New Roddenberry Site Offers Virtual USS Enterprise Bridge Tours, Including Ships From ‘Star Trek: Picard’

Roddenberry Entertainment has been working with technology company OTOY on “The Roddenberry Archive” for the last few years with the goal of creating a digital archive of the work of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. The initial focus of this project has been virtual recreations of Star Trek ships bearing the name USS Enterprise, and they have just launched a brand-new portal where you can tour the iconic bridges.

Tour the Enterprises

The new free web portal includes many iterations of bridges for ships named Enterprise across Star Trek history. You can tour the different ships via a timeline and expand into each bridge for a 360-degree tour. In some cases, bridge details include working turbo lifts and consoles.

Roddenberry Archive Enterprise portal

The portal includes the new USS Enterprise-F and USS Enterprise-G from Star Trek: Picard.

Enterprise-F bridge

A visit to Veridian III

Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard did an update on Star Trek history, adding to the events of the movie Star Trek: Generations. This includes the saucer of the Enterprise-D being recovered from Veridian III and restored by Geordi La Forge at the Starfleet Museum. The new virtual tour reflects this update to Trek history.

Recovery of the Enterprise-D

This includes a short video showing the recovery and a certain Vulcan visiting the grave of James T. Kirk on Veridian III.

Mini documentaries

The Roddenberry Archive is a collaboration that involves a number of key figures in Star Trek history who helped build these iconic ships, including Denise and Michael Okuda, Doug Drexler, Daren Dochterman, and now Picard production designer Dave Blass. They are also getting help from Picard showrunner Terry Matalas, Star Trek star William Shatner, and Q himself, John de Lancie.

This introductory video narrated by de Lancie gives you a brief history of the USS Enterprise.

Another new video released today focuses on the USS Enterprise-D, with a history of the bridge design and details about the reconstruction for Star Trek: Picard.

They also released a preview of their extended interview with William Shatner.

For more about the Roddenberry Archive, see the Deadline report about today’s announcement and visit the new web portal at

Find more Star Trek history at TrekMovie.

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Here’s hoping we get the Rodenberry-Archive Vol 2 Blu-Ray then.

yes, please

The post Star Trek Generations video was very cool.

it was but also didn’t make much sense. Why would Spock have any memory of the Enterprise’s destruction over Genesis, and why would he be reflecting on that in TMP era? Weird. Technically awesome but weird

Spock probably didn’t see the Enterprise destroyed, but Kirk did. Could a Vulcan mindmeld with a dead human? Doubtful. He could with a resurrected one, though. Hmm.

Anyway, these videos do have a weird scattered memory vibe. It will be interesting to see what comes next.

Maybe because his Katra was in McCoy.

Oh, good point.

Exactly. Spock’s body did not witness anything but his Katra aka soul did via McCoy

Spock didn’t witness the destruction of the Enterprise but McCoy did. And they had a pretty in depth mind melt katra sharing session going on at Vulcan

Awesome they brought back Leonard Nimoy digitally. These, along with Yeoman Colt, would make great Short Treks.

As I understand it, that’s not a digital Nimoy, it’s an actor made to look like him with makeup and so forth. Whatever they did, it looks amazing.

It was an actor, then they put Nimoy’s face on it digitally. It’s not the actor’s face.

According to their website, it was makeup and prosthetics. There’s BTS pics you can find there.

Following the rabbit hole of Lawrence Selleck, that is one hell of an amazing transformation. I’m nearly speechless.

Yeah, if someone looks THAT much like Nimoy — dude, you’re Nimoy. :D

Lol, sure it’s not. Dude, trust your eyes and don’t overthink this.

There was a lot about this awhile back, the guy’s resemblance is amazing in b-t-s imagery. I think there was some digital sweetening that actually soured the look, because the imagery as I recall had a CG feel, whereas the guy just being shot looked like the real deal.


What has Colt?

