Watch: Uhura Gets The Singing Started In Clip From ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Musical Episode

With the release of the eighth episode of season 2 of Strange New Worlds (“Under the Cloak of War”), comes a new Ready Room, and with it a new clip from the ninth episode, one the season’s “big swings,” the musical episode “Subspace Rhapsody.

Uhura (subspace) channels the music

The latest episode of The Ready Room, the official Star Trek aftershow, focuses on today’s episode but also includes a clip from the musical episode. Uhura and Spock are in engineering testing a new way to send messages in subspace, Pelia walks by and suggests they try sending music. (The clip starts at 32:50.)

SDCC trailer

In case you missed it, last week at Comic-Con they debuted a trailer and poster for “Subspace Rhapsody.”


Here’s an alternate link to trailer on for international readers


“Subspace Rhapsody” soundtrack

The special musical episode “Subspace Rhapsody” will feature 10 original songs, plus a “Subspace Rhapsody” version of the series’ main title, with music and lyrics by Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo) and Tom Polce (Letters to Cleo, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend). Please click HERE to pre-save the “Subspace Rhapsody” soundtrack on all available digital music streaming platforms.

The special musical episode is scheduled to be released on Thursday, August 3 on Paramount+.  

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In my opinion – This is the kind of garbage that will derail any TV show. I realize SNW is science fiction, so ragging about “believability” is a bit ironic – but doing a musical destroys the suspension of disbelief. It takes you completely out of the narrative. Musical episodes are death incarnate for TV. That sort of stuff should stay in theater, where it belongs.

I predict this will be a very polarizing episode….either you love/hate it, and those that do ‘Love it’ will need to admit it is a 1-trick pony gimmick. I hope this wont become a seasonal gimmick for SNW….
Spock singing in the turbolift with Una was the extent it needed to be….even TNG limited the music and dance performances to small scenes.

FYI: As you can tell Im not a Thespian Broadway theater fan.

I’m not a fan of the gimmickry, and (although this particular scene may just work) am inclined to think of this, as with the Lower Decks episode, as out-of-canon.

Still, I have to say I love “Anything Goes.” I was sad to miss the limited-time revival when I was in London last year. Let’s see if Nyota Uhura can top Willie Scott!

I do hope there are some original numbers in this episode, though, and not just “Star Trek does Broadway’s greatest hits.” If they’re going to do gimmickry, here’s hoping they do it well.

“Musical episodes are death incarnate for TV.”

BtVS’ “Once More With Feeling” would like a word. Not only did the episode not destroy the narrative, it was a nice diversion from an otherwise very dark season.

Strange New Worlds only gets ten episodes per year, and let’s not forget this is supposed to be an episodic format. It would be incredibly boring if all ten episodes had the same tone. There are different ways to tell a story.

They’re pushing the original notion of TOS as near-anthology in format to the breaking point with these extremes. It’s like they are dipping a different toe in the water each week — which means in one season, you barely get your feet wet.

Even if I agreed with that admittedly cute metaphor (I don’t, as in my judgement it would apply more to serialized than episodic TV), I’ll take the colorful, goofy swings-and-misses of this show — though they be more frequent than I like — over the stultifying, cookie-cutter sameness of the late Berman era any day.

I quite agree … I mean, I still haven’t even bothered with trying to finish viewing over half of VOYAGER or ENTERPRISE. Yet I’m still watching this. But the ineptitude in writing execution even on what passes for most good or decent episodes still makes me wonder about whether a level of professional competence even exists. These scripts pass through HOW many hands before they get shot, and how many more before airing?

Last night there was an Andorian soldier who had a line about what the Klingons were ordered to do, and I think it read, they are to kill on sight anyone after torture.
This just struck me as stupid. Make up your mind dude, are you going to kill ‘on sight’ or ‘after torture.’ How can it be nobody catches and corrects this stuff?

Even so, these last two — the animated crossover and the Klingon show — have been the only eps I can put a check mark beside as ‘liked’ so far this season, because the guy playing M’Benga well and truly brought it in a Mount-season2-Dsc kind of way that transcended the hiccups and missed opportunities. And the music riffing on TUC actually seemed appropriate rather than just appropriated (how’s that for cute, I really am at my best right after waking up), which is how most of the scoring on PicS3 played for me.

