‘Star Trek: Picard’ 2-Part Series Finale Will Be Shown In Select IMAX Theaters

The third and final season of Star Trek: Picard is going out in style with a special theatrical screening of the final two episodes (9 and 10). The special finale event will be held in ten IMAX theaters across the USA on Wednesday, April 19, ahead of the release of episode 10 on Paramount+ on Thursday, April 20. The IMAX event will also include a Q&A with members of the cast and executive producers.

Free tickets available Wednesday (4/12)

The exclusive screening event will take place at 10 participating IMAX theaters in Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Orlando, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Dallas. Tickets are free, but limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

There will be a special final season poster giveaway and complimentary concessions for fans in attendance.

Tickets to the screenings are free and fans can sign up and register at startrekpicardfinalescreenings.com on Wednesday, April 12, at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET.

[NOTE: This link will return “NO SCREENINGS IN YOUR AREA” ahead of the official time.]

Live Q&A

The Los Angeles audience will also be able to take part in a live Q&A following the screening with stars Patrick Stewart, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, Jeri Ryan, and executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Terry Matalas.

The Q&A will be broadcast live to all other theaters.

Giving fans a chance to see the series finale on the big screen has been a dream of showrunner Terry Matalas, who directed episodes 9 and 10.

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I don’t understand the reason behind limiting this to just 10 cities. The closest option to me is to drive 4 hours away. The next closest is almost 7 hours away.

What’s preventing them from including more major markets? Or at least 1 theater per state? Or just streaming the whole thing online?

My closest is Dallas which is like about a day’s drive for me.

3 1/2 hours for me.

7 hours for me.

Perhaps like in some Idol Industry:

Manager: “If you can fill X Cinemas with Fans in 10 Cities, then i will green light something!”
Producer: “Hold my Beer!”

You know, they want it the old way. Streaming? Is just child play stuff!!


My guess is this deal came about quickly, and they didn’t have a ton of options. Just a guess, but perhaps the overwhelming mass-audience response (ie: more than just Trekkies, as it was getting mainstream attention on news networks, etc) prompted them to explore the option after the season started.

IMAX is not a normal format – so they don’t have a lot of choices for screening venues. Maybe that’s why.

Thre are multiple IMAX screens in Minneapolis / St. Paul, but the closest showing is in Chicago (6 hours away).

I would imagine the cost is the overriding factor.

So you have an IMAX-equipped theater in your small town?

You laugh, but the worlds biggest IMAX screen is in a town of 48.000 People in Leonberg, Germany..

Cool! Seeing David Hasselhoff that that large a screen must be awesome for them. ;-)

it’s a complimentary, special event in IMAX so not an overwhelming expense for Paramount but not practical to offer it in dozens of theaters.

Again its a FREE event. You can’t expect them to offer it everywhere and would get pretty costly if you’re doing it in every major city or even state. And my guess is there is probably only so many theaters IMAX is willing to give up for something like this.

In fact I’m trying to think if there has ever been a free IMAX event like this, ever, and I’m coming up with nothing. Maybe someone else has one.

That’s it, it didn’t need to be a free event!

Agreed. Closest to me is Phoenix, which is a 12 hour drive. I have a friend from DC who just moved to Colorado, he’s probably kicking himself right now 😜

It’s a promotional event, the tickets are free. Paramount still has to pay for the venue, regardless.

You can’t just cancel shows of movies willy-nilly. If an IMAX theatre is showing Mario Bros., for example, the studio — Universal, in this case — who made that movie isn’t going to just allow theatres to cancel shows of it so they can instead show something from Paramount instead. Whatever deal Paramount struck with IMAX for this must had been limited out of necessity because the bulk of IMAX’s screens are tied up.

Exactly. I don’t think people recognize the tremendous pull Paramount had to do just to get these ten theaters and especially when they are basically paying for all of it out of pocket. It’s on a late night weekday so that probably helps in terms of being able to secure those screens. But I highly doubt they could get that many, especially in the bigger cities when a movie like Super Mario Bros is killing it at the B.O. and playing on IMAX now.

