George Takei Talks Up The Camaraderie Among The Original ‘Star Trek’ Cast… With One Exception

Original Star Trek actor George Takei is in London rehearsing for his West End debut in his autobiographical play Allegiance. As he has been doing publicity for the play, he inevitably is getting Star Trek questions, including some about William Shatner’s recent comments about Takei from his UK press tour for his new book.

Takei has great things to say about his TOS co-stars (except for one)

Speaking to the UK Guardian, Takei talked up the on-set friendships he built during the production of Star Trek: The Original Series:

“Yes. Yes. YES [there was camaraderie on set of Star Trek]. Except for one, who was a prima donna. But the rest of us shared a great camaraderie. One of the gifts from Star Trek was not just longevity but colleagues that became lasting friends. My colleagues were part of my wedding party in 2008. Walter Koenig, who played Chekov, was my best man. We asked Nichelle [Nichols] to be our matron of honour but she said: ‘I am not a matron! If Walter can be the best man, why can’t I be the best lady?’ So she became the best lady.

In the same interview, he had more stories about his castmates including “loyal friend” Leonard Nimoy and “favorite drinking buddy” James Doohan. However, he claimed that “none” of the cast got along with William Shatner, adding, “He was self-involved. He enjoyed being the center of attention. He wanted everyone to kowtow to him.”

Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, DeForest Kelly and James Doohan at the unveiling of the Space Shuttle Enterprise in 1976 (AP)

The interview was to promote the play, but the ongoing feud, including Shatner’s recent comments about Takei, were addressed. From the Guardian:

Takei is reluctant to talk about Shatner. “I know he came to London to promote his book and talked about me wanting publicity by using his name. So I decided I don’t need his name to get publicity. I have much more substantial subject matter that I want to get publicity for, so I’m not going to refer to Bill in this interview at all.” He grins. “Although I just did. He’s just a cantankerous old man and I’m going to leave him to his devices. I’m not going to play his game.”

Takei’s Allegiance runs from January 7 to April 8 at the Charing Cross Theatre in London.

George Takei in Allegiance

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Old news. Let the pissing and moaning about who’s right (or wrong) begin….

Takei keeps bringing this up over and over like a vindictive little punk, and 90% of the fans here seem to realize that now, so I think your comment here is out of date.

It’s going to be brought up in every interview he does, and that’s not directly his fault. He shouldn’t even say he’s not going to talk about Bill, he should just… not talk about Bill. Sure enough, he had to get a derogatory comment in. I don’t doubt he’s right about a lot of it, but it’s the way he talks about. It doesn’t take much for an interviewer to bring it to the forefront. He should talk to his therapist about it and no one else, ever.

Shatner took his turn stirring the pot a couple weeks back. Looking through the comments here, a majority seem to feel it’s just tiresome, on both parties parts. Any PR is good PR, I guess.

The vitriol against Takei below is pretty vicious. Yes, he should turn the other cheek, but he, Nichols, Doohan and Koenig all had plenty of issues with Shatner. Wasn’t even smooth sailing with Nimoy and Kelley all the time. It’s a bit silly for everyone to circle the wagons to protect Shatner instead of just saying they both need to grow up and reporters should just stop stirring the pot to generate the same sad clickbait.

Love George. He’s the friendliest and most genuine of the original cast with the fans (I haven’t met Koenig and I never met DeForest Kelly). He just speaketh the truth and some fans don’t like that. Shatner’s a narcissist.

Even if Takie is right, still bringing it up 50 years later is not productive. Really no point to it. Actors can be egocentric? Yeah its been known to happen. Shatner gave him ample opportunity to burry the hatchet .He was/is just not interested. And up until recently, Shatner was always willing to move on.

Is what Takei says presently true of Shatner? As Shatner pointed out, we have not heard the same stories from the cast of Boston Legal.Havent heard anything menacing from TJ hooker either.

If “young Shatner” was egocentric, ok mention it once or twice..or a few times… but not perpetually

So why is Takei wrong for doing it, but not a word for Shatner doing it two weeks ago?

Shatner seems to only comment on Takei when Takei says something negative and someone in the press mentions it to him. I was on Team Takei but now he is coming off as a complaining bitch who won’t let things go.

