Roddenberry Archive Expands With Virtual Tours Of Deep Space 9 Station And The USS Discovery

Building off the recent release for Apple Vision Pro, the Roddenberry Archive has released the first big expansion just in time for First Contact Day. Working with Paramount and technology partner OTOY, The Archive virtual experience has added interiors for the bridge of the USS Discovery and the promenade from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The expansion also includes the IKS Amar from Star Trek: The Motion Picture and more.

Tour DS9 with Armin

The original release for The Roddenberry Archive includes ship and space station interiors, including USS Enterprises from Star Trek: The Orignal Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the 2009 Star Trek feature film. It’s now time for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to join with a recreation of the promenade set originally constructed on Stage 17 on the Paramount lot.

DS9 Promenade from Roddenberry Archive (OTOY)

You can preview the experience with a new mini-documentary narrated by Deep Space Nine’s Armin Shimerman (Quark) walking you through the iconic promenade set.

Discovery bridge

The Roddenberry Archive is also celebrating the release of season 5 of Star Trek: Discovery with a virtual bridge of the USS Discovery. Here is a preview…

TMP Klingon cruiser and more

The Roddenberry Archive is also adding over a half-dozen new iconic Star Trek 3D ship models from every era of the franchise including the I.K.S. Amar from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. You can see a preview below…

The Archive now also includes a Romulan Bird-of-Prey, Khan’s S.S. Botany Bay, Orbital Drydock and Space Office Complex from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Regula I from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and Spacedock One – from Star Trek III: The Search For Spock.

The IKSA Amar in the Roddenberry Archive (OTOY)

The Roddenberry Archive’s newest release is available at For a limited time, the complete experience is available for free on both the web and Apple Vision Pro. Later this year, OTOY and Paramount will offer users unlimited viewing time and a-la-carte access to all current and future immersive Star Trek 3D experiences released through The Archive.

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I would like very much for the app to be made available on Apple TV, with the ability to navigate it using a game console controller connected via bluetooth. I am glad the archive exists though, and look forward to it’s expansion. Even more so for the short films OTOY has produced so far.

Thanks for the feedback! We are definitely considering doing exactly this for an Apple TV port, as there is no web browser. If we were to do it, it would likely be based on our Vision Pro App, which already supports console controller input and is leveraging a lot of same ATV UX framework shared between VisionOS and TvOS.

This just looks incredible! That show really did feel so different from everything else at the time. It even took me awhile to adjust to it back then but absolutely love it now. It really does represent some of the best of the golden age of Star Trek. I still really miss that era.

Lol I was originally in the same boat when I started watching Trek back in the 90s. I originally thought I would never watch it because it just felt too different and darker from the others.

But When I finally gave it a chance literally years later I fell in love with and have rewatched the about 5 times now. I only done that a few times with TNG and VOY, my other two favorites.

And I agree I miss it too but that’s what the rewatches are for lol. And I like NuTrek more these days but mostly because shows like SNW, Picard season 3 and LDS basically feels like the 90 shows again even if still not as good IMO and certainly nowhere close to DS9. I’m not sure if we’ll ever get something that amazing again.

Yes for me DS9 was harder to get into in its first season but by season 2 I began warming up to it. It wasn’t trying to be more TOS or TNG and while that soured a lot of people on it in the beginning it’s what makes it such a standout today.

It’s not my favorite show but it’s still one of my favorites by far. But I truly love all the shows from TOS-ENT. They all truly embrace what Star Trek is and had people who made it understood it

Amen sister…Amen! 😎🖖

In the past, the closest thing we ever got to this officially were the Elite Force and The Fallen games where you could explore Voyager/Enterprise E and DS9 to a decent extent a few times.

Daniel Brainbox on Youtube has some amazing Voyager ones, and people have toiled on impressive Enterprise D renders too.

Has anyone played DS9: Harbinger? … Kinda reminds me of it :-D

Also: I didn’t know, Quarks Bar actually had a third level

Yeah, I really enjoyed that game back when it came out. I keep meaning to give it another play.

It did, but was rarely seen on screen

Looking at the graphic of DS9 from the YouTube video, it is difficult to imagine how there would be a third level. Rewatching the series, I have heard of this level only once. Mind you, I am in the middle of the second season so it could have been mentioned in another episode I haven’t gotten to.

Watching it now! It’s so impressive and learned quite a few things. DS9 isn’t just my favorite show, the very first model I ever brought was this station.

I’m so glad to see this being done. I hope Voyager and the NX-01 comes next!

Their Bridges are available.

I know the NX-01 is but is Voyager as well? I thought it was only the Enterprise bridges. I’ll go have a look though.

Voyager used to be on there. Not sure since the revamp.

Ok thank you. I can’t remember it at all but will try to find it.

Wow I agree with others this is amazing. I love DS9 so much, it’s my second favorite show after TNG. It deserves this kind of love and attention for sure.

I wanna roam the ENTIRE Enterprise D!!!!

This is a quibble. It is constantly implied in the line up of ships and stations that the first motion picture occurred in 2271. The motion picture had to occur after this year for Kirk’s five-year mission ended in 2270 (VOY’s “Q2”). At the earliest, the first motion picture was in 2273 and no later than 2278 {TNG’s “Cause and Effect”).

Will ask the Okudas!