‘Star Trek: Picard’ And ‘Lower Decks’ Nominated For 8 Hollywood Critics Association Awards

The third seasons of Star Trek: Picard and Lower Decks got a big boost today with the announcement of 8 nominations from the Hollywood Critics Association. Picard picked up 7 including nominations for Patrick Stewart, Jeri Ryan, Brent Spiner, Michelle Forbes, and Terry Matalas. This recognition could be a good sign that the Trek shows may also be recognized by the Television Academy, with Emmy nominations set to be announced on Wednesday.

Hollywood critics recognize Picard

Today the Hollywood Critics Association announced nominees for their 3rd Annual HCA TV Awards. The HCA breaks up their categories into cable & broadcast and streaming, with Picard dominating across the streaming drama categories with a total of seven nominations. This includes a nomination for Best Streaming Drama Series, the same category Strange New Worlds was nominated for in 2022. This year Picard is going up against 1923, Andor, Bad Sisters, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton StoryThe BoysThe CrownThe DiplomatThe Handmaid’s Tale, and The Mandalorian.

Picard star Sir Patrick Stewart was nominated for Best Actor in a Streaming Drama Series and the competition includes Lower Decks star Jack Quaid (nominated for The Boys). He is also facing off with Antony Starr (The Boys), Diego Luna (Andor), Dominic West (The Crown), Harrison Ford (1923), Logan Lerman (Hunters), and Penn Badgley (You).

Brent Spiner was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Streaming Drama Series and Jeri Ryan was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Streaming Drama Series. Spiner’s competition is Bradley Whitford (The Handmaid’s Tale), Chace Crawford (The Boys), Edi Gathegi (For All Mankind), Ismael Cruz Córdova (The Lord of the Rings), Jensen Ackles (The Boys), Jonathan Pryce (The Crown), Max Minghella (The Handmaid’s Tale), Rufus Sewell (The Diplomat), and Stellan Skarsgård (Andor).

Jeri Ryan is nominated along with Ann Dowd (The Handmaid’s Tale), Anne-Marie Duff (Bad Sisters), Elizabeth Debicki (The Crown), Emily Swallow (The Mandalorian), Eve Hewson (Bad Sisters), Genevieve O’Reilly (Andor), Lesley Manville (The Crown), Sarah Desjardins (The Night Agent), and Yvonne Strahovski (The Handmaid’s Tale).

Michelle Forbes is nominated for Best Guest Actress in a Drama Series for the Picard episode “Imposters.” She’s going up against, Aya Cash (The Boys), [Prodigy voice actress] Ella Purnell (Yellowjackets), Gwendoline Christie (The Sandman), Lizzo (The Mandalorian), Mckenna Grace (The Handmaids Tale), Melanie Lynskey (The Last of Us), Regina Taylor (CSI: Vegas), Tamara Clatterbuck (Will Trent), and Vanessa Kirby (The Crown).

Picard season 3 showrunner Terry Matalas picked nominations for Best Writing in a Streaming Drama Series and for Best Directing in a Streaming Drama Series, both for the season finale “The Last Generation.” For the writing award, Matalas is facing Taylor Sheridan (1923),  Tony Gilroy (Andor), Carla Banks Waddles & Daniela Gaj (Bel-Air),  Logan Ritchey & David Reed (The Boys), and Peter Morgan (The Crown).

And for directing, Matalas faces Ben Richardson (1923), Benjamin Caron (Andor), Nelson Cragg (The Boys), Alex Graves (The Diplomat), and Lee Isaac Chung (The Mandalorian).

Lower Decks nominated again

For the second year in a row, Star Trek: Lower Decks was nominated for Best Streaming Animated Series Or TV Movie for its third season. The animated Trek is going up against Attack on Titan, My Hero AcademiaCentral Park, Animaniacs, and Harley Quinn.

Due to the ongoing WGA strike and the SAG/AFTRA strike looming, winners of the 2023 HCA TV Awards will not be presented on the previously announced dates of August 12th and August 13th. The presentation of the HCA TV Awards Winners is TBD.

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Wow this is such wonderful news to hear! :)

I admit, I don’t really care about what Trek show gets nominated or wins anything but of course it’s nice to see their work acknowledged. And I’m really happy to see Picard season 3 get so many acting noms and especially see Matalas up for directing and writing. He definitely deserves it for putting the season together. And is this the first time Picard is nominated for best show? This season has really made an impact on every level that matters. Win or lose this also helps the push for the Legacy show!

And always great to see Lower Decks being nominated. So fingers crossed for two great shows.

EDIT: I see SNW was up for this award last year. Did it win anything?

Totally agree with all of this. I was ready for Picard to be done after season 2 but Matalas did the impossible and turned a bad show into a watchable one. Someone should’ve put him in charge of Discovery but that would probably feel more like a punishment than a reward. 🤪

And you’re right, this is another positive for the Legacy show! So much great potential.

