‘Star Trek: Picard’ Nominated For 2 Emmys

This morning the Television Academy announced its nominations for the 75th Annual Emmy Awards. The only Star Trek show to be honored this year was Picard with just two nominations.

2 makeup nominations for Picard

The third and final season of Star Trek: Picard was praised by fans and critics as the best season of the series and some of the best Star Trek in years. Paramount+ and CBS Studios, along with the team behind the show, were hoping for a good showing this year, possibly even nominations beyond the Creative Arts categories. However, in the end, Picard picked up 2 nominations in total, down from 5 nominations for season 1 and 4 nominations for season 2.

Star Trek: Picard was nominated for both Outstanding Contemporary Makeup (Non-Prosthetic) and Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup. Both previous seasons were also nominated for these two awards, winning for Prosthetic Makeup for season 1.

For Outstanding Contemporary Makeup (Non-Prosthetic), Picard is nominated for the episode “Võx.” It is competing with American Horror Stories, The Last Of Us, Wednesday, and The White Lotus.

The following members of the Picard team were nominated:

Silvina Knight, Co-Department Head Makeup Artist
Tanya Cookingham, Key Makeup Artist
Allyson Carey, Makeup Artist
Peter De Oliveira, Personal Makeup Artist (Sir Patrick Stewart)
Hanny Eisen, Additional Makeup Artist
Kim Ayers, Additional Makeup Artist

Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher and Patrick Stewart as Picard in “Võx”

For Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup, Picard is nominated for the episode “The Last Generation.” It is competing with Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet Of Curiosities, House Of The Dragon, The Last Of Us, The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power.

The following members of the Picard team were nominated:

James Mackinnon, Makeup Department Head and Prosthetics
Hugo Villasenor, Key Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Bianca Appice, Key Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Kevin Wasner, Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Afton Storton, Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Kevin Haney, Additional Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Neville Page, Prosthetic Designer
Vincent Van Dyke, Prosthetic Designer

Patrick Stewart as Picard, Ed Speleers as Jack Crusher and Jane Seymour as The Borg Queen in “The Last Generation”

In addition to Picard, the third season of Lower Decks was eligible for Primetime Emmys this year. The first season of Lower Decks was nominated for Outstanding Sound Editing in 2021. The first season of Strange New Worlds was nominated last year (also for Outstanding Sound Editing). The second season of Strange New Worlds will be eligible for nominations next year. Prodigy is eligible to be nominated for the Children and Family Emmy Awards, which will be announced later this year. The first half of season one was nominated for Outstanding Animated Series last year. Production designer Alessandro Taini won an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation.

Star Trek hasn’t had this few Emmy nominations since 2018, when only the first season of Discovery was up for contention. Over the next four years, the franchise averaged around 5 nominations each year. During the peak years for Trek during the mid-1990s Star Trek got up to 12 nominations.

The 2023 Creative Arts Emmy Awards are currently scheduled to take place at the Peacock Theater over two consecutive nights on Saturday, September 9, and Sunday, September 10. An edited presentation is currently planned to air on Saturday, September 16, at 8:00 PM EDT/PDT on FXX.

More details and a full list of nominees can be found at emmys.com.

Keep up with the Star Trek Universe on TV here at TrekMovie.com.

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Emmy voters must’ve watched “No Win Scenario,” bumped on the “Why are they using the exact same pot that Odo had in Deep Space Nine when in Deep Space Nine it was made clear the container could be anything” and decided they just couldn’t vote for any part of that episode (clearly the best one of the season). Still, congrats to the nominees!

Yeah, the HCA noms were nice, but that’s really second-tier stuff. ST has never been seen as prestige programming, alas.

Incredible to think that Star Wars somehow is, though (not disputing you, just can’t believe it)

ST has never been seen in the same light as Star Wars. But remember, when Star Wars came out in 1977, it was a big deal right out of the gate. George Lucas was an Academy Award caliber filmmaker in those days, and one of the leading directors in the industry. It also had an Academy Award winner as part of the main cast (Alec Guinness). It was hailed as “The year’s Best Movie” in a Time magazine cover story. Star Trek, on the other hand, was an old TV show. This disparity of prestige was there from the beginning and has persisted ever since.

