained Enterprise and Q being there to annoy Jean-Luc Jr. There WAS no actual greenlight, but in the era of Marvel end-credits scenes that lead directly into an upcoming project, you simply cannot do scenes like these without expecting your audience to read them as done deals.

The fact that Paramount allowed this to happen without (seemingly) having even a slight plan to actually fulfill a “Legacy” series is a black eye for the studio. It makes them look like incompetent buffoons. Which, to some extent, is exactly what they are for allowing Terry Matalas to drop that heavy-handed a set of previews into the Picard finale.

it 100% presented as having been greenlit

Narrator: “That’s not how greenlighting works. That’s not how any of this works.”

“Greenlit” and “presented as greenlit” are not the same thing.

The difference is that “presented as greenlit” is a bit nonsensical, given what “greenlit” means.

Really, really stupid question from Vulture.

It a pretty stupid question. Might as well ask why they haven’t greenlight Star Trek: Muppet Adventure yet.

Cheeks is the CEO so he and other c level execs are not being asked about Legacy. It’s the kind of question that never makes it up to them unless asked by a writer for a major website or publication when interviewed. Prior to Cheeks being asked about Legacy, we’ve only heard from Kurtzman, Matalas and others associated with the various series.

If Paramount specifically requests Legacy, Kurtzman will produce Legacy but as things stand right now the only movement for a new series is Starfleet Academy and that was announced a year ago. They’ve given no indication that anything else is under consideration or in development.

So, yeah, it’s not just Legacy. It’s Star Trek in general.

I think it remains to be seen whether Star Trek is in the right hands with Paramount. I actually think they’ve done a good job at learning lessons from the new slate of Star Trek shows and embraced the concepts and ideas that make Star Trek fans invest in the franchise.

Where I think they stumble and have completely lost any kind of cadence is in the marketing and merchandising across the world. Star Trek is still the forgotten franchise, putting out amazing shows, but being sidelined in favour of the older Star Trek shows and films. I’m a TNG man, but you have so many new shows that need to be Paramount’s priority especially in terms of merchandising. Star Trek Prodigy has just been left behind, no toys, no tie ins… strange new worlds again continues to be left without any toys or collectibles… what are they doing?

So a clickbaity title and no actual news about Legacy

TM has made about 3 dozen click bait movie articles for literally 7 years now and just a day ago. They have to get clicks to survive but I think this IS news in the sense the show isn’t being ruled out.

That’s all this site does now. I’m quickly losing interest in this site.

Dude you been saying this for 6 years now lol.

And yet you’re still here. Stop lying to yourself..🙄

Move on..and don’t forgot.

Be Better.

Then we agree, leave me alone already.

I’d rather have DS9 remastered in HD than SFA or S31.

I’ve got bad news for you…

I know…I don’t have P+ and I’m a physical media fan. I would love for them to spend some money on something that is actually good for a change.

Not interested in Section 31. The secret sauce of SNW is that it has largely been positive. Not interested in Star Fleet Academy. Or the cartoons. Legacy has it all. Let’s just do it already.

The opposite for me I’m very interested in S31 and i find SNW to be my least favorite of the modern Treks as it doesn’t scratch that Trek itch that Discovery & Prodigy has done.

Why are you so interested in Legacy? Is it because of the promise of legacy characters and nostalgia?

They should just watch tng reruns and be happy.

Legacy is the only show I care about. Never cared about the cartoons, Discovery is just really bad and SNW is just a very imitation to TOS without any of the gravitas or serious drama. It feels like a bunch of college kids while the show just ignores canon on everything. But I understand why others such as yourself like it.

SFA and S31 just feels like a waste of time.

Legacy is the show fans seem to really want and made by people who understand real Star Trek again.

Fans want Legacy because they want nostalgia, they want cameos, they want references and easter eggs. Sadly recent referential Trek has trained fans to want this, and only this, as opposed to series that actually push the franchise forward like S31, SFA and Discovery.

They want the same old same old. It’s pretty pathetic when you think about it.

I think Discovery is horrible and I don’t care about the space Nazis movie. I think SFA will suck too but hope to be wrong. But since it’s the same people who make Discovery not holding my breath.