One more thought on this ep … the way Mount’s Pike seems almost blithely unaware of M’Benga’s situation for most of the ep made me think of TFF … when Sybok, after revealing the inner pain of Spock and McCoy to Kirk’s apparent surprise, asks Kirk, didn’t you know them? It made me think there possibly should have been a scene or scenes between Pike and Starfleet over taking this mission specifically over how inflammatory this call could be, so at least Pike would be exhibiting a slight amount of concern and also then setting up him coming down hard in the scene at the end. Not saying he needed to lay a Kirk/Styles down on M’Benga, but the only reason I can see for them going the way they did was to have Chapel roll over on M’Benga later on out of guilt for her part in covering things up.

right – 10 episodes per years, we’ve already had a cartoon cross-over and now the Buffy episode. That’s 20% shark jumping. There are indeed different ways to tell stories, but if you want to do to that, go create your own universe. It’s just wildly out of place.

Also – I said in a different story re: this episode: “tell me the writers were preteens that loved Buffy without telling me the writers were preteens that loved Buffy”

They need to increase the number of episodes per season if they want to do these types of stories.

But they don’t, and they are proving it lol. What you mean is, they need to increase the episode count to make you happy.

Lest we remind you, they are not here to make YOU ALONE happy.

Yes, it is my opinion that it would be nice to have more serious episodes along with the silly episodes which an increased episode count would provide.

Thank you for your opinion.

And why are you referring to yourself in the plural?

Reread your own comment. It was framed as an objective fact that was factually incorrect.

I reframed your statement to be an opinion.

Thank you for playing, we all appreciate it the level to which you drag this comment section down.

I don’t know who you think you are or what your issue is with me or my comments, but your offhand snark is not required or appreciated.

I’m just a Star Trek fan and I don’t need your critique of my expression of that fandom.

So F’ing rude of you.

Keep at it. Many agree with you.

Don’t forget this season’s “Spock becomes a teenager!” and last year’s “Spock swaps bodies!” along with “Dr. M’Benga’s daughter has a death dream where everybody acts a fool!.” Five goofy episodes built around a single joke in 20 episodes! A quarter of the show designed to be immediately forgotten.

That critique is built around the thesis that comedic or wacky episodes are less important than serious ones. I don’t think that’s true. Bad comedy might be, but I don’t think that applies to all of those examples.

That critique is built around the thesis that comedic or wacky episodes are less important than serious ones. I don’t think that’s true.

Well, that’s a very interesting question — “this house believes that drama is more important than comedy” would be a fascinating debate resolution.

Still, there is some evidence that’s true. The Oscars very rarely go to a comedy — not never, as TOOTSIE and SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE illustrate, but comedies seem to face an uphill climb. I personally think there’s a case for bifurcating “best picture” into two categories, best drama and best comedy.

Shakespeare’s dramas and histories also usually seem to be taken more seriously than the comedies.

I suppose dividing the Oscars would be a little bit of an admission of defeat not unlike the creation of the Best Animated Feature category after well-deserving animated films consistently failed to overcome voting bias to win or even get nominated for Best Picture.

But it might be what is needed to give comedies the respect they deserve. It’s absolutely true they don’t get proper recognition. It might help the genre as well theatrically – it’s been gutted lately, very few comedies get into theaters these days.

Good comedy is so very hard to do as it’s even more subjective than good drama. But making someone laugh is just as important as making them sad, happy, or angry, and I hope more people appreciate that.

Tootsie getting just one win, for supporting actress, is not exactly a big Oscar showing.

I think well done comic eps and comic interludes in serious eps are extremely important overall, as they help form our picture of these characters in a variety of circumstances. As much as I dislike Picard, I do have to say that when he just starts laughing at the situation in UP A LONG LADDER, I empathized with him. And even though it isn’t important in the way BoT or CITY or ERRAND or THE EMPATH is for Kirk, there are shots of him in A PIECE OF THE ACTION that are among the first dozen I’d conjure in my mind when picturing something to go with the words, ‘what do you see when you think of Captain Kirk?’

Here I was thinking TOOTSIE won best picture. But it didn’t. It was competing against ET and GANDHI, the latter of which won in 1983.

And those episodes are what make this show great. I’m very sorry you’re sad.

I really liked “Spock Amok” and most of the first season. I am sad, but since we’re both here posting on a Star Trek message board…

No, they’re awful.

It’s hard as a fan to see a great franchise that pioneered science fiction television to being reduced to gimmicks and shallow stories.

