‘Star Trek Online: Incursion’ Out Now – Watch Captain Kim Take On New Borg In Launch Trailer

The latest update for the free-to-play MMORPG Star Trek Online debuted today on PC. The new season (the 30th for the long-running game) is called Star Trek Online: Incursion and it brings back Star Trek: Voyager’s Garrett Wang as Captain Kim and includes some elements from Star Trek: Prodigy as well.


Star Trek Online: Incursion continues last season’s Multiverse story following a misunderstanding with the Tholians and the tearing of the Reality Vortex. A new vortex has appeared at Starbase One and Borg are surging through it. Players will encounter Garrett Wang as Captain Harry Kim as well as Kipleigh Brown returning as Captain Kuumaarke in this new season. Additionally, players will also meet Captain Kim’s new Astrophysicist, Commander Erin Macdonald, as seen on Star Trek: Prodigy, voiced by Star Trek science Erin Macdonald. There are also some cool Prodigy assets including a Murf pet. Starting today, PC players can go up against the Borg in a new featured episode, “Taken by Surprise” and new task force operations.

From Star Trek Online: Incursion (Cryptic Studios)

Check out the launch trailer…

Here is the story for the new season…

In this latest season for Star Trek Online, players will discover that Starbase One is under attack from a new type of Borg threat. During this attempt to repel the Borg forces, Starfleet receives the help of a mysterious and powerful new ally.

From Star Trek Online: Incursion (Cryptic Studios)

Star Trek Online: Incursion includes the following new features:

New Episode – Taken by Surprise
• A Borg invasion force emerges from a Reality Vortex at Starbase One. These Borg are different – stronger, ruthless, and more aggressive. Starfleet must use all their might, along with some unexpected help, to repel the Borg forces.
New Task Force Operation – Resistance of Starbase One
• The Borg have launched an attack on Star Base One, and you must see to the evacuation of all personnel in this Five Captain Space TFO.
New Task Force Operation – Guillotine
• The Borg are launching the beginnings of an invasion through a massive Reality Vortex. Repel the Borg and close the Vortex in this Five Captain Space TFO.
T6 Ship Upgrade Expansion
• Upgrade to T6-X to T6-X2
• Unlock an additional Starship Trait Slot, Universal Console Slot, and Device Slot
Season 30 Event – Borg Tesseract
• Play selected content to earn a three Piece “Adaptation” Ground Set
• Claim a free Starfleet Protostar Uniform during the event!
New Prodigy Lockbox
• New lockbox based on Star Trek: Prodigy
• All-New Protostar Class Starship with Proto-Drive and Reformed Living Construct Console
• Includes gear and weapons from the show
• Five different colored Mellanoid slime worm pets – you know, the adorable Murf!

More screenshots…

Star Trek Online: Incursion is available now on PC and will launch on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on November 1, 2023. Star Trek Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. To download and play Star Trek Online today for free, visit www.playstartrekonline.com.

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Nope, this ain’t canon. Dude’s still an Ensign, and always will be.

Careful now, joking around there is frowned upon by some people here in the comments. When this was announced I replied saying, “this game jumped the shark this time” as a joke and several people couldn’t tell it was tongue in cheek and instead decided to debate the topic…

I made a joke about denying the terrible ninth season of Scrubs existed and someone decided to correct me. Sometimes you have to belabor that sh*t with emojis. Very silly.

But the only rational course of action IS to deny the existence of the terrible ninth season of SCRUBS.

:) :) :) :) (are these enough?)

Needs more winky faces!

We live in Trek fandom period where childish BS on some of the current series is done for laughs, so if this is frowned upon, I can easily call out the hypocrisy in that.

Besides, he never did get beyond Ensign in the prime timeline, despite years on the ship, yet a couple others got promotions. In fact, Janeway never even brought up the topic. Obviously, she didn’t even see him as mid-level officer material, let alone future captain material. It is what it is.

I remember that thread, good times! 😂

Tone can be hard online and people don’t always know you’re just messing around. I been there myself many many times lol.

His uniform looks cool

That’s smart. The Borg will have to spend all of the Collective’s mental energy trying to figure out how Harry could possibly have progressed beyond being an ensign.

LOL – awesome!

Bro he was a Captain in Endgame. 😉

Wow looking good Captain! 😎👍

Haven’t played STO in years. Maybe should get back into it.

ikr he looks hot.

This looks really good, too bad it’s not a live action film or tv show

Yeah, just tragic.

Actually I love the look of the Borg here and it’s nice to see a real update to them. It would be fun to see this version on the big screen. Unfortunately, the way things are going, Kim will probably be Federation President before we ever see another Star Trek movie happening lol.

I thought he would be a cadet by now