It’s always great to see Trek get supported and I think win or lose, everyone on Picard should be proud of what they accomplished. They hit every major barometer out there: Critical and fan hit, making it into the top 10 Nielsen charts several times, attracted a new and younger audience and now nominated for best show along with acting, writing and directing nods. All of this is a dream for any show.

Matalas is probably beaming over this! It’s well earned.

I got a chuckle out of Michelle Forbes and Vanessa Kirby both being nominated for best guest actress.

Ever since I saw her portray Princess Margaret in THE CROWN, Vanessa Kirby was my headcanon choice to portray Ro Laren in a (hypothetical) TNG reboot.

I hope one of these two wins, but I’ll root for Michelle Forbes!

Yeah I love Vanessa Kirby as well! She’s great in The Crown and excited to see her back in Mission Impossible 7 which we will be seeing in 3 hours and 25 minutes from now (but whose counting lol).

Of course my heart will always go to Star Trek and Forbes first but I certainly wouldn’t lose sleep if Kirby won it.

I loved having Forbes back as Ro and so happy ahe got nominated as well! 😀

But when are they going to stop putting out these non-starter spin off vanity projects and instead make star trek for the audience?

Legacy is there for the taking but instead we’re going to be given some teenage star trek academy show literally no one has any interest in beyond the production.

All that money down the toilet and they wonder why no one is subscribing.

Have some patience,

Strange New Worlds wasn’t announced until 14 months after season 2 of Discovery aired and it had active development in that time – all writing/development right now has been suspended due to the strike. The two projects that have been announced have been in development for some time already; Section 31 and Starfleet Academy.

All we know about Starfleet Academy is the name and a brief concept, there’s not much to go on to get people interested. The fact that some people keep loudly moaning online that it’s going to be “Star Trek 90210” just means there’s a whole bunch of middle-aged Trek fans with a 1990 reference point who that show probably isn’t being aimed at anyway.

Legacy needs some serious development work though because just a title existing isn’t actually enough to generate a TV show, and right now where we left off it’s just Captain Seven and the Ship of Nepo Babies. That’s all we got.

“The two projects that have been announced have been in development for some time already; Section 31 and Starfleet Academy.”

Exactly! I have mentioned this myself in the past, it took a looooong time to get these two projects off the ground (and S31 was once a show ;)) and they were both being developed as far back as 2018. And it took over a year between the end of Discovery season 2 and SNW to be announced as you mentioned.

Picard ended in freaking April. I have no doubt a show will eventually happen but fans are impatient of course and wanted it yesterday. It just doesn’t work that way and they have to work out a lot of things out to make it a reality if it happens.

I can see Vanessa Kirby in a future Trek role. I think she can make a good vulcan. Why do we need to reboot TNG anyway, they could create a new character for her.

I would actually be against re-casting TNG; it was more a thought exercise than a serious proposal.

I do a head-canon casting of political figures in each presidential election, too!

I agree that Kirby does have a Vulcanesque visage.

Congratulations to the great Terry Matalas! I’m happy that Picard S3 has been getting the recognition it deserves. I’ve watched it about three times now and going for a fourth.

LOL I only watched twice so far…I have to catch up! ;)

Matalas was truly a miracle worker for this show. It’s great to see him and it being so recognized.

THe greatest thing about it was seeing his true comittment and passion for the project.

Matalas is a dye in the wool Trekkie. Every time he gave an interview about season 3 I hung on to every word. This was a passion project the way he pushed so hard to make it happen.

He wanted those characters and universe to feel as true to each other as they could. It’s not like overrated hacks like JJ Abrams who tried to turn Star Trek into a big videogame for sugar filled teenagers and had so little regard for the franchise he couldn’t even be bothered to get the nationality of one of Trek’s biggest iconic villains right…a villain most fans didn’t even want to see again. And then to add to insult crapped over TWOK with forced fan service that never remotely felt earned.

Matalas gets the props he does because he made sure to get the characters right first who have all grown and changed in the last 20 years while creating a story with an old adversary that connected personally to them all.

Season 3 of Picard felt like a show for actual adults with real drama, relationships and stakes. That’s why it succeeded.

I will say this, the Kelvin movies had a different mandate, they were trying to make Star Trek for the masses and people who generally shunned it off as too nerdy or ‘talkie’. Picard was meant to be more back to basics and grab the original fans whose been watching since the 60s up until now. And they didn’t have a $150 million budget so there wasn’t the stress to round up everybody and your grandma to watch it.

And Picard had plenty of action, it just wasn’t the focus until the last few episodes. But it’s also why Trek just does better on TV because it can be pure Trek. The movies has always had a harder time trying to please two different audiences and it’s probably only done that a few times successfully.

