Recap/Review: ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Fights The Rise Of The Machines In “A Few Badgeys More”

“A Few Badgeys More”

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 4, Episode 7– Debuted Thursday, October 12, 2023
Written by Edgar Momplaisir
Directed by Bob Suarez

The return of some fun, familiar characters brings a lot of laughs, a lot of danger, and a lot of heart.

The lower deckers can’t believe promotions mean they get briefings from the captain and first officer.


“He’s trying to salvage you!”

This week we sort of got two teasers. First, we pick up on the post-credit scene from the season 3 finale: Rutherford’s old eyepiece (with the evil Badgey AI inside) is retrieved by Drookmani scavengers. The captain claims the tech as his own and Badgey makes it clear he will gladly offer up Starfleet secrets, ominously promising “I’ve certainly never killed anyone.” Soon enough, the eyepiece wires come alive and attach themselves to the captain. Next up, we meet some Bynar lower deckers… you know the drill. After some of their unintelligible computer chatter, there is an alert and they head to the bridge, where the pair of captains tries to deal with the mystery ship and soon enough they meet the same fate, with their catamaran-style ship apparently destroyed. Things come full circle as the Drookmani scavengers show up to gather the remaining debris, with the captain and crew now under the thrall of Badgey. Cue maniacal laughter! (There’s going to be a lot of that this episode, BTW.)

01101111 01101000 00100000 01110011 01101000 01101001 01110100 00001010!

“Have fun with the sinister robots!”

Cut to our favorite four lower deckers adding a grappler to their never-ending shuttle project. Rutherford gets frustrated when his targeting system misses the target and pins Tendi to the wall, but she encourages him with the reminder that science and experiments are supposed to be messy. The four are called to a briefing on a Bynar distress call; Starfleet has tasked the Cerritos to investigate if it is part of the recent attacks. However, Tendi and Boimler are not coming along. D’Vana has been called to appear at the parole hearing for Peanut Hamper and Brad is coming along as AGIMUS, the megalomaniacal computer sentenced to the same facility, claims to have information on the Bynar attack. He will only talk to Brad—specifically, only to that “stringy ensign meat pipe.” Everyone assumes it’s some mind game trap, but Boimler is going just in case he has real intel. At Daystrom, Peanut Hamper and AGIMUS are busy with some gardening therapy, learning “life forms are as easy to grow as they are to annihilate.” The pair is enjoying “scheming and conniving” as they (no surprise) plan an escape for AGIMUS after Hamper is paroled. He is going to trick Boimler by switching his red light to blue, which she agrees makes him look “totally not evil.” When Brad shows up, he remains skeptical but admits that blue light is “reassuring.” AGIMUS does seem to have legit info on the attack, so Brad agrees to take the computer to the location of one of his drones to get all the details on the Bynar attack. Once on the shuttle, AGIMUS is pleased to hear Peanut Hamper has been released after giving a nice speech about her regrets. The devious computer goes back to red and uses drones to take control of the shuttle and put the Cerritos duo in restraints. Tendi nails it with: “You can turn your red light blue? You are a jerk.”

What’s that Lassie? Timmybot fell down the well?

“Hi father, prepare to die.”

When the Cerritos arrives at the site of the Bynar ship disappearance, they find the Drookmani captain hailing, asking for help from the “demon triangle” just as Badgey takes control and attacks. Thanks to all that Starfleet knowledge, the disruptors bypass the shields — but the AI says “boop” after each shot, so it’s kind of adorable. Rutherford ignores Captain Freeman’s objections and space leaps to the Drookmani ship in an act of sacrificial atonement, and Mariner jumps along as she isn’t going to let him go alone. Her “What’s up party people?” swagger upon arrival is tempered when she learns Rutherford doesn’t have a cool virus or even an AI-killing knife. His plan is to do something he should have done a long time ago… give his son a hug. This sweet moment of crying and catharsis actually works until Badgey glitches and splits into two. The part moved by his father’s compassion introduces himself with “I’m Goodgey, we should run for our lives!” while what’s left of Badgey threatens to “rip your spines out.” Hiding on the ship only gets the evil AI angrier as it takes control of the Cerritos systems, filling the ship with toxic gas. With time running out, Samanthan has a new idea. He returns to the bridge to argue with the AI that vengeance has no benefit, which works because Badgey is still a computer program, after all. But the hologram glitches and splits again, this time excising “Logic-y.” The remaining pure primal evil Badgey ups the stakes, now planning to kill everyone in the Federation. Kids, am I right?