It was full of gimmicks and shallow stories while it was pioneering science fiction television, my dude, and anyone who claims otherwise is either lying to themselves or stupid.

No, it wasn’t “full.” They were what, about two or three episodes out of a packed 24-26 episode season?

And frankly, while I don’t love the Wacky Ferengi Episodes and their like, most of the TOS and Berman-era comdies were significantly less comedic or bombastic than “Spock Amok” and its progeny, to say nothing of the Lower Decks episode. I’m always a bit bemused by those who say “The Trouble With Tribbles” was a comedy. It had that bar fight scene that was comedic, at least in terms of its blocking, but that was one scene out of the whole episode. The scene with the tribbles falling on Kirk was a bit of the “theater of the absurd,” but for good measure count that. Nothing else in the show could remotely evoke a laugh track.

TFF had a couple of comedic moments; the prevailing opinion, and I disagree with it, was that they ruined the movie. (For me, they were really a moment or two of avunclar jocularity among the crew — again, a lot less heavy handed than SNW.)

The bottom line: everyone can name a comedy or two that they, personally, like (I’m admittedly partial to “Qpid” and “Our Man Bashir” and “A Night in Sickbay”), but they rarely make those “Essential TNG” lists, and, at least in the case of two of those examples, they tend to make “worst of series” lists and are a bit of a guilty pleasure. They’re absolutely not hogging a third of what TNG gave us.

They had space hippies on TOS.

and Space Nazis, and Space Romans, and Space …native americans-ish…

Very hard. Creative bankruptcy and indulgence are not good looks.

There have been so many episodes of Star Trek that I appreciate the effort to do something different.

You don’t even know what is going to happen in the episode, and yet you’re already yelling that it will destroy your suspension of belief? Seriously? One of the absolute best episode of Trek is Darmok – that takes some extreme suspension of belief to imagine a culture that speaks ENTIRELY in example and metaphor. Like how did the words even come to exist in the first place if everything is a reference to something else? We suspend our belief because the meaning behind the episode, it’s very point if you will, is quite profound.

Now, will this episode of SNW be equally as profound? Probably not, but it will take no more suspension of belief than it did for Darmok

maybe it will take 30 years of hindsight and analysis to mine the same gold from SNW, but yes while Darmok might require a suspension of belief as you say, it was trying to say something. It was Star Trek anthology with a message at it’s finest. I’ve not seen a whole lot of ‘moral, meaning, and message’ out of SNW.

It’s a lot more plausible than you think, and it made us think about the nature of linguistics.

Musical episodes are death incarnate for TV.

That is simply untrue.

It would be a much, much worse suspension of disbelief if they did an animated sitcom with juvenile humor that constantly parodies the franchise. Thank goodness that will never happen.

Scrubs, Buffy, Community, Chicago Hope… they all found ways to make musicals work within their realities, to great effect.

I think this will be a good exercise for people who just hate musicals in general to try to parse and articulate that when reviewing this one.

I miss Chicago Hope – can’t find it anywhere and had such a great cast. Anytime I come across Mandy Patinkin in anything else or Arkin during a rewatch of West Wing, I search for CH and can never find it on any platform

I think torrents are the only option there. Might be dead by now, but I remember seeing it up years ago. I did consider this probably would be an obscure reference now, but the musical episode was fun.

I agree it’s a shame the show has disappeared – it was some very compelling TV for a good while, overshadowed by ER but still doing respectably. I loved that first golden age of David E. Kelley.

It’s available on DVD.

A lot of the David E. Kelley shows are difficult to find. Picket Fences was in hiding for the better part of 20 years until it reappeared on Pluto or Tubi or something in the last year or so.

Yeah. My favorite Kelly show was The Practice. I know it’s available on streaming, but I want a blu-ray or at least a DVD box set! Come to think of it Ally McBeal and Boston Public are hard to find too. What gives? Has anybody heard or read why Kelly shows are so unavailable after their initial run?

Why does it always have to be serious, have you seen TOS?? Like everyone was on mushrooms every day on that ship!

Like, just who was on mushrooms in TOS? Bueler? Anyone?

Those space hippies in Way to Eden?

One late S3 example

Exactly; it was hardly “every day.” And they were civilians, not Starfleet.

” but doing a musical destroys the suspension of disbelief. It takes you completely out of the narrative. ”

Only if you let it, which you’re going to. Which is fine, but this is about *you*, not the show.