Trek’s had its share of Academy Award winners over the years. Star Wars has never really seemed “Oscar-worthy” to me. Its a fun block-buster, like the Marvel movies. That’s not a bad thing, but its not usually what you would consider “prestige.”

They are. Especially the first one. But then, in my context “prestige” is more about standing in the industry. From that perspective SW has it and ST doesn’t. All you have to do is look at the results – at the 1978 Academy Awards, Star Wars received eleven nominations, including Best Picture and won six.

Then again, The Sting, a popcorn picture if ever there was one, won Best Picture.

And The Sting beat out The Exorcist and American Graffiti that year, two films that were also considered groundbreaking at the time.

Yeah, but I can see fuddy-duddy Academy members preferring The Sting because it was a throwback to classic studio films: big stars (in the lead roles), shot almost entirely on soundstages or the Universal lot, aimed at a broad moviegoing public, etc.

I agree. The Sting‘s win followed films like Midnight Cowboy, Patton and two Godfather movies. The Sting was a throwback and the last film of its kind to win Best Picture.

It was a fun blockbuster but it was also groundbreaking when released in that it changed how films were produced and presented. It encompassed everything that the Academy was supposed to recognize in filmmaking but gave the Oscar for best pic to Annie Hall.

James Cameron said it best: “This little cute relationship story and Star Wars. What the f*ck are you people thinking?”

Sure, but Academy Awards don’t always honor quality. I mean, How Green Was My Valley beat Citizen Kane for Best Picture.

And as much I enjoy Rocky, it beat out Taxi Driver, All the President’s Men AND Network. The Oscar went to the crowd pleaser, not necessary the best film released that year BUT at least all of the nominees deserved to be nominated that year.

Don’t forget Shakeaspeare in Love winning over Saving Private Ryan.

Well, the other part of this is, “Since when has the Emmys been a prestigious award?” A bunch of film people couldn’t get their movies financed so they had to “auterize” the TV space? Conan O’Brien once hosted the Emmys — there’s supposed to be a fun aspect to TV and making TV, which Star Trek has always reflected. I am not disputing any of your notions about Star Wars, but it’s a shame that the most popular movies ever made got bored and decided to bump into the TV space.

Except that some stories work better on TV and “Andor” falls into that space. It was considered one of the best television series of the year long before the Emmy nomination.

That’s not exactly what happened. Disney wanted to make Star Wars TV shows and they found a story that worked for the format (a good thing they did, too, since the movie they stretched into a miniseries – Obi-Wan – was pretty bad). So, what’s the exception?

That’s exactly how we got every Star Trek series since Discovery. CBS wanted to make Star Trek TV shows and found concepts that would work within the framework of a weekly series to push subscriptions, but they were all still deeply connected to everything that had preceded them.

Where “Andor” stands apart is that they created a series that exceeded the original intent behind its creation and the expectations of critics, fans and the studio. They created a prequel series that stands entirely on its own. It’s connected, of course, but if you were unaware of Star Wars or any of the characters referenced in this series, you can still jump in and watch. It’s well written, intriguing and compelling and you don’t really need to know jack about Star Wars.

 It’s well written, intriguing and compelling

As much as I have enjoyed streaming Trek in general, I do kind of long for a series as well-put together as Andor. For whatever reason, no seems to want to make that kind of ST.

The difference between SW and ST is the popularity. Truth be told ST only reached the heights of SW when SW went dark and ST was at it’s heights at the end of TNG and that was the ONE TIME Trek got an Outstanding Drama Series nod. And it still didn’t win. But I’ll bet anything behind closed doors the Emmy committee snobs or whatever they call themselves thing of SW and ST exactly the same.

I know it’s easy to just read something and dismiss it, but the idea of a syndicated TV show getting a Best Drama Series nomination in 1994 is/was unprecedented. That it didn’t win is irrelevant. TNG was a unique accomplishment in TV history.

I’m not taking away from that. Of course it was unprecedented. I cheered when that happened. That same year Patrick Stewart hosted SNL. The idea of a lead in a syndicated show hosting SNL was also unprecedented. I loved that as well. My only point was that this was the only time in TRek’s history when it matched SW’s popularity.

Well, the one time after TOS, anyway.

Yeah true. But the thing about TOS is it wasn’t “Star Trek” back then. It was just a show on TV called Star Trek. Not a franchise with stigma attached to it.