It’s wrong for both of them, but Bill was the Star of the show and that’s what most of George’s grievances revolve around. I would have loved a Sulu show. I would not even mind an Admiral Sulu appearance somewhere in the show. Just not if he is still fuming over this ridiculous feud.

Another curious thing about Takei.. he was always seemed to be fighting for Sulu to get to Captain. If it’s because he wanted his own show or something, that’s one thing, but he was banging that drum well before having any TV show was ever a possibility.

Of course he wanted to be captain. The jealous princess needs to be celebrated!

Calling a queer man a princess is really not a good look for anybody in 2022.

You’re right. I wasn’t referring to his sexual orientation, more his petty character, but it was insensitive of me. Thanks for your comment.

I read somewhere that Takei didn’t want to do TWOK but Shatner personally persuaded him. Then I read that Sulu was supposed to get his captaincy long before TUC, maybe in TWOK, but that Shatner was responsible for tanking that.

I read it but I don’t necessarily believe it.

Shat was reacting to Takei brining it up AGAIN. Do you really not get that?

Sorry Phil, I guess you were right.

Even a broken clock is right twice daily…. 😉


This crap with George is getting old. This is all he has!


Um, no, according to the article, he has a play opening at the Charing Cross Theatre in London.

I think maybe the feud persists because the PRESS loves to ask them about it.

Takei brought it up in the interview, even after he said he wouldn’t. I hate to say this, but Takei just needs to shut up about Shatner. This pettiness is unbecoming.

I agree it’s unbecoming, and I wish neither of them were talking about it. I was taking issue with Capt Matt’s saying that the feud is all Takei has. Considering that Takei has a play opening in London, that’s clearly untrue.

Well, in the media, feuds and controversy sells. New play openings, not so much. I don’t know if George is doing this to have some relevancy or not, but a case can be made for that, is all I’m saying.

By his own admission in the quote, Takei can’t help but bring it up. Even if the press dangles the bait, he doesn’t have to take it. A wise person told me once, “Just because you are invited to the party doesn’t mean you have to go.” It seems apparent that Takei looses more sleep over this than Shatner.


It is sad that they can’t make up. They will both be dead soon. It would be nice if they could leave this subject in peace. But it appears that will not happen.

Few of the original cast have left this world on good terms with Shatner. Nimoy had his falling out in the years before his death, cut Bill off entirely. Doohan obviously wasn’t that cool with him. I don’t know about Nichelle or Deforest, but I know Nichelle definitely felt some negative feelings toward him. All of this is for well-documented reasons. So I agree that George needs to stop talking about it entirely, but there’s no chance that they’ll reconcile before the end for either of them. Shatner is, at the end of the day, a complicated person that tends to alienate some people in his life for various reasons.

The real question is, what’s Walter Koenig up to these days?

The problem is both Shatner and Takei have massive egos. Shatner’s egotism was at least earned, as he was the series lead and helped make Star Trek what was. By comparison George, and I still love him for what he was, was part of the scenery. I don’t think his ego ever got over that.

Takei is coming off as being extremely petulant.

But at least Shatner has massive talent to back up his ego.

He actually does and more people should acknowledge that.

Takei is often a guest on Howard Stern. Just yesterday I heard part of an interview Takei gave about a voice-over he did for a cartoon. He was actually complaining that the cartoon character was extremely obese whereas he’s a fitness guru and his muscles are not covered by fat, they’re quite visible! So he was upset and couldn’t get over the fact that he’s super fit but since he’s doing the voice of a fat character, people won’t know he’s fit! I’m writing this and still can’t believe it. What an angry little man.

His husband Brad in another interview even jokingly said he was a little narcissist and always wanted everything his way. He has his husband cater to him for the slightest thing… Laundry, groceries… Let’s face it, Shatner isn’t perfect but Takei goes out of his way to attack Shatner below the belt at every occasion he has. He’s a Prima Donna and is just petty, jealous and vindictive because Shatner didn’t pay attention to him on the set. Why would he? Takei was probably on set with Shatner 10% of the time. I think he was attracted to Bill and now acts like a scorned girlfriend. It’s pathetic and he needs to shut up.

Takei may well be narcissistic; I don’t know him.

