See The USS Resolute In A Desperate Chase In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Resurgence’ #4

This week IDW releases the penultimate issue for their comic mini-series tied to the upcoming narrative adventure game Star Trek: Resurgence, coming to PC and consoles in April. The game is set in the 24th century following Star Trek: Nemesis onboard the USS Resolute. IDW’s five-issue prequel series (also titled Star Trek: Resurgence) introduces the ship and the game’s main characters, along with some backstory for the game. The miniseries is written by lead game writers Andrew Grant and Dan Martin with art by Josh Hood (Avatar: The Next Shadow).

We have a five-page preview and the covers for the fourth issue which arrives tomorrow.

Star Trek: Resurgence #4 (of 5)


The chase is on! With the Talarians hot on their tail, the Resolute crew has set course for Federation space in a desperate race against time. But with the dilithium refining process keeping the Resolute at impulse power, Solano is faced with two options: spend time reinstalling the old dilithium matrix or finish the refining process and use Dr. Brahms’ new experimental matrix. Don’t miss out on the penultimate lead into the Star Trek: Resurgence game!


Cover A by Josh Hood

Cover B by Gavin Smith

RI cover by Angel Hernandez

Five-page preview: 

Resurgence continues on Wednesday

Star Trek: Resurgence #4 is available starting February 14. You can order and pre-order individual copies from the 5-issue series at TFAW or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

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I really appreciaed this Comic Prelog. But the other side of the coin is what we call Spoilers

So even without the Game out, we know about some Bad Guy named Hektar and that perhaps this Ship XO Betrayed the Crew

But well, let’s see and yes. i am also waiting for the Release of this Game, but in Germany with original English Voicelines if possible. But i bet here many will say “Ich will es aber auf Deutsch!” (I want this in German!). But i am one of these “original English cast Voice with German Subtitles” Fan Corner

So we have Lore appearing in the comics, and he’s also on Picard. We have Leah Brahms appearing in the comics, and we have Geordi’s daughter on Picard. I ber a thousand quatloos that one legacy character definitely returning for Picard is Leah Brahms.

Comixology is not long for this world.