Kid Cudi “Boldly Be” Star Trek Collaboration Launches At NYCC With New Song, Streetwear, And Fortnite Tie-In

The previously announced Star Trek x Kid Cudi “Boldly Be” collaboration was launched at New York Comic Con over the weekend. Musician and designer (and Trek fan) Scott Mescudi (aka Kid Cudi) was at the event to launch his new Star Trek-themed song, streetwear line, and the “Mirror Mayhem” Fortnite game tie-in. He was also a surprise guest during the Star Trek Universe panel.

“Heaven’s Galaxy”

The centerpiece of the new Kid Cudi Star Trek partnership is the release of the original song “Heaven’s Galaxy.” The song was written by Cudi and was inspired by Cudi’s own fandom of Star Trek. It is available now on all streaming platforms. You can watch the official Kid Cudi music video below…

“Spaceman” Cudi comes home to Star Trek

Kid Cudi joined executive producer Alex Kurtzman on stage during the Star Trek Universe panel to talk about the song and collaboration. When asked what it felt like to be part of the Star Trek Universe, Mescudi told the cheering NYCC crowd, “I feel like I’m home.” Cudi became a fan as a kid, watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with his late father. He said it was a “full circle moment” for him when the opportunity came to work on a Star Trek project, and described his initial reaction:

“To be able to do something to possibly make a song dedicated to my father and to just be involved in this universe was just like a dream come true. Star Trek is something that’s so mega, you say, ‘Hey man, it would be so cool to be a part of that,’ but it seemed so far-fetched. So when you guys reached out it was like, ‘Holy s#!t. Oh my god, I have to do this.’”

Cudi went on to talk about being “obsessed” with space and science fiction since he was a kid, something he noted has been reflected in his music: “People know that I go by ‘The man on the moon,’ which he said has been part of his identity and it was the title of his debut album Man On The Moon. The collaboration with Star Trek was a good fit as he described himself as “kind of like a spaceman.”

Alex Kurtzman talked about how Cudi’s music has been a part of his household as his son is a big fan, making him now a “very popular dad.” He also noted how he felt Cudi’s music (specifically citing his 2022 album Entergalactic) made him a perfect fit for Star Trek:

“What I felt when I saw Entergalactic was that you were watching an artist who is both of his time and ahead of his time. He’s the man on the moon. But I think he’s always been talking about a lot of the issues Star Trek has represented, which is reaching for something brighter, finding the best in yourself, the idea that our better angels will endure. I think he’s an innovator. I think he’s a visionary… I didn’t really have anything to do with the song [“Heaven’s Galaxy”], but Scott sent it to me as he was going and I just was so amazed that somehow he was able to capture something that felt so definitively Star Trek and yet so specifically Kid Cudi. That only happens when it’s coming from the heart and it’s coming from the most organic place. So I’m just grateful that we had the opportunity to do it.”

Alex Kurtzman with Kid Cudi on stage at NYCC (Catherine Powell/Getty Images for Paramount+)

Streetwear collection debut

The Kid Cudi x Star Trek collaboration also includes a new streetwear collection designed by Mescudi, which debuted at NYCC in a special capsule display booth.

Kid Cudi at the booth (Catherine Powell/Getty Images for Paramount+):

The collection includes tees, crewnecks, hoodies, a custom button-up t-shirt, and a colorful leather varsity jacket. The full Star Trek x Kid Cudi streetwear line includes a total of eight items (including a hoodie and tee not on display at NYCC). Prices range from $45 for the tees to $150 for the hoodies and $300 for the varsity jacket. The full line went on sale on Monday at

Mirror Mayhem on Fortnite

NYCC weekend also saw the launch of “Star Trek x Kid Cudi: Mirror Mayhem” described as an “out-of-this-world music and gaming collaboration” within the popular online game Fortnite. Here is the official description:

Join join Captain Skyles (Kid Cudi) on a mission to uncover the source of a sonic anomaly that threatens the peaceful planet Vada. Beam down to explore, discover, and defend a world these forces are threatening to tear apart. It’s up to you and other Starfleet recruits to work together with Captain Skyles to uncover the source of this musical malady and restore the harmony of Vada while there’s still time!

The Star Trek x Kid Cudi Fortnite gaming experience is now live. You can check out the trailer below…

Behind the scenes with Kid Cudi

If you want to learn more about Kid Cudi’s Trek fandom and this collaboration, check out this new behind-the-scenes video…

More from NYCC

Check out our earlier coverage of Alex Kurtzman’s Star Trek Universe update and Mike McMahan talking Lower Decks season 4 finale and season 5. We will have more coverage of Star Trek points of interest from NYCC 2023, including an update from IDW on Star Trek comics.