Showing the sets of the Cage.

Someone from the original pilot and Yeoman Rand’s predecessor.

No, I knew who Colt is; I just wondered how she came up here.

Big shout out to the team who created the makeup and prosthetics for Spock. They’ve done amazing work.

TOS bridge, so sweet. Movie era bridge, awesome. Star Trek IV bridge, sooo good!! Colors, displays, function. Star Trek V/VI – probably the best (not sure why I like the white color scheme in IV). SNW best bridge ever?
But TNG, Ent D,E,F… suddenly space is at a premium and they make no sense, walls of non function and/or stations way off that no one can communicate with the Captain. No wonder they need chairs for the shrink on the bridge after that. The TNG, I now think it would be soo funny if the carpet lit on fire, that’s got to happen in Lower Decks.
The only thing on the F I like is those consoles getting some heads up displays, I guess that might work to make these far off stations useful and able to communicate with the Captain. Anyone shocked Shelby got phasered from the front as opposed to someone just walking in the door and shooting her in the back? All that wasted space with no function.
Someone give the G a new bridge.
Cool video with Spock. Though in the one scene where he recalls the Enterprise falling through the Genesis Planet atmosphere, pretty sure he should be wearing the red monster maroons (the best Trek uniforms!).

The various bridges we never saw- from Star Trek Is, Planet of the Titans, Phase II- all look really cool.

It would be cool if some of these came into canon.

In fact, with the 32nd century drawing in more mid-70s Space 1999 design language, some of these might work better there.



Roddenberry or paramount should buy the “stage 9” called simulation/recreation of the entire enterprise d interrior which was shut down by cbs years ago. Such a huge shame, this had so much potential and looked sooo accurate and photorealistic!

I think at least one developer from Stage 9 is working with Roddenberry on this project.

So when I met Shatner on the TOS bridge set recreation in Ticonderoga, NY for his 90th birthday celebration, I brought along my little 360 camera so that I could capture VR video of the legendary captain back in his chair. He and his PR team were so fascinated by the camera, and I implored them to consider doing a 360/VR production with Shatner while he’s still around, as a way to sort of immortalize the experience for future generations, since we really are on the cusp of creatunig truly immersive virtual worlds, but Shatner may not be around for much longer. I wonder if in some way my conversation with them was the spark for this project, because I really think it’s important work – future generations, I believe, will think of 2D video the same way we think of old, silent film. But with the leaps and bounds being taken by AI, not only will they be able to recreate the sets in some future virtual environment, but probably recreate the movies too as an interactive experience where you’re literally there. I am hoping I live to see the day when I can join Kirk and co as a member of the bridge on any one of their greatest adventures :)

I think this has been in development for quite awhile. One of the companies involved, Light Field Labs, was apparently already on the fringe of this project when I interviewed with them early in the pandemic, nearly three years back.
Correction: it has been in the works much longer, see this old trekmovie story:

Where is the season 2 TNG bridge and the versions from Yesterdays Enterprise, Parallels, All Good Things and Generations?

Hasten to add what was done is incredible to be sure!

There are definitely a few omissions to address.

Academy-award nominated production designer Tamara Deverell is responsible for the 1701 bridge as it appeared in Discovery S2, but the narration credits Jonathan Lee for both the Discovery and SNW versions.

Lee is responsible solely for the tweaked SNW version after the set was moved to a new, permanent soundstage.

Deverell made the effort to recreate the paint and plastic colours of the original, getting input from the 1701 recreation in NY state.

Really rather shabby omission given she’s the only woman head production designer in the history of the franchise.

I would expect the Official Archive to ensure these kinds of citations to be accurate.

Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll make sure it’s addressed on the website!

Thanks for your response.

I hope the voiceover on the video can be corrected though.

Deverell did the kind of deep dive work to recover the colours of the original, and deserves the same kind of acknowledgement that’s being given for the reproduction of the Enterprise D bridge.

