An Alternate Captain Shaw Death Scene Was Filmed For ‘Star Trek: Picard’ [UPDATED]

One of the standout characters introduced for the third season of Star Trek: Picard was Captain Liam Shaw, played by Todd Stashwick. Shaw died in the penultimate episode of the season (“Vox”) and handed over command of the USS Titan to his first officer, Seven of Nine. Now you can see an alternate take from that emotional scene.

UPDATE: The video has been removed from Twitter. The original article describing the clip is below…


Another death of Shaw

Picard showrunner Terry Matalas shared a clip of an alternate death scene for Shaw on the social media site formerly known as Twitter.

The alternate version of Shaw’s death has a bit more of his “Dips–t from Chicago” acerbic tone. This version has Shaw saying “[It’s not my ship] anymore. It’s yours. But don’t touch my stuff, Seven of Nine.” In the final version, Shaw said: “It’s not my ship anymore. It’s yours. You have the conn, Seven of Nine.”

Season 3 had set up Shaw conflicting with his first officer, even refusing to use her Borg name, making her use Commander Annika Hansen on his ship. So calling her Seven of Nine for the first time was a big deal and that was maintained in both versions.

Reminder: Season 3 Blu-ray/DVD coming next month

It’s likely this deleted scene comes from the upcoming home media release. Star Trek: Picard – The Final Season arrives on September 5th on DVD, Blu-ray, and a limited-edition Blu-ray SteelBook. One of the special features will be deleted scenes.

Here is the full list of special features (noting which are exclusive to the home media release)…

  • The Gang’s All Here – Featurette (Exclusive)
  • The Making of the Last Generation – Featurette (Exclusive)
  • Audio Commentary on select episodes (Exclusive)
  • Deleted Scenes (Exclusive)
  • Gag Reel (Exclusive)
  • Rebuilding the Enterprise-D – Featurette
  • Villainous Vadic – Featurette
  • Picard: The Final Season Q&A panel with cast and crew

You can preorder the final season on Amazon: Blu-ray for $35.43, Steelbook Blu-ray for $37.49, and DVD for $31.38.

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I see why they cut this for scene tone, but my goodness is it keeping in with the character. I think I prefer it.

“You have the conn” is so much better, even though “don’t touch my stuff” is more in character. But I think they made the right choice in the end.


I see Terry Matalas still has blocked me for *check notes* absolutely no reason.

Two can play that game, block him back

Absolutely no reason?

Yep. Same here. He blocked me. No idea why. The only thing I can think of is I asked him why is Phaser fire no longer a continuous laser beam? Then I said I found the older phaser file style more charming. But I duno. He’s really quite arrogant .

The 3rd season was an improvement and there were a couple episodes that really reminded me of the best era of Trek(mostly the Ensign Roe episode and the Space Birth one). It was ok. I loved seeing those characters together again mind you. But if it were a Trek movie? I don’t think I’d say it was any better or worse than Nemesis. And it’s not a pimple on the ass of TNG/DS9. It was extremely flawed. Some of the storytelling is just…what?

So the Borg get all those ships and just fire at a single target? And they maneuver together to make the Borg insignia. What? The whole thing seemed contrived.

Here’s how you could end this show. The episode where they visit the museum? That’s when they ditch the Titan for the D. Not in the 2nd last episode. And all the older folk who aren’t Borgified or Changelings? They hop aboard Voyager, Enterprise A-C, The Defiant etc. And we get an old ship Vs new ship free for all while the D does the main mission. And it’s not the Borg queen. No. It’s ANOTHER Son/Daughter Picard had with that archeologist(Vaj? Can’t remember her name). They were born and eventually, some sort of Borg Homing beacon called to him/her and it was the Borg mother ship and the collective consciousness was installed inside his/her. Jack was just following that same homing beacon but since he was born later, he would be the new Locutus. So the whole show we think it’s about this one Child, Jack. But it turns out Picard had 2 kids. And in the end? The enterprise D doesn’t get put back into storage. It’s turned over to Picard, who will use it for goodwill missions and ambassador duty. To help spread the word across the galaxy of all that is possible with just a single Vessel. The power of exploration and the spirit of wonder & discovery distilled into a single ship, So long as there’s a Jean Luc Picard there will be an Enterprise. And he’s joined by all the usual suspects(in non Starfleet hierarchy roles). Including some new faces. This is his home. And it always will be.