Man considering Houston is the fourth largest city in the US, too bad there is no screening there too. Haha that is more than a little self serving since I will just happen be in Houston on the 19th haha!
Good luck to Tiger2 and the rest of you who have the good fortune of having a screening in your city!

Yeah, I live in Houston. Don’t understand not having a showing here. Don’t feel like driving 4 hours to Dallas just for this.

It’s possible that some of those locations are already booked for other events locally, or there were other complications. My gut says this was a late-breaking deal with IMAX. I can’t imagine them not WANTING a Houston showing. Maybe Abbott nixed it because Star Trek is too woke.

I am surprised that Boston, Houston, Denver, and Miami aren’t on that list. Las Vegas, too, given its outsized role in big events.

Especially Denver, as I know they have a great IMAX theater (as in have been to it a plethora of times).

I actually got tickets DeanH! :)

But sadly, with my schedule that day and the way things are set up, I don’t think I’ll be able to go (which I already doubted). I was hoping you could reserve seats or something but unfortunately it’s not the case.

I have two tickets and if you were in my city I would happily take you man. The other one is for my girlfriend but she’s only going because she loves me that much lol. So I would’ve loved to share it with a real Trekkie instead! But as said, I doubt I can go now.

But for others here who got a ticket, congratulations and give us a trip report! :)

I live near DC so I’ll try to get tickets. I’m not holding my breath though.

Good luck, I wonder if it will be at the Smithsonian NASM. That would be an awesome place to see the finale!

That would be cool, and we could see the original Enterprise while we’re there. I’m guessing it will be in a regular iMax theatre though.

Just be careful. The fine print on the site indicates having a ticket is not a guarantee of admission.

It sounds like the event organizers might have a fundamental misunderstanding of how tickets work then. I’ll do my best, but I suspect tickets will sell out pretty quickly.

We’ve seen issues with counterfeiting at major events so it’s possible that there are additional measures that have been introduced to confirm the legitimacy of tickets and that failure to provide whatever corroborating information is required might result in admission being declined.

LOL, dude, this is not quite like a Taylor Swift or Adele event.

No, my friend, there are not going to be guys riding kid-size bikes in the parking lot who come up to you and whisper, “do you need a ticket, $100.” Lol

So now we know what kind of music you listen to.

Guilty on Adele. Not so much on Swift.


Well, I do have to say…for the past hour or so, the site has returned either “Bad Gateway” messages, or simply hung indefinitely when loading — both of which imply overwhelmed servers and massive demand for tickets.

People who get “free tickets” do not show up, so there is likely a science behind the number of extra tickets they re going offer.

Yeah, in most cases. In this case, get there early, because I don’t think their usual metrics will apply — people will show up.

I saw that. Seriously, what does this mean?

It means the’re going to oversell the tickets, because at some of the people who get them are not going to make it. If however, everyone shows, then the overage ticket holders are out of luck. Kind of analogous to a hotel reservation. Unless you pay for a room up front, in full, the hotel isn’t obligated to provide one (and maybe not even then).

the long awaited 5th TNG film ‘Star Trek: Picard’

(as much a Trek XIV as we ever likely to get)..

Adore that photo of them all!

Yeah such a warm feeling to see them all together like that! :)

Yes, they really undoubtedly love their leather jacket :)

I showed this to my wife, and she’s ‘sure, go ahead’.
Honey, you broke your ankle in three spots Saturday, it’s really not a good idea right now….
She’s a keeper. And yeah, I’ll be taking care of her.

“Sure honey, break a leg” ;-)

What a frustratingly small amount of markets…

So covering half the U.S. population in a event they have pulled together quickly is not enough?

Nope, 10 imax theaters, not even close.

The show has been in the can for over a year, they easily could have expanded. There are plenty of companies that could make this a national event. 10 cities, laughable.