I’m glad you mentioned that because that’s something that gets glossed over by ST fans. The fact is, a lot of people think ST is geeky, but “lame geeky” rather than “cool geeky”.

Especially since Matalas just gave us Star Wars like content anyway.

You’re the only one dancing to this song, partner.

Actually he is not as i too thought Picard S3 had some Star Wars in it’s dna and quite a few fans in the Facebook fan pages and on sites like Trekbbs have also said this too.

Yeah, and it’s also been heavily covered on Reddit and YouTube as well, plus approx 7-8 people here have at least partially agreed with me since the season ended

Tiberius is a great guy, but on this issue his head is buried in the Mudd. ;-)

Yeah, and it’s also been heavily covered on Reddit and YouTube…

Well, you know what they say: “if you see it on Reddit, it’s so.”

You’re not on every thread making the same comment. UpperDecks-NormalNecks spams every Picard-related post with this comment. Also, if Star Wars is recognized as prestigious enough for awards, then wouldn’t it behoove Trek to copy it? That’s what JJ knew in 09 when he Star Warsified Trek. What Disco and Strange New did in their Warsification of Trek. Terry takes the show from a Chabon/Goldsman “never made a season of TV before” mess back to a space opera and he’s getting ripped to shreds for then reminding people of something that’s way more popular anyway?

What does me bringing this up frequently have to do with the legitimacy of this opinion? Huh?

I guess that’s all you got since your attempt to suggest I was the only one who had this opinion backfired so quickly.

Again, there are a lot of people who have noticed this and who have brought it up in multiple online forums

Maybe be better prepared the next time you try to single someone out that they are alone in having a point of view (just because you don’t agree with it)?

The “it’s derivative of Star Wars” criticism is a lot more applicable to the Kelvin movies and Prodigy, if you ask me.

UpperDecks is certainly entitled to his opinion, but I wish that rather than simply asserting that opinion ad infinitum, he’d actually respond the points brought up against the argument.

Not even close.

Amazing to take 90 seconds of something and say that it reflects 10 full episodes. That’s just exactly the sort of thing a reasonable person would say.

What I find amazing is your extreme exaggeration of my point. I have been saying all along that it’s the last 2-3 eps of the season, not the entire season.

And on every thread I make this comment, you seem to be there pushing back on me…which is fine, but you have the same obsessive-compulsive issue here that you are calling me out on, so keep that hand mirror handy.

And on every thread I make this comment, you seem to be there pushing back on me…
you were literally responding **to me** with this comment you make on every thread

First, it’s I must be the only person making these comments, then it was claiming I was referring to all ten eps, then it was saying it’s all about 90 sec, now it’s claiming you start this “Pic S3 is like SW” conversation between us on every thread and I respond.

Lol – there is a trend here, and it’s not one to be proud of! :-))

I agree. Bad trend to engage with this.


When the starting point is to look for everything possible to criticize before the series even airs then, yup, those 90 seconds out of nearly 10 hours of content is practically gift wrapped.

Yeah, forget about FrankenPicard, Borg-induced zombies, Data re-lifed again, a baddie that looks like a crack attic who lost a knife fight, Picard having a son that looks nothing like him and has a British accent, Force-like powers from Borg brain virus’s, huge spacedocks with many starships run by 3 people, and the entire Starfleet being assembled in one location…no, it’s all just about those 90 sec of course.

Just sounds like you didn’t like it. Pretty flimsy on the Star Wars comps. The Force-like powers bit, especially, is a real stretch to make your point about the last 2-3 episodes being pure uncut George Lucas.

That’s why I am the single and only person on the planet to make these comments. You’ve got me!

If that’s the only criticism then that’s not bad at all lol. Especially when looking at the huge stinkers of season 1 and 2 which didn’t seem to satisfy most fans. I don’t know if I will ever watch those again just like I doubt I will ever watch season 4 of Discovery again for also being another huge stinker.

Picard season 3 is a huge hit but of course it doesn’t mean everyone has to like it either.

Agreed! But some folks just want to make noise, be the contrarian and poke the bear.

Nope, go back and look – I loved the first 4 eps of Pic S3, except for the “I lost a knife fight for crack” baddie.

No; he’s not.