They manuvered together to make the Borg insignia? Really? I must have blocked that.

Back in 96 when I talked to Ricardo Delgado about FIRST CONTACT, I asked him — a bit reluctanty — if the Borg insignia was going to turn up. His response was curt (like ‘oh god, a fan!) but right on point: “they’re the borg, they know who they are and they don’t need to advertise!”
I thought that was a righteous answer … and still do.

Oh, Picard Season 3 is, FAR SUPERIOR To Nemesis.
1.Improved Character Interactions, with, Both Old Characters & New
2.Better Story.
3.Much Graver Threat.

Wrong. Nemesis was superior to this show,why? Main reason being at least it was ORIGINAL but still had a classic Trek feel to it. At the end of the day no one can accuse Star Trek Nemesis of being “fan service”

At the end of the day no one can accuse Star Trek Nemesis of being “a good film”.

Does not matter how (supposedly) bad Nemesis is,it is still better than anything made since the end of the Berman era

Nemesis is the most dour, depressing thing in the franchise right up to Picard Season 1.

Picard Season 3 ends things how they should have been alone with back in 1994.

You left out mentioning DSC and the 09.

Elderly TNG cast reunited for a bad remake of previous Trek incarnations? No thanks. Picard S3 was not better than Nemesis so the question is why did they bother.


Nemesis ripped off parts of TWOK.

No. It wasn’t fan service.
but, IMO, it wasn’t very good either.

How is Picard S3 a “better story” than Nemesis? What even was the story on Picard?

The Ro Laren episode was good? Your definition of a good episode must be they bring a truly GREAT character back after 30 years? Only to kill them off for a few minutes additional dramatic effect. Awful way to treat these great legacy characters.

Eps 4 and 5 were definitely the best of the batch for me, too. I hated that they offed Ro (apparently there was another version considered where she didn’t die and was beamed away), but it was a long overdue story, just not enough arc.

People seem to forget that the people behind these shows are people too. They put years of their life into creating something and then the fandom tears it apart online. Fans have their right to their opinions on what matters to them and how they’d like the shows to be, but the teams behind the shows aren’t required to be bombarded with them every day either if they choose they don’t want to be. I’d be blocking people all day long for my own sanity. Some of the creatives are fine having a bit of back and forth. Others are not.

Nah, 75% of the comments everywhere worship the dude, so pleeeeeeease, he can certainly have a thick enough skin to deal with others who did not personally rate Pic S3 as high as the majority…or just ignore those comments.

You can’t have it both ways where you tweet your stuff every day to market your material, but then be a dick and block people who have some critiques on it. That’s lame and childish, and I’ve got to agree with Guy — it’s quite arrogant. (well, on Elon Musk’s failing service, perhaps you can have it both ways…LOL)

Hard is it to admit, what is Star Trek to the outside observer? Pajama uniforms, weird ugly saucer ships, cheesy fx and boring political/social commentary with an optimistic appeal. With all that said and done, the wider fandom is doing its best to adapt (or resist) to the new status quo. No matter how hard we try to live in the comfort zone and pretend everything is dandy. Trek is not and will never be what it once was. Enough with the pedestal worship! Sorry, but not everyone has a PhD on the finer points of the ***original series prime univorssssss***.

Because god forbid if you don’t kowtow to its loudmouth pseudo-intellectual purists who dominate the Trek internet spaces 24/7. That constant whining gets you blocked, kiddo.

That’s also the reason why the garden variety nitpicker Trekkie doesn’t get hired for any Trek production. It’s all talk until you actually work in actual productions, get back to me when you have some tangible results.

100% agreed — well said, dude!

“Trek is not and will never be what it once was.”

I agree with this, it’s not nearly as good as the classic shows were, but I still enjoy it! But I’m also learning I’m not the loudmouth pseudo-intellectual purist I thought I was since I like the comedy stuff in LDS and SNW. But then I always enjoyed it in the other shows too. Sometimes people forget shows like TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY etc did spend time just having goofy fun when it wasn’t weighing the fate of the galaxy on its shoulders every week. Something some fans should be reminded of when they call the new shows superficial, immature and not ‘real’ Star Trek.

Not really interested in percentages. It could be only one person saying negative stuff, he’s still entitled to block whoever he wants.