My point was that if you add up the population on all of the Metro regions where a theater is showing it, that’s a geographic footprint that covers over 40% of the US population (so approaching half, like I said) in terms of someone being able to drive/commute 90 min or less to see it in that theater in their region, assuming they get a ticket, obviously.

Quick, somebody call the waaaambulance.


I spit my drink out with this one…

Again, this is a promotional event, they aren’t selling tickets. Paramount doesn’t have that kinda money, to be booking IMAX theatres everywhere.

So there are lights on the set after all…

Maybe at the very least, they can do another special event at more theaters later this spring, perhaps to bridge gap until the SNW S2 Premiere. Agreed, atleast 1 city per State! Bare minimum, open it up to something like Fathom Events, I’d hate to pay when these other markets are getting the extra attention, but I’d still probably go just to see it on the Big Screen-enjoy the rewatch with lots of other Fans!

Wish it were coming to this side of the pond (London, UK). I’d love to go.

I know there have been growing pains with CBSAA and P+ is far from perfect, but great job on promoting the finale and to do this free of charge – they should be commended on pulling this together last minute. I am pretty sure last minute IMAX venue availability and logistical and resource limitations were an issue, so not a surprise that it is being done in a limited number of theaters.
I joked around about Houston earlier (since I will be there for some of next week), but bottom line is this is a pretty cool promotion. Good luck to those with the good fortune of being in one of the ten cities – I expect they will be a hard tickets to get, like playoff seats or a great concert – and especially since they are complimentary.

Yeah it’s amazing. I mean it was already crazy when they showed the first two episodes in the Chinese Theater and invited a ton of fans and even YouTubers for the event too.

And definitely good luck to all the people who get to go. It really does sound like it will be worth it based on everything people have been saying about the final two episodes.

Absolutely! Even the existence of events like this at least makes me feel more valued as a fan.

I think this is a great step forward in Paramount’s leaning into the franchise.

The big premiere in Hollywood and the lower key preview in NYC also seem to suggest a new stance.

I’m wondering if the IMAX locations are at theatres that are owned by Paramount Global through National Amusements. If so, it’s good business for both the franchise and the theatres. It could also explain why it’s only being offered within the US.

Anyway, I hope this is a signal of better and more horizontal brand management. Now if only the licensing could be less of a ‘day late and dollar short.’

No Toronto area? You gotta be kidding me. It would sell out here.

It sounds like it’s just limited to the US in general. It would probably sell anywhere that Trek is popular in. Especially when it’s free lol.

It looks like many of these are in museums or other public institutions.

Certainly, since the IMAX technology originated here in Canada, there are quite a few theatres, any many in public venues.

The original IMAX at Cinesphere at Ontario Place would have been a great location, especially given production in Ontario of other Trek shows.

It seems like cross-border distribution might have been more challenging to negotiate though.

Hopefully, they can sort it out in future for other major Trek releases.

They aren’t selling tickets, it’s a promotional event.

Is it just me…. But nowhere on any of the posters or promotional materials does it show what time the screening starts!

I’m lucky enough to be in one of those cities and will attend regardless…. Would just be nice to know if I need to change my work schedule, etc…

I was all set to do this until I noticed “Due to theater capacity a ticket does not guarantee admission to the event.” That probably means that they’re overbooking to ensure a packed theater.

If you get a ticket, plan to arrive early!

Since they are giving out tickets for free there’s a good chance some people will sign up but never show up. So some overbooking probably makes sense. Just how much is the big question.

I agree. But I think they could do something a little differently and give out the appropriate amount of tickets but make it clear if you’re not checked in 30 minutes before show time you won’t get a seat and have a standby line to fill those seats if others want to take a chance and show up without a ticket. That’s very common for stuff like this.

But yeah plenty of people get free tickets and not show up. And if it’s earlier in the day, it will increase that factor higher.

Meh even if I was in a city where there was a screening, just waiting one more day is cheaper and more of a guarantee. Even if the tickets are free, transportation sure isn’t.

