Retail Disc Version Of ‘Star Trek: Resurgence’ Coming This Fall; PS5 Users Get Free Upgrade

In May new games publisher Dramatic Labs released their first title, Star Trek: Resurgence, a narrative adventure set in the TNG era. Initially available as a PC and console digital release, the game got a very positive review here at TrekMovie and has been praised for its choice-driving branching story tied into the lore. And in October the game will find a wider audience with a retail launch on physical media for gaming consoles.

Today Dramatic Labs announced Star Trek: Resurgence will be available on disc for Xbox Series X and Xbox One, PlayStation5, and PlayStation4 gaming consoles on October 6th 2023. The game company also announced a complimentary upgrade for any PlayStation 4 owners who have purchased the digital version of the game prior to the PlayStation 5 version being available. For a limited time, they will be able to digitally upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version at no charge.

Dramatic Labs is also adding further language support to the game in the form of German, Latin-American Spanish, and Traditional Chinese subtitles. These updates will be available on all versions, including the digital PC version purchased through Epic.

Dramatic Labs is a new independent game developer comprised of veterans of Telltale Games. “As our first post-Telltale adventure, it’s been truly humbling to have Star Trek fans across the world respond to our game so positively,” said Kevin Bruner, Founder of Dramatic Labs in a statement. “It’s been thrilling to see them spot all the references and call out the accuracy we’ve tried to recreate, down to the tiniest detail. We can’t wait to see more fans make tough decisions aboard the RESOLUTE.”

Dramatic Labs chose to make a Star Trek game as their first release because they are such big fans of the franchise. You can learn more about the making of the game in TrekMovie’s interview with writers Andrew Grant and Dan Martin.

William T. Riker (voiced by Jonathan Frakes) in Star Trek: Resurgence 


The game has also been patched over the last couple of months to deal with a few issues seen in the launch version. The patched version is available for free across all versions.

Star Trek: Resurgence can be pre-ordered now from retail stores and is already available for digital download for Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, and PlayStation®4 gaming consoles, and for PC exclusively from the Epic Games Store.

Watch the Star Trek: Resurgence launch trailer (warning: spoilers).

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That’s cool. I haven’t bought the game yet, glad I waited. I prefer my games on disc,

I hope this free upgrade fixes some of the game’s glitches. I guess I’ll download the upgrade, bur I’ll probably never play the game again anyway.

Fun game. I finished it as the consummate Starfleet officer. I’d like to go back and play it again but be a jerk.

My XBOX is years old and no PS so this willl have to be a PC purchase for me. At first I didn’t know it was from the people behind Teltale but now that I do I am even more interested!!!

It’s uncanny just how much like Leonard Nimoy this voice actor sounds. I’ll look forward to picking this up.

This is true!