These aren’t elected officials taking away democratic right of recourse, they’re creatives drowning out whatever noise they don’t want to tune in to.

You misunderstood my post. I never said he was prohibited from blocking anyone. I said it was lame, childish and arrogant for him to block people who are simply critiquing his show — because it is.

Really how so? If I choose to block someone just because they post an opinion I don’t agree with that is 100% acceptable behavior. It’s not lame, its not childish, nor is it arrogant. No one on a social network platform is required to have others opinions shown or listed. Now if they irrationally insulted you, or name called you, or taunted something about why don’t you show you can do a better job, then I could certainly agree with your adjectives. But If you or I or anyone else just doesn’t want to see different opinions, that is their prerogative.

Now the one exception to this is if you or in a space that advertises that its there open to the public for everyone to freely express their opinion good bad or indifferent, and then block you because you post an opinion that differs then their own you could certainly state that they are acting in a hypocritical manner versus their stated goals for their public space. But thats about it.

Just as I would be utterly irrational if I took offense if you blocked me for this post. You certainly should have the right with out being judged negatively for doing so if you just don’t want to see or read it.

No it’s not acceptable behavior. It’s lame, arrogant, childish, obtuse and illustrates significant hubris — and I stand by that 100%.

Sorry dude, but you don’t get to tell me that I can’t have this opinion. In fact, by telling me that I’m not allowed to have this opinion, you’re violating your own standard that you’re applying here for a person that unnecessarily and over-defensively blocks people.

You can write essay after essay on this and you’re ever going to change my opinion one iota.

True, however if you’re a showrunner or writer or creator… and put yourself on social media, you have to expect what goes with it and not act like an offended child. They seem to forget that the fans are the reason they have a job. Deal with the backlash or get the hell off social.

Fans have a right to block people.
And, I am sure some of us ,HAVE!
Why can’t creatives have the SAME right?


Because creatives wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for the fans. They can block the extreme tweets like bullying and whatnot, but not simple opinions that they don’t like because their egos can’t take it. If they want to have the opportunity to market their creations online, then they need to accepts some pushback.


No in fact they don’t. There is no implied social contract that ever states this. And let’s be clear with ads going on social platforms, there are many people who do earn their living based on public views and interactions of their social media. And even when they directly earn revenue from your interaction or viewing they still have the right to block opinions they don’t share. Now for myself it no longer is social acceptable is if they start attacking or name calling you. Thats an example of childish behavior.

You don’t need a contract to know how to behave, you just need character. Some Hollywood types are lacking in that respect.

Yep, and we are perfectly fine to call them out on Breaking this implied social contract with us fans despite what Mark Wood at Trekmovie tells us…lol

What, has Trekmovie said anything about this? Are we in trouble again?

Of course there is no written contract that says this — Silvereyes specifically mentioned that it’s implied, which you seem to have not understood.


  1. suggested but not directly expressed; implicit.
  2. “she was aware of his implied criticism”

Are you SURE thats why Malalas is blocking people? I am not going to judge the guy for a situation that I don’t have clarity on.

Similarly, when people noticeably block people on Twitter a lot of people comment on it, especially if it seems unnecessary.

So are you saying we don’t have a right to call that out, given everyone else seems to have that right? That’s all we are doing here, so what’s your problem?

And since I have commented on a few posts. I have no problem with posting on a different forum or social platform, about the circumstances of getting blocked somewhere else. In my mind there is nothing wrong with that. But I can also believe that in someone else space that person has the right to block people or opinions they disagree with. And I don’t find that rude behavior or feel that anyone is obligated to see or read or keep public any post I make.

Can you see how I can support your opinion to complain about getting blocked, but also agree that all posters have the right to block others if they so wish.

Again as long as it’s not done with negative posts or insults or threats, then how is it offensive? Now if they are responding with insults and and threats, ect. Then yes I would agree childish and rude behavior. But that isn’t what seems to be the case that I am reading (if I missed any mentions of that, my apologies).

We are not that far apart. I don’t think it’s offensive, but I do think it’s lame and arrogant if they block folks for politely bringing up minor critiques or questions, and I am not going to stop feeling that way.

“ Deal with the backlash or get the hell off social”

Or just block people that annoy you so you can still enjoy social media. Dude made his choice. Can’t see the problem.

