See Worf And Alexander In A Battle Of Father And Son In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Defiant’ #7

Tomorrow IDW continues the summer Day of Blood summer crossover event with the release of Part 4 with the seventh issue of the ongoing Star Trek: Defiant series. The Star Trek: Defiant series is written by Chris Cantwell (Iron Man, Namor, Star Wars: Obi-Wan) and drawn by Angel Unzueta (Iron Man, Star Wars: Poe Dameron, The Flash). We have a 5-page preview and all the covers for issue 7.

Star Trek: Defiant #7 (Day of Blood Part 4)


Part four of DAY OF BLOOD begins here! Thousands of years ago, Kahless the Unforgettable led his people to glory and raised an empire of honor. But his clone, Kahless II, has gone too far, murdering innocents in cold blood and hungering for power that can no longer be sated by Qo’noS and the Klingon people. He now stands alongside Alexander in front of Worf and Sisko, pitting father and son against each other and making a mockery of the Bajoran Prophets and their emissary. Meanwhile, the power of the Orb of Destruction surges from his ship above. Can Kahless be stopped, or will he once again prove to be the greatest warrior of them all?


Cover A by  Malachi Ward (also available in B&W RI variant)

Cover B by Angel Unzueta

Cover C by J. K. Woodward

RI cover by Joelle Jones

RI cover by Bryan Hitch


Five-page preview: 

Defiant continues on Wednesday

Star Trek: Defiant #7 arrives on September 6. You can order issue 7 or upcoming issues at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

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This series becomes dumber and dumber with hey-ho storyline.

The clone of Kahless condemned the invasion of Cardassia. He also seemed very tame, a figurehead. Doesn’t strike me as the blood thirsty type, regardless of his bloodline.