Andor is lightyears ahead of anything Trek has done in terms of writing, acting, cinematography, everything. Mando similarly far ahead too. I love both franchises equally, but it’s no surprise Star Wars got 23 noms, the quality is far higher than Trek atm.

Andor is lightyears ahead of anything Trek has done in terms of writing, acting, cinematography, everything. Mando similarly far ahead too. I love both franchises equally, but it’s no surprise Star Wars got 23 noms, the quality is far higher than Trek atm.

Agreed regarding Andor and Kenobi — the only Trek series that comes close in terms of production quality would be the first three seasons of DSC. Mando is a little weaker though.

I disagree about the production quality of DSC stacking up to Star Wars. A couple of years ago my flatmate and I would watch a Disco episode followed by a Mando one. The latter was a breath of fresh air, bright, clean and crisp cinematography and sharp visuals. Disco is a dark, blue/amber mess with blurry and poor quality visual effects.

DSC won a visual effects Emmy just like Mando. You just don’t like their light choices, but it’s super high quality, and in those first two season they didn’t have to rely on LED walls like Mando. LED walls are not quite as good as blue screens. You are confusing your personal VFX preferences with the quality of the VFX.

But I’ll also admit that I may be doing this too — while I enjoy Mando, I think it’s overated — it’s fun as sort of like Star Wars fast food, but it’s not even close to Kenobi or Andor. It’s a fun watch, but it’s not the cat’s meow.

DSC didn’t need LED walls because the first season in particular almost exclusively took place on the ship! I think the visuals are one of the weakest points of these new Trek shows, the space scenes especially. Everything is so muddled and badly lit. And cinematography wise on Discovery, everything is ultra cold or ultra warm. Green almost never exists.

I understand your opinion. However, the VFX in Mando I find to be decent, but not exceptional. It’s funny, but Foundation S1 actually has much better effects than any of the Trek or SW shows. I think SW gets more awards that it deserves because of all the hype.

Considering how fan pandering this season was, I’m not surprised the Emmys didn’t care much. It was utterly obtuse and boring for anyone not already deeply invested in the TNG cast and 90s Trek.

100% agree!

It’s not just Picard tho, I don’t see SNW or LD for animation anywhere (not just talking about this year).

All these shows are doing nothing but doing fan pandering though. The third episode of SNW this season when they introduced kid Khan says it all.

But yeah not that surprised about the Emmy’s. Star Trek has been more about technical side of the awards and less a creative or performance side of it with a few exceptions here and there.

Picard season 3 was probably Star Trek’s best ever chance at Emmy nods beyond the creative arts categories. I’m sorry they didn’t get recognized though congrats to them for the well deserved nominations for make-up

God bless you, dude — You keep right on believing that.

I’m not sure I understand your logic. 1. Andor is nominated for Outstanding Dramatic Series. 2. You belive Pic S3 was made in the vein of SW. 3. you do not believe PIC S3 is deserving of an Emmy nod. Would you please walk me through this?

I said Pic S3 copied ROTJ and was more SW-like than Star Trek like. And no point did I mention that the quality of Pic S3 approached that of Andor. In fact, Andor and Obi-Wan are both demonstrably betters dramas than Pic S3.

So Andor is very good SW, while Picard is mediocre SW.

That’s why!

Ahhh, so not only is Picard Season 3 RoTJ, it is mediocre Star Wars too. Ok, gotcha. Thanks for clarifying.

Well it’s not up there with Kenobi and Andor. I’d put it on the level of Book of Boba Fett — does that help?

Sure thx


All I can say is, bummer.

The least nominated of the three seasons, yet the most watched season? Well obviously their peers know fan service “fast food” (in contrast to quality writing, good Star Trek content and good VFX) when they see it.

This is about what I would expect for a mediocre, but fan popular fantasy space opera TV series to get.

This season of Picard actually did worse at the Emmys than the previous seasons.

I wouldn’t have nominated it for anything above the line and I have to admit I’m surprised at people acting like this is some huge snub. Were people really expecting massive acting nominations for Picard opposite stuff like Succession and The Last of Us? It’s just not that kind of show.

So true.

Truth be told I never expect anything from the Emmys or the Oscars. I put them in the same league as IMDB these days.