But his complaints about Shatner are not that Shatner didn’t pay attention to him. They’re that when Takei had three lines in an episode, Shatner would argue with the director that Sulu didn’t need to say all those things and would get two of Takei’s three whole lines cut.

More than one of the writers and directors has reported that Shatner used to count lines of dialogue, and if Leonard Nimoy got more lines than he did, Shatner would insist that Nimoy’s lines be cut until he had fewer lines than Shatner. Even if this made the story harder for the audience to understand, or even if cutting the lines took Spock out of character.

Shatner was a wonderful Kirk who added SO much to the show. But he really WAS a petty prima donna.

Yes I read this too. However this takes nothing from Takei’s petty behaviour and lack of “savoir vivre”… he’s clearly a spoiled brat and just can’t handle it when people aren’t all over him kissing his ring… I do concede that Shatner may have many of the same traits, but my comment was on Takei.

Both things can be true, absolutely.

I don’t think Shatner would deny that, and that’s the difference. I also don’t think Shatner was fighting against George, as much as he was for himself. He wanted to get all those lines. Whether career minded or petty, I don’t know. What I do know is George could talk about it in a way that doesn’t present himself as angry 50 years later. Which he really shouldn’t be. I know I’ve let past slights go, for my own mental health. George clearly needs to do the same.

I couldn’t help but notice your pain. It runs deep.

Well played my brother!

Qual se tu?


Lol. But please stop sharing. You don’t gain strength from the sharing.

That made me laugh like a Vulcan.

I quit following George a long time ago because of this petty behavior. I wish he would just make peace with Bill. I used to want to meet George, but I just don’t think I could feel any since of enjoyment in the meeting knowing what a bitter old man he has become. C’mon George redeem yourself! No one wants to see Star Trek: The Wrath of Sulu…….Well wait a minute, that might be one hell of a ride!

Unfortunately he’s just a vindictive little b***h and doesn’t have the character to take the high road or agree to disagree and end this idiotic non-argument.

George whining about Shatner during the run up to ST5, when I saw him at a mall, I think for the ST4 video release. He mocked Shatner’s hairpiece and his weight and mentioned a few of his complaints. He found a more receptive audience then too, because it was shortly after the Get a Life skit. It seemed petty and small. I have always been a Kirk guy (probably because I am more like Spock, and wished I could be as gregarious as Shatner) – and I found it off putting and have really not liked Takei since then (and I did love Sulu before). I certainly understand that he wanted his make believe character Sulu to be a make believe captain on the make believe show – but had that been in place in ST3, ST4, ST5, it would have made zero sense for Takei to be in that movie. As a guest captain, he was totally ancillary in ST6, after having increased role and screen time in ST3, 4 and 5. But as far as the intro, he basically performed the same role as the unnamed captain at the beginning of ST4.

And for all the stuff about getting along, that’s not totally true. Koenig and Takei have both talked about how Takei was jealous of Koenig and there was tension between them when Chekov got some attention Takei felt was due him – and one of the reasons was that Takei had become unavailable making a movie and some of that was just at the right time to fall on Walter.

I truly believe that there is a decent chance that Takei will want to mention Shatner one last time on his headstone. The amount of real estate that Takei has given free lease to Shatner in his head is incredible.

As a human being, I’ll admit I do like juicy stories. This isn’t juicy.

It’s like that wad of gum that’s lost its flavor long before but you have no convenient place to discard it so you go on chewing it. Eventually you’ll just spit it out on the ground and it’s going to end up on the bottom of someone else’s shoe! Lol

No, not anymore… and yet here I am still commenting about it myself.. lol.

I tell you what is more sad and pathetic than Takei constantly harping on about this, it’s the trek fans that are on here permanently debating it.

Really? It seems like 90% of us have just had enough of George bringing this up, so I am not sure what debate you are referring to?

“I tell you what is more sad and pathetic than Takei constantly harping on about this, it’s the trek fans that are on here permanently debating it.”

There’s no debating, so your point is moot.

I was on Team Takei for a long time, but it’s been like twenty years since he has been so vocal, and Shatner has gone on record saying he is done with Takei and his drama. Shatner only seems to complain about Takei when is asked about something George said. So to be honest he is starting to come off as the little bitch that he said Shatner was.