All that said, please keep Abrams far away from making anymore Trek. Produce, fine but not direct and certainly not write lol. At least get someone who genuinely want to get it right even if they never watched it much themselves.

Yes, it’s refreshing to watch something made for the star trek audience instead of non-starter vanity projects made by a random producer who has no idea what Star Trek is or how to add to it.

Well thankfully we are getting that more today. And I don’t have a problem they tried to make Trek for new audiences, it needs new people to survive in the future. But I think having just those movies at the time put off a lot of long term fans and there was really nothing else if they didn’t like them. Today we at least have more options even if we now have less than we did a year ago unfortunately.

Yes and for the record Kelvin did it’s job. I don’t think the Discovery era would have happened if Kelvin hadn’t re-ignited Trek. On paper there was nothing wrong with Kelvin per se. Its STID that wrecked everything in my book. Had they gone in a different direction with the second move I might have been totally cool with it.

I agree, it told people Star Trek was still viable and it could reach new people. It just didn’t really hit the big expectations they were probably hoping for ultimately and why new movie projects keep failing to get off the ground.

But as said, Trek always does better on TV. That’s its true home and always will be.

That’s all fair of course…but they were still bad and awful Star Trek.

Fair enough of course.

…after hearing of M. Coto’s passing and remembering fondly of M. Piller, it is gratifying to see Matalas being recognized. He ‘gets it ‘ like they did.

Completely agree. And I think Matalas gets it BECAUSE he was working with people like Coto by the end of Enterprise. And he was smart to bring back people like the Okudas and Doung Drexler and you really felt like you were back in that era. So hopefully we’ll get more in the future assuming Paramount+ doesn’t implode in the next two years lol.

I hope TPTB see that because we really need him now more than ever.

I challenge you during your fourth watching to take a break after episode seven, and then watch Return of the Jedi before you watch the final 3 eps. If you accept my challenge and do this, you are in for quite a shock that may change your opinion of how original and good the writing was.

You keep repeating the criticism that the second half of Picard S3 somehow parrots Return of the Jedi, but you don’t give any specifics. How about giving us some examples?

Beyond the Enterprise doing a lateral run alongside the Borg ship, I don’t see much similarity. And that kind of combat tactic isn’t exactly unique to Star Wars; TOP GUN 2 did something similar.

If your beef is that both are stories about long-lost fathers and sons, well, that’s a theme at least as old as Homer (see Odysseus and Telemachus). The father-son theme is deeply rooted in human culture and literature. One of my favorite novels is Naguib Mahfouz’ PALACE WALK; that too is all about Sayyid Ahmad and his sons.

To be sure, the second half of S3 had its faults, but I struggle to see how “it’s derivative of Star Wars” is one of them.

I’m not biting — I went through this with you point by point weeks ago and you refused to acknowledge and obvious analogies, so no, I see no need for us to repeat that back and forth where we will never agree on this.

Perhaps though for your reading enjoyment you might check out an big reddit thread titled:

Nice 40th anniversary tribute to Return of the Jedi in the Picard finale / TNG crew sendoff. :)

Additionally, you will find articles on this on the web, plus a youtube video that mashes the ROTJ score to the end of Picard S3.

This has become “a thing” that many have noticed. And it’s going to become an iconic joke as the years go by.

So sorry, dude, but this is not just me, and no, it’s not going to be going away.

Ok… So what? Lets say the entire “Enterprise attacks the Cube” was a complete riff of RoTJ? So what? I still say ST 2009 was ANH anyways. This is 21st century hollywood man, everyone copies everyone! A better word might be inpires. I get the Enterprise is not an X-wing or even the Millenium Falcun. But then again if that were an issue we might as well erase every space battle in DS9 too. But lest we forget, Star Trek came first and it is WIDELY known that SW was influenced by ST.

Cool – thanks. That’s all I’m looking for is for fans to admit it’s kind of obvious, and then for Terry to say at some point, “sure, the ROTJ inspired the ending of Picard.”.

And that would not be a negative. I just want to hear it from him, and if I see him in Vegas, I will be asking him in a polite and fun way.

I went through [the Star Wars analogy] with you point by point weeks ago and you refused to acknowledge and obvious analogies…

I don’t recall discussing this particular point with you, specifically, on Trekmovie. Forgive me if I’m mis-remembering; shockingly, Star Trek, as much as I like it, isn’t the entirety of my life.

On the Reddit thread you cited, I’d hardly call it “massive”; it’s all of seven posts. Setting that aside, the sole complaint (judging from a meme) is that the Enterprise-D did a lateral run alongside, or inside, the Borg cube, much as Luke did alongside the Death Star.

With all due respect, that’s quite small potatoes. For one thing, it was, even if a finale, still one scene in one episode out of ten. For another, I can think of any number of other Star Trek episodes that had similar scenes: “Relics” in TNG, most memorably, but also INSURRECTON and “The Pegasus” and “Zero Hour.” No doubt there are others; these are simply top-of-mind examples.