Big difference between industry awards and IMDb voters, though. Industry peers, those who know/understand/have actually done the work Trek people have undertaken and deemed *****live action***** Trek work as unremarkable (except for a few makeup and design choices). IMDb voters have no value as human beings.

That’s fair

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. While members as a whole can vote for best series and other non-specific categories, voting for music, visual effects, makeup, sound, etc. is open only to those who work within those areas. A snub in those categories means being snubbed by your peers.

I like SNW’s production design. A lot. But I don’t see it as anything that deserves what is supposed to be TV’s highest honor. It’s nice but it doesn’t break any new ground. Now, if someone came up with something that evoked like Ken Adam’s idea for the Enterprise bridge from back in the day, that would be something of note.


Much stiffer competition this year. “Yellowjackets” is a bit of a stretch for me, though.

Succession sucks. Better Call Saul all the way!

Is that still on the air?

At least Star Trek: Prodigy won an Emmy and was nominated for “Outstanding Animated Series” last year. I guess theh represent all of Star Trek at the Emmys in the big categories.

Another reason the show should continue.

Awards are strange things. It’s been decades since The Simpsons was a top-caliber show but it still gets what amounts to pro forma nominations for Best Animated Series.

All the more reason Prodigy getting nominated in its first season despite the Trek Emmy curse is impressive.

Wow I didn’t know that actually. But sadly it proves end of the day while being nominated for awards are nice, it will always be about ratings or views that ultimately matters.

TAS also won that prestigious award back in the day.

There is one Trek animated series that has not won Jack Squat…lol

Unfortunately not a great showing for the Star Trek shows, but it was worth a shot!

Just thought I’d point out that the credit of Jane Seymour for the Borg Queen (see photo above) was misleading, at least to me. My immediate thought was it can’t be the actress who played Serina in Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman. And ir is not. It’s Jane Edwina Seymour.

I’m disappointed but not surprised.

SNW has fantastic costumes, make-up, and set designs. They should be nominated next year. They’ve done a great job modernizing the look but keeping the sixties vibe. It definitely looks TOS-esque.

We’ll certainly see, but last time around they got only one, for sound editing (for Memento Mori).

And the way it works for each of those categories, only peers can vote in those areas. Those nominations are not open to the academy as a whole so when you’re snubbed you’re getting snubbed by your peers.

I still haven’t made it to NYC since the pandemic (I used to go once about every 2-3 months), but the next time I do, I’m checking out the TWA hotel at JFK. Judging by the photos, it shares a lot of the SNW and 2001 aesthetic.

It’s incredible how timeless the Saarinen table is — it looked futuristic on TOS, and it looks futuristic on SNW and The Orville.

Between this and Strange New Worlds getting snubbed last time around, it’s a good reminder that as much respect as genre programming gets these days, Star Trek is very much not a part of that.

Except for Star Trek Prodigy, which was nominated for “Outstanding Animated Series” and won an Emmy for Production Design.

::deep and abiding sigh:: okay… “it’s a good reminder that as much respect as live action genre programming gets these days, Star Trek is very much not a part of that.”

I guess it’s on me that I don’t think of the animated stuff in the same way I do the live action Star Trek stuff, but all I mean is that despite *****live action***** genre material achieving “prestige” status, Trek isn’t a part of that.

“Production Design” Thats the problem. Trek as never had a problem in the techical awards. That’s always been what the Emmys use as an excuse.

In the eyes of Academy voters, the shows look pretty and are well produced but they’re not as compelling or as well written as the other nominees. “Andor” stands on its own as part of an established franchise without a lot of critical praise and buzz. SNW and Picard really can’t say the same.

Star Trek’s legacy works against it.

As much as I’m glad that Star Trek got some more Emmy recognition (Discovery got some Emmy nominations too and some wins as well). I hope The Last of Us wins many awards as that show was amazing. It had some of the best acting/writing/directing i have ever seen in a TV show. Heck maybe Paramount should contact Craig Mazin to make a Star Trek show as i would love to see what his take on Trek would look like.

Just a little reality check from the Emmy folks. While it was enjoyable, and got some ratings love for P+, it wasn’t that good.

Honestly tho? When all is said and done? That is what is most important. Putting an underdog like P+ in the top ten with the big dogs like Apple+, MAX, and Netflix.

