How To Find A Cool Easter Egg In ‘Star Trek: Picard – The Final Season’ On DVD And Blu-ray

Fans may recall that showrunner Terry Matalas had mentioned in various interviews and on social media that he planned to include the full poker scene from the finale as a bonus feature when Picard season 3 was released on disc. TrekMovie has found that bonus feature. It’s a hidden “easter egg” in the DVD and Blu-ray menus, on the last disc of the set.

One More Hand

On disc 3 of the Blu-ray set (or disc 4 of the DVD set), highlight “Rebuilding the Enterprise-D” in the Extras menu, and then press the left arrow on your remote (on the DVD set press the right arrow). A poker card will appear, press OK, and you’ll get a 6 minute bonus feature called “One More Hand.” Jonathan Frakes gives a brief intro to the final scene at the poker table, and then we’re treated to the raw add libbed footage of the 5 minute continuous take that showrunner/director Terry Matalas filmed for the finale.

The Blu-ray disc 3 menu showing the poker card

The DVD disc 4 menu showing the poker card

Available now in the US

You can order the final season on Amazon: Blu-ray for $34.96, Steelbook Blu-ray for $39.95, and DVD for $29.96.

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Wait a sec .Isn’t this around the time where a bunch of us should bring up the dirty word of 2023? Nostalgia?

I may consider watching this special feature but ONLY if the dialog is new, ambitious and groundbreaking.

every time I go to town, the boys keep kickin my dog around. why why why, bark bark bark

Star Trek fans: We want the original TNG crew back together again!
Also Star Trek fans: there is too much fan service and nostalgia in the new shows.

— insert Picard facepalm meme here —

What’s a DVD?

It’s like a VHS tape, only rounder.

It’s the diet, higher-end version of a laserdisc.

Something that a LOT of people still buy, despite others pretending it’s not the case, since streaming has proven to be disastrous at guaranteeing shows’ availability.

…my copy showed up today, pretty psyched to add it to my Trek collection!

This is a cool Easter Egg. I’m glad they are still this neat stuff on DVDs

  1. Why is DVD still allowed? Nothing like perpetuating 1995 NTSC video standards.
  2. 4K. We need this show in 4K.
  3. If you haven’t already purchased the soundtrack, it is very highly recommended.

Who buy Blu-Ray, actually?