Jesus, dude, if I knew you I’d give you $5 for gas. And another dude here is worried about scalpers selling tickets to this? Really?

People, this is not the equivalent of like to going to an NFL game or a Taylor Swift concert…this is small potatoes in terms of major events. LOL — we need some perspective

I only get 80 dollars a month. 25 of that goes to subscriptions. The rest usually gets spent on food or whatever else I need that month. Occasionally I’ll get myself something like a model ship if I find one I want at a price I can afford. So for me personally it’s cheaper to wait that one more day. Don’t need to buy gas if I stay at home.

Got it! Sorry about that. If we were in the same town, I’d pick you up and take you there with me.

But also some perspective: it’s a Star Trek episode that is literally available on P+ the next day. Presumably you already pay for P+. There’s really NOTHING special about this screening, and personally I have zero interest.

Not saying it’s stupid by any stretch, if you live near one and want to go, by all means, it’s a cool thing they’re doing. But I don’t get the bitterness from those who can’t go to it. It’s literally just a fun little perk, nothing more.

Well said. BTW, I went to TMP-new version screening in LA last year — that was extremely cool.

Now, the DS9 Doc premiere event for us major donors at Paramount Studies a couple years back — that truly was a once in a lifetime event.

I apologize if I came across as bitter. But I already pay 10 dollars before tax for P+ and that’s barely three gallons of gas here in Little Rock. So if it was in Little Rock somehow (lmao) I would still just wait and watch it the next day.

No worries.

No need to apologize. There’s a LOT of angry people out there right now. If it brings you solace, 99% of viewers will watch it at the same time as you, in the same place, and seeing it on the big screen won’t make it a better episode!

Wait, we’re all meeting at Gritizens’ place? ;-)

Thank you, I half wish I was in LA. It’s a lot nicer than Little Rock.

Can’t wait to stumble across episode 10 spoilers before it’s been properly released. It’s one thing to give established youtubers advanced episodes but quite another to let the general public see it early.

Saying that, I do like the idea and wished they had more screenings but would have preferred it be on the Friday or at least Thursday.

These IMAX screens are pre-booked months in advance and while their contracts probably allow for flex scheduling at the end of a run, it wouldn’t at the beginning, and Thursday evenings seem like the new normal time when it comes to new releases.

Hmm, do I want to be seen crying in public?

You’ll be in good company. No worries!

I’m going to the LA one if I can get a ticket. If I see a certain cat there, I am “accidentally” going to spill my extra large Coke on him…lol

What did Spot do

Lol. He’ll be the dude who when asked a simple yes of no question, will take 10 minutes to answer the question like he’s reading a middle school essay out loud, and then you’ll be left completely confused as to what the hell he’s saying. ;-)

I’m sure you two would get along great in person, come on!

That’s the funny thing — in person, and after a couple of post-movie brewskies, we’d probably be laughing up our history on this site. In person, like at conventions, I have never issues like what has happened here. Good post!

Well sure, it’s easy to misunderstand people’s intent from a post written in a few minutes. No body language, intonation… Some have a rather caustic sense of humour that can come accross as rude or obnoxious when they’re really trying to be funny. But in your case your stunning blue eyes and soft velvety voice would charm anyone I’m sure.

I just knew you had a man-crush on me!

You wish. I’m a happily married man, sorry to disappoint!

Same here, my friend.

This is pretty crazy! And it’s what Robert Burnett has been pushing for the idea that the last two episodes needed to be shown in theaters, he’s that impressed with them. And he basically got his wish. Obviously it’s limited but it’s only so much you can do in such a short amount of time. The fact its free is the real surprise lol. You would think they charge $5 or something just to cover the cost of putting it on at least.

No matter how you feel about Paramount and its handling of some of the new shows, you have to give them major credit they have marketed this season better than any of the other shows before. They see and understand it’s a big deal to the fandom and probably doing very well in terms of views to justify it.