I’m glad that you hate this thing that you haven’t seen. When I watch it I will think of your pain and laugh, as I have fun.

Others have mentioned it too, but Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s “Once More, With Feeling” is extraordinary even though only like two of the actors on the show could carry a tune (SMG can’t at all, Alyson Hannigan refused to even try.) It didn’t derail the show, it almost single-handedly saved a lackluster season.

Fringe’s “Brown Betty” is not a full-on musical, but it was pretty good, too.

Hello Shark we want to jump you again !

But will she do the fan dance?

I’ll try it, but I’m doubting I’ll make it 5 minutes into the musical sequence. I absolutely can’t stand musicals, Star Trek or no. Even that clip gave me the bad chill.

After the crossover, this will be a piece of cake in terms of my Trek fan stress at seeing questionable ep ideas.

It’s like the famous line from Trains, Planes and Automobiles, except for me, substitute LDS crossover ep for Dell Griffith:

I could tolerate any insurance seminar. For days I could sit there and listen to them go on and on with a big smile on my face. They’d say, “How can you stand it?” I’d say, “‘Cause I’ve seen the LDS-SNW Crossover Ep. I can take ANYTHING.” You know what they’d say? They’d say, “I know what you mean. The dumbass cartoon characters showing up on the Enterprise. Woah.”


Ha! One of my favorite films.

What song should we send?

I don’t know, how about something in the public domain?

shout out to the public domain

It’s going to be fantastic, and anyone who thinks it’s an inherently-bad idea that stretches the limits of Trek credibility has forgotten a whooooole hell of a lot about classic Trek. It’ll be fine. Even if it sucks, it’ll be fine. Nobody will die. Relaaaax.

Right? Even if I have some doubts about them pulling it off, it’s not that far out of the realm for a franchise that has had:

  • – people thinking they’re fictional characters
  • – people getting Manchurian Candidate’d
  • – people living entire lifetimes in moments
  • – people having their minds fused with others
  • – people de-/hyper-evolving (and coming back)
  • – people getting greased up and sword fighting
  • – people being aged up or reverted to childhood
  • – people having false memories or identities implanted

Trek has had a lot of weird things. If a space vortex makes everyone sing for an episode, whatever, that can happen. It’s not so beyond any of the rest.

You missed the biggest bit of nonsense of all, time travel as frequently as you or I go pee. No one even thinks about it.

They Time Travel several times each night? Do they have to get out of bed to time travel? That would suck. Then again, so does getting up to pee.

Yes… except singing instead of talking is a bit different from elaborately staged musical numbers, c/w choreography.

My favorite bit of defensiveness from Star Trek fans is “Star Trek has sucked before and so it’s okay if it sucks most of the time.”

Seems like the polar opposite of “defensiveness” to me, but sure.

Well, I only ever see it in response to “that looks like it’s gonna suck”-type comments so it reads exactly as defensive, but sure. The one I’m replying to even goes so far as to invent the comment from imagination in order to defend against it.

No one said “It’s suck before,” but just pointed out some of the crazy things Trek has done in the past, with many of those crazy things being GOOD.

Seriously, go re-read Stockworth’s comment, only a couple of the examples are from not-great episodes, must are other from absolutely fantastic episodes (living entire lifetimes in moments) to silly/fun (greased up sword fighting). Really, the only in that least that would be from a truly awful episode is the “people de-/hyper-evolving (and coming back)” example.

Is that what’s going on here? I’ve encountered enough examples (on this site and in the wild) where any notion of trying to compare the new shows to the old shows, story-wise, gets immediately shouted down because, I don’t know, it’s unfair? The old shows didn’t air classics every week, after all, so why should the new ones be held to the standard of… never having to aim for anything beyond the worst Trek has ever been? Seems to be a common refrain. I have no doubt “Subspace Rhapsody” will be better than “Threshold,” but if that’s the bar, then that’s a reflection of the bar setters. I’m in the “we’re not even 20 episodes into the series and they’re already resorting to sweeps month-style gimmicks?” camp. I don’t believe people were happy with TNG, for example, when they did “The Naked Time” as the second episode. I think it’s okay to be a little more critical of these things before, during, or after they air or at the very least a bit more skeptical.

Skeptical, sure, but critical doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for an episode that hasn’t even aired yet. Regardless, SNW likes to take big genre swings, it’s kinda been it’s MO from the get go, and a musical episode fits in perfectly with that. A gimmick it is not.

