Watch: The USS Voyager Returns In ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 4 Premiere Clip

It’s already been revealed through previews and interviews that the season 4 premiere of Star Trek: Lower Decks will feature the USS Voyager, from Star Trek: Voyager, as if the episode title “Twovix” wasn’t enough of a clue. Now you can see the moment of the ship’s reveal.

Voyager is back

The new clip features Mariner and Captain Freeman on the bridge of the USS Cerritos when they first get a glimpse of the Voyager. The exclusive clip is available at

Click to view at

TrekMovie’s interview with supervising producer Barry J. Kelly adds some context to Voyager’s return. He explains:

Now we’re starting this season with a bit of a shipping episode where they’re shipping and escorting the USS Voyager off to Earth to become a museum.

The preview images released last week also show a few shots set on the USS Voyager with Boimler, Ransom, and Kayshon running into some Delta Quadrant problems.

L-R Jerry O’Connell as Commander Jack Ransom and Carl Tart as Lieutenant Kayhon appearing in episode 1, season 4 of Lower Decks streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Paramount+

L-R Carl Tart as Lieutenant Kayhon, Jerry O’Connell as Commander Jack Random, Jack Quaid as Ensign Brad Boimler appearing in episode 1, season 4 of Lower Decks streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Paramount+


Season 4 will arrive on Paramount+ on Thursday, September 7, the day before Star Trek Day. The first two episodes will be made available on the same day. Check out the latest trailer…

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For more Lower Decks season 4 check out our early review.

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More nostalgia and ‘memberberries. Color me surprised.

This is like complaining that it’s a cartoon.

What do you watch Star Trek for?? Do you mind if I ask how old you are?

I know the question isn’t aimed at me but i watch Star Trek because i love the style of storytelling that it does.

I love the idea of a future where Humanity has gotten over it’s hatred of one another a future where you are accepted no mater what your gender or non gender is or your sexual orientation is.

I love how each Trek show is different and my favorite Trek shows are DS9 and Discovery as both shows aren’t afraid to push the envelope and knock fans out of their comfort zone. To show us that being different from those that came before is a good thing to be embraced and not hated on.

Nostalgia can be and a lot of the time in Trek is good but for me again like in my other comment to much nostalgia can ruin a story for me like a lot of it did in Picard S3 and it was a good season but the amount of nostalgia dragged it down for me.

Better yet, what is Star Trek for anymore?

I’m not trying to be facetious. Honestly, this is a question I keep coming back to. Because, what with the recent obsession with nostalgia and the familiar (not just in Trek but across a large swath of popular culture), I’m finding myself less and less interested in it as a vehicle for genuine storytelling, boldly going to strange new worlds and so forth. I won’t say new Trek doesn’t have its fair share of fun moments, but it does seem more disposable to me now. Even forgettable at times.

I’m not sure that the charge works when applied to large swathes of popular culture, but it’s a valid question when it comes to Star Trek.

Well, without going too far off-topic, I think nostalgia is a current cultural problem, not only in entertainment and business but also in politics. Too much looking back and not enough looking forward.

Anyway, I should point out, though, I have no problem with LDS being this nostalgic bit of fun. It’s all the other stuff in other series that bugs me. I just wish they could compartmentalize it. Here’s a nostalgic series, and over there we have a series that’s entirely new.

I think by itself nostalgia is not bad, its just that everyone seems to be overusing it or overdoing it these days. Too much of everything is always bad.

But there’s the rub. It’s very hard for nostalgia to exist in small doses in a business that’s constantly chasing and exploiting trends. Get ready for lots and lots of more movies about classic toys like Barbie and classic video games like Mario, until we’re sick of them.

What do you watch Star Trek for??

To see a history of the future; to see an optimistic future; to see competence and teamwork in action; to see wonderous strange new worlds; maybe occasionally to even get a sense of the transcendent. None of which is LDX.

I don’t mind occasional nostalgia when it’s earned (see “Relics” and “Flashback” and “Judgment”). Some (emphasize “some”) worked on PICARD, which was a coda to a beloved series, although even there they laid it on much too thick in the second half of season 3 (did we really need President Anton Chekhov and Kirk’s tomb).

Do you mind if I ask how old you are?