This is true, Shatner is just fine not talking about Takei. He does clearly enjoy taking a dig at him when given a question – But why not? Takei has been on this for over 35 years whining about Shatner.
Whether Shatner truly regrets about how his co stars were hurt by him or perceived him, we don’t really know – it seemed genuine when he talked about it with Koenig… and later casts of shows with Shatner certainly report on him in a different way, it seems Spader and the Boston Legal folks loved him. But clearly whether it is his reflection, his professionalism, or his wife and daughters, something has Shatner tempered on how he responds to the constant refrain from Takei – or maybe he just still doesn’t care one way or other about Takei.

Mr. Takei doesn’t seem to bring it up unless asked and it was Mr. Shatner who brought it up again recently. Those of us older fans who read and re-read the The Making of and The World of Star Trek books in the ’70s read direct quotes from all the series actors regarding Mr. Shatner’s need to regularly reinforce his position despite being the lead in the show. This was so well known Galaxy Quest completely reflected this dynamic for the fictional cast of their fictional show. I don’t dislike Mr. Shatner but I think it would be better if he simply acknowledged that he was not the best cast mate when he was younger. What’s interesting is he seems incapable of doing it.

I totally get what George is saying about prima donnas and it is okay to feel negatively about people’s behaviour, but maybe he should take a cue fŕom Leonard Nimoy.

I saw an interview with Nimoy the other day from about 20 yrs ago and he cut Shatner some slack – saying some were like immature kids back in the 60s, fighting to make it as an actor with hopes to become a star. He more or less dismissed his reprehensible behaviour and seemed quite at peace with all of his fellow cast members.

I thought it was a good way for any of us to look back at people in our past.

Leonard Nimoy was not just a fabulous actor; he was also a fabulous human being. But he’s rare.

Trek Movie, I love most of what you do. But I think it might be time to stop “reporting” on this “feud.” Let it rest.

I agree with you there. It’s like a bully big brother. If you ignore the antics, they’ll probably go away.

Ignoring sounds like a great strategy here!

My thoughts exactly.

These are clickbait stories, so they’ll likely continue, unfortunately.

Let it go, George. Shatner helped make you a lot of money, dude.

Really, this should just not be reported any longer. It’s boring, it’s frustrating, it’s bitchy, no matter whose side one is on. Time for this tired sniping to be buried, though to be frank it seems to be Takei who just cannot let it go. A pity he cannot find it in his heart to forgive and to move on…

I think Takei is funny in interviews, and he’s a good writer, too. But let’s be honest about this. He’s probably the weakest actor of the original seven. There’s a reason Sulu had so little to do back then–he had a weak delivery compared to the other six. Shatner, on the other hand, was dynamic as heck on the screen. And that’s why HE had a lot to do. It’s clear Takei resented him for this, just as it’s clear Shatner was too egocentric and pissed off his castmates. But it was nearly six decades ago. It’s time for both of them to move on.

Takei, Koenig, Barret, Nichols, and Doohan were all supporting cast. There wasn’t anything there where any of these actors got to show off their skills.

Nah, Doohan had some meat in several eps.

Doohan had a LOT to do–he was basically the fourth star, even though he wasn’t in the opening credits. And Koenig had more to do than either Takei or Nichols.

Chekov was TOS’s Wesley Crusher. None of the supporting cast really got fleshed out until the feature films came along.

Doohan did a lot for the content after TOS like numerous voices in The Animated Series and creating the Klingon and Vulcan languages for The Motion Picture.

Scotty showed some grit here and there…..when he wasn’t being portrayed as a skirt chasing alcoholic. I know the writing for TOS is fondly remembered through rose colored glasses, but the reality for the supporting cast is that most of their lines were interchangeable.

I thought Takei did a great job, the few times he was given anything to do. I found him a much stronger actor than Koenig or Barrett.

For Barrett, I’d agree. She wasn’t a very good actor, even though she was a sweet person. But she wasn’t one of the seven cast members I was referring to. She was just a recurring side character. As for Koenig, I respectfully disagree–I think Chekov has always been a lot more fun than Sulu, largely due to Koenig’s approach to the character. But tastes differ, and that’s fine.