Critical of these concepts, I mean. Strange New Worlds did not figure out that Star Trek could take big genre swings. That’s just ridiculous PR that has somehow gained traction. Trek has always jumped around genres. People sometimes cite the other “musical” episodes of Star Trek or other TV shows and leave out the part where most if not all of them come later in a show’s run.

These Strange New Worlds writers are so exhausted having executed 18 episodes that they are resorting to what has traditionally, in the history of scripted TV, usually been the result of tired/bored/aging writing staffs running out of ideas and needing to fill an order, the producers having become so bored with the standard patter of the product that they seek to change it up a bit, if even for a couple of weeks, and usually to something that suits them (I love DS9 so much and loathe everything involving Vic Fontaine and Ira Behr ramming that part of the show down our throats because he got tired of making Star Trek and wanted more of his likes in it). This isn’t being promoted as “just another episode,” either, it’s being promoted as Look At Our Big Swing! A Very Special Episode! A Musical! — the definition of a gimmick.

Will it be fun, interesting, and have a point? I don’t know. It seems like most people are already convinced that it will be fun, just because it exists, and the other two parts, then, would hardly seem important.

Great point. I think a significant difference though is that back then there was obviously not the huge online forum presence that we have today, so the reinforcing group-think criticism in real-time, week after week, was not present then in the ubiquitous way it is today — so mediocre and moderately poor eps in those days got more of a free pass, which has been further shielded by sentimentality as the years pass that protects all except the worst eps of those eras.

people here with TOS in general is a prime example of that but not in the context you mean

I don’t know about Star Trek, but I can come up with other situations where that would not be a bad thing at all, in fact, many of us would welcome that.

Some people just like to doom and gloom anyway, and some people also has an irrational hatred for musicals, a form of human entertainment that was popular for centuries. Exact same comments about shark jumping and ball dropping had shown up when the crossover was announced. Look what happened. The comment section on this blog has always been trash, and even YouTube comments have better takes than this.

Just because the crossover ep was well written and executed doesn’t mean that they should have done it.

I mean, if I was in Paris and was presented (without ordering) a perfect looking and succulent plate of Foie gras, I would likely eat it to avoid offending my dinner host, but I would certainly never order Foie gras myself due to animal cruelty issues of that food — I know that that would be wrong.

Ha. On a trip to Russia during college, I went to dinner in someone’s house and was offered the piece de resistance — baked liver.

I utterly HATE liver. I REVILE liver. To the point of it being the one food I gag on. Talk about yucking it down to avoid offending a dinner host!

Agreed — it’s revolting.

The only way I would be ok with it, if, Ethan Peck sings the ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

…..with his shirt off.

Don’t tell McMahan — I can just see that happening now in the future on LDS thanks to you. :-)

In eight days, we’ll come back to this thread, look over the incessant bitching, and see it didn’t age well.

This is going to be awesome. Even if it isn’t great, still better than most of season 3 of TOS. imho.

No. Just no.

As a longtime legacy Trek fan who remembers watching TOS as a kid in the late 1960s, i have to admit I am anxiously awaiting next week’s episode. Overall SNW has had a good to great S1 and S2 and maybe they are taking a big chance, but I can’t wait to see what the cast and crew come up with!

I think it will be great. The whole series is great, and it is as wacky as TOS was. Haters will always hate!

I’m looking forward to it, especially after watching the clip from this week’s The Ready Room. After seeing how beautifully SNW handled the crossover episode, I’m here for the musical. I mean, if the creatives weren’t all that confident in how it would land, would they really make it the season’s penultimate?

I am super excited for this episode. The musical episode in other shows I’ve watched have all been a ton of fun, from Buffy to Scrubs to How I Met Your Mother (with Buffy definitely standing heads and shoulders above the rest). Is it possible this episode will be terrible, absolutely! But it is equally (if not more so) possible that it will be great. A lot of people were apprehensive about the LDS crossover, and it has been universally loved (except for a few very vocal people around here).

I don’t get all the complaining. Musicals are awesome. I’m sure there will be some sci-fi explanation to satisfy people who can’t suspend their disbelief enough to accept people singing. It will be a lot of fun, anyway.

Given the crossover was executed well, even though I still hate that they did it, this musical thing seems like a walk in the park and I am cautiously looking forward to it, even though I don’t think it’s needed.

I’ve never really liked musicals and will most likely still enjoy this episode. I haven’t been disappointed with SNW yet.