First I’m going to burn your heart in fire, then I’m going to…

“We can still be friends without vanquishing people.”

At the rendezvous in Martinique, Tendi and Boimler are playing along as captives when AGIMUS reveals the plans he had to join Peanut Hamper. They head to a planet the schemers had picked out, perfect for some nice subjugation. First concerned at her no-show, he then sees hope in his belief she has betrayed him to take over Plymeria on her own, so they head over, but she isn’t there. AGIMUS still takes over the planet “in record time,” but his computerized heart just isn’t in it and he laments that his prison buddy led him astray with all her co-conspiring. He perks up when Tendi says she can locate Hamper using the prison parole system and relishes the idea of finding her concocting some plan “more nefarious than I imagined.” They leave the conquered planet flying banners of AGIMUS and Peanut Hamper behind and find her among other exocomps at a research station, happily working alongside her dad. AGIMUS can’t believe she (and other sentient robots) are willingly doing menial work, but she finds the Zen of it. Peanut admits that she had fun scheming about dominating stuff with him, but her time behind bars (force fields?) led her to true remorse. AGIMUS admits he really isn’t all that into planet subjugation anymore; he just wanted to hang out with his new friend. With this, his light turns blue for real and Boimler and Tendi’s restraints fade away. Before dragging him back to prison, Boimler gives AGIMUS a minute to meet Mr. Hamper (whose name is Kevin) and have some time with his pal, “You have a very special daughter.” Aww, he has totally conquered friendship.

There is that red light thing again!

“All life are strands in the fabric of reality”

As all that was happening, things were escalating on the Drookmani ship as Badgey decides to upload himself into every ship, station, and planet. Logic-y jumps into action and back into Badgey, but the evil AI is too strong, splitting again and killing him. “Logic-y!” Rutherford pleads, saying he still thinks there is good in Badgey, but the AI scoffs as he begins his subspace upload—and is overwhelmed by the massive spread into systems across the galaxy… and the “unlimited power and infinite knowledge” changes him. Now blue, Badgey sees the beauty of all life, organic and synthetic. His attempt at revenge has led to a spiritual awakening. He lets go of genocide and embraces a new plan to create his own universe, maybe even hang out with the Q Continuum. They all watch in awe as the transcendent AI leaves this dimension into the embrace of the Great Koala. His creator bids his goodbye, wishing his son “good luck being everything!” This is really turning out to be a big day for AI catharsis.

Goodgey is good, right? It’s in his name.

“Is this guy going to murder us?”

AGIMUS is again stored back at Daystrom, where he gets some sass from his fellow megalomaniacal computers for the failed escape attempt. He vows to do the work and use the facility’s therapy to process his “toxic behavior” so he can really be rehabilitated and be released to reunite with his best friend. This nice plan was still followed up by his signature maniacal laugh…  baby steps. Oh, and it turns out he wasn’t lying about having info on the Bynar attack, and gives Boimler an image that changes everything. The mystery attacker isn’t destroying the alien ships, it’s stealing them! He thanks AGIMUS and exits, leaving the AI vowing to help Tyrannikillicus, a fellow evil computer trying to be a better artificial intelligence who wants to learn about making friends. And speaking of adorable, Rutherford brought Goodgey back to the Cerritos to help with that grappler targeting system. The other lower deckers are naturally concerned about another rogue AI, especially after a bit of glitching, so they make their exit (except for Boimler,  stuck to the wall by the grappler). Sam and his son wrap things up as they happily tinker together.

Grapplers ARE cool!


Fans have been hoping to see the return of these computerized villain characters and Lower Decks didn’t disappoint, bringing back Badgey (now Badgeys?), AGIMUS, and Peanut Hamper all at once. While this series still indulges periodically in dives into the Trek canon like last week’s visit to Ferenginar, this fourth season continues to shine brightest when Lower Decks relishes its own lore as “A Few Badgeys More” did with these characters, along with the Drookmani and more, all seamlessly woven into the new season mystery arc as well as the individual season 4 character arcs. But the show isn’t just playing the hits. This episode mixes things up by pairing up Boimler and Tendi for the AGIMUS/Peanut Hamper story and having Mariner join Rutherford for his difficult father/son reunion with the Badgeys. It’s a testament to the strength of the characters and their voice actors that these different dynamics still had the great comic chemistry that is at the core of the success of the series. And while T’Lyn has been missed these last couple of episodes, it was great to give Rutherford (and Eugene Cordero) time to shine.

