‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Cast Talks About The Big Change For Season 4

The animated adult comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks returns to in just two weeks and now the cast is talking about the big new thing for season 4. [SPOILER ALERT]

What’s up with the Lower Deckers in season 4

The four focal characters of Lower Decks have (mostly) been ranked as ensigns for the first three seasons, but a new press release from Paramount+ confirms what was previously hinted at: The gang is getting promoted.  Also in the press release, each of the four main voice actors (in interviews done before the SAG-AFTRA strike) talked about how this big change impacts their character in season 4:

Tawny Newsome (Beckett Mariner)

She tries to give this promotion back 80 times, which I can understand. She does accept it because she realizes she can still do her thing; she can still do some good; she can still be a little chaotic. She believes ‘I’m still a lower decker; I’m still a scrappy underdog.

Jack Quaid (Brad Boimler)

I love that the Lower Deckers got promoted. Boimler has his first away mission that he is leading, and he is nervous, to say the least. He doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. He eventually must learn to trust his friends and trust the process.

Noël Wells (D’Vana Tendi)

Tendi is very excited about being promoted. She’s come to Starfleet with this hope of being assimilated but, secretly, she’s finding this well of power within herself. Being promoted is a natural extension of all the hard work she is doing.

Eugene Cordero (Sam Rutherford)

I think Rutherford has a fear of moving up or advancing too fast. I think he’d be worried to move to a different ship or be placed in a different world where he would have to give orders. That’s an issue they’re all having, but I think Rutherford would have the toughest time.

There is also a new preview image (which appears to still show the four as ensigns):

Eugene Cordero as Ensign Rutherford, Tawny Newsome as Ensign Beckett Mariner, Noël Wells as Ensign Tendi, and Jack Quaid as Ensign Brad Boimler

Lower Decks is back for Star Trek Day

Season 4 will arrive on Paramount+ on Thursday, September 7, the day before Star Trek Day. Here is the official synopsis for the new season:

In season four of Star Trek: Lower Decks. an unknown force is destroying starships and threatening galactic peace. Luckily, the crew of the U.S.S. Cerritos isn’t important enough for stuff like that! Instead, Ensigns Mariner, Boimler, Tendi, Rutherford and Provisional Ensign T’Lyn are keeping up with their Starfleet duties, avoiding malevolent computers and getting stuck in a couple caves – all while encountering new and classic aliens along the way.

And here is the trailer released in July at Comic-Con…

Here’s an alternate link to trailer on StarTrek.com for international readers

Keep up with news for the Star Trek Universe at TrekMovie.com.

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What happened to the theatrical screenings they announced at SDCC?

I would not be surprised if AMC and Regal probably laugh that proposal out the door very quickly. If they do it I bet it’s going to be the “mom and pops” type of theater chains

Are you kidding me? Do you know how much movie theatres are suffering right now? They are having a hard time getting people in the seats! They would jump at the chance to increase the traffic flow in their theatres. Furthermore, they would get a cut of the ticket sales plus all the concession sales. Once again, you speak without actually thinking.

Go to the new article — they couldn’t get any movie theater takers in LA, Chicago, New York and Toronto — The four most populated metro areas in the US and Canada.

My point stands and this news 100% validates what I said.

Annnnnnd that goes for every other movie that is out there. Why do you think that the box office has been down since covid. People are not going to the cinema any more like they used to.

WTF, dude, read what you said to me above where you completely trashed my opinion that they would not be able to get at lot of theaters to agree to this?

PMW67: Reply to UpperDecks-NormalNecks; August 24, 2023 5:08 am
Are you kidding me? Do you know how much movie theatres are suffering right now? They are having a hard time getting people in the seats! They would jump at the chance to increase the traffic flow in their theatres. Furthermore, they would get a cut of the ticket sales plus all the concession sales. Once again, you speak without actually thinking.

Here’s a idea, how about you just saying:

You know what, your were right on this one.

And then we just both move on to the next discussion…

You should actually listen to your own advice. You have been very wrong on so many occasions that even the admin or article writer had to correct you.

Can you die of constipation? I ask because I’m worried about how full of shit you are.

hahahaha what are you? 12?
This coming from someone that hates Lower Decks so much that you use it for inspiration for your nickname!