Boo hiss at all the naysayers about this episode calling this episode indulgent. They conveniently forget about DS9’s Far Beyond the Stars, which almost inexplicably puts the cast in 1950s USA… that was indulgent too!…

Oh but at that time, Far Beyond the Stars was groundbreaking and had a compelling story made by competent writers to tell. Almost every show these days has a musical episode. It’s not groundbreaking, it’s already tired and boring.

Okay I’m convinced! No need to watch the episode then, thank you!

Okay, that means we won’t have to read your comments! Thank you!

But of course that’s not what it means because even fans who don’t watch or like Trek love to talk about how much they hate something.

Isn’t fandom fun?

Not so much on these boards these days. The negativity here is punishing, childish, repetitive, monotonous, and often mean-spirited.


Hello Nova Scotia.

Whilst there are only so many ways one can call a spade a spade (or shite “Star Trek”, shite), I thought my comparison with actual thought provoking and novel Star Trek was rather original and colourful… perhaps I needed to use a tired gimmick seen in other modern TV shows.

It’s total hyperbole to say every show these days has a musical episode, and it’s a tired refrain to call the writers incompetent compare to legacy Trek, robbing the phrase of meaning whenever there are actual lapses in quality.

It’s Weird, I have never felt this vested in a crew since DS9. Feel I can care about them all, casting and writing has mostly been spot on. Shame it’s not a 24 ep season like the old days.

This is my favorite Star Trek show now and I miss the longer seasons too.

With the exception of the Planet of the Apes one in The Simpsons, I’m not that into musicals. But I’ll give it a go. It’s a good move to focus more on the actual singers in the cast. There’s nothing worse than having non singer members of a cast being digitally altered in post, to the point that it barely sounds like their voices, e.g. Riverdale.

Dr Zeus Dr Zeus, Dr Zeus!!! Haha too funny!

I hate every chimp I see, from chimpan-A to chimpan-Z

hahaha 😀


THAT, is a musical segment I can get behind. Thanks for reminding me of it!

Right?! No problem! 😀

Not a great episode (but not a bad one) …but it will absolutely win awards. The music is truly impressive, and lots of very strong character work throughout.

Talk about a big swing. I love when they do stuff like this. And no it doesn’t break the suspension of disbelief.

Y’all know you can just skip it if you don’t want to watch, right?

It’s a little bit different from prior eras because we have to pay a monthly subscription to have the privilege of deciding whether or not we want to watch it; and for those of us who are only subscribed for Star Trek, the new stuff being a bummer kind of takes away some of the value of the subscription

Depends on the person. I don’t watch every single new show. Being real I’ve only watched LD, PRO and any episodes of the three live action ones when I want to. To me the subscription pays for itself in value because I can also rewatch DS9 In the Cards whenever I want to.

That’s a great point. Even when I think a show sucks like Picard or Discovery and I’m just waiting for it to be over, the subscription still pays for itself because I watch the old shows every week, at least 4 or 5 episodes, mostly TNG DS9 and VOY. NuTrrek is a lot better today but even when it’s bad that week you still got 700 episodes of old Trek to choose from.

After Lower Decks ends I plan to cancel it again but I might keep it another month and just watch my favorite episodes and then take a break after that.

This episode is a joke surely, I know SNW wants to lighten it up like the reboot movies but it is just getting silly. Season 2 had been so poor anyway. Imagine the stick Discovery would get if did something like this.


As a fan I want to have faith of the heart this will be good but I’m really worried this is going to be awful. Hope to be wrong.

I saw it, and while I didn’t love it, it’s not bad at all. If you enjoy musicals (I don’t) it will be a favorite. The songs are truly well written, though the earlier ones are more my speed (older classic Broadway style) while the later ones are more akin to modern pop songs.

What I did appreciate is that the episode is played largely straight. There are some nice comedic beats but it’s mostly a more somber, character focused episode than you’d expect from the wacky premise. You could even fast forward through the songs and just appreciate the story being told, potentially, though the lyrics do advance the plot to some degree.

That said there is one comic beat that will be instantly divisive.

Wow man thanks for the heads up, I really appreciate it. So I’m a bit more encouraged reading this now.

But Faith of the Heart is dogshit

Well I didn’t mean to literally listen to it! 😉

I’m a fan of musicals but I don’t know how I feel about a Star Trek musical episode. This has the potential to be an absolute disaster.

Horrible indulgence