But if you like Discovery good for you.

And I seem to recall telling you I don’t care if the show doesn’t have any legacy characters in Legacy, I love the time period and that it will be a show for adults again.

We’ve already had this conversation but you seem to have the memory of a goldfish.

So we can agree having this same connection in the future would be a waste of my time correct? So please make a note of this for any future responses and just move on now.

Thank you.

If this were true I’d be happy with DSC and SNW. I’m not. Nostalgia or not, it just has to be good, and work within what’s been established. Every now and again they have a decent episode, but overall, these series are none of these things. Legacy would inherently need to dial back the nostalgia, but honestly.. I can live with it if the story is good.

Me too, bit I’m an older fan now, we will just have to see how Section 31 and the SFA series do

Thankfully the world doesn’t revolve around you.

and so it goes……

I would love to see Star Trek doing another time jump and instead of having a show set in the 25th century have a show set in the 26th/27th century. I’m not a fan of what we have seen of the 25th century with Picard.

Also with a show set in the 26/27th century they could still have descendants of some legacy characters for fans who have an itch for ‘legacy’ content.
I enjoyed seeing the TNG crew back in Picard S3 though the story-line for the season was one of the worst stories in modern Trek.

I have to say that while I’m happy the TNG crew got a proper happy ending with Picard S3.
I’ve had my fill of the TNG crew and i think it’s time to move away from them and have the spotlight on other characters.
You can have too much of a good thing and when it comes to the TNG crew imo we have enough.

If paramount does end up doing a 25th century show and want to bring back some of the older characters than they should bring in more characters from DS9/Voyager for the cast as they haven’t had as big a spotlight as the TNG cast and it isn’t fair to them.

I would totally be into a 26th century show! In fact before we knew Discovery was going to the 32nd century I kept saying the next show should just go inoa completely new century and start completely over.

I would still be happy with this idea over a Legacy show.

Article title is misleading. A far better title would be “CBS Chief Says Star Trek Remains A Priority For Paramount, Refuses to Address Why ‘Legacy’ Has Not Been Greenlit”

The implication of the question seems to be if Legacy isn’t greenlit, Paramount doesn’t care about Star Trek. I don’t agree with that

There’s no such thing as legacy. Give it up.

The fact you are saying this makes me more hopeful lol.

All this talk about a legacy show is well and good but I actually want a different show. I want to see the adventures of Captain Shaw from his time starting from the Battle of Wolf 359 and his journey.

Wow more prequals, how original.

Starfleet Academy and the S31 movie are going to further damage the brand. They need to remember to actually make Star Trek.

Just listen to the opening monologue of TOS and TNG and go from there.

I didn’t want it but the Section 31 TV movie might be a good thing for future TV Movies and if anyone can pull if off then Michelle Yeoh can.

Re the Academy, come come James, galloping across the galaxy is s game for the young.

You have no idea what you’re talking about. If they listened to you we wouldn’t have DS9 or even Star Trek 2.

First he sums up 3 (that is THREE) shows and a movie that they’re currently doing, and then procedes to ask if Star Trek is still a ‘priority’ to them. Wow…

The time to strike is now! Sir Patrick and the rest of the cast aren’t getting any younger.

I don’t think a Legacy show would have Sir Patrick in much or not at all. The main cast would be the crew of the Enterprise-G. The TNG actors would make cameos, but that’s about it.

However, Matalas has hinted he had a whole Worf & Alexander with the Klingon Empire plot in mind, so we could get Michael Dorn for a bit more. I wouldn’t complain about that!

What concerns me is these top brass seem to praise Kurtzman all the time, I mean can the guy do anything wrong in their eyes. He’s obviously brilliant!

Yes. That, is truly disturbing.

Honestly, the reasons a studio hires / retains executives that have creative decision making capabilities is not for their creative decision making capabilities. They want them for their ability to steer, produce, and manage the budget that allows them to churn out content. None of these people at any network / studio are risk takers when it comes to IP. Kurtzman’s job is not to be the most creative.. it’s to deliver shows. That’s why they’re big on him. They don’t care about the criticism when the viewership numbers come in. You have to draw the conclusion that they are, at a minimum, happy with viewership. What’s amazing to me, there is tremendous upside if they could actually make this stuff better.

