‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Continues To Rank In The Streaming Top 10

The second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is a certified hit, with continued appearances on Nielsen’s top streaming chart.

Strange New Hit

The latest streaming charts from Nielsen again feature Star Trek: Strange New Worlds in the top 10 original streaming programs covering the last two weeks of July. This period included the release of three episodes of Strange New Worlds due to the surprise early release of the Lower Decks crossover (episode 207, “Those Old Scientists”) during San Diego Comic-Con. After dropping off the chart for a week, the show returned for the week of July 17-23 (which also included the release of episode 206 “Lost in Translation”). Strange New Worlds jumped back in at number 10 (with 324 million minutes viewed).

For the latest chart covering the week of July 24-30 (which included the release of episode 208 “Under the Cloak of War”) SNW moved up to 9th place on the chart with 395 million minutes viewed. The latest charts show Strange New Worlds it is not far behind the latest Marvel show Secret Invasion in terms of viewed minutes, even though that show streams on Disney+ which has significantly more subscribers.

All in all Strange New Worlds has ranked on Nielsen’s Top 10 original streaming shows chart for five out of the first seven weeks of its second season run. Strange New Worlds has now jumped ahead of the third season of Star Trek: Picard which ranked on this same chart 3 times during its 10-episode run. Since Nielsen started measuring Paramount+ data earlier this year, only the two Star Trek shows and the Yellowstone prequel 1923 have appeared on the original top 10 chart.

L-R Babs Olusanmokun as Dr. M’Benga and Anson Mount as Capt. Pike in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Michael Gibson/Paramount+

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Strange New Worlds certainly deserves to be a hit; the whole creative team is doing a fabulous job!

I think I may have watched “Subspace Rhapsody” for 395 million minutes all by myself. :-)

IMO most of the episodes this season are not merely rewatchable, but demand multiple viewings. I am still in awe that we got “Those Old Scientists” AND “Subspace Rhapsody” in the same season. For my money this has been the best season of Star Trek 3.0, and ranks right up there with some of my favorite seasons of DS9, TNG, and TOS.

And S1 gave us “Strange New Worlds,” “Children of the Comet,” and “The Elysian Kingdom,” all of which I thought were fabulous. I just wish SNW’s seasons were longer…

Tell me about it. What I wouldn’t give for a 23 episode season of SNW!

Honestly if they are going to stop making year long Treks which I totally see coming after PIC and Protigy are now gone and Discovery is about to be, I can see them extending SNW to a 15 ep run, esp after these kinds of ratings.

I remember Anson Mount advocating for shorter seasons after doing season 2 of Discovery because the shooting schedule was so long.
Besides that, it is a question of budget. I’m not sure how many people cancel their subscription immediately after a season ends but doing 15 instead of 10 episodes would probably not bring in 50% more money.
I know that CBS All Access used to say that they wanted new Star Trek out all year but the new motto seems to be: “How little can we get away with before we lose subscriptions in droves?”

Yes, yes, YES!!!

I’m happy you enjoyed the musical. I liked some eps better than others, but this whole season was a big win. I must confess I’ve enjoyed “Subspace Rhapsody” five times now.

So much goodness this season!

I can’t seem to STOP watching the songs from “Subspace Rhapsody” on YouTube; I’ve also bought the soundtrack and listen to it while folding laundry or doing other mindless chores. I wasn’t sure about the idea of a Star Trek musical when they first mentioned it, but the execution was just STUNNING; I love it so much!

Wow I see you really loved the musical. Always happy to hear when you truly enjoyed something. 🙂

Aw, thanks! What did you think of it?

I adored the heck out of the musical — and man, Celia has got PIPES!

But I did wish that they weren’t telling us that Spock became the controlled Vulcan we know and admire in TOS because Chapel broke his heart. THAT doesn’t sit well with me at all.

But aside from that, it was all just stunningly well done! I even love it that Anson Mount can’t really sing, because it makes it all much more realistic. Like, if I were on a starship and HAD to sing, people would be covering their ears and fleeing. Being a good scientist or security guard or pilot doesn’t necessarily come with singing skills, no matter what the anomaly of the week makes you do. :-)

This might explain why CBS is running two eps for Star Trek Day episodes on their affiliates.
If ratings are good? We may see the rest of the eps air weekly. That gives them 20 weeks of SNW and 30 weeks of Picard. I don’t know if it makes sense to air DSC on CBS. (I do like DSC.)

Sadly, it is airing on a Friday. The ratings won’t be good.

It’s because Star Trek Day is on Friday this year.
I wouldn’t be surprised if SNW gets some other showings after big sporting events.
Besides, there is little to no new content this year with the CBS franchise model.
NCIS Boise, etc. aren’t returning until 2024.
It’s a good business move to show Par+ content on broadcast TV to drive subs.
I think SNW just might surprise everybody with good ratings if given a chance.

They tried DSC on CBS. It bombed.

That was three years later though, and DSC never really had particularly good word of mouth. SNW has better chances, but the Friday night death slot does it no favors.

It doesn’t really matter right? It’s just there to fill in content. It’s not going to live or die by how many people it grabs on CBS every week. It’s doing great in its real home, that’s all that matters.

There might be non-Paramount+ subscribers who get an opportunity to see it for the first time.

There will be a contingent of “fans” who will come out of the woodwork to tell us these ratings show SNW is a flop on broadcast TV and this proves that no one watches the show, Paramount’s number are bogus, etc. Just wait.

