Podcast: All Access Sidles Up To Uhura To Review The Latest ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 148 - TrekMovie - Uhura in Strange New Worlds

[Review starts at  14:04]

Tony and Laurie sort through the latest updates on the SAG-AFTRA strike and how it will affect the production of upcoming Star Trek shows as well as what its impact might be on San Diego Comic-Con and The 57-Year Mission in Las Vegas. They also talk about the Star Trek events coming up at SDCC, including the screening of the long-awaited Strange New Worlds/Lower Decks crossover episode.

After the news, they dig into their review of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘ “Lost in Translation,” which they both liked. They’re both happy to see Hemmer again as well as Pelia, loved Celia Rose Gooding’s performance, and despite some quibbles, enjoyed the episode thoroughly.

They wrap up the podcast with an Enterprise-themed (TOS era) hotel room in Oregon and an astronomy talk with Tim Russ and TrekMovie’s Kayla Iacovino.


Actors’ Strike Set To Impact Star Trek Production And Promotion, Including Summer Conventions

Full Star Trek ‘Strange New Worlds’/’Lower Decks’ Crossover Episode To Debut Early At Comic-Con

Star Trek Guide To San Diego Comic-Con 2023


Tony: USS Enterprise Room (NCC-1701) to the Itty Bitty Inn! North Bend, OR

Laurie:  Hailing Frequencies Open: Exploring Strange New Worlds with Dr. Kayla Iacovino, Tim Russ, Dr. Michael Wong, and Marian Smothers for the Nichelle Nichols Foundation

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When the trailer dropped, so many people were claiming Kirk was harassing Uhura in the bar scene. Nothing of the sort was happening, as I hope they saw once the full episode dropped. If anything, the scene was commenting on the 2009 film’s Kirk-Uhura introduction by showing that he would treat a woman with respect.

I loved this episode. One of the best of the season. Just like the La´an-centric episode that hinged on Christine Chong, this one hinged on Celia Rose Gooding. Both of them absolutely nailed their respective episodes and I´m so pleased.
I´m a romantic so I do want them to explore the relationship between La´an and Kirk just because they were great together in Tomorrow…and their scene in this episode was beautiful. Oddly enough I don´t much care what happens between Chapel and Spock…
I miss Hemmer so much.

I enjoy listening to you every week. Well, that’s one heck of a bar, huh? I wonder how those bottles stay in place when Enterprise is hit by a disrupter?

Ha! I think that every time they’re in Pike’s quarters. He has a lot of breakables on shelves.

I’m impressed that bridge officers quarters are massive. Yeah, I know, the topic has been beat to death elsewhere, it does make me wonder: will we ever see where the enlisted crew are hot racking it over photon torpedo’s?

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, that’s one helluva bar. At some retrofit in the future, they’ll replace all that with replicators that spit out primary colored cubes of nutrition…..that tastes just like chicken. Or cookies.

Thank you for the podcast. I liked Wesley and his personality, but Kirk would not imo have said a lot of the things he said, like the cookie part. I feel he was more empathetic than Kirk would have been. Kirk had a certain detached attitude, though I realize Wesley here was playing a younger Kirk who wasn’t burdened with the responsibility of being the Captain.

I was surprised Pike wasn’t more affected by the crew woman’s death. He just walked away and his general attitude immediately afterward didn’t show any of the emotions that Kirk expressed whenever he lost a crewman.

Finally Laurie, you need to realize that spiders are our friends. They eat a lot of bugs, so for every spider you entice to leave the premises, you’re probably inviting in a whole lot of bugs…

I need to add that Celia Gooding was excellent in this episode, as she has been since the beginning.

I know, I know. Spiders kill other bugs. I want ALL the bugs to stay outside and out of my sight no matter how many of their brethren they dispose of. I have a huge spider bite behind my ear right now and if I think about what that means in terms of spider proximity I will scream, so I’m just ignoring the reality of that for the moment.

Maybe you have spidey super-powers now…

That would make it all worthwhile for sure.

“Lost in Translation” reminded me thematically of “Devil in the Dark”. The aliens were trying to tell Starfleet that they were harming them in a way that caused a lot of damage because there was no way for the species to communicate initially.

Great observation! Didn’t even think of it but you are right.

Much better episode than the previous two. Although, from the very beginning, I was saying out loud “there is a lifeform in the nebula!” and literally said “You’re killing them!”. So when Uhura said her big reveal that mimicked my words, I had to chuckle. But that aside, I did like the writing and scenes that built the relationships of the eventual TOS crew in a a very satisfying manner. Including the end with the short Spock intro and camera framing of their handshake as we chronicle the start of their lifelong friendship; a nice touch. And even with the Uhura emphasis, they found moments to work in Spock-Christine as well as La’an’s burgeoning relationship with Kirk in a very natural way that left me invested and rooting for both couples.


Thanks for the updates on the strike. I only follow it when you two report on it.


Do you think they are setting up a spinoff with Paul Wesley or possibly for Paul to take over SNW?

Pike has barely been seen lately. I know he has a newborn at home. But, it feels like they are pushing events up a lot sooner in trek history.


This is more Tony’s area of expertise than mine, but I don’t think so. Anson Mount is incredibly popular and he’s the star of the show, even if he hasn’t been front and center as much in every episode. Fans still seem split on Paul Wesley. But they might be looking ahead and hoping for the NEXT series, who knows? I hope not.

Thanks as always for the great podcast!

IDIC and all: I thought this episode was the weakest of the season. The actors were all great, especially Celia, and Paul was again a nice addition. I just was a little bored by this episode. My friend and I discussed early on that it was pretty clear there would be a lifeform in the nebula that was causing the problem, and – unfortunately – there was no real twist or additional nuance to that. So, we were left a little bored having to wait like 30 minutes for the characters to catch up with us. One thing that could have worked to mitigate this would have been more moodiness. Episodes like Schisms or Night Terrors (or maybe the best one of all, “Frame of Mind”) had more “atmosphere” to carry the scenes in between the more active bits. This one was lacking that. Though I did like that all the hallucinations had individual meaning and that Uhura figured them out, and showing them briefly in context at the end was well done. And Hemmer was great to see, in all his different forms!

But still, not my favorite of the season. Maybe a re-watch will improve it for me, as I will probably be more focused on the performances and less on the story.

I did go back and rewatch “Charades” and I like that episode even more than I did the first time. Great humor from everyone, and the real the serious bits between Spock and his mom were the real heart of the episode!