Relax, it was a joke. :-)

I am definitely going to try and get tickets if it’s still happening! A theater full of Lower Decks fans sound like it would be awesome to attend! 😎

Veritably, it sounds like the Hofbrauhaus in Munich at Oktoberfest, only with people who are Drunk on Life rather than beer.

Been thinking this as well. It was supposed to be international as well but I’m still not seeing any listings unfortunately.

It was supposed to be international as well 

Lol, I’ll have to see that to believe it? Perhaps it will play at the Kitmandu Draft House Theater and the Gdansk Arthouse Cinema?

Ha, I actually saw STID and STB at the Pioneer Theater, an art house cinema in Moscow that shows undubbed foreign films. It purports to be part of a Europe-wide art house alliance, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there actually is a Gdańsk Arthouse Cinema!

Lol, And that’s a pretty cool story!

For comparison sake I went and looked at when the IMAX Picard screenings were announced and that didn’t happen until roughly a week before the screening. They announced it April 11th, you could book them the next day on the 12th and the screening happened on the 19th.

Now this could be two completely separate things of course but if it is similar (and the tickets are again free which I’m guessing they will be) then we may not get an announcement until next week if it’s still happening.

I wish they did these kind of screenings here in England. The most we ever get is the occasional Wrath of Khan screening

Actually they said this event will be international as well for a change. :)

Now that may not mean nothing more than Canada or something. But if it’s going to be in other countries outside of North America, I suspect England will be at the top of the list, if not at the top.

Wow looks like I was right for a change and they have a screening in London. No idea how far or close you live from there but pretty cool it’s going to play there. As I suspected, it’s mostly an America/Canada thing but at least one other country got it and the UK seemed the most obvious choice. Really hope you get to go!

*Did* something happen to those? As far as I know, they’re still on. What makes you ask?

Seems like they need to shift the characters to new Ensigns then who serve of the Lower Decks otherwise the entire premise of the series non longer makes any sense?

It was already a stretch to accept that all of their middle school-level BS could happen with Ensigns on the lower decks of a starship — but no way would that piss-poor insubordination, rude and nepotistic stuff consistently (i.e. nearly every ep) happen with officers in real positions of control on a starship — THAT BREAKS CANON in my book.

Yah, what a bunch of hypocrites! (get it?)



Come on, man.

Unlike previous Star Trek series, whose principal characters are typically starship captains or other senior officers, Lower Decks focuses on the missions and adventures of the “lower deckers”, low-ranking officers with menial jobs, while the captain and other senior staff appear as supporting characters

Double-:::facepalm:::-on you! Lol

Look, don’t shoot the messenger. It’s now my fault they are moving away from the entire premise of the show.

Because a Lt. (JG) is suddenly a senior officer?

They will be mid-level officers now with . NCO’s to Ensigns are the low-ranking officers with menial jobs level of officers, not Lt’s and above. In the US Navy, Lt’s are in charge of departments, and command teams of individuals, squads and technical personal…no way are doing doing the menial shit jobs like the Lower Decks Ensigns and the NCO’s below them are doing like in LDS.

So again, this goes against the entire premise of this series. I don’t get why I am getting so much pushback here on this? — I mean, it’s fine for you and others to say, “I don’t care, I love these characters and it’s fine that they are abandoning the premise,” but please (and I am saying this in general to others here as well) don’t insult my intelligence by suggesting that the show’s stated premise is still valid now that the main characters are department head ranks — that’s F’ing ridiculous…lol

You’re still taking all their non-Starfleet behavior at face value and too seriously. It’s a comedy. A satire… This crazy behavior is the point and why at least some people find it funny. If you don’t find it funny that’s fine but there’s no point in repeating the same thing every time. You’re not going to convince anyone. A lot of people agree with you and a lot don’t. As Cpt. Kirk would say “C’est la vie!”

No, it’s canon. Everything that we see on screen is LDS “happened” in Star Treks future history — it’s to be taken just as seriously as anything we see in the live action series. That’s how canon works.

Yes it’s canon. There’s a ship called the Cerritos, The Captain is Carol Freeman, with Ensigns Mariner, Boimler, … serving aboard… That doesn’t mean every single little detail is canon. The big picture is canon, not the slimy blue space slugs and whatever other outrageous thing. Read between the lines… See the forest for the trees… Stop being so literal! Extrapolate! Open your mind!