I suspect that there will be an announcement of some sort at the screening.

Honestly I didn’t think about that until now. But yes, it would be amazing they announced a spin off was coming based on how successful (well obviously lol) this season has been, certainly in terms of fan response.

That said, I won’t over think it too much. Everyone was expecting some earth shattering news a few days ago this week for First Contact day and got complete bumpkus. But if they were to announce something, this would be time to do it with the entire cast along with Matalas and Kurtzman all together. They certainly know they’ll be getting questions about it. ;)

No doubt! And they’d better have answers!

Definitely no doubt! In fact I hope people bring signs lol.

Wow that is cool. Who is Robert Burnett – is he a Trek insider/reviewer?
Are you going to try and attend the screening? If so, good luck. With such limited availability, it sounds like it will probably be like getting playoff tickets or sold out concert seats.

Would love to go but I don’t think I could even if I got a ticket.

As for Burnett, he’s a long time Trek fan who had some ties with the franchise making the documentaries for the TNG Blue Rays and made the movie Free Enterprise with William Shatner. Never seen it but heard good things. He’s actually not a fan of the newer stuff and, like many of us, hated the first two seasons of this show.

But he was also one of the first people who watched the season last year and has been a big gusher of it ever since. He also has a YouTube channel where he talks up a lot of movies and shows, which naturally includes Star Trek and where he talked a lot about the season.

I always bring him up because he was really the main proprietor discussing the season before anyone else saw it and really got so many of us, including me, more excited about it. He’s had Matalas and other people involved with the season on his show multiple times now. And he’s been pushing the idea of the last two episodes being shown in theaters for months, so it did sound like the final two were going to be huge. Funny thing is he doubted Paramount would ever do it and yet here we are lol. But I think he’s happy to be proven wrong on this one. ;)

He really wanted it to be a mass audience thing of course, but he said that would be impossible given how distribution works in America and the enormous time and money that would have to be put in.

Burnette was the real deal back in the 90s; his copy in SciFi Universe magazine was insightful as well as very funny. But from what I can tell, his output in recent decades is decidedly suspect; shoot, he even got involved with AXANAR for awhile, which for me calls into question his ethics, given Alec Peters’ vile business practices and general behavior.

I found out a few months ago he was involved in Axanar. But the way he rants about it and the other people making it sounds like he didn’t exactly approve of how they handled things and why he left. What’s crazy is they are still trying to make that thing happen lol.

By tomorrow afternoon you can expect tickets to be available on Stubhub and other secondary market sites for $1000 and up. This is going to be like Adele, Taylor Swift, Hamilton and the Super Bowl. And the airports in these cities are going to be a mess the morning of the 19th, and you can forget about finding a hotel room within 30 min of the theater.

Hilarious! Perspective! It’s one showing in one theater in each of 10 cities. That’s what, 500 people max? The comedy club I’m going to on Thursday has twice that many seats.

It will have practically zero effect on hotels or airports, which handle thousands (for EACH hotel) and tens of thousands (for airports) each day. The average sports game sells tens of thousands of tickets per day. When the Red Sox play the Yankees in Boston and sell over 30,000 tickets, you can easily find a hotel room, and it’s barely a blip at the airports.

Also, if you think that thousands of people are flying around the country on a week’s notice for a screening of a TV show that will be available to stream later that night you’re crazy!

Star Trek is nothing like the level of Adele, Taylor Swift, Hamilton or (hilariously!) the Super Bowl!

Sarcasm flies higher than the Concorde over some folks’ heads.

Yeah, but it’s so awesome when someone takes it serious and gets all worked up about it…lol

He’s one of the guys who tried to steal Star Trek from Paramount. Oh, and he’s partially responsible for the fine Agent Cody Banks films. :/

As one who lives in Los Angeles, may I be the first to ask: where?!?!?! Even if we ignore the lIeMAX/minIMAX locations, we still have a few real IMAXs scattered throughout. Include the lIeMAX/minIMAX locations and now we’re up to 20 possible locations.

