‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ And ‘Lower Decks’ Nominated For Hollywood Critics Awards

Two Star Trek shows are being recognized for their work by The Hollywood Critics Association. Paramount is also hoping to see some Emmy nominations role in next week with a record number of submissions.

Hollywood critics recognize Lower Decks and Strange New Worlds

Today The Hollywood Critics Association announced for their 2nd Annual HCA TV Awards which included good news for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Star Trek: Lower Decks. The first season of Strange New Worlds was nominated for Best Streaming Drama Series, and it is going up against Loki, Ozark, Pachinko, Severance, Squid Game, Stranger Things, and The Morning Show.

The second season of Lower Decks was nominated for Best Streaming Animated Series Or TV Movie, and it is going up against ArcaneBig MouthCentral ParkUndone, and What If?.

Strange New Worlds is already a winner, as the HCA previously announced they will be giving it their Legacy Award for 2022. From the announcement:

Strange New Worlds is the newest Star Trek series and has been met with an outpouring of love and support from fans and critics alike. “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is the perfect show for our Legacy Award because it encapsulates everything that this award stands for,” suggests HCA Vice President, Nestor Bentancor. “The HCA Legacy Award celebrates a show that has taken a beloved property and, without relying solely on nostalgia, has been able to pay respectful tribute to the past while modernizing it in a fun and meaningful way, delighting original fans and a newer generation of devotees.”

The Legacy Award will be given out during the HCA TV Awards, which will also announce the winners for all the other categories. The awards are a two-night event taking place on Saturday, August 13, and Sunday, August 14, 2022, at an event in Los Angeles, CA.

Awaiting Emmys

Next week the Television Academy will announce the nominations for the 2022 Emmy Awards. With four Star Trek series in contention for Primetime Emmy Awards this year, CBS Studios and Paramount+ are looking for a big haul of nominations. With Prodigy qualifying for the newly announced Children and Family Emmy Awards, the studio’s focus has been on Discovery, Picard, Strange New Worlds, and Lower Decks. This year CBS/Paramount+ made 87 submissions for those four Trek series, which is a record for the franchise.

In May and June they also ran an extensive “For Your Consideration” campaign for the various shows, which included social media. You can see some examples below.

The first round of voting ended on June 27 with nominations being announced on Tuesday, July 12. The ceremonies for the Creative Arts Emmys and the main Emmy Awards will be held in September.


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The first of many awards for SNW — congrats Alex Kurtzman, and thank your Star Trek Discovery for generating this awesome spinoff series!

I think Arcane is going to blow out the competition for the animated series of the year. It’s incredibly good.

LDS and SNW are easily my two favorite shows of NuTrek so pretty fitting! :)

Don’t think either one has a chance a win against their competition though. A lot of those show are very very good. Ozark and especially Stranger Things season 4 are just phenomenal and while I never seen it a few people have told me Severance is one of the best new shows around.

Severance is remarkable, Tiger, highly recommended. And agreed, Stranger Things was absolutely phenomenal this season, just finished it last night.

To each his own, but I loved the first couple seasons of Stranger Things when they had better logic and some scientific basis for what was going on. However, starting with season 3 they have gone the direction of X-Men and more fantasy versus less logic and scifi — and this season was the worst. So I’m done with the Series, unfortunately. It’s devolved into half X-Men, half Harry Potter. Reminds me of that Scarlet Witch BS that Marvel did.

LOL I finished Stranger Things last night too Danpaine. I had watched everything up to the final episode a few days before but because that one was 2 and a half hours I had to wait to find the time to watch it straight through. And yes LOVED it!! I’ve always liked the show but season 4 was on another level!

Severance is on my list too, but don’t have Apple TV. That’s the only reason I haven’t checked it out yet.

SNW and Prodigy for me but LDS is pretty good too. I don’t think there is any way PIC will get an award but it would be nice to see Patrick Stewart to get a best Actor nod.

Fully agree about Patrick Stewart. That guy definitely deserves a best actor nod. I rewatched TNG’s The Defector yesterday and it’s amazing how amazing that guy was in basically every episode. Unfortunately he’s not as strong in Picard but that’s probably just age.

Congrats to both Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks for the HCA nominations.

The only 2 good Trek shows out of 5. Hoping one day we get 5/5! And yes, Prodigy isnt bad like DIS and PIC but it’s not for me, I’m too old for kiddie shows.

I actually find LDS to be of a kiddie show than Prodigy. Prodigy I take more seriously given the content and character behavior, and it reinforces what I like from a Star Trek series.

Congratulations to both productions!!