Of course, this episode also shines thanks to some fantastic guest stars. Fan favorite Jeffrey Combs relishes in the supervillain tropes as AGIMUS, providing some of the funniest moments of the episode, but he, too, gets some nice character development as does Peanut Hamper, the (formerly) self-centered exocomp, who became his fast friend at Daystrom’s Self-Aware Megalomaniacal Computer Storage. Does it make sense that this AI penitentiary had all the common prison trappings like a yard for weight lifting? No, but who cares? It was funny. And even Peanut Hamper, a character who has tested the limits of annoying, has also found her way in this episode tied together by the common Trek themes of friendship, family, and redemption, helped along by a more nuanced performance by Kether Donohue. An example of how tightly this show works is her return to her father, tying up her arc after she refused to help the Cerritos crew in the season 1 finale because she only joined Starfleet to piss off her dad. Nowhere were these themes more on display than with the Badgey storyline as Jack McBrayer went above and beyond, playing Badgey, Goodgey, and Logic-y. This storyline also had nice subtle touches that played on some classic Trek stories of dangerous AIs, including Rutherford wielding logic like Kirk did with Nomad, Logic-y fighting his “brother” like Data and Lore, and even the connection and transcendence of Badgey evoking V’Ger. There was also something nice about the way that when Badgey obtained that ultimate power instead of going all Gary Mitchell, he became enlightened.

Family reunions on this show are weird.

The mystery ship attacks arc has now moved to the forefront, the driving force behind Boimler’s assignment as well as his infinite patience with the spiraling AGIMUS as he stuck with it to get that key intel. As a side note, Brad’s manipulation of AGIMUS shows how far he has come, and was just one example of how the characters on this show can all show their smarts, not relying on tropes to create tension and conflict. As for the fate of the Bynars (yeah, Bynars!), we learned the key new fact that the mystery ship isn’t destroying alien ships, it’s stealing them. As Boimler says, the destruction (with debris left behind as proof) was all a lie. This (almost) confirms a TrekMovie theory from the start of the season that the mystery ship isn’t killing all these aliens; however, much remains to be discovered, especially who is driving that ship and what their motivation is. This plot arc has ramped up slowly but surely during the season, adding more fun mystery without dragging it out or getting in the way of the episodic stories.

The Bynars have a captains’ couch. (Or is it a loveseat?)

Final thoughts

Episode 7 cements the idea that this is the best season yet for Lower Decks as it gets even funnier when the show builds on its own lore while still making plenty of nods to canon. The impressive writing, voices, art, direction, music, and more pack so much into such a short time that every episode is worth watching twice. What more could you ask for?

We promise, this time you’ll like Peanut Hamper.


Random stuff

  • The episode title is a play on the title of the classic spaghetti western For a Few Dollars More.
  • Badgey’s recovery in the Kalla system was from when he was left behind during the Battle of Kalla in the season 1 finale, first hinted at in the season 3 finale.
  • Badgey threatened the lives of the Cerritos crew by releasing Neurazine Gas, but that gas was used to incapacitate humans by the Dominion (according to DS9). It’s Neurocine Gas that is toxic, used by the Cardassians as riot control (also seen on DS9).
  • When Badgey uploaded himself across subspace, we saw the effect on a number of familiar locations, including the USS Vancouver, Douglas Station, Deep Space 9, and the Vulcan ship Sh’vhal.
  • Badgey’s transcendence mirrored that of O’Connor from season 1, where we first saw the Great Koala.
  • Peanut Hamper returned home to the Tyrus VIIA Station from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode (“The Quality of Life”) that first introduced the exocomps.
  • Mariner and Boimler talking up how grapplers (introduced in Star Trek: Enterprise) are cool picks up on them saying the same during the Strange New Worlds crossover episode “Those Old Scientists.”
  • Tendi reveals that Orion beaches don’t have sand, just sharp little pebbles.

Boimler is not a beach person.

More to come

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That Bynar caption was the best part of this review. Nicely done.

I’m not used to such profanity from TrekMovie. 🫢😆

“Does it make sense that this AI penitentiary had all the common prison trappings like a yard for weight lifting? No, but who cares? It was funny.”

I have to disagree there. It was dumb and nonsensical, and not funny at all. I grok this show lots, but this episode was mostly a miss for me because of stupid stuff like that. Had they treated the subject even a little more seriously, I think it would have worked a lot better than it did.