Very well said

You and Silvereyes are CONVENIENTLY modifying the definition of canon to magically take away any concerns about the middle-school level BS that we see all over this series.

That’s call “personal head canon,” which is not canon. Canon is:

Canon refers to the official material that is considered to be part of a particular work of art, literature, film, music, or television show. It is the authorized version of the story, created by the original creators or owners of the intellectual property. Canon includes plot points, characters, settings, and other elements that are considered to be part of the official narrative or universe. 

But you guys go right on pretending with your head canon — no worries! :-)

There is no middle-school BS concern. We expect middle-school BS. It’s a comedy. You just take everything too literally. Take everyone else’s interpretation if you want. If they tell you to throw yourself off a cliff go ahead and do it.

That’s good head canon there — I am happy for you, dude. :-)

Well at least I have a head. You let others think for you… It’s OK we agree 80% of the time and I do see the point you’re making, I just disagree :) Wait ’till Discovery S5 comes out!!

That’s fine. :-) But dude, canon is canon – that’s not debatable. You want to have a “softer-canon” that magically washes away the stink of the sitcom stuff happening in the Star Trek universe. That’s just not how canon works, my friend, no matter how much you want to be able to dismiss it personally.

I recommend a laxative.

LD is more canon, even with it’s hijinx, than SNW is.

Well it certainly does a much better job at canon than SNW, but that seems to be an issue with every Star Trek prequel unfortunately.

Definitely agree and I really like SNW, but the canon stuff is all over the place. I just look at it being in a different timeline since it is now thanks to the Temporal Wars

Even if you hate LDS it fits canon perfectly. Another reason I love it so much.

Not a bad idea! :-)


Yep, LOL

Ok, but then how do you explain TPTB (showrunner, writers, …?) saying that it is canon when it’s also so outrageous? They don’t seem to mind having this crazy show be canon. Why is that? It’s because there is this loose interpretation of canon. There’s wiggle room. And it’s the very people that define what is and isn’t canon that say that. Otherwise they wouldn’t have said it’s canon.

They don’t seem to mind having this crazy show be canon. Why is that?

Coming from Rick and Morty, these dudes probably really believe that (by comparison) Lower Decks is serious sf.

I mean when your staring point is “crude and obnoxious bathroom humor,” a graduation to “stupid, loud and annoying hijinx” probably seems to those dudes like they are now creating their personal equivalent of Citizen Kane or The Godfather.

I can’t disagree with the distaste for Rick and Morty. Crude == lazy imo


Yeah not big Rick and Morty fan either.

I never even heard of Rick and Morty until this show was announced. I watched a few episodes and hated it. It’s just too gross and crass for me. I was worried Lower Decks would be like that.

Maybe sometime it is but it’s never bothered me at all. I guess because it’s Stat Trek and that’s always been a tame show and so that can’t go that broad thankfully.

He can’t explain anything. He doesn’t have the resources.

So what exactly is canon in Trek? Because TOS actually broke canon many, many times. IS TAS canon for you? Because there are several references to events from TAS in Trek. Every Trek show has broken canon in one way or another.

I’m assuming you think I’m going to disagree with you, but no, you are correct. TAS Is questionable as canon because Roddenberry said it was not canon. Today we hear it’s canon. I don’t know if I agree with that because to me the creator of Star Trek gets to always have the last word and his directives on canon should not be retconned in the future – that’s my opinion.

Actually, Roddenberry considered it canon for 15 years. He had stated that it was the final 2 years of the 5 year mission. But when TNG came out, he changed his mid and said it wasn’t canon.

So that being said, if Roddenberry can change his mind about what is canon and not canon, then I find the Producers can do the same thing.

Heck, Roddenberry didn’t like TFF or TUC and he himself considered them not canon. But he was pushed out of any creative control at that point, so does his opinion in those 2 movies matter?

Except that there is no actual proof Roddenberry changed his mind. It’s hearsay from others as there is no written video or audio record of Roddenberry himself ever stating that

That is incorrect. I remember when TNG came out and Roddenberry was asked. It is well documented in every search I have made online.