Rewatching both TOS and the TOS cast movies right now and it’s so noticeable how little Takei was given to do compared to Walter Koenig. It’s pretty clear they had a lot more faith in Koenig’s ability. George should practise a little more humility.

There is so much to admire about George. He has quite the life story, and his success is something to be celebrated. I didn’t think he was a weak actor at all, he just wasn’t given much to do. Reading his story, seeing his public persona now.. it makes me appreciate just how good of an actor he is. The man has some very valid, pent up anger and pain, and I just hope he can get some help with it.

I’d argue that Koenig was the weakest of the lot, but Takei wasn’t far behind. But then, it’s hard to tell when every line is some variation on “aye” or “aye, sir.”

Well, this post has had the desired effect….

Miller light? You clearly had a few… but take another on me my friend! USA is moving up in the World Cup!

As someone pointed out, you never heard stories like this from cast members of his other two major shows, “Boston Legal” and “TJ Hooker” (Which came at the point Shatner was finally out of the rut of guest spots and movies of the week…STII had finished production was due to be released a month and a half after the “TJ Hooker” started.) Heck, I don’t recall Doug McClure every saying anything about Shatner as his co-star in the short lived “Barbary Coast” (13 shows), or any of his cast members from “For The People” (13 shows)

Does it seem the issues only stem from STAR TREK in general – perhaps starting with Nimoy being more popular, Shatner gets over-protected and insecure…the still air of friction between the cast during the films and him (The press-launch of STV, he couldn’t remember Walter’s name! THEY made peace a few years ago…Footage is on YouTube!)

Remember, back in the 70’s when Star Trek became a thing, Takei, et al. were much more available for conventions and began to be treated as stars, rather than the non-essential supporting players they were. I mean, Takei missed a big chunk of second season episodes and the series didn’t suffer for it.

George, please let it go.

Ugh. I like a George and I’m not a huge fan of Shatner as a person but I’m so tired of this septuagenarian and nonagenarian arguing about pettiness that happened 11 years before I was born and well over half a century ago.

Focus on both your very shrinking present lives and the minimal time you both have left.

“Eleven year before I was born”

While I think it would be good for Takei to make peace with Shatner, the “it happened before I was born” seems odd. Should things that happened before a particular person was born be Ignored? (Rhetorical)

So Shakespeare and other great literature? And really interesting historical period such Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt, Middle Ages? All happened before, to use an example, generation z was born.

He keeps going on and on and on about this.

Hey George, GROW THE F UP!

Lost a bit of respect for Takei after his recent remarks dissing Shatner’s space flight. That was immature and uncalled for and he came across as the envious kid on the playground. What would have been amazing was if he rather congratulated Shatner, or said something positive, or even better – just said nothing at all.

No, you were right the first time. Takei should have offered Shatner his sincere (if terse) congratulations and left it at that. That tack might have come across as appropriately decent and aspirational, rather than just simply petty.

Man Takei get over it – It’s SIX DECADES away now – (if there’s anything to forgive) FORGIVE shatner!!!

Anyone else sick of George playing the victim from stuff that supposedly happened 56 years ago? If the idiot was so mad at Shatner then why did he come back and play in six movies? Oh yeah, the money. Get over it, George.

Oh myyy. Its George Takaaai

It would have been great if Takei would have appeared on Raw Nerve. Shatner has tried to get to the bottom of this angst Takei has had for years, Shatner has even apologized publicly many times– sorry George, if I did something during our acting job that hurt you– something like that. I mean it was a job, that produced a wonderful show that had character, great stories with human statements, etc. Captain Kirk was played perfectly by William Shatner. Takei is jealous, angry, and sorta clownish.
Did any of you see the Raw Nerve episode with Walter Koenig — they talk about the wedding list, and how Walter was surprised to be “playing” a part in the ceremony–along with more entertaining subject matter on this public sick psychiatric display. Look at the Shatner Roast — Takei is so angry, he hates William Shatner to the point of mental instability — boy I’d hate to be on his shit list.

One was the star of the show. The other a bit player who was in about 60% of the episodes.

Bill had an ego, ok.

But George needs to remember that his character wasn’t really that important to the show so he and many of the other supporting characters are pretty lucky to have managed to makes millions of the show. Just give it up and get over it.