The IMAX webpage isn’t much help either for the listings on the 19th.

That will probably all be listed once the tickets goes up. I imagine it will be at an AMC somewhere since those seem to carry the most IMAX’s, definitely in L.A.

Actually would be amazing if it was held at the Chinese theater like the premiere was and it’s officially an IMAX theater too. Now THAT would be cool! :)

It would be awesome if it’s at the IMAX HQ theater in Playa Vista (north of LAX). They frequently have free advance screenings of major movies there — I went to a free one that I got a ticket for on Collider.

Honestly though, I don’t get why this is being shown at IMAX theaters — both the format and the VFX/digital are well below IMAX specs? I just hope that it doesn’t look washed out because of that?

Looks like I was right, they are all AMC IMAX theaters. I managed to get passes for an AMC here in L.A..

So The Grove.

Guess I’ll be watching it over two weeks on my TV. That’s ok.

Yeah the Grove. A place I been to literally twice in my life. Never been to the theater but it looks nice.

Wait… now it’s showing me a listing for City Walk?

Man, people weren’t kidding, that website sucks.

EDIT: Never mind. The website really sucks, I click on Picard and it gives me the City Walk listing for Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.

My give up.

LOL,yeah it’s awful. And I would’ve preferred City Walk actually. I been to that one tons of times.

And I read on another site that some people were able to get more than one set of tickets. All they had to do was just use another email address.

Damn, Denver isn’t included. I’d be there in a heart beat if it was.

I live in NYC and went to the SNW and Picard screenings and I think I’m going to skip. The energy of the Star Trek fans is very fun, however I found the fan reactions so boisterous that at times I often couldn’t hear what was going on.

No Toronto?
For all those who get to go?

Paramount has hacked off millions of people with the decision to limit this airing so much. Was it really necessary to keep this very important event to 10 cities? I understand that cast and crew members would be limited to a certain number of cities, but what about letting iMAX theaters around the country air this at the same time? I don’t get it. It’s a very elitist move, and it will be remembered.

It looks like they are running it in non-profit IMAX’s in museums etc.

Not in for-profit AMCs.

They likely got all the willing ones on board. So kind of the opposite of elitism in my view.

Wish they had been able to get it across the border to Canada where IMAX a was created, particularly to Cinescape at Ontario Place where the very first IMAX was installed. But my best wishes to all that get to go.

Is this /s?

You do realize everyone will still be able to watch the show. And once again, it’s free. You can’t expect them to do this everywhere. It’s limited for a reason.

Talk about a first world problem. You don’t get to see a TV show on a big screen a day early. What a travesty.

Me and the missus are simply going to sit in front of the 65″ (with all the trimmings…)

So happy for those that can go. Love this show so much.

Is there a list of the participating theaters?

I wonder if they could later air the two episodes together as a movie event on streaming. Like the old style 2-hour season finales back in the day.

This tells me this season is doing super well and Paramount knows this. It’s probably been pulled together last minute hence the small number of locations.
(Sorry, the barriers between adult me and excited kid me briefly broke down) :D

You forgot to list Chicago as one of the locations!

Those last two episodes had better be much, much better than ep 8, which was the weakest to date.

Just wanted to warn everyone. Someone who has access to a screener copy of Episode 9 has posted screenshots(i have seen them and they are very spoilery) on Reddit and various other sites like Twitter etc… So for anyone who cares not to have the next episode spoiled on them be careful what websites/social media apps you visit.

Thanks for the heads up!

Very, very disappointing to see, because there’s some real mind-blowers this episode. And to this point I had been so impressed by the restraint of those with screeners. Sigh.

They couldn’t wait TWO DAYS?

I saw the title for one image pop up from the main startrek subreddit that has a 1/4 million subscribers.

Most of those Trek subs don’t have spoiler policies so anything is fair game it seems.

Went through and unsubscribed to all the possibly related subs to avoid these popping up my feed. It’s not likely enough.