That’s simply not true. And if you insist differently then provide a link please?

If You can produce an actual source where he actually said that himself, not hearsay from someone he worked with, then I will be the first person here to say you were right and I was wrong – because I’m not too proud to admit when I’m proven wrong on something here.

How about this… You do your own homework. I’m not doing it for you.

LOL, you are the one claiming Gene said something.

I get it — you can’t provide any backup that he ever said it.

Move along now…

Dude, if you want to disprove what I said, that’s on you. I am not doing your research for you. Talk about lazy. You want to disprove me – YOU do the research.

Nope, I don’t need to prove a negative. That’s not how Logic 101 works, my friend.

You said somebody said something and you can’t back it up…fact

No, it’s not up to me to review the entire guy’s life work to show there’s a negative that he didn’t say it – That’s F’ing ridiculous.

This is right up there with your brain fart that the lower deck screenings were going to get huge billing across the US with movie theaters…LMFAO

If you’re too lazy and/or don’t have confidence in what you said then just be a man and admit it and knock off the BS.

You are the one that is saying that my statement is not true. The responsibility is on you to disprove me. THAT is how things work. Sorry if you are too lazy or refuse to find out that you are wrong about something again. That is how life works. So go on and continue to hate on everyone and everything here. I find that you are constantly complaining about everything. It is quite tiresome. If you refuse to do your own research to disprove me – that is your problem.


The source of the fallacy is the assumption that something is true unless proven otherwise. The person making a negative claim cannot logically prove nonexistence. And here’s why: to know that a X does not exist would require a perfect knowledge of all things (omniscience).

Good. Trek should break canon more often.

Now that comment I don’t have a problem with.

Sorry what???

Apology accepted, thanks.

Let me explain it in simpler terms. So you see, this series is called Lower Decks and is suppose to feature entry-level officers doing the menial jobs on the Lower Decks of a starship…but now the current group of crew on this show are being promoted to the beginning of the mid-level office ranks, hence they will no longer be the entry-level officers doing the menial jobs on the Lower Decks of a starship.


What makes you think that Lieutenants have anything like the same responsibilities they do in the US military. I mean it’s not like these guys get paid more for being a Lieutenant, so Starfleet probably doles the rank out like candy–except for ENSIGN Kim of course. It’s called “Job Title Inflation” ;-)

How about watching the show for more than 50 years and more often than not, seeing Lt’s doing key things in the eps. That reinforces the Navy analogy, which BTW Rodenberry and others framed out Starfleet as similar too (US and British Navy).

No offense, but your comment just seems to be personal conjecture without much behind it.

That’s right. Star Trek is just flashing iconography and referencing proper nouns.

I’d pay good money if you’d shut up.

And you claim to be a Mariner fan?

At the very least an ignore button. It would go such a long way here. But the editing feature doesn’t even work right now so not holding my breath on that.

An ignore feature would imply that we would need to log in to the site (the list of users we want to ignore would need to be linked to our username) which is not necessarily a simple matter…

Yeah it would probably just be a complete overall or just new software. I kind of wish they used Disqus which a lot of message boards employ, but I imagine that cost money and maybe upkeep costs. But it’s great IMO and the great thing about it now is when you block someone, not only do you not see their messages, they can no longer see yours.

I love this site as you know, but certain personalities always derail things when most people just want to have a normal conversation. It would cut down on so many useless arguments.

Agreed. I’ve been calling for and Ignore button on this site for years.

Have you ever thought of turning your phone off and having a lie down?

That’s rich.

It’s not even the real lower decks. Aside from O’Brien we have never seen the enlisted and NCO personnel.

Agreed, and that makes it even worse to promote them up. Now it really is stretching the premise given it was already a bit suspect given the lack of NCO presence.


I will never be able to understand why you constantly feel the need to comment on a show you don’t even like. You’ve even gone as far as have your TrekMovie handle reference the show you so clearly detest. Heck, you’re almost always one of the first people to bring up the show. It’s genuinely baffling, and more than a little worrying.

I genuinely cannot imagine expending *this* amount of energy commenting on something I hate. It just…. doesn’t strike me as healthy behaviour.

Your continuing practice of using these thinly veiled personal insults where you are suggesting I am unstable or whatever says a hell of a lot more about YOU than it does about ME.

