See Mirror Picard And Riker Face Off In Preview Of Final Issue Of ‘Star Trek: The Mirror War’

This week IDW wraps up their eight-issue Star Trek: The Mirror War mini-series. David and Scott Tipton have continued their exploration with this fourth mini-series set in the TNG-era Mirror Universe, helped along with Gavin Smith providing artwork and J.K. Woodward doing the main covers. And we have a five-page preview for the issue that arrives tomorrow.

Star Trek: The Mirror War #8 (of 8)


After splintering the Cardassian blockade with a bold, joint attack and help from old friends, the crew of the I.S.S. Enterprise moves to end the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance once and for all. Enter the Mirror Universe and witness the fate of the Terran Empire in this explosive finale of The Mirror War!

Cover A:

Cover A by J.K. Woodward

NOTE: There are also variant covers by Amanda Madriaga and Mark Alvarado.

Five-page preview: 

Mirror War Issue 8 available Wednesday

Star Trek: Mirror War #8 is available on August 17. You can order and pre-order individual copies of Star Trek: Mirror War at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

But wait, there’s more Mirror War

The 8-issue Mirror War mini-series wraps up this week, but there is a final one-shot tied to the Mirror War series coming in September. Star Trek: The Mirror War–Troi is written by Marieke Nijkamp with art *including A cover) by Megan Levens. Here is the synopsis:

The spotlight turns to Deanna Troi in this one-shot set in the Mirror Universe of The Next Generation. Expand upon the world of The Mirror War! At the turn of a new dawn for the Terran Empire, having achieved victory over the Cardassian-Klingon Armada, Deanna Troi reflects on just how far her ambition has driven her on her calculating quest to seek power and escape among the stars.

Cover A by Megan Levens


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Pity Trek IX hadn’t been a mirror-verse action flick . Would’ve been ideal for that late 90s era. and the cast would’ve had so much fun

Oh, good god. IDW, enough with this never-ending mirror universe stuff. Please get back to telling good stories involving characters the fans care about–those in the prime universe. This has been going on for years, and every single comic reader I know is sick of it now.

Obviously you don’t know many comics readers – because these are good, interesting stories.

i haven’t read this but do they explain why there’s a half human half betazoid hybrid in the empire?