Like it or not it’s part of Star Trek’s future history now.

We all know this, and we all know that you really don’t like Lower Decks and the fact that it is canon – no need to keep hammering home the same point over and over again.

With that being said, there are a ton of questionable, controversial, silly and stupid things that are a part of canon, so just let it go.

I was responding to Lorna Dune’s complaint about this being too silly and that the writer’s not taking the material seriously enough. My point is, Pascale is essentially correct and Lorna is wrong — it really doesn’t matter and as fans what is the point of caring anymore as long as it provide the laughs…it’s canon either way.

We doing this every time?

Yeah, it’s so weird that he does that.

E-V-E-R-Y T-I-M-E!


Nope, in fact I agree with Anthony Pascale on this.

Non sequitur, UpperDecks, since I said nothing about having a problem about it being Trek’s “future history now,” as you inexplicably say over and over again. What a weird response.

I could have explained my point better. I agree with AP’s comment that you took issue with. We really should not care as long as the show gives us the laughs at this point because it’s canon regardless — that it what I was trying to say.

I could have swore that the mods gave you a final warning about trolling LDS threads. So, yes, it’s a thing you do even if you’re loathe to admit it. Can’t help yourself it seems.

I’m commenting on this episode, and nothing I have said is negative in the slightest, and in fact I am defending Trekmovie’s review by elaborating why it’s correct to dismiss the concern Lorna had because as AP correctly pointed out, the laughs should override any story/logic/canon concerns. How on earth is that trolling? I watch every episode of the series and I’m commenting on the review by TrekMovie.

But here’s something that is trolling — trying to artificially get someone in trouble with the moderator. I mean, just look at your post above to me — there’s not one thing in it about this article or the episode? It comes across as an attempt to try to get me in trouble, dude.

I am going to continue stay positive, watch the LDS episodes and read Trekmovie‘s reviews, make comments on what I see and read, and hopefully have some fun along the way.

Nah, you’re trolling. You don’t like LDS because its outrageous characters and situations are canon, yet now you proclaim high and loud in multiple posts that you would love to have these zany evil characters appear in SNW. You make no sense. You’re just looking for a reaction but are, again, going about it in a surreptitious way. Why don’t you learn from your mistakes. You were banned once and came back with a new name and have been warned twice since. Get an effing clue.

Nope, I was defending Trekmovie’s review, which I FREAKING AGREE WITH!

You and Spoke are trolling me with personal attacks to try to get me in trouble with the mods when I am doing nothing wrong here, with my posts being positive — now that’s trolling!

I am going to remain positive and make substantive comments on the articles and ep reviews here, and I am watching all the eps.

The mods don’t need me or anybody else to decide what’s acceptable or not. As far as getting into trouble I’m sure you can do that all by yourself. Just do you.

You just trolled me again. :-)

Now I will wait for the piling on from others as well…fun day! ;-)

Why should they pile on? Doesn’t everybody agree with you?

I am just thankful that most fans, including you, are not hyper-sensitive to any critiques on this series.

“Like it or not it’s part of Star Trek’s future history now.“

“I mean, just look at your post above to me — there’s not one thing in it about this article or the episode?”

Pot meet kettle

“Like it or not” means exactly what it says — each person gets to pick if they like it or they don’t like it, and the person saying that is not offering an opinion, other that stating that no matter which view you pick, the result is immovable — in this case, the result being that all Trek series are canon — which was my point in agreeing with the Trekmovie review…I mean, I agree with the review and have defended it in multiple posts here, yet I am supposedly trolling?

So your claim that me conveying that statement and defending the Trekmovie review means I am trolling it’s ludicrous, without merit, and comes across like a petty attempt to get me in trouble with the mods.

However, given from your response here that it seems like you misunderstood my initial comment and chose to ignore my follow ups where I explained my reasoning, I’d offer that we should both just move along now.

Most of it was fine, the yard and the movies with the AI’s in them to probably make empathy more relatable seem like actually good ideas, and the stuff like the weights is just a visual gag. I dont think any of them took away from the episode.

“I have to disagree there. It was dumb and nonsensical, and not funny at all.”

I agree with this as well Lorna. I like the show because how far it’s willing to go for a joke, but sometimes you have to ease off a bit. This was definitely one of those times. That said, I still loved the episode overall!

So it’s going to be a Mirror universe 2 Parter with the Agonizer Ship?

Good ep!