I stick to talking Star Trek, and while I may be direct and sometimes a bit rude, I don’t make lame personal comments about people here; (1) because it’s not right nor is it honorable, and (2) because almost none of us here know each other in real life anyway.

How about you just ignore my comments instead of getting so uber-defensive and childishly-creepy personal about me all the time? Sheesh!

Excuse me for expressing concern and an opinion. I didn’t realise that somebody would mistake that for me being insulting.

But if anybody is being “Uber-defensive” and “childishly-creepy” here it’s most definitely you. You’re the one who can’t resist being rude anytime somebody pushes back on an opinion and you’re the one making out that anyone who disagrees with you is making things personal. There’s a word for that: projection.

Riiiiiight! Your just a nice guy offering assistance. Thank you soooo muuuuch! What a sweetheart!

I love you, dude!

Gatekeepers gotta be gatekeepin’. Star Trek is only what he says it can be, and nothing else. If it disagrees with his personal vision of Trek, he must spew forth on every Lower Decks post to shout at a cloud, to keep things pure to his vision.

Nah, I respect your opinion and everyone’s here, and that dude knows that, but he consistently can’t resist trying to get personal with me — I’m just not taking his bait.

And if was trying to gatekeep (which I am not), I am obviously the most piss-poor gatekeeper in the history of the internet given how in the minority I am here.

What I find bizarre is how so incredibly defensive so many fans are when anyone (not just me) says anything critical about this particular show. If one fan here had simply said:

“you know what, yeah, the premise is not a great fit anymore given they are all being promoted,”

then I least I would confirm that someone can at least admit one minor issue with the show. But nope, not today…lol

Jeez, do you not have a job to attend to? STFU and go touch grass.

That’s all you got is a personal attack?

You don’t have any actual ideas, though. You’re basically Rudy Giuliani with noun/verb/Star Trek soap box (right now it’s “Lower Decks is a bad sitcom,” which is as least less asinine than “herp a derp Return of the Jedi.”)

You get personal attacks because no one likes you because you bog down the comments with your dumbass unoriginal arguments, and folks want you to go away.



Not reading, nor responding.

Guy is such a hypocrite it’s amazing. He would get on anyone’s case who said anything bad about Picard or Discovery but will write 50 posts why he doesn’t like LDS.

And it’s totally cool to hate it, but this why I don’t want to talk to someone like this. They are always trying to censor others over what they say but then have no problem ranting about everything they don’t like. 🙄

Says the dude who claims to ignore me — and who proposed that we mutually agree to ignore each others posts which I agreed to and religiously follow given I made that commitment — but then when he sees an opportunity periodically to “pile on,” NO PROBLEM.

So you are right, we all should listen to your lecture on hypocrisy here — because your the EXPERT on that.

Not reading, nor responding.

If you violate our mutual agreement one more time by commenting either to me or indirectly about me to others (which you also insisted I not do, and I have not done that since you brought that up) then I will view our mutual, honorable agreement to be null and void, and I will feel free to comment on any post of yours, or comment to others about your posts.

I honor my agreements, but there comes a point when one side keeps cheating that the agreement falls apart. I certainly prefer we keep the agreement, but I won’t be made a patsy on this. So this is your last chance to keep the agreement.

Not reading, nor responding.

Not reading, nor responding.

Now who is getting “uber-defensive” and “childishly-creepy personal”?! Issuing threats? That’s a new low even for you. Just log off.

Nice try. Nope.

Frankly, after the mods embarrassed him in the last Prodigy thread, I’m almost surprised he’s not too embarrassed to show his face (though I have my theories.)

I’m sure those theories are right up there with the Flat Earth, The Four Humours, and the Static Universe. Lol ;-)

You’re not smart enough to be this smug. I

Says the dude who can’t finish a sentence….lol

Not wild, though, that you couldn’t concieve of someone being able to have an idea.


Everything breaks canon in your book.

My problem is more that Paramount/CBS insisted from Day 1 that this juvenile animated sitcom is as canon as TOS, TNG, etc.

Also, if you read my comment here frequently, I a far from saying that everything in Trek series discussed on this site breaks canon — that’s just not correct.

Actually, it is correct. And you know it.