Yes, actually I do. It’s rude.

I have to agree. I like nostalgia in small doses but with this and the nostalgia overload in Picard S3 (The nostalgia in S3 imo was used to prop up a weak story-line though it was great to see the Enterprise D again) i have had my fill of nostalgia.

I want new stories with new characters and them set on ships that haven’t been seen or given a chance to shine. I would like the ship to not be named the Enterprise as i think we have had enough stories set on an Enterprise for a while. Though i wouldn’t object to a show set on an Enterprise 5-6 years from now.

I would love to see a show set on a Prometheus Class ship that we saw in the Voyager episode Message in a Bottle or even on set on a Excelsior class ship.

I do like the majestic ship names; “Voyager” and “Discovery” were too blase.

“Prometheus” would actually be a great name, in keeping with Excelsior and Enterprise.

I never cared much for voyager much , but that clip makes me smile

Same. It wasn’t my favorite show in that era, but seeing it in Picard and again here is nice. Gives you that warm and fuzzy nostalgia feeling. I guess they “de-Borged” it by this point.

is Robert Picardo singing in this season … seems like a no-brainer

Given the general caution around spoilers, it would be better if the detail of this had been hidden from the front page. It would have been fun to only find out as I watched!! Normally this site is very good at that.

Voyager was in both trailers and has been reported on everywhere literally over a month now.

This is not news nor a ‘spoiler’. It’s been heavily advertised at this point.

I did not know that. Fair enough.


As someone who watched both “Hear All, Trust Nothing” and “Those Old Scientists” back to back recently it’s been really fun watching our lower deckers crossover into iconic ship locations and crews. Now that they are doing it again on Voyager (the ship anyway) I say make it a tradition and every year they can crossover all the legacy ships and crews.

They have name dropped the Enterprise E about 30 times now, so why not just show it at this point? She’s currently out there obviously and since we didn’t get it on Picard, now is the chance to show it and you only need a 1-2 TNG characters on it since most of the original crew have left it by now. And you can show the E-E in all of her glory with zero budget issues like we got with DS9. And then find away to hit up the NX-01 and meet up with Archer and the gang. We know that’s what McMahan wants to do anyway so as Janeway would say, do it.

Do you think people have realized that this episode is just PIC S3 setup? And in the end won’t even be about Voyager but about the crew of the Cerritos, in particular the main four? Main five? Harry Kim isn’t going to take over the episode if he even shows up lol it’s not about him but if he does show up, he’s going to be there to support the Cerritos crew, maybe even push them further towards development.

That’s what happened with every other legacy character that’s appeared on here. Riker was there to help Boimler develop. Quark was there to help Tendi develop. Kira was there so we could learn a little more about Shaxs. So now it’s Rutherford’s and Mariner’s turn.

Sweet! I’ll wake up to the season four premiere in the morning.

Or stay up for it at night! ;-)

I wonder if they are taking Voyager to Athan Prime. That would be cool!

I have to say the endless nostalgia is becoming a bit tiresome now. Think back to the 90’s era of Trek and when it happened (e.g. “Flashback”) it was really quite rare and a huge treat which was enjoyable, then we moved on to the day-to-day episodes which stood as stories and adventures in their own right.

LD has obviously always leaned heavily into the nostalgia but now all the other shows are doing it too it’s getting a bit much and I would certainly not object to it being towed back.

The day to day episodes is actually most of LD. One day they’re trying to negotiate peace and the next they’re mining rocks on some planet that ends up being a commentary on modern internet culture and how our information gets taken and used no matter what we do.

SNW is by and far a way worse offender there.

Interesting that fans seem to finally, FINALLY, be starting to sour on the *endless* references to past Trek in these new shows. The franchise has stagnated, hopefully it’s not too late to grow it again by pushing the universe forward, like TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT did.

LOL. Reddit is a teeny tiny fraction of the viewers, and those who only enjoy something if they’re endlessly complaining about it we’re so badly outnumbered by actual fans who loved Picard 3 that they pulled all their hair out trying to get a rage wave going. Now that the week to week actual fans who loved it have moved on to other shows and have other things to do, the rage addicts are declaring victory that their numbers are rising. 😂

It’s like. Do they realize that in universe it hasn’t even been a decade since Voyager returned from the Delta Quadrant. The Dominion War hasn’t even reached its ten year anniversary yet either. These are events that happened within the lifetimes of the characters, for most of them within their starfleet career. For them getting to be a part of this is huge.