An Emmy is not going to change their financials.

The soundtrack is well deserving of all the awards. Wasn’t exactly much in the way of outstanding makeup this time.

I did love the look of the Borg Queen and how much she has declined.

The soundtrack just copied previous Trek! Take away all the fanservice and nostalgia-bait and there’s very little left.

I don’t usually care about awards for things I like…but, did they not hear the score? It was outstanding.

I really liked the score for PIC season three, but I’d say it was more effective than award-worthy.

Kind of reminds me of a discussion a few years ago on a film score board and film score fans love Jerry Goldsmith. The question was: why didn’t Goldsmith win more Oscars? The general sentiment was that when he was nominated there was always a score more worthy of the award, even if Goldsmith’s work was outstanding. For instance, his score for Papillon was one of his best, but he had the misfortune of competing with The Godfather, Part II*. I will add though, while this is basically correct, I thought he deserved an Oscar for TMP. But that movie had two strikes against it: it was Star Trek and it was not well-received.

*When Carmine Coppola won for The Godfather, Part II, Goldsmith actually walked out of the ceremony; he felt Coppola relied too heavily on themes and motifs from the first film for his work to quality as an “original score.” Unfortunately that film was basically the Movie of the Year and was bound to win a lot of awards for that reason alone. He was genuinely upset because he felt his Papillon score was the his magnum opus.

Well, the Emmys do have a history of rewarding the same people too often and not recognizing plenty of shows when they should. Although this year I’d say Harrison Ford not getting an acting nod for “Shrinking” is the most egregious snub.

Well, I think a few acting noms wouldn’t have been out of order. Patrick Stewart for example. The scene in the Borg dreamscape, or whatever that was, where he’s telling Jack he’s going to die with him, I thought that was genuinely touching. Michelle Forbes was also quite good, for as little screen time she had.

Despite my many issues with other aspects of the show, I thought the actors brought their A-game this season. (Yes, even Amanda Plummer. Not that I think she deserves a nomination or anything, but, bless her, she was doing her best with an underwritten character. There’s only so much an actor can do to create interest in mystery boxes stretched past their limit in teasing, and this season teased it to an absurd degree. Okay, rant over.)

Agree with all of this. I loved the season but yeah it was flawed for sure. But the acting was amazing.

I suspect that, for best drama, they just felt the series overall was too reliant on nostalgia and “getting the band back together,” and not enough on originality. They’d have a point. BETTER CALL SAUL should win.

I agree that some acting nominations would have been in order, though.

To paraphrase Richard Dreyfuss the academy wouldn’t know good story telling if it walked up to them and bit them in the ass. Especially with science fiction.

If only Outstanding Fan Service, Easter Eggs and References to Past Shows were a category at the Emmy’s, that’s about all Picard S3 could hope for.

I’m just curious not getting on your case, but do you like ANY of the new shows? You don’t seem to like SNW, DIS or PIC from what I can tell at least. Or maybe I’m exaggerating.

I like Lower Decks, that can be great. Funny but with heart.

I give credit to DIS for at least trying to push the franchise forward, but the characters and their personalities are so awful, it doesn’t much matter.

Strange New Worlds can be good, though I haven’t really enjoyed any episode this season yet.

Picard is a mess.

I think that Emily’s comment speaks to the flaw in the “throw as many series to the wall and see what sticks” strategy. They all have their moments, but none of them (maybe except for PICARD, although I agree about the excessive nostalgia) is really hitting it out of the park because all the creative talent is so diffused.

Great! Bring out Picard Final Season WITH THE LAYOUT COVER OF THIS ARTICLE on 4k Steelbook please! Also I’d love to see a final TNG FILM!!!

Yes, let’s see the final final *really really* final TNG film, the proper proper send off, at the third time of asking. Nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia. Fan-service and easter eggs. That’s all Trek fans have been trained to care about.

So you are trained for something else it seems

For Christ Sakes, in 5 seasons The Wire never received a single acting or “Best Drama” nomination. I believe it got a writing nomination. Maybe 2, in 5 seasons.

im not saying Picard is even deserving of Best Drama, because it wasn’t. All of the shows that were nominated are better, most significantly so.

But for those of you who think it’s some grand injustice, just remember that fact about The Wire.