TOS and TNG broke canon all the time. How about you ask James R. Kirk from the Earth Federation… or is it the Federation of Planets… or is it United Fleet of Planets… oh wait.. United Federation of Planets…

It is very simple… if the show bothers you that much… STOP WATCHING IT!

It’s funny that you’re trying to start this argument with me on canon at as I actually agree with you that we have to accept it’s canon and I also agree that TOS and the other series’ broke cannon a lot.

But I think the canon breaking on lower decks happens every week and is immersive in the entire way the show is done, unlike TOS and the others. LDS shits on canon or at least the spirit of canon every freaking ep — that’s my opinion, feel free to have a different one..

I don’t mind watching the show, and I’ve never missed a single episode of any Star Trek and I’m not about to start now, but I reserve the right as a fan to comment on it.

The bizarre thing here regarding my comments on this article all I said was that the original concept for LDS which was the adventures of the lowest ranking officers doing crap jobs in the lower decks of a starship is no longer credible given they’re all getting promotions — so that doesn’t fit so well anymore. But man, the pushback the freakouts, the defensiveness, and a couple personal attacks even from some here it’s just crazy?

I’ve never seen a TV series were fans are so defensive and cannot handle any criticism about the show — it’s nuts and it’s pervasive. You either buy into the LDS is awesome groupthink on this or you get hammered and piled on. I’m not complaining though, I can take it — this is just my observation.

I don’t want to sound like a total apologist for TOS but I wish people stop comparing its canon to the later shows. No one even knew if TOS would be shown again once it was cancelled and it was still trying to find itself because it was all new. The ‘R’ in the name was from the very first episode.

It’s not the same comparing shows literally 50 years later like Discovery or SNW that is changing its canon for various reasons and part of a huge established universe. TOS was a low budget show that wasn’t even sure it was going to be around after every season. It’s not the same thing.

UESPA in the house.

Damn allamarain…

Now I’ll have that tune in my head until the weekend…

I expect many Harry Kim jokes that come with those promotions…:-)

That would be the perfect ep for him to show up on as a surprise guest star. And it would be so freaking awesome if he was supposed to get the promotion in the ep to but that his fell through at the end and so is still an Ensign…LMFAO :-))

Really want to see my boy Harry again!

Maybe he’ll show up when the crew visits Voyager at the Fleet Museum?

As our Ensigns will now become Lieutenants, maybe Ensign Kim will replace them in the lower decks…

And then would preserve the concept as I mentioned above — so we agree after all!

Well done!

Don’t try that reverse psychology on me buddy! I don’t disagree with you on that point at all. What are they going to do now that the lower deckers are promoted? But let’s see what happens before we (meaning you) jump to conclusions. One thing is certain, they’ll be as insubordinate as ever! Yay!


Actually I don’t want that at all. I hated Kim was never promoted in Voyager and should’ve been promoted by fourth or fifth season the latest. It irks me more when a bratty 3 year cadet becomes CAPTAIN because he got one thing right but Kim who is actually an amazing officer and got the ship out of trouble multiple times stayed at the lowest. rank. But I know, the other promotion happened in a different universe, but still dumb.

If and when we see Kim again I am hoping he’s at least a Lt between the LDS-PRO timeline and a commander in Picard’s timeline. He deserves nothing less.

I definitely want Kim to be promoted too of course. I think it was you who said he would’ve been a Captain if he ended up on Picard last season.

And you can’t pay attention to the JJ verse nonsense. Fratboy Kirk first big mission after he became Captain was to park his starship the size of Austin Texas in the ocean from eye distance of people who haven’t even invented the wheel yet and bungled the prime directive in the worst way possible.

That idiot wouldn’t last a month as Captain in the Prime Universe with judgement like that. 🙄👎

I know, I just don’t like the idea it would even be treated as a joke, especially since Paris, Janeway and Chakotay all got promotions that we know of. It would be extra cruel if Kim wasn’t promoted after they were. I think even the Doctor is promoted in Prodigy lol.

As for Kelvin Kirk, remember he paid the price dearly for that and was demoted back to cadet for at least a day…maybe even two days? So lesson learned I guess. Reason #47 while I like those movies as fun action movies, I don’t take them very seriously at all.