For what I gather Matalas blocks a lot of people for seemingly minor issues. This is not the first time I hear of this. Some fans are dicks so sure block those idiots, but what I’m seeing here is contempt for everyday normal fans and this is not acceptable.

…but what I’m seeing here is contempt for everyday normal fans and this is not acceptable.


maybe the fans shouldn’t act like offended children because a TV isn’t to their liking in the first place?

Are you referring to the Samsung or Sony brand, and is it the LCD or OLED models?

While it’s true that creators should expect that nothing they create is going to be meet with universal approval. The simple fact is they don’t owe us a single thing. Period. They are hired by others, paid by others. They’re rewarded or punished solely off of how well a product does. Not based on how they interact with the public, unless it’s so offensive that their employers would feel it would damage their business model. And simply blocking a posters (if that is all that did happen) in no way shape or form is considered social unacceptable public behavior.

The simple fact is they don’t owe us a single thing. Period. 

Huh? Of course they owe us given we are paying a subscription for the programming they provide, especially a freaking showrunner of the series. Give me a break.

By your logic, nobody except the CEO of the corporation that produces something owes anything to me regarding their company’s product, because the 20,000 employees who work for him just get paid by him. LOL

They’re paid by others? Well in the end those others are paid by viewers. The buck stops there, and yes they certainly do owe viewers respect. Again I don’t condone inappropriate behavior like bullying or insults, but there’s no justification in blocking someone that disagrees with you or just posts a negative (yet respectful) comment on your work.

100%. What a weird argument too… makes no sense?

If they put years into it, then basic problems in the storytelling should have been solved long before they went before the cameras. I’m thinking DSC and SNW as much or more than Ps3.
Nearly everything I’ve seen of Trek this century plays like an early draft, not a filmed final. Flab deluxe, plus an insane number of dubious to downright stupid storytelling choices that violate tenets of drama and filmmaking or just pander to VFX wet dreamers with undiscerning taste.

It sounds like on Twitter, you either drink his “I just did the best Trek in 25 years” Kool-Aid, or you drink alone. lol

That platform’s days are numbered anyway.

Drinking alone is so much better. You can puke and pass out anytime without those disapproving stares. In other words, Eagles don’t flock my friend.

Well said !!!!!

FWIW, STP has been very close to my least favourite ST show. But I’ve never felt the need to tell anyone involved in the production that, because it’s just not that nice. I enjoy what I enjoy, I move on from what I don’t. *shrugs*

Do you want a cookie?

Odds are he vanity searches and uses blockchain – I’m blocked by him and literally the only socmed interaction I’ve ever had with the dude was thanking him for clarifying a bit of lore someone else asked about. Ditto some mutuals who’ve never interacted with him at all, but have posted criticisms of PIC S3. So if you follow someone who’s ever critiqued him or if you’ve liked a critical comment, even if Matalas wasn’t tagged in on the conversation himself, that’s probably why.

According to Dominus of Qo’noS, Kirk Unit and Gary 8.5, that’s just too f’ing bad and Matalas did what he has the right to do, and no one should I ever called him out on it.

Well, I can’t say I really disagree – my post was a possible explanation on how David caught a block based on my similar experience, not a commentary on how Matalas should run his Twitter. A creator is entitled to curate their timeline to get the socmed experience they want, up to and including blocking people who *might* say something critical about their latest project where they *might* see it. And the fans are entitled to let that curation inform their opinion of the creator, including that they’re taking an unfair, thin-skinned attitude toward fan interaction. But I keep in mind a quote about these situations – “humans weren’t meant to be famous.” We aren’t mentally equipped to take constant bombardment of other people’s opinions, even the ones that seem neutral from an outsider POV. And I think folks forget that writers and show runners have less control over the final product than we like to think. The creatives generally just have to put on a good face regarding bullshit from on high, and those of us in the audience tend not to learn the truth of it all until the NDAs run out. So, even putting aside the actual toxic fans, I can easily see a creator getting tired of seeing criticisms about certain issues they didn’t have control over and can’t talk about freely, and just putting a hard stop on it. Or on the 300th person “joking” about them not knowing what a refit is. Or on anything that could, for the 500th time, be explained by there not being enough leeway in the budget, etc. On the fandom end of things, the blocks do sting, especially when there doesn’t seem to be a reason for it, but it’s still all low stakes hurt feelings – any of us who have something truly important to say to Terry Matalas probably have his actual contact info. Anything else can be handled with a mutual block and some healthy venting. No callouts required.