This is documented in many articles from 2019. It raises genuine questions about blindspots and biases in the archive. Perhaps a featurette documenting the creation of the new 1701 bridge would address this.

See for example this from SyFy

Heh, these things take time, you know? Eventually, we plan on having all in there ;)

In the meantime, your video is out getting tens and hundreds of thousands of views falsely telling people that every major Trek production designer was male.

Don’t you see how a correction on a website and we’ll get to it when we get to it is not an adequate or appropriate correction for the kind of error that never should have happened?

It’s weird that they have complete bridges for seemingly small variations of some of the bridges, but the Enterprise D’s biggest changes, from Generations, aren’t represented.

That Generations short with Spock showing could use as post-credits or part of special features for a Generations Blu-Ray release.

Yeah that is incredible.

love the 360 bridge views, only wish they’d retconned the obvious CRT monitors on some of the sets

Considering they are working from a historic perspective, they should be faithful to the original.

If they were CRTs on set, then they’re CRTs. Same with the TNG consoles having visible screws. We’re recreating them as they were built. :)

Holy smokes. This is a lot of content. This is all shockingly amazing work.

I could enjoy this a lot more if they didn’t have to kill Stage 9 and other similar projects for it that I was frankly a lot more excited about

Not only is this not responsible for what happened to Stage 9, but also now several Stage 9 devs (including myself) are working on this full time!

Same. I was so excited about Stage 9. I kept up with it’s development since it started and couldn’t wait until it was complete just for it to dumped.

Hey what is 765874 ?!? I don’t suppose it could be a secret code to more of the Spock / Regeneration story. I want more!!

Her service number was 765874.”

Looks like a high-end “fan-film” coming down the Pike soon. Pun intended.

Oooohhh exciting. I don’t get why they didn’t have Colt in SNW honestly, or at least a cameo and then have her transfer. I mean she was in the Cage!
Wow, good catch on Colt’s service #. Guess I am not the TOS fan I thought I was to not have considered that!

This all looks amazing. Spock on Veridian III wow! CGI has come so far today seeing the saucer section. And that Spock was on the mark.

But I truly love that video discussing the history of TNG and the E-D. It’s crazy a week ago I was watching that ship and bridge in live action again on an IMAX screen. Never thought we would see it again, much less in that format. TNG and the Enterprise D has been my home ship for 30 years now and I have to thank Terry Matalas and everyone responsible for bringing it back to all us fans! This is the happiest I been as a Trek fan in decades.

Thank you again.

Well said! 👍

It still doesn’t feel real they found a way to bring the D back in canon. It’s really surreal and definitely have Matalas to thank for it.

That scene with Spock was beautifully heartbreaking

This is the icing and the cake.

The Enterprise-G (aka Titan-A aka Stargazer) bridge set looks great when you can actually see it with the light on! I hope that if Legacy is green-lit, they turn the lights up on that bridge!

While the SNW bridge set is fun, it seems too busy.

Amazing. Wonderfully executed. All of the videos.
(Although wonder why they would envision raising the D’s saucer with cables and not tractor beams, but whatever)

All very cool. I hope one day we get something in VR that’s as good or better than the Stage 9 recreation of the Enterprise D was. It’s such fun to be able to virtually tour those familiar sets. It was a great bonus feature to some of the old games too like Elite Force and The Fallen.


OTOY and Spock make-up BTS –

I hope this portal is made available for vr headsets soon.

I’m really happy to see so much attention given to my favorite ship in the franchisee lately. The Enterprise D will probably always be my favorite although I love the E and A as well.

love all the content being created. hoping they add the generations enterprise-d refit bridge

This is awesome! But, bummed to not see the Defiant. I hope they can add other ships!

I can not find any Enterprise bridge archive on any on the links. Is it down?I can not find any Enterprise bridge archive on any on the links. Is it down?

Same here — it’s nowhere to be found :(