Gotta say this was one of my favorites so far this season and, gasp, I actually liked Peanut Hamper this week.

Yeah I really liked Peanut Hamper a lot more in this episode too. I hated the last episode she was in in season 3 to the point it was the only episode I hated and was really put off by her. This one I felt the opposite and hope to see her again.

That Binar screenshot makes me wonder if the mystery ship is a misunderstood good guy. That screenshot invokes other ships coming to save the day

I chortled at “Lord Tyrannikillicus”.

I knew (well, not really, but strongly suspected) Peanut Hamper was due an actual redemption (though I never expected one for either Agimus or any iteration of Badgey, I must say). But I was surprised by the other Exocomps. I figured that with all the time that had passed since “The Quality of Life” and what we’ve seen from just Peanut Hamper, others would have developed and evolved to the point of chatting in human-intelligible dialogue as well, but it seems maybe only Peanut has bothered to develop that particular capability. I guess the others just haven’t implemented it because they haven’t felt a need to yet.

So… is Goodgey going to be with us on an ongoing basis now?!

Yeah I suspected as well Peanut Hamper was getting a redemption too, although I guess she won’t be back in Starfleet. But it is interesting the other exocomps isn’t at her level including her father. That was a bit weird.

“BAD-gey” Bad, because he’s evil. I just got that.

[insert GIF of Data’s delayed laughter to the joke about the Ferengi in the gorilla suit from Generations here]

I didn’t get it until Logic-ey showed up.

Goodgey gang, Goodgey gang…

The more I see of Badgey and Peanut Hamper the more I want them be in a live action crossover ep in season three of strange new worlds.

Only if Agimus can join them.


The Mystery Ship is Kivas Fajo. He’s collecting these ships. He even uses the fake death ruse he used with Data.

Ooooooo…. I ****like**** that!

My hopes for Bragimus are still alive!

Jokes aside, wow I hope this is not the last we see of agimus or Peanut Hamper. Although I’m expecting it to be. Which will be super disappointing but what can I do about it…

The way that they had both changed and just didn’t want to admit it to spend time with each other still was so sweet. I loved this episode.

agimus can come stay with me

Agreed! I’d really like to see Peanut Hamper join the main cast/crew on this show and appear in most eps.

Nah we’ll see them again! Bragimus (great name BTW) was awesome. Loved Peanut Hamper this episode. We were talking about her being redeemed and I happy she was.

And I loved her Agimus relationship. It was very sweet. That’s why this show is so awesome because it really knows how to subvert expectations and do it with a laugh.

But I liked where they all ended up. Here’s a question, is Peanut Hamper still in Starfleet or just working with the other exocomps? I would like to see her back in Starfleet.

It seemed like she didn’t want to go back to starfleet to me now that she’s repaired her relationship with her dad but I guess we’ll see.

You’re probably right. I think she has found peace with her dad. And I just remembered she only joined Starfleet to piss him off so her arc has come full circle.

It wasn’t until my second viewing that I caught Peanut Hamper dad’s name was Kevin. Fuck me man, this show lol. It’s absolutely bonkers at times and why I love it so much.

Another great episode. Great to see the Bynars again and loved the ‘caption’ gag. I laughed at basically everything Agimus said. Badgey transcending and leaving to make another universe is one hand one of the most ludicrous things done in this show and yet fits Star Trek to a tee lol. I’m going to miss Badgey although now we got Goodgey.

This show just makes me giggle. I can’t believe the season is almost over. :(

Seems like the show is starting to tie up loose ends. Goodbye Peanut Hamper.

I think we’ll see her again! 😎🖖

While I enjoyed the Trekkian themes of compassion and redemption, those things didn’t feel earned or organic to me; it felt as if the scriptwriters cheated to make it all happen.

It also felt as if Mariner, Boimler, Tendi, and Rutherford were supporting characters in the episode, with the guests as the stars. I wouldn’t have minded that so much if I’d liked the episode more, but since I didn’t really care for the episode, short-changing the regular characters didn’t sit well with me.

There’s not really any space in the show to show what they’re up to though. And sometimes showing people compassion before they “earned” it is the best way to do things.

As for the criticism that the guests took over the episode, entirely fair, but since one of them was Jeffrey Combs I’m still very happy with it. That’s just kinda what he does when the script lets him. The DS9 episode In the Cards for example. It’s also not unusual for LD in itself. Mathematically Perfect Redemption, Empathalogical Fallacies…

Jeffrey Combs was amazing! I laughed so hard every time he spoke. We really need to see Shran or Weyoun again. He could’ve easily showed up as Brunt when they went back to Feringinar last episode.