Both are at fault. Shatner may have started all this but Takei just won’t let it go and forgive him. I’m sure if the both of them sat down together and just made peace then they would both feel better for it. So would the fans who are forever trapped in the middle. Time to end this before it’s too late.

I’m really sick of Mr. Takei going on about this all the time. Move on already. It’s over. One more word from him about this and I’m burning the framed autograph. lol

Lol. “I’m not going to talk about him.”
Proceeds to insult him.

I’m not defending either of them, though. They are *both* cantankerous.
It would be better if they could somehow find ways to mend the fence. But it’s also good popcorn fodder.

…the popcorn in question here is getting extremely stale, imo.

As a gay man I can say this, Takei is an old and tired jaded gay man. Enough is enough. Move on. Shatner was the STAR and Takei was a supporting character. Get over it, it’s been over fifty years!

…aaanyway, that’s cool to know Allegiance is getting a London run.

It’s sad but I honestly don’t think George is a mentally healthy person. He is filled with such vitriol and hatred. As others have said, first, he was a supporting character. Wasn’t one of the big three. Period. Sure, I’m willing to bet Shatner was a giant prick to work with but this guy is just consumed with this. Watch the Shatner roast. There was George’s chance and you could see it there. And that was what like 15-16 years ago. You’ve been getting it off your chest for decades and still can’t get past it.

Its too bad. I think when he started mouthing off 20 plus years ago, I kind of felt bad for him and could see his and the others points. But. EVERY. SINGLE. OPPORTUNITY. he gets, he just gets so petty and nasty. Even this time around… “I won’t say anything but…” and there he goes. 

This even carries outside of Star Trek. He’s said some pretty off-color stuff about people/topics that weren’t Bill Shatner. And at this point, it’s impossible to take him seriously about anything. Even when you hear him make what might be a valid point on a topic or person, you can’t help but think about his never ending tantrum about Shatner. 

Dude, you’re an 85 year old man. Grow up. Give it up. And if someone tries to bait you into saying something about Shatner, learn to take the high road and just say “I have no comment, thank you”. 

Takei just sounds bitter. He needs to move on. This is very “un-Trek” like.

Hey, let me start a NEW rumor here. Shatner and Takei made up a long time ago, and they’ve agreed to diss each other in public so as to get media attention for whatever project they’re promoting. :-)

Wouldn’t be suprised…..

I think it makes more sense than the idea that two such prominent men would still be rehashing this, fifty-some years later.

Ugh. Boring old queen. Who whines about someone they worked with occasionally off and on over a period that spanned just 3 years… and was 60 years ago? It’s like complaining about kids you didn’t like in first grade as an adult. Just sad. As a gay guy who came out at 15 years old in the 90s, this guy being closeted until just like 15 years ago always bothered me. He waited until very late in life to come out after everyone else worked to make it safe when he could have made a difference earlier by coming out. He clung to the vain concept that it would hurt his small career that really only ever consisted of one part. I see him as a coward and ungrateful. Shatner made Trek in those days and it’s those coattails he’s riding on decades later. And to make it worse, when the writers made Cho’s Sulu gay and married to a man, he publicly attacked the forward-thinking move in the press. Really?! I do not respect him for these choices.

I’ll never tell a person who has been traumatized when it’s time to “get over it”, but we all know what happened and I think the name calling is excessive. This response was so close to being ok and then quickly crashed and burned. It’s beneath George to respond this way.

I just hate that this is even still a thing. They are all icons in my mind, but this has always just made me sad, the way they both carry on. We’ve lost so many of the ones who valued kindness and class over petty bickering. I’m so glad that we have the other casts, especially the TNG cast, who really seem to have become a family. I feel like they helped the other casts to do the same. For the most part, all of the other casts genuinely seem to LIKE each other, and that is a very encouraging thought. If there were spats over the years, they all seem to have come to a point where they got over it.
I just wish one of them would be the bigger person and just stop. I think we can all give up on anything friendly… but just STOP already. Set the example.

It is written in the ancient texts. Only two shall remain. Battling each other to the last.. and beyond..

Takei is such a whining, pathetic, selfish, insignificant little loser who lashes out at anyone he perceives as getting in the way of his career. While his tirades towards Shatner are well documented, I remember him also being angry at Walter Koenig back in the day because he got Takei’s lines in Trouble With Tribbles when Takei was away filming Green Berets. He’s the last one who should be talking about camaraderie.