Of course, I don’t doubt that Star Wars — and really, it’s the original movie more than RETURN OF THE JEDI, but set that aside — inspired some of these kinds of special effects, both in Star Trek and other works, such as TOP GUN 2, which I mentioned above.

Still, a scene where “small vessels stage a lateral attack against a fortress” means that the entire production is a “blatant rip-off” of Star Wars is a wild exaggeration.

You might as well say that STARGATE is a “blatant rip-off’ of Star Trek because the former used the concept of “beaming” in later seasons. Or for that matter, you might as well say that HENRY V is a “blatant rip-off” of the Iliad because they both feature besieged fortresses. Few of Shakespeare’s plays were entirely original.

No serious literary scholar is ever going to claim that a work stands entirely alone. Even postmodernists who seek to deconstruct the canon will grudgingly concede that an understanding of Shakespeare is necessary to analyze works omitted from the canon.

Frankly, the *real* complaint ought to be that RETURN OF THE JEDI’s climax was a near-duplicate of that of STAR WARS, with Ewoks thrown in. There have really only been a couple of good Star Wars movies out of the many we’ve seen. Oddly enough, aside from A NEW HOPE, they mostly seem to be the second movie in each trilogy. But that’s another discussion.

You are ignoring the nearly identical themes of estranged father and son, in the death star/borg cube at the end, using special powers to overthrow the Emperor/Borg Queen, while simultaneously: (1) Lando/Data are piloting the D/Falcon into the center of the Borg Cube/Death Star and (2) the away missions with Seven/Solo is doing a critical away mission that also culminates in parallel in the final moments as well.

They freaking copied the entire plot, not just one thing. It’s the same freaking story, man. We can quibble over minor differences, sure, but it’s like 80% identical.


You are ignoring the nearly identical themes of estranged father and son, in the death star/borg cube at the end, using special powers to overthrow the Emperor/Borg Queen, while simultaneously: (1) Lando/Data are piloting the D/Falcon into the center of the Borg Cube/Death Star and (2) the away missions with Seven/Solo is doing a critical away mission that also culminates in parallel in the final moments as well.

They freaking copied the entire plot, not just one thing. It’s the same freaking story, man. We can quibble over minor differences, sure, but it’s like 80% identical.

Why do you keep trying to convince people who clearly like it, Not to like it? Wtf, relax. It has fans, like me.

Yep. He can’t come to terms it was a commercial and critical hit. He’ll probably never accept it. Sad.

I will say it right now: It was a commercial and critical hit! So please stop misstating my opinion as I have never said it wasn’t either since the season wrapped up.

I just don’t agree that it was good Star Trek. Good Space Opera with Zombies and a fan tribute to ROTJ, OK, I’ll buy that.

If you disagree with me on stuff, fine, but please don’t make up stuff and attribute false views to me. Because making shit up — that’s sad! :-)

Why do you find my post so threatening? And please read it again — what is there in my post that you object to me saying? All I did was to suggest watching something else and comparing it to Pic S3, and that they “may” change their mind. What’s your issue?

I recommend that you strive to be more confident in your own opinions and stop worrying about me. :-)


Terry is a fan of science fiction. And I’m sure a lot what made past films great were in his mind, but I don’t believe he ripped off Star Wars. I don’t know his process, but I do believe he had what was best for the characters in mind. Writers ask the audience to accept a certain number of “buy-ins.” Yes, he had the galaxy class ship fly like an X-wing, and that was a major buy-in to sell to us. However, we got character moments that we have been waiting for since Nemesis. The acting was superb and we got a real finale that is worthy of the talented cast. It was a celebration of this cast and everything we love about the old days. So, I can live with a highly maneuverable D and other buy-ins because he understands these characters and why we love them. He gets it.

You’re my hero Kevin because you’ve articulated it better than I could have done.

Lol, he partially agreed with me.

You are not my hero for making up things I never said and for claiming victory when it’s not there. Reminds me of a certain political figure. Lol

Good post — the funny thing is, if more fans like you, and Terry himself simply said that great ROTJ movie significantly influenced the end of Picard S3, I’d be fine with that.

But instead, I find it very irritating though is that so many fans are deliberately (in my opinion) burying their hands in the sand and insisting this is not the case. I commend you for at least acknowledging this — THANKS!

I mean, there is nothing wrong with Terry acknowledging this, like saying, “Return of the Jedi is one of my favorite movies, and sure, that ending with the deathstar, and the father-son dynamics coming together with special powers to take down the emperor, influenced my ending for Picard.”

Sure, I see some parallels with ROTJ. Im sure he pulled inspiration from many sources.

I don’t know if it was an influence or not. And if it was, I don’t know if it was a conscious idea or not. You’ll have to ask Terry.