I didn’t mean that the villains didn’t earn the compassion; I meant that the success of that strategy felt forced rather than organic.

Oh I understand now, sorry. Yeah that’s honestly fair.

It always saddens me when you don’t like an episode of Star Trek –unless it’s Discovery! 😂

I really liked it (of course) but like Gritizens said, fair points for sure. Yeah our Lower Deckers took a back seat but I was expecting that. To have three of LDS biggest (ex?) Villains all appear together was going to be a handful. But I get why it bothered you.

And we didn’t get T’Lyin at all. That definitely sucked. 😥

As far as some of the redemptions feeling a little fast, definitely true of Badgey lol. Can’t defend that one. But I think Peanut Hamper had an entire year to figure herself out. She was never ‘evil’ just a bit selfish and not very empathetic to others. But she was a Starfleet officer before so there was always good in her even if it was to get back at her dad.

AGIMUS is a different story. He was obviously evil but I think earning Peanut Hamper friendship made him see a different side of himself. But I agree it was a bit forced since he had no problem subjugating an entire planet ten minutes before lol.

But sucks you didn’t like this one. Oddly enough my girlfriend really liked it and she hated the entire show lol. But she is really enjoying season 4 which proves if my girlfriend can learn to love the lower deckers, so can these A.I. freaks! 😁

Wow great to hear your girlfriend is enjoying the show more this season. I think all the characters are very likable now and that includes Mariner. She was always divisive (not like Burnham divisive lol but enough) but the character has grown a lot more this season. Promoting them was definitely a smart move, it gave them a chance to develop more but also see them becoming more mature like how Boimler handled Agimus in this episode.

And I have to agree with everyone, yeah some of the turns did feel a little rushed, but the show is only 25 minutes, so there is only so much you can do. I didn’t have a problem with any of it personally but understand why others might.

I didn’t have a problem with any of it personally but understand why others might.

That’s such a Trekkian thing to say! Yay for you! :-)

Wow, thank you! :)

Oh yeah she is finally coming around a bit and this is the first season she’s even watching since the first few episodes of season one. She hasn’t watched a single minute of seasons two or three yet.

The ONLY reason she watched season 4 is because she heard the opening episode would be based around Voyager which she loves. She wanted to see how the show handled it and surprisingly loved it. She thought Mariner was less annoying and that the show wasn’t being aimed to only mentally challenged 8 year olds but now to mentally challenged 12 year olds. I took that as a win! 😁

And then she watched the second one because they both premiered the same day and decided to to keep watching it with me. She really liked the first episode and all the Voyager Easter eggs and appearances but it was actually the second episode she straight up loved. The whole Moopsy subplot had her in stitches. She laughed so hard when Jack, Mariner and the curator were running for their lives and then we saw the Moopsy wallowing behind them and said ‘Moopsy’. That sold it. She absolutely loved that cute little bundle of terror. It was the first time she’s watched a LDS episode twice. Also loved the Tendi/Orion episode too. That her third favorite this season and learned a lot about Orion nutty culture.

Now she’s watched almost every episode this season other than the Feringinar one because she’s not a DS9 fan at all (yet) but has liked all the others. She likes the characters feel more mature and Mariner isn’t whining about stuff. She can tell there is a huge difference between what she saw in season one and now. And also loves T’Lyn.

She still doesn’t think it’s amazing or anything but definitely like it a lot more now. 😃

LOL that’s pretty funny. And yes Moopsy is an instant fan favorite and I read some fans now believes he has replaced Khan as Trek’s most diabolical villain (OK, not really but I would at least consider it ;)).

Hopefully she will enjoy the entire season and convince her to give the rest of it a chance. I personally think season 4 is the second strongest season after season 2…but we still got 3 episodes to get through so who knows by the end.

I take my Star Trek too seriously; we know this. :-) So I have trouble letting out-of-character stuff slide just because it’s funny. But I agree with your girlfriend that S4 has been pretty good so far!

Love your last line! :-)

No one can call themselves a true Trek fan without taking it too seriously. 😁

I’m happy you are really enjoying the season as a whole though. I remember how much you weren’t happy with the show at the beginning so it’s a nice turnaround.

TIL neurazine and neurocine are two different things. When Message in a Bottle aired I was aghast as I thought the Doctor killed all those Romulans.