There are other hobbies and shows that I like to discuss over there that don’t have the equivalents of TrekMovie or our group of regulars here. Oh well.

Hey look – another opportunity to say “F*ck you” to our international audience. Woo

Come on. Just watch it on streaming like the rest of us.

Seriously, people making such a big deal out of this. It literally doesn’t matter. Even if they totally botched the website, whatever. Look at how everyone is acting like an angry, entitled weirdo.

I just don’t get any negativity about this!

These screenings create a chance for Paramount and the creative team to celebrate, and create social media with genuine fans who want to alert more fans about this season – and get more subscribers, which will create… more Star Trek!

Even tho I have had issues with Discovery, I hope they go out the same way…

Minutes before 10am PT and link won’t work anymore. Gateway timed out. Great.

Website crashed 3 minutes before the start time. Can’t get in.

Got to the page, then crashed again after put in zip code. Now can’t get back in.

Now I can get in, but tells me no screenings no matter what zip code I put in.

Finally got to a valid screening, but crashed when I hit “get passes.”

Got past this, but made me sign up for a fubo account, and crashed during the sign up process.

Now when I get to the passes, it tells me to sign up for the waitlist, but crashes again. But question – why is there a waitlist? Are people that scored free tickets going to tell them they’re not going to go? Are they going to open additional theaters in my area due to demand? What gives. makes no sense, and fobo is a horrible website.

I have to agree with all of this. Pretty much the same thing happened to me. I was finally able to get to the point where I was able to score tickets, and then the damned thing made me sign up for a Fobo account, which took so long that by the time I was able to create it, the tickets had disappeared and I was waitlisted.

It’s a waitlist because for people who have tickets, they can also cancel them. It says right on the ticket page if you know you’re not going, then to cancel for others to take your place.

But what are the odds many will actually do that if they’re not going? Yeah, probably not many lol.

Trying to get a ticket. The site has crashed on my end.

Site crashed at 1pm EST – total fail

Yep, crashed

Predictably, this site crashed. Hundreds of thousands of people trying to get a relative handful of tickets with no prioritization whatsoever? Who’da think it?

Maybe they would have been better off using Ticketmaster – that worked so well for Taylor Swift!


Ionic Interference LOL

Crap site…I keep trying. Trekmovie, you should think twice about promoting this business again.


I finally got in and it showed me an Atlanta theater after I had put in a LA zip code? WTF?

I’m hung up on needing to sign into the damn gofobo account. Maddening.

I got it to load, but says no screenings in Phoenix.

I finally got in, now it say waitlist only for LA. This is the worst ticket site I have ever used.

Even if you get to the ticket page you have to login, which goes back to a 504. Then if you get back, you’re logged out again

Dude, now when I hit the waitlist button for the LA Grove theater, the site bombs again…lol


Not surprised.

Trekmovie — you are promoting a site that we give personal info to that is not recommended by the BBB — not to mention that site is a joke and doesn’t work correctly with some modest trek fandom demand. (One can only imagine the fan uproar if this were a Marvel or SW event?)

Showing the finale in selected theaters everywhere, could be a huge success. The whole season with no intro/recap/credits.
May be less than two Lord of the Rings movies.

Site update at 1:41 EST – got to the “get passes” page – and ultimately after being asked to create an account the site asks for a cc number – beware – then kicked out again


Had two tickets … and site crashed. Epic fail.

What sham. And waste of time.

Never again. I’d rather read twenty term-paper length posts from a certain cat here then waste this hour again…lol

It took forever but it finally worked. I was stuck on create account for ages, but then tried again after it claimed I couldn’t, using the password from account create and it finally went through.

52 minutes past the hour, finally scored a pass. Yikes.

Next terror: gambling on how early to show up to actually get a seat, since it’s not guaranteed!

Wait really? They give you a pass and you get there and you may not even get a seat? wtf?

ANyone get on? I tried at10am 4/12 just error each time