Gotcha! 👍

And Tuvok got promoted too. He’s now a Captain.

Correct me if I’m wrong but Voyager produced the most Captains than any show when you add Seven. Wait, I guess it’s tied with TOS with Kirk, Spock, Sulu and I think Scotty was Captain too, right? For VOY, it’s Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok and now Seven. So that’s four on four. Maybe some day Kim will be the tie breaker. 😎

For that matter, McCoy made Admiral eventually; can we safely assume he was previously a Captain at some point? Or is there some way he might have jumped straight to Admiral from Commander or something?

Ah you’re right man. I forgot about McCoy. I guess we don’t know if he was Captain but I assume he was and TOS would have the most Captains so far.

I was just thinking but wasn’t Geordi also a Captain too? If so there would have been 4 Captains when you include Picard, Riker and Worf. But maybe I’m just thinking about the alternate future when he showed up as Captain on Voyager.

Absolutely! I agree with you and was only joking. Kim is one of my favourite characters in Voyager.

OK cool! :)

And I know you didn’t really mean it obviously but yeah this is a pet peeve of mine.

Can’t wait!!

This is the second show this year I was most excited about after Picard season 3 and the crossover episode of course. I think we’re in for another great season!

Might as well go the Teen Titans Go vs. Teen Titans Go route, just reboot all of Star Trek as a cartoon comedy and start with the ENT era… ironically you’ll probably end up with a better TOS prequel set up without transporters, full subspace communications and peace with the Klingons on day one.

Might as well go the Teen Titans Go vs. Teen Titans Go route, just reboot all of Star Trek as a cartoon comedy and start with the ENT era

LOL, yes.

Assimilated in what context? Culturally?

Yeah I think she means culturally. As we know, Tendi is very mixed about her Orion heritage and always being seen as a pirate or slave girl. She wants to be seen as just another Starfleet officer with more human values. It’s why she’s such an interesting character IMO.

That makes a lot more sense.

It’s not talked about enough (although always implied) but I think it’s interesting when you see aliens from non-Federation worlds like Orions, Bajorans, Ferengi, etc, join Starfleet because it’s kind of their ‘way out’. It’s a real life analogue to foreigners who sign up to join the U.S. military because it helps to gain them citizenship in America or just a way to seek out a better/different life.

I think it’s the same way for people like Tendi or Nog. Nog especially made it very clear he was joining Starfleet because he didn’t want to follow the usual Ferengi path or what was expected of him to follow. Knowing Tendi’s past, I imagine it’s the same for her.

Good point. That definitely makes sense for Tendi.

She’s so endearing!

The audio commentaries on the Season 3 Blu-ray indicate S4 will delve more into Tendi’s Orion heritage and backstory, and the trailer does give us glimpses of lots of Orion stuff. I think we’re going to learn so much about her this season.

Wow great to know, thanks. I was hoping we learn more about her next season once it was reveled about her shady family history on DS9. It sounds like fun! :)

Totally agree. Love Tendi so much and probably my new favorite character in all of NuTrek. 😀

Wow great to hear. I am looking forward to the season and I assumed a few would get promoted this season but I’m shocked that includes Mariner lol. Be interesting to see how they handle this change. Will they get actual quarters? I would miss the hallway.

Also ooh ooh I see agimus on the poster now. He needs to be in every episode! (Joke)

You say it’s a joke, but we all know it’s not ;)

Gritizens would watch every episode 3 times if Combs appeared in all of them. 😂

Same for me and anytime Seven shows up anywhere. We all have our crushes!

Hey I’ll have you know that I have watched Where Pleasant Fountains Lie no less than five times 😂
And In The Cards no less than double that

Which brings me to my other thought. This poster has agimus, it is the greatest poster in the franchise unless any have ever had Weyoun. Then that is the greatest poster in the franchise.


That sounds about right. And I love the LDS posters in general but didn’t realize Agimus was on the poster until now.

LOL yeah no one is buying it! ;D

Good grief, reading some of the, ah, discussions here…. I wish the word ‘canon’ never existed!

I’m already at the point where I now just avoid articles about SNW. I’ll probably also hit that point with LD which sucks because I love LD. I want to talk about it with more people than just my best friend.

There’s always Trekc*re…

LOL, yeah.