Nailed it. It’s about keeping the machinery going and delivering on time and on budget. He was not hired for his artistic vision but for his proven track record as a successful television producer.

Thanks, spot on

That’s because he is brilliant. That’s the reason you are where you are, and he is where he is.

Yep millions of reasons A34 millions

The studio execs at Paramount have forgotten what good is. They’re not watching it. They don’t care about quality, just quantity.

In this business, praise is often fleeting and lacks sincerity. One showrunner I had the pleasure of working with was nothing but praised in press releases, interviews, etc. – – until this individual was fired, something which initially came to my attention when an e-mail I had sent bounced back as undeliverable. The firing took most by surprise since everything seemed fine. Only a select few knew that things were not.

So basically because legacy isn’t Alex Kurtzman idea it isn’t getting made. A terrible mistake, they finally had a idea that the fan base love an they aren’t doing it because one person will see sulk if they. Just like he acted like a spoilt child when asked about the success of Picard season 3.

I noticed that as well. In the interview section of the Picard Season 3 Blu Ray, Kurtzman stated that Season 3 could not have existed without the other two seasons. I completely disagree, Season 3 stands perfectly fine on its own. But Kurtzman wanted to say “hey, I did stuff, too! What about me?” I think that Kurtzman and Goldsman were more focused on SNW at the time, so they hired Matalas to do whatever he wanted with a smaller budget than the first two seasons. And then when Picard S3 had all this success, Kurtzman’s ego was bruised.

I really do not think Legacy will get made at this point. Perhaps in 10-15 years or so, we will get some new people producing Star Trek and a new show will have a cameo of an Admiral Seven. She may tell some vague stories of her time as captain, but that’s all we will get.

Maybe I’m just old and jaded at this point. But I don’t care anymore what Paramount or Kurtzman say or not say. It’s usually not straightforward and just public relation sales language. Dozens of posters try to decipher what they meant to say or try not to say. And in the end it doesn’t matter. Either they produce something or not. From now on, just produce a show or a movie and if I like it I watch it. And if I don’t like it, no harm done, I just move on.

Agree with you 100%, ‘Old and Jaded.’ 👍

Not sure how I feel about that agreement. LOL

Old and jaded for sure.. but I do love discussing it here. At the end of the day, if Legacy doesn’t happen, it’s ok. It will be one helluva a missed opportunity.

I think what he didn’t say is more telling. Biggest thing? He’s not getting down in the weeds on this show vs. that show. Certainly not publicly. They don’t want to use the terminology ‘scaling back’ but they are. There are two elephants in the room that he can’t talk about. 1. what’s going to happen with Paramount and/or CBS. That’s a huge question mark, and his bosses don’t want to pile on debt while negotiating a sale. So no new shows that aren’t greenlit, unless something else goes away. Right now DSC is being replaced by Academy. Does SNW go away or the new show have to tank before another Trek show is greenly? 2. We know fans want it. Is that enough for the studio? Are they going to green light a show that they think is too “inside baseball” ? I mean.. I disagree with being afraid of that approach, and I disagree that Legacy can’t conceptually appeal to young people… particularly if they focus more on the new crew as opposed to the TNG cast. But this is how they’ve looked at things. More statistical than qualitative.

Yep agree with all of this. Yes they have clearly scaled back. Everyone knows how to do basic math, there are less shows on today than a few years ago.

And the fact they haven’t said they are working on any new shows or at least have others on development is another giveaway.

Kurtzman was talking about multiple shows in development back in 2021. It doesn’t mean they would all get the green light as we saw with Section 31 and Khan but it did mean they were looking towards the future.

What’s been made very clear is what you said and that when the next show is cancelled there is no rush to replace it with anything else.

It doesn’t sound like Trek is much of a priority these days.

My only guess is everything is on hold until there is either a sale or they merge Paramount+ with another service.

Looks like there can only be two live-action Star Trek shows at a time.

And we’ll see how long that even lasts. 😐

Sonequa Martin-Green looks great in that picture