I don’t disagree with that at all — great post! My main point though was the certainly, when we hear about people getting blocked for seemingly minor critiques, we as fans certainly have the right to publicly comment on those blocks being unnecessarily vindictive.

So sure, those creators have the right to block (and I totally get that it may be our of critique fatigue as you mention), but if fans subjectively judge that they are abusing that privilege, then of course we as fans have the right to call them out in another forum where fans talk — that’s all I’m saying — we have our similar right to call them out on what we perceive as obtuse blocking of fans.

Send him chocolates and all will be forgiven.


We deserve it.

It would be an upscale so it’s not really all that exciting to get it in 4K.

I don’t know if that’s true but Upscale 4K can still look incredible. Infact most of 4K UHD’s are upscaled. 4K is only part of UHD equation. It’s the high dynamic range, or HDR10/Dolby Vision that really make UHD pop. But there are *plenty* of 4K UHD sourced from upscaled material. If you own any Pixar movie released before 4K was a thing? Upscale. Mad Max Fury Road is a terrific UHD and it’s an upscale. Avatar(2009) is an upscale and its reference quality in UHD.

But I’m not sure if what you say about Picard is even true. A 4K production pipeline is standard now and has been for quite some time.

Hmm, the reviews of 4K UHD movies that have been upscaled from 2K generally confirm they they are not really that much of an upgrade from the existing BR — they look softer, and the HDR improvements are moderate at best. That’s why I always read the reviews on an older movie released in 4K — the thing I really want to see before I buy it is was it taken from a restored/new 4K master (or done in 4K digital originally). If it wasn’t, and I already have the 1080P BR in my collection, I don’t pay $25 for the 4K. For instance, the reviews on the Mad Max Fury Road in this regard don’t support your personal viewing experience; for example, from Michael Scott’s review on AVnirvana:

It was one of the first few 4K UHD discs and the transfer wasn’t GREAT (but still was good enough). Like many 5 years ago, the film was taken from a 2K master and upconverted to Blu-ray. The results are a decent, if not slightly soft, looking image. There’s not a whole tone of detail added that I could see A/Bing my Blu-ray discs of the film, and I noticed most of the HDR application was mediocre most of the time. There are definitely more oranges and splashes of colors on the girls outfits, but this is not a leaps and bounds transfer by any means. The matte paintings and practical effects for the film are magnificent to watch, but in 4K UHD they are a bit easier to spot as well. All in all, this was a fledgling 4K UHD attempt with “solid” HDR application, and not much else to differentiate itself from the Blu-ray. It IS better than the Blu-ray (which was spectacular), but not very much at all though.

PS: All of the VFX in all seasons of Picard (and all of the Kurtzman Trek series) were rendered in 2K…and those are the scenes that a viewer would most want to be in 4K. Also, given that Picard’s VFX are the weakest looking in all of the Kurtzman series to date, I think the upscaling to 4K will expose further the cheap look that they have (compared to DSC and SNW).

I actually have upressed and reedited season 3 into in whole movie (8hrs+ long!). It looks amazing, much better on my 3 metre 4k projection screen. I have been using TOPAZ VAI for a couple of years now and the result are worth the effort.

That’s really interesting! Can you share your process for doing that — I would like to try that for some other stuff for sure. I do have a high-end PC and 4K projector like you, but I have not done anything like this.

Ugh why would anyone want 8 hrs non-stop of this garbage? The concept may have been more successful as a 2 or 3 hr TV movie let’s face it this show was 90% filler

i don’t know what you are reading but that’s just not true. Are there examples of poor upscale? Sure. Just look at how Disney treated Pirates of the Caribbean.But there are numerous examples of poor native 4K discs as well. But a 4K upscale can and often do look fantastic and there are numerous examples of that.

I’m aware a few people have given a negative review to Fury Roads UHD. It’s BS in my opinion. The movie looks tremendous and is reference quality. There are also movies that get a bad rap yet are still an improvement on the blu ray. The Star Wars UHD set is such an example. While it could’ve been better, with less DNR, it’s a major improvement on blu ray. The Prequels, episode 2 & 3 were shot with very early digital cameras and so it’s a 4K upscale and they look pretty darn good. They aren’t reference quality but still a big improvement over the 1080p version.