“all while encountering new and classic aliens along the way.”

Lower Decks has done more to introduce new aliens and worlds than SNW. I’m looking forward to it.

That is still my biggest disappointment about SNW last season, they didn’t do hardly any exploring. LDS actually goes to quite a few places, another reason why I enjoy it so much.

That’s a good point. How many new planets did they actually visit? It was very Enterprise heavy chapter. Between the reuse of Discovery sets and the poorly integrated AR wall… was there a budget cut?

I’m sure their was budgets maybe because of the covid protective equipment which must be crazy expensive. The season looked super cheap to me as a result.

supposed to be: budget cuts

So either the trailer and publicity photos have all been from episodes pre-promotions, or they made an effort to retouch every shot which could give that away. Impressive effort either way.

They had to get promoted eventually, kudos to not suspending disbelief indefinitely there. Lt. Jr Grade is still a low rung on the ladder.

By the end of its run, Friends didn’t change its name even though the characters were all couples and ex-couples + Phoebe. And Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place changed its name when it dumped the setting… but not when it enlarged its main cast to be about three guys and two girls. Meredith Grey has been reduced to nothing more than a VO, but the show’s not called Grey’s Autopsy. Lower Decks is as much a state of mind as it is a rank, I say.

By the end of its run, Friends didn’t change its name even though the characters were all couples and ex-couples + Phoebe. And Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place changed its name when it dumped the setting… but not when it enlarged its main cast to be about three guys and two girls. Meredith Grey has been reduced to nothing more than a VO, but the show’s not called Grey’s Autopsy. Lower Decks is as much a state of mind as it is a rank, I say.

Finally a great an intelligent answer to the question I posed about the premise no longer fitting — THANK YOU !!!

It’s so nice to see an actual answer to my perfectly reasonable question versus all the BS negativity and attacks I got from some here for daring to bring this up. YOU HAVE RESTORED MY FAITH IN STAR TREK FANS!

I mean, I guess anyone in the bottom 49% of the hierarchy is technically still lower decks?

Geez this comment section is a dumpster fire

Happening more and more lately.

Agreed. If you dare to ask a question that isn’t 100% on-board with the LDS group think, then be prepared to receive a fire hose of negative BS in the face.


Why I choose to ignore some people here…my mental health is much much improved when I don’t get involved with these tedious arguments and just talk to rational posters. I would suggest others do the same.

Seeing Lower Decks content makes me happy, I can’t help it :-)
The nuances in the character’s views apparent from the actors quotes are one reason I like the show.
I’ve said it before that I believe that in spite of its outwardly colourful and loud appearance, Lower Decks often is more nuanced than other current Trek shows because it focuses on topics of meaning like character interactions or personal development instead of the “big” often-used building blocks or tropes of meaning like galaxy-ending foes and big.
Take also the example of how the same topic of cultural prejudice is being dealt with in these shows: For Una on Strange New Worlds it is dealt with in one dramatic trial (which is also important because trials can really change history), and on Lower Decks for Tendi the topic is woven in in many little instances.
So, “In season four of Star Trek: Lower Decks. an unknown force is destroying starships and threatening galactic peace. Luckily, the crew of the U.S.S. Cerritos isn’t important enough for stuff like that!” is why I like this show.

Hit the nail on the head. It’s why I love this show so much too. :)

For me, Lower Decks is not just a fun show, but actually a great character study and still touch on issues like all the Trek shows do. I think it’s a show no one thought we ever needed (or wanted lol), but truly a welcome addition to the franchise now that we have it.

So….they are changing the name to: MIDDLE DECKS

So….they are changing the name to: MIDDLE DECKS

Yep, you, Ian and I all see this discussing this is perfectly reasonable.

It’s a shame that others have such negative agendas and axes to grind when an interesting conundrum like this issue is brought up.

They’re changing the name to Computer Core and promoting Jeffrey Combs to being main cast

Lord agimus reigns now. I hope you are pleased.

Lol, I love it! That mugshot

I don’t know that it’s the merits of the arguments that rub people the wrong way versus how those arguments are being posed. Personality clashes invariably color discussions.

Thank God this is out in the open!
I’m going to be honest- I don’t think people fully believed me when I told them the designer dropped corn on the book.