Writers sometimes tell a story and end up with the same kind of story that others have already told and don’t realize it. Or subconsciously have others influence their creativity without realizing it.

Is Trelane the same thing as Q? Is TMP an extended telling of the Changeling? Did Davy Perez rip off Aliens in All those who wander? Did Asimov intend for Fahrenheit 451 to be about censorship?

So, I think he had many influences but for me, it doesn’t take away the emotional ending to this cast. I’m not taken out of the story. It was fun to recapture old school trek.


Great post!

It’s so refreshing to have somebody at least acknowledge and discuss this intelligently instead of getting all reactive and defensive and contemplating out loud that I’m a bitter an mean person in my personal life.

Thanks again!

Bro, I have also watched it 3 times now! 😂

Great minds and all of that.

I’ll probably do a fourth when this season of SNW is done. I’m doing my third run of season 3 of Lower Decks now. We’re getting a lot of great Trek these days.

I’m still watching LD S2 on Bluray but about to get to S3. I usually rewatch the seasons before the next comes out.

Me too. With Lower Decks I rewatch the entire show before every season starts. Its the only show in NuTrek I do it with. I planned to do it with Prodigy too but yeah. 🙄

And if you like season 2 you should love season 3 too.

I’m predicting one actual award for the well deserving Michelle Forbes, and that LDS continues its pathetic years long string of getting zero major awards. I also find it laughable that Stewart was nominated and that the writing for Pic S3 was nominated…lol, it makes me wonder how many of the voters even watched it?

The LDS zero major awards things going to become Drinking game material soon. McMahan should donate like $10K to the Saturn awards group just to force an award win for LDS to stop the embarrassment…Lol

Oh give it a rest. Your constant trolling and pathological hatred of LDS isn’t funny and it never will be. I’ve never seen anybody talk constantly about a show they profess to detest. It’s disturbing.

I would argue that my comments are certainly more funny and more entertaining than the series itself… And at least my comments don’t bastardize Star Trek as we know it, so I’ve got that going for me too! :-)

I have no issue though with you being either severely critical of my comments like you are here, or ignoring me. Either way, I’m just stating my opinion here and I’m having fun with it.

And it’s not like I’m the only person who’s repetitive ad nauseam here all the time — there’s a whole group of us who need therapy in that regard, including the “Abbott and Costello two dudes” who always agree with each other here. lol

And I’m serious about my predictions on the awards. And really the way those lesser awards work, McMahan donating some dollars to that Saturn group might actually get lower decks over the hump finally for a mid-level major award — it’s worth a shot given the show’s not getting any awards on its own merits, obviously

<< including the “Abbott and Costello two dudes” who always agree with each other here. lol>>

I feel this is aimed at me. Why do you keep obsessing over me man? It’s funny just today I was thinking it was time to end the silliness of not talking to you again because you haven’t been insulting me or focused on me in any way. And then I read this and have to SMH.

FYI, I get along with 90% of people here all the time, not just one other person here. Is that OK with you? Should I not be friendly and open with people here as I usually am? Yeah you will find like minded people online. I don’t get why you have to keep bringing it up? Again it’s obsessive and creepy.

You have been completely ignoring me for awhile now. I’m asking if you can do that without the insulting remarks and rude side comments when I have not remotely said a thing to you, not in passing, not in any way, correct?

But if this is NOT aimed at me, I will apologize. Some reason I feel it is.

Upper-decks just appears to be a pretty bitter person, and this venue is one of the outlets. Mad…all the time. Not our fault (or concern). Negative-negative. Just because everyone’s view of Trek doesn’t align, it’s a problem. Lots of wasted energy, there.

The irony is me and you have gotten along for years here, have not had a single disagreement and for some reason he doesn’t single us out and raze us over it? But I realize why now because me and the other guy are both happen to be ignoring him and that’s probably where the bitterness is coming from. I’m going to make this clear, I have NOTHING to do with whatever issues they have and it sounds like completely different issue anyway and on another site completely. I talk to the other poster like I talk to you, to discuss STAR TREK which I do 99.9% of the time. The fact II get along and agree with him (like I do practically everyone else here as this board shows) but bothers him so much he has to constantly bring it up in his posts is just beyond weird and obsessive.

He wants to dwell in the negativity all the time and feel bitter because people have the nerve to have different tastes than him, then have at it. Just leave me out of it PLEASE! I don’t care.

The rest of us just want to discuss Star Trek like rational people. Again, this board makes that obviously clear.

And there you go again, finding someone who is buying into your “piling on” against me…right on schedule.

Do I have provocative opinions that are sometimes negative? Yes, I plead guilty.

You know what I don’t do though. I don’t pretend like I am having a reasonable discussion when I’m really trying to push my weight around. That’s the difference between us, and that’s why I prefer that we don’t engage with each other, and would request that you stop talking to others about me given you had a tantrum several months ago when I did that.