As for Picard S3, the CGI rendering is a big deal at all. All CGI was rendered in 2K for the longest time. Lord of the Rings Trilogy looks amazing in 4K. All the CGI was rendered in 2K. The Matrix & its sequels looks stunning. 2K CGI.

while it shocks me anyone is still rendering CGI in 2K since the pipeline is well established, that doesn’t mean anything regarding if it will look good or not. I have Game of Thrones 4K and the benefit of HDR to the show is tremendous and most of it was produced with 2k VFX on a 2K digital intermediate.

Honestly? The vast majority of people probably couldn’t even discern the difference between a 2k image and a 4K image. The extra pixels are great don’t get me wrong, but if all UHD had to offer is twice the pixel count? I don’t think they’d sell very well. It’s the HDR and Dolby Vision that TRULY separate from blu ray. That’s where the magic is. You should try it out for yourself.

As for Picard S3, the CGI rendering is a big deal at all

I am glad we agree that this is a big deal, because certainly those VFX are going to appear soft, plus you will notice any issues more, with the upscaling.

I simply take it on a case-by-case basis and read the reviews —, HiDef Digest, Digital Bits, plus others.

If you want to just buy every 4K upgrade of a disc that you already have on BR, I am not going to stop you. But I like to to read reviews first to verify that it’s a substantial upgrade.

For example, if you read reviews of the 4K UHD of Heat, many point out the poor color timing and the lackluster HDR, plus other issues…the 2017 BR is rated better by some. So I didn’t buy that one.

And as you are probably aware, T2 is panned by many as the worst 4K release ever. So why would I spend $25 on that?

It’s the HDR and Dolby Vision that TRULY separate from blu ray. 

Except that this it hit and miss for many movies. On some movies (Dune, for example), it’s totally stunning, while on others it’s barely noticeable. And I want to know that before I buy it.

Basically, I just want my money’s worth when I upgrade from a standard BR that I already own. But again, I’m not stopping anyone who just wants to assume that what they are getting with any 4K UHD purchase is a substantial upgrade.

I read someplace recently that Disney actually stripped the HDR out of some releases, making their UHDs even less worthwhile. KInda makes me think that if they ever get around to UHDing TOMBSTONE — or doing ANYTHING with QUIZ SHOW, which doesn’t even have a domestic Blu-Ray despite being one of the finest pics of the 90s — that it will be a fiasco on the T2 level.

My eye looks for and worships contrast, so when I see still comparisons, I often don’t see much of a gain (and sometimes a seeming loss) on the UHDs. So I’m going to be pretty picky about my upgrades. No real rush … I’ve had a UHD player for years, but still haven’t gotten a proper TV, plus my main one blew out three years ago, so I’m watching on the 32″ backup. Don’t need super high rez on that size set, even watching from 2′ away.

Well said.

That was suppose to say *isnt*. Not is. It isn’t a big deal. So we don’t not agree(tho I think you knew that)

The point is, it’s fine to read reviews to inform your purchasing choices. But dismissing a disc because it’s an “upscale” is based on nothing but ignorance.

Heat is a great example. That was a native 4K remaster and it’s a super disappointing disc. There are 2K upscaled discs that look better.

HDR itself isn’t hit or miss. It’s a wonderful tool. How it’s used and applied can be. But the point is that’s what makes UHD special, it’s not simply the *4K*. It’s not the 4K that makes UHD pop, it’s the HDR/Dolby Vision.

So yes, it’s wonderful you want your monies worth. But I wouldn’t dismiss a disc because it’s an upscale. If you read a reviewer who says something is crap just because it’s upscale, they are talking out their ass.

it’s still best to have a native 4K but that’s only going to go so far with movies that used CGI before rendering in 4K became a thing.

I don’t think we are really that far apart. I just have like nearly 1000 BR’s, so upgrading every disc I already have that comes out in 4K is not something I will automatically do until I am certain I will notice a substantial viewing experience improvement — and I would say in about 50% of these cases, I do upgrade (and how fond I am of the movie actually factors in to my personal benefit-cost assessment on the upgrade as well)

Incidentally, for anything new that comes out in both 4K and BR, of course I get the 4K version for that situation.

You said it on HDR — it’s how it’s used, and on some old movies the UHD mastering doesn’t always take advantage of HDR, and some movies that are dark and not very colorful it doesn’t help all that much either.