Keep up with news for the Star Trek Universe at

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I love this! Make his. Song the theme for starfleet academy

Young minds, fresh ideas. This is great!

Maybe I’m getting older, but I don’t really understand this marketing campaign. A guy who is an average singer and clearly (based on the above video) not a good actor is producing Gold Key-themed Star Trek shirts, a music video, and a Fortnite game? Huh? And this is somehow supposed to be viewed as a big Star Trek event? Why? I don’t see why this is a thing. But maybe I’m just not the demographic they’re aiming at, as I don’t buy every piece of cheesy merchandise they slap the Star Trek logo on.

He’s actually a very good actor with great comic timing. He’s well liked and respected in the industry and, gotta say, I really like these designs.

Big Star Trek event? Not like the announcement of a new series or film but it’s exactly the kind of thing you roll out at Comic Con.

Ok Boomer….

Wow, am I quickly tiring of the attitudes around here lately.

Younger people using age as a derogatory comment really have to be dumb and clueless. When you’re so young you don’t appreciate the qualities of older generations, you should just STFU because you’re just advertising your ignorance. What’s worse is at 45 you’re trying to pass yourself off as a cool young dude with that idiotic and bigoted attitude but you’re middle aged so admit it to yourself and stop trying to belong to a crowd that you’re no longer part of. Time to be an adult now and grow the hell up. By the way I’m a Boomer and damn proud of it.

Well, I’m a Boomer as well (just barely), but when the Boomers are shaking their digital fists telling the kids to get off their f**king Trek lawn, the snark is deserved….

Barely Boomer as well… What you say does happen, but when the younger generations use the term Boomer as an insult, grouping together all us good people who invite kids on their lawns, then this is where the line must be drawn.

Ok Boomer

Yes, thank you.

You’re welcome, Boomer.

Gen X—above all this b.s. ; )

Oh. Joy.

Great to see Star Trek fandom continuing to smash the stereotypical nerdy white guy myth. Love fresh creativity and enthusiasm from talented people!

Yeah, it’s generally not for me, but I definitely agree with the sentiment.

Thank Buddha.

I get that Star Trek doesn’t have a lot of options to ride out the Hollywood strikes with no new TV shows on the horizon, but it sure feels like we asked for Terry Matalas and got Kid Cudi.

I’ve had enough of Terry Matalas, personally. If Galaxy Quest or Orville wants him, they can have him.

I don’t understand why people throw so much shade at this project. I think this is really cool, even though I’m not particularly interested in any of it. This is exactly what Star Trek needs (after they get better writers), finding new ways to engage an audience. Kid Cudi is a great artist, and him making a song dedicated to his geekdom is truly a wonderful tribute. They did something similar with Rihanna writing a song for Beyond for the 50th, which is ancient history already. If you’re going to do a marketing event in 2023, having a popular musician cut a song, a cool clothing line and an online Fortnite event is a really smart move. Again, I don’t play Fortnite, I’m not really the target demo here, but Fortnite has hosted concerts online before, like Travis Scott which drew 12 million people and generated 20 million in sales. So like, whether people are personally interested in it or not, this is exactly what a marketing plan would look like in 2023, and hopefully it gives younger people a new way to engage with our favorite franchise.

Old trek fans hate new younger fans.

You mean, new younger Trek fans hate older fans.

Internet Star Trek fans are pretty bad, regardless of age.

Never trust anyone over 30.

You mean like you troll?

I’m forever 18.

“Never trust anyone under 136 years old.” — Admiral Leonard “Bones” McCoy

Can’t everyone get along! Where is the Star Trek love man? The space hippies from “The Way to Eden” would not approve. Too many Herberts complain’.

The shade is coming from fans who feel that straight white men are now an underrepresented minority on Trek.
I’m not the target demographic here, but understand that for the franchise to survive, we need more Kid Cudi and less reanimated Shatner.

That is not entirely true, Phil. I’m a supporter of creatives in front of the camera and behind it who are not just straight white men and don’t fear their representation in Hollywood (and beyond) and am still not a fan of these fashion choices or this campaign.

OK, I (almost) take it back. If that DS9 crewneck were a hoodie, I’d wear it.

I downloaded some of his music on Spotify and really like it. He sounds a bit like Lil Nas X if people here know who that is.I have no idea how any of this will translate to fandom but I’m certainly on board and he has a new fan if nothing else.

Just imagine if they could get Lil Nas X in a Trek episode.

I like the collared Trek shirt and the tee.