Takei was and always will be a second rate actor who never carried anything he was in. At the end of the day, Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley were the stars who carried Trek and everybody else was a supporting character. Too bad his ego won’t let him accept that simple fact. Shatner even gave him some scenes in Final Frontier but of course he never talks about that since it would not fit his narrative.

If Takei had an ounce of integrity (and he doesn’t) he should have simply walked away from Trek if Shatner’s antics bothered him that much. But of course he needed the paycheck, meekly went along for the ride and only started complaining once the gravy train had pulled into the station for the last time. Just sad all around.

Takei did have a few nice scenes in V (‘Sulu take out that light’.. ‘Actually its my first attempt..’) Certainly no worse than the previous films where he was given almost nothing to do bar ‘Tiny’ in III and the chopper scene in IV . and obviously we know he lost the great grandfather scene, and also the Excelsior scene in II (the latter due to Shatner according to Takei but it was most likely due to it being abit extraneous). And I love shatners alleged response when Takei was telling him he was finally going to be a captain of his own ship ‘why would you want that when all the action takes place on the Enterprise?’ lol (he actually had a point as in VI although it has Takei’s biggest scenes of the movie series he is out of the picture for most of it, but obviously he had a great part in the opening and the end. And it could’ve led to his own series)

if anything he should still be fuming at Walter as he read the script for II and knew Chekov wasn’t around in SpaceSeed but decided to keep shtum lest it get rewritten for Sulu!

Let it go George.

Waaaa. Oh my. Waaaa

It’s been fifty plus years now, George needs to let it go.

What is the point of bringing all this up over and over, centering it, reporting on it? I don’t care which of these catty old men is moaning about the other at this point. Shatner has his issues, Takei does too… Shatner was hard to work with and puts his foot in it every other week, Takei is mean spirited and a jerk sometimes. Both of them have shown their whole butts (metaphorically) and both have shown some good qualities as well. I guess because they’re “human beings” or something.
And geeze they’re both grownups, why are we constantly ending up the judge and jury in their childish little tiff? Grow up and stop entertaining it.

This is how it actually went down. Both had left the studio on the way home. Both had been shopping – but the exit was into a dark alley and predictably they collided. Upon proper light One accused the other of having a bigger sack which also happened to be dark blue – go figure? 🙄

Like so many have already said, these guys need to let it go. And by that same measure, news media, you really ought to let it go, too. I mean, I appreciate all the other work you entertainment journalists do by bringing us news from inside the industry, but when it comes to things like this, come on, this is clickbait stuff.

I just wonder why a play about an ugly period in US history has to go on tour abroad, but I guess that’s been par for the course for a long time. Countries like to have another country to look down on; at the very least it keeps them from looking at themselves.

The cynic in me also wonders whether liberal hero FDR comes in for any criticism here, and whether the Niihau incident is mentioned.

The world stage is big enough for all countries and ideas. But I agree FDR doesn’t get enough criticism for that particular chapter of American history.

You seem to be creating some false dichotomies here. The play is about his experience in the internment camps, not a historical deconstruction of the politics of the day.

Ah, personal. I suspected that. That’s a bit different. Of course, these days everything is political.

Takei, a terrible actor, seems to need Shatner to generate drama. After decades of this nonsense, I’ve had enough.

George has turned into a petty, bitter old man. At least that’s the impression he leaves. Just stop doing interviews.

So here’s some irony – Takei jumped at the chance to be on Shatner’s roast. A show all about William Shatner, and William Shatner had full approval to deny anyone from being on that show.

Meanwhile, Shatner is all about doing as much work as possible, but was he at the Takei roast? Nope. Think that was Takei not allowing him to be there, or was that Shatner saying no?

Good point. I’m sure Shatner wasn’t asked or said no. Because if he was asked and declined you would have heard George whining about it by now.. Another slight…

No idea. How much do the guests at those roasts get paid? If it was whatever the industry minimum is, then Shatner said no. If there’s one thing everyone understands, Shatner gets paid what Shatner wants. I looked him up a while back for speaking engagements, he gets six figures to come out and talk for an hour.