I do hear you regarding that upscaling is not all that important, but nevertheless, native resolution 4K is ALWAYS better looking than a 2K upscale.

I did realize you meant “isn’t”…just having fun.

It’s good to talk to another videophile who appreciates all this!


Again, it would be an upscale, so it’s not really all that exciting if we got it in 4K.

No because we need to stop funding more “Nu-Trek” we need to starve it into hibernation until some better and more original writers come along. I am thinking 2 centuries will do it like the crew of the Botany Bay

The first step in your Machiavellian plan should be to convince all the Star Trek actors and writers to go on strike, but that will of course never happen.

It appears they didn’t include more footage from the final scene with the crew together at the end?(trying not to give stuff away)

I wish he had survived and that Jack Skywalker had died — then I’d be more into the Legacy series proposal.

This is Star Trek, he could always come back as a result of some technobabble sci-fi reason. Just imagine Shaw using his dry wit to describe his battle on the Black Mountain ;)

But I agree, I really wish Shaw wasn’t killed.

I get not liking Jack. But counterpoint, Picard has suffered so much in his life. I mean he lost his brother and nephew in a fire of all things. He was Locutus, etc… I don’t think his final chapter ending with yet another terrible loss wouold have done the story justice.

Agreed. Picard’s life outside of Starfleet had been a tragedy of losing family one by one. He lost his mother to suicide, his father disowned him for joining Starfleet, then his brother and nephew. Discovering he actually has a son, and then losing his son would’ve been a total downer for the man. Not a good way to end his final adventure on screen.

Yes. You almost wonder whether they might try to retcon the death away.

Love Shaw!

An amazing character in an amazing season of Star Trek!

Totally unnecessary to kill a good new character. Captain Shaw was amazing at the first few episodes.

Hope they bring him to Lower Decks. He would be a great addition, great nemesis for Mariner. Can you imagine the bantering!? :D

Too bad I didn’t know about this yesterday, when I could have asked Stashwick which version he preferred. Personally, I think it’s the unused one by a mile.


The first clip from Prodigy’s 2nd season premiere is up on startrek dot com! Huh? What now? 😯


It features The Doctor and the new Voyager A! 🤩 Is this coming to home video, once completed? I must’ve missed the news. 🤷‍♂️

Yeah bro I saw it too! It looked AMAZING! The Doctor back and they are serving on the Voyager A too. This is a Voyager fanboy dreams come true! 😎

Although Paramount screwed it over I have faith it will find a new home this year. Fans will be pushing extra hard once it circulates more.

The clip looks great. The Doctor is one of the best characters in the franchise, and it looks like he’s going to be a regular in the new season. I really hope they announce a new streaming service for the show soon.

Wait! What? How? What happened to pulling everything?

Not really Trek-related, but somebody who SHOULD have been a Yeoman on TOS, Sharon Farrell, just died. Take a look at her obit announcement on The Hollywood Reporter and go al the way to the bottom for the picture and you’ll see that Isla Fisher should absolutely do her life story; Farrell’s heart stopped when she about 30 and her career derailed, but she really had something compelling about her.

I think they made the right choice; “don’t touch my stuff” doesn’t really make sense to me anyway.

My explanation for the line that could be extremely wrong admittedly: he’s regretting deleting all of Riker’s music off the ship’s computer and realizes that she could do the same to his stuff so he says that.

Also agree.

Totally right on Picard being compromised and Seven being too attached to a name associated from when she was kidnapped and forced to commit genocide… his reward is death and his, like Rikers Titan legacy erased. Ouch!

i really wish shaw didn’t die and they didn’t rename the titan-a the enterprise-g…..i think ST Legacy would have a better shot at being greenlit if it wasn’t about another ship named enterprise.

Matalas has said if the Legacy show happens they have a plan to bring Shaw back. What that is, who knows? But yes this is Star Trek and remember the star of Picard has been a walking robot for the last two seasons. So, yeah.

Killing Shaw was beyond dumb . You want a death for Drama ? Ralphie is right there !!! Come on ! You could have made the point and made the fans happy ! Come on Man !!

The line is funny but I think it would’ve felt a little misplaced considering Borg was trying to take over the ship at the same time.

Now if they can find an alternative version of the other 10+ hours we might be onto something