Weirdo look around. Everyone else is just having a normal conversation. You’re the one bitter and telling people how to feel. I’m just discussing it with people like a sane person. I’m not the one fighting with anyone here, YOU ARE!!!! So leave me alone. You’re so weird.

Look dude, I’m at a much better place and having a lot more fun with less stress on this site since we stopped talking to each other. Just move on, stop addressing me directly or indirectly, I’ll keep doing likewise and we’ll be just fine. Thanks

Dude I am so sorry. I don’t know why I jumped to the conclusion you were trying to insult me or another poster since there are plenty of other guys here you could be talking about lol. But I think I’m the one in the wrong here and I shouldn’t attacked you, OK? I don’t know why I assumed you were talking about me at all. I overreacted. So wanted to clear that up and I shouldn’t have called you obsessive. To be fair to you you haven’t bothered me in ages and no idea why you would now?

Again, I hope you accept my apology and we can go on happily ignoring each other. ;)

Apology accepted. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

that’s why I prefer that we don’t engage with each other

I must say, you have a singular definition of “not engaging” with Tiger2, since I count at least three responses to him in this thread, even assuming the “Abbott and Costello” reference was to someone else.

I clearly said “prefer,” so I how is it that I am violating what I said here?

Are you talking about me? I feel like I’m missing something lol. Why is talking to people you agree with a bad thing?

Me and Amirami are best friends on Trekcre and here. Also get along well and we don’t always agree on everything either(but probably most). But we don’t get triggered and stalk someone because they have a different opinion.

I get along with others here too. Because it’s just entertainment we’re discussing.

But this is more proof it’s better to be on boards where you can just block people and go on with life. 😎

Well I assumed he was talking about you as well, but maybe not and he was inferring to someone else. I really don’t know or care man, I just want to talk about Star Trek lol. So maybe I’m completely off base on this which I can admit and it’s not about you at all. So sorry I insinuated and included you in my middle school spat, wasn’t trying to put you or anyone else in the middle. Just completely ignore it please. I shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

And yeah Amirami is awesome! :)

Ah no worries man. I was like how did I suddenly get involved in this??? 🤣

And I know you weren’t trying to put me in the middle. It’s hard to know what some people mean at times on message hoards.

This has actually been a fun thread to post in, so just focus on that. And all your energy should be focused on the Legacy show!!!

And yeah Amirami is awesome! 😁

Absolutely right. Shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions it had anything to do with you which it probably didn’t. Now I feel bad lol. And I will apologize to Upperdecks as well for making rash assumptions. Maybe it wasn’t about me at all either and I shouldn’t have jumped on him without asking him first, so that’s on me. I don’t like to feel this paranoid lol,I just want to completely be left alone, that’s all. Again I can admit I’m wrong and I probably am in this case. And he hasn’t bothered me in months so it doesn’t sense to do it now. So apologies Upperdecks, you don’t have to respond, just keep ignoring each other. ;)

And yeah, I should be putting my energy here on something positive like pushing for the Legacy show!!! And which I’m pretty convinced we’re getting anyway due to all the demand and huge success of Picard….assuming P+ doesn’t fold like UPN did in a few years. ;)

Well don’t beat yourself up too much you could still be right! 😁

But it’s always better to side with caution and give everyone the benefit of the doubt in cases like this. He probably wasn’t referring to anyone here specifically.

Wait…when did I become so reasonable??? 🤣🤣🤣


See what happens when you focus solely on putting positive energy out into the universe? 😀

LOL! It’s obvious you are a motivational speaker in real life!

Well I used to spew more negative energy in the past when NuTeek was just dire IMO and I wanted awful characters like Adolf to die horribly every episode she waa in lol.

Now I am feeling more upbeat about things these days even if we still have one last season of Discovery to stomach through. Still hate what happened to Prodigy though.

And if the worst thing someone is saying about me now is that I’m actually being too agreeable with others and can get along with cool posters like you and Amirami I’ll happily take it! 😁

That’s a far cry of the past insults I used to get from that guy believe me lol.

It just seemed like it was the usual snarky bitterness and negativity but as said it may not have been aimed at me at all but someone else entirely so I’m good now. And yeah maybe I was right but I will assume I wasn’t and just move on. And this also means I won’t have to worry about any possible side comments in the future from him because it would only prove I was actually right lol.

I just like talking to people I can have a rational conversation with and that’s with most people here fortunately. And very true, if that’s the worst ‘insult’ someone can give me, that I get along with others too well while always trying to be positive, then that’s not really an insult lol.

