Watch Playmates Stop-Motion Star Trek: TNG/Wrath Of Khan Crossover Featuring John De Lancie As Q

In 2022, Playmates Toys returned to the Star Trek franchise with the release of their first wave of 5-inch Star Trek figures. Now the company has created a short stop-motion movie featuring figures from the first wave along with guest star John de Lancie as Q.

Stop-motion Playmates

What if Star Trek figures became self-aware? Find out what happens in this short film from Playmates.

The first wave of Playmates 5-inch Star Trek figures includes Picard, Data, Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Kirk, Spock, and Khan from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and Saru and Burnham from Star Trek: Discovery.  For more details you can check out the TrekMovie review. They are all in stock now at Amazon, discounted to $12.99 each.

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Well it looks good. However, it’s not funny and doesn’t really make any sense.

So it’s just like kids playing with toys.

This reminds me of the video “Star Trek The Toy Generation: The Wrath of Khan” that I made 9 years ago on YouTube using the Enterprise-D bridge playset TNG multiple action figures and Khan.

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This is canon.

The return of the Nexus?!

They sure are taking their time to show us anything new.

Yikes. Watching this clip reminded me the first Star Wars Holiday Special.


They made a lego version

there can be only one

Nice to see the old Playmates bridge getting a second life. They should reproduce it with a few modifications to fix the few things wrong with it. Maybe make the screen a slot to hold an iPhone and include an App to display different screens. The color palette of the LCARS was also wrong. The Shuttlecraft Goddard colors were better.

Man, those Playmates figures look bad

The figures are fine, its the video clip. :D

they look slightly better than the original iterations

I picked up the TOS movie figs at Walmart earlier in the month; Kirk and Spock look fine enough. Khan is a little rough, but not a showstopper.

John de Lancie, what a great guy. I think he could do solid, entertaining work as a pitchman for a major national brand. I hope his agent is representing him adequately.

The Return of Joe Izuzu…

he’s clearly phoning it in – I don’t think he was even given a script lol – but it’s hard not to love the guy

Action figures are one of my least favourite types of merchandising. I love ship models, phasers and tricorders, communicators and patches (!!!), soundtracks, art books, audiobooks, but I never opened an action figure collection. But if you are into it, this feels fine…

Ok, finally we have Kirk on the bridge of the Enterprise-D like Generations should have been!

seeing Shatner in the Wrath of Khan uniform on the Ent D bridge taking the center seat (calling back to the opening on the Ent B) barking orders to Riker, Data, Worf and Troi as they try to take down the BoP (callback to the previous movie) wouldve been sooo sweet and all kinds of right

Hell to the yes!

turning the book “Federation” into the hand-off film would also have been worthwhile

These figures have no waist swivel. It’s weird they are missing such a basic action figure point of articulation. Other than that they are ok. Not on Hasbro level, though.

A new TNG bridge set would be nice. Does not have to be fully enclosed, maybe just 3/4 around.

Well, I guess if my kid made that, I’d be impressed and in awe of how far amateur cameras and stop-motion software has come. But, this is a real ad? I mean was De Lance not paid much for Picard season 3?

He’s not in it, so no, probably not.