Just because VOY ended two decades ago for us doesn’t mean it’s not exciting. We know that Voyager gets put into the fleet museum, now we know when.

Ferenginar wanting to join the Federation is still world building, still pushing the universe forward. Rom being the Grand Nagus doesn’t change that. And of course he’d still be the grand Nagus, he’s only been it for six or seven years in universe by this point and it seems to be a lifetime position unless they decide to step down. And he has no reason to step down, he was made Grand Nagus to make sure that Ferengi society and culture changes for the better and that job isn’t over yet.

Reddit is a teeny tiny fraction of the viewers, and those who only enjoy something if they’re endlessly complaining about it we’re so badly outnumbered by actual fans who loved Picard 3 that they pulled all their hair out trying to get a rage wave going.

This is a truly bizarre response to Emily’s very cogent point, since (1) this isn’t Reddit, (2) I don’t follow Star Trek on Reddit, and (3) PICARD is sui generis — it’s about a coda to TNG, not being a flagship Star Trek series.

I post here every few months. I’m not a regular. I’m every article I’ve posted on, Emily is complaining about how terrible Star Trek is. It’s her jam.

Reddit. Social media. The comments. They’re interchangeable.

There is always a subset who enjoys complaining. They crave drama. Their meal is always sent back to the kitchen. Everyone they meet is incompetent. They derive enjoyment from complaining.

They loved the hate Disco and early Picard got. They couldn’t believe it when fans loved Picard, so now that most fans have moved on to other things they’re trying to retcon in that nostalgia is terrible and Picard 3 was a disaster. 😂

Then you need to re-read my posts because you’ve clearly misunderstood. I think Strange New Worlds is excellent. I enjoy Lower Decks a lot. The rest not so much. But 90% of my posts are to do with nostalgia, references and easter eggs current Star Trek is shoving down our throats in a cringeworthy way to get fans onboard and cheering. Sadly it seems to be working, although perhaps the tide is turning given comments on this article.

More references to past Trek, easter eggs, and cameos?!? I. am. shocked.

I still say that Jerry Goldsmith’s theme for Voyager is the best of all the Star Trek musical themes. I know TNG theme is the more famous one but I always loved Voyager’s theme. It’s the kind of theme that gives me that feeling of truly going out into space and exploring the unknown.

Been listening to it for over 20 years now and even now when I watch an episode I always watch the opening credits as I did today.

I find it interesting when complain about “nostalgia,” since they’re complaining about this version of nostalgia, which seems to be where any story references and builds off of the Berman-era of the franchise.

Because some of the same people seem to have no problem when Strange New Worlds uses nostalgia (e.g., Khan, the Gorn, redoing “Balance of Terror,” etc.).

It also serves a purpose within the story or expands the universe in LD. It’s very rare that it doesn’t. Like damn Quark making toys now just makes the Trek universe feel more lived in.

Yeah it’s so bizarre to me when someone constantly complains about one show having too much ‘nostalgia’ but then have zero issues with other shows having nostalgia and in some cases more like SNW has done. That’s the only show in NuTrek that literally recreated an entire episode as you pointed out. And I loved it btw, but I look at all these shows as doing the exact same thing. LDS push the easter eggs the most for sure but in terms of actual character cameos or callbacks, it’s no worse than SNW or PIC and in many ways less than those because the irony about LDS is all the characters on the show are new at least. And also with the exception of Riker every legacy character who showed up so far has only been in cameo form and only one episode. And only one legacy character has ever been part of the A story which was Captain Gomez who is a pretty obscure character at best in the franchise.

Now compare that to PIC or SNW, where not only MORE legacy characters shows up, but many had arcs, at the center of episodes and in SNW case has become recurring characters like Kirk, T’Pring, April, etc. ,

Unfortunately the LD model has the incorrect geometry found in VOY’s CGI model. You can see how warped and curbed the forward phaser strips are when they should be perfectly horizontal.

Oh NO!