It’s time to leave the silliness behind and get back to discussing Star Trek! :)

Oh one last thing and then I’ll move on but I had to look up the names Abbot and Costello. 🤣

Maybe heard it before somewhere but had no idea who they were until now. Internet is always here to help! 👍

LOL that just shows what an oldies board this place really is…and sadly why I got the reference right away. ;)

But this actually explains why you didn’t think it was about you if you had no clue what was even being referenced lol. This is pretty funny.


:) Thanks!

Of course! :)

:) agreed

Always bro! Always love talking to you and you don’t get triggered like a 12 year old. 😉

Nah, but don’t let me get in your way of feeling superior, dude, lol.

I haven’t felt superior to anything in all of my almost 60 years, so no. I just like the opportunity here to speak of Trek candidly, with kindly arguments of course, but vitriol is unnecessary, imo. You clearly have a passion for the franchise, as we all do, much appreciated. Cheers.

No worries, but I would simply appreciate it if you would stop making these weird claims that suggest I am an angry, bitter person. Nope, I am just direct and honest about my opinions. I see others here who dance around stuff they obviously don’t like, and under the guise of being reasonable they push their weight around — instead of just coming forward with it directly and provocatively some times like I do.

Like say a fictional person here really could obviously not stand DSC, but they acted reasonable about it like they had an open mind, yet they gradually made fun the show and pushed their weight around against fans who disagreed with them, but in sort of a nice way — I mean, who are they fooling? Just say you can’t stand DSC and be out with it. Be direct, own your real views.

It was self-deprecating humor directed at myself and directed to anybody here who agrees with anybody else all the time on stuff — No one in particular

OK fine. Take it easy. I wish I saw this one first lol. I just want to be left alone. But if that’s what you were doing, OK man.

No worries.

LDS is only nominated for best animated series. I’ve zero insider knowledge, but who knows, it might win. It’s not being nominated for best drama, so this is all very low-stakes.

That said, commentary on Star Trek sites shouldn’t be equated with cheerleading; if you don’t like UpperDecks’ comments, you don’t have to read them.

It would be great if Lower Decks won! But I’m going to be honest, I never would’ve thought a show like this would even be nominated for anything lol. And I love the show but I’m surprised it even gets nominated at all. I never really thought it would win as best animated series (but I don’t watch enough of any of them to know).

But if it did win. be really cool!

For those of you who work in the industry: why are these awards nominating actors from previous seasons of series like THE CROWN? Vanessa Kirby was on the first two seasons, playing the youngest version of Princess Margaret.

Well, to answer my own question, I forgot she had a guest role in season 5.

Awwww yeeah!! Lower Decks and Picard season 3 bringing it! 😎

Always great to see great Trek being recognized for anything! Matalas did an amazing job.

And so happy to aee my girl Jeri Ryan nominated too!

Brent Spiner??!? Frakes, Burton, and Dorn left in the cold is certainly a choice! I guess he has better PR reps than the others, but what a shocker!

Yeah was shocked to see Frakes or Dorn wasn’t nominated either, they were the best of the season.

“Swords are fun.”

“And I will make it a threesome!”
“Do you even hear yourself?!”


That finale had so many great lines. It’s not hard to see why it’s nominated.

I never liked Gates until Episode.3. She was brilliant. That scene in sickbay just blew me away. And now, I’m a fan.

Jonathan Frakes was superb. I loved seeing him be a captain again.

It was great to be this excited again. I got up 5:00 in the morning before work just to watch S3. I’ve never done that for any other show. And then I come home and rewatch it. I hope they win some of those categories.

Gates really brought it this season.And for a role she hasn’t played in 20 years. All these guys did amazing jobs. You can see the work Matalas put in these characters and wanted the actors to feel like they had a real reason to come back. He did them all justice and fans like me will forever be grateful because this is the Trek and these characters I been wanting again forever.

And Picard is the only show I waited up for. It came on at 2 am for me but stayed up to watch. All the others I watched when I got up like I’m doing with SNW. But Picard was worth all the missed sleep lol.

It was such a fun time and easily my favorite season probably since DS9.

I find it truly regrettable that Gates was never given the chance to play Cathy Ryan beyond her cameo in HfRO. She was as good as Anne Archer (who was also excellent) and much better than all the followed. (That said, I haven’t seen season four of the Netflix series yet.)

I actually saw her in an interview on YouTube. It’s a podcast (but what isn’t these days) and called Inside of Me? I think’s the name but she mentioned her role in HFRO and said she was going to have a bigger role in the next movie but then Alec Baldwin quit and they decided to recast most of the characters when Ford stepped in.

Hollywood is a tough business.

Funny enough, they didn’t recast James Earl Jones. :)

He was a big name at the time so I can see why they didn’t.

Just because they had to recast Alex Baldwin that didn’t mean Cathy Ryan had to change too. After all, James Earl Jones stayed put for continuity. And we all know McFadden is believable as a doctor!