I mean at the end of the day Star Trek is SciFi. Heck, it is the epitome of SciFi. On non-Cable Network TV, SciFi doesn’t have the best track record (minus the CW post the death of UPN/WB). Heck look how many horrid deaths Fox gave us! (RIP Firefly and Sarah Connor Chronicles!) Now by no means does that mean SNW is a failure. The fact that it can go toe to toe with the likes of Disney+ and Netflix is incredible and extremely impressive!

Yeah true, but amirami already said it for me. It’s being played on a Friday for a reason. And that’s because most space opera shows in general just doesn’t pull large numbers anymore. I have said this many times, there is probably a reason not a single space show is not on a traditional TV, either on a network or a cable channel. The last two space shows that was on TV was The Orville and the Expanse. One started on FOX, the other on the Syfy channel and they both got moved to streaming.

It’s not the 90s anymore where sci fi was a bigger thing and you had tons of Star Trek, Babylon 5 and Stargate among others running in syndication or on a network. It seems to all do better on streaming today. None of them probably get anywhere close to what Enterprise was getting ratings wise by the end of its run on UPN, but with streaming they don’t have to either.

We all love Star Trek, but we have to face the reality it’s still more of a niche franchise today instead of a broad mainstream franchise. SNW is in the top 10 which is great but it’s funny it’s nowhere close to a show like Jack Ryan which seems to be a a huge hit for Amazon and double the minutes SNW has and yet they already said season 4 would be it’s last. The metrics in streaming is so weird.

It’s being played on a Friday for a reason.

Because Star Trek fans have no social life? ;-)


Although the irony is both TOS and ENT got cancelled when the shows were moved to Friday because not enough fans were around watching that day.

Or maybe Friday is Dungeons and Dragons night and they refused to reschedule. ;)

Carrying on the tradition of Star Trek in Friday death slot like Season 3 of TOS … at least, it doesn’t matter much this time since Star Trek is carrying P+

That is great, they’ve got a good set up and some “Strange New Worlds” in the show, but just think of the audience if they go all in on hardcore exploration in an age of discovery, throw in some story arcs and set up an ultimate Connie on D-7 battle (WOK style complete with strategy, boarding parties, damage control, etc), final frontier action!
Can’t help but feel that as they achieve success they can’t help but TNGize and dumb it down that it self destructs like Prodigy. Already you see the colors on the bridge change to monochrome as if they can’t help but want it dull dull dull. Remember Pic S3 worked because they TOS TMPed it and made the ENT-G something from TMP. TOSize and wake people up, avoid TNGize and putting people to sleep. Save that for the comedy series.



That guy always makes me laugh. Old fan who just can’t let go bro. Just can’t let go.

It’s great to see the show doing so well. I don’t think anyone doubted Those Old Scientist would land in the top 10. I think the musical episode will be even bigger with all the curiosity about it.

Happy TOS was such a hit! They have to do another one in the future.

They should definitely do another crossover together in the future. The SNW show runner has said he would love to do crossovers with the other shows like Prodigy, Picard and even Discovery. I think after doing so well with LDS it will be easier to try with those other shows/characters too.

If I saw Murf on SNW I think I would pass out LOL

LOL me too. I would love to see Murf on that show.

Totally! And with what Pike has been through in his life I bet it wouldn’t even phase him (pun intended lol)

Makes sense. Other than the very disappointing Rigel VII episode, season two was really good.

I know I’m in the minority, but I think SNW is pretty mediocre. Don’t care for how Spock is written to be a fool, the total lack of respect for canon and the sometimes silly tone the series takes…All involved are talented, but hasn’t really worked for me to this point.

I agree with all of your points, but realize that at 57, this show isn’t being written for me. That said, there are a number of episodes I’ve enjoyed over both seasons so far, and I’m glad the show is doing well. I do think overall the actors are much better than the material they’ve been given to work with.

Spock’s also written as a complete tool towards women. It wasn’t even five minutes after T’Pring called a break in their engagement, and he was kissing Christine and (presumably) falling into bed with her.

I also find SNW very mediocre. It’s just not my cup of tea although I did love the musical and the Lower Decks crossover.

Agreed! I don’t count SNW as canon or Star Trek. But, I’m 41 and I’m not the target audience. However, I do like LD and Prodigy. So, there is plenty to choose from.

This is awesome. If P+ survives the strikes I’m sure this means at least Trek will survive via this show!

What’s not to like about the show, EVERYONE is awesome. I’m with others, they really need to make more than 10 episodes per year. I would watch everyone!

I really really hope LDS makes the top 10. At least once would be something special.

We do need a strong reliable metric for streaming ratings, and the WGA and SAG certainly are pushing for that. But it’s gratifying to see Star Trek shows being this popular – with Paramount+ being at a disadvantage when it comes to subscribers, it proves these shows are outsized performers to compete so well against the heavy hitters who have a huge advantage there.

Of course I’m glad for Star Trek to be getting attention, especially given its lot of being stuck on the worst streaming service. I just wish we got better content out of it. I truly loved Picard S3, but SNW is too hokey for me. The crossover with LD solidifies for me that its characters don’t act like adults. This is in complete contrast to TOS, where everyone is just so dang intelligent and competent. Ever since SNW remade Balance of Terror, it’s been glaringly obvious which version of Star Trek was well-written, and which is a poor imitation. If SNW had good writing, Star Trek would truly be a cultural force again.

If they did they’d have locked Boimler & Mariner in quarters or the brig for the duration and there wouldn’t have been much of an episode. That was a bit of a necessary plot hole for the episode to work.