I don’t mind the Jack Ryan series, John Krasinski is a likable actor, but it’s not exactly prestige TV and often veers more into action heroics for its lead character than the movies did, even with Harrison Ford throwing punches in the jungle and on a speeding motorboat.

I haven’t seen the show yet but it seems to be more mixed.

Bro, it took me 10 minutes to figure out what HfRO was. 😂

And I’ve never seen it so I can’t comment at all. Did she have a decent role in it at least?

Oddly I’ve seen all the other Jack Ryan movies except the Chris Pine one but heard it sucked.

Dude she’s in it for literally 10 seconds lol. She says one line and she’s gone for the rest of the movie. I’m pretty sure her scene is somewhere on YouTube.

It’s a good movie though. If you like the other Ryan movies you will probably like this one. It’s a bit different, less actiony but good.

Ah I see thanks!

I know it’s supposed to be a good movie just never watched. Will get around to it at some point.

She was presumably supposed to have a longer appearance that got cut at some point. One of the soundtrack songs is called “Two Wives,” which presumably refers to Cathy Ryan and Raimus’ deceased ballerina wife.

I am totally looking forward to receiving S3 on dvd. I know I can watch it on P+ whenever I want, but this last season I want in my collection.

Yep totally worth it man! 👍

Yeah, Frakes killed it!

Frakes in particular def deserves one for this season. He really brought it. IMO he carries this season more than anyone.

Congratulations to all the nominees. It’s good to see this work recognized, even it doesn’t win.

Agreed. And it feels good to be supportive of them right now rather than choosing to be negative and performative.

Oh my lord so much fun stuff here! Star Trek vs Star Wars! Picard vs Boimler vs Solo! Star Trek vs Penny from the Big Bang Theory! Ok, I know, I’m too much of a geek for this.

Lol it’s the cage match of the decade! 😆

hahaha, the first is the cage match of over 2 centuries!


HCA has a lot of awards categories, my goodness. But with there being so much TV out there, I suppose that’s a good call. Congratulations to everyone, it’s wonderful to see these shows and performers recognized.

Yeah there is SO much TV today lol. So when you do get these type of nominations it says a lot.

Jack Quaid. I hope he wins. Jack Quaid. Jack Quaid. I love Bradward Boimler.

That guy has a ton of work going, and he’s great in all of it. His Dad must be proud.

He is great! I’m not a fan of the show he’s nominated for but I hope in between this and the movie he has coming out? Already out? He gets to move on to better things.

And I am sure his mother is proud of him too!

Best of luck to Matalas. Some tough competition, there. All worthy.

I’m proud of the LDS and PIC Noms. Well done guys it’s honour just to be nominated.

Couldn’t happen to better shows! Loved then both (but only season 3 for Picard).

I think the TNG cast should have been nominated as an ensemble, all of them blew it out of the park in terms acting. I mean think about it most of these actors hadn’t played these roles for 15 to 20 years and then to come back and do it so effectively is something to be reckoned with. It is not as easy as it appears, I remember reading an anecdote about how Gillian Anderson had so much trouble returning to the role of Scully for the newer seasons of the X-Files in terms of the mindset of the character. It’s not easy even if you played the role for so long.

Hopefully there’s more recognition with Emmy noms.

I wish. I really do. But I was reading EW the other day. Granted they were just predictions but I didn’t see any Trek there.

Fingers crossed.

Not much. The noms are out and the only one I saw was for PIC for prosthetic makeup. As usual, ST gets no Emmy love. Andor got quite a few, BTW, including one for Best Drama Series.

Color me shocked. And boycotting.

Obi Wan getting nods mostly just made me mad.

Yeah totally agree with this! They all did a phenomenal job and a great reminder why they are still so popular as characters to the fanbase 35 years later!

An interesting idea — perhaps they should create a new award for “best regular cast.”

Agreed that they all gave career best performances, including Spiner, who was basically playing a new character.

1701% deserved!

They are the current two best Star Trek shows (well, not all of PIC, just S3) since 2005. Properly written and you can tell the people involved actually love Trek. Long live 24th/25th century era Trek. Hope we see a lot more from both Team Matalas and McMahan.

Agreed. It wasn’t perfect but this is the kind of things fans wanted in the first season of the show and I think it hit better than they probably expected, especially after the first two seasons were so mixed.

I really want more 25th century Star Trek. I like SNW, it’s fun, but it’s not a lot of substance. Again, that’s fine and I’m enjoying it for what it is, but I want something with a little more weight to what we got with TNG and DS9 back in the day. And Picard season 3 was kind of in the middle of those IMO.


I’m sure they will release a 4k boxset of Picard S1-3 eventually along with Discovery S1-5 as there is great demand for a 4K release for both shows.

Awww, it’s still early. Give it time.

Congrats to Patrick Stewart and all who worked on Picard S3. It was my least favorite season of Picard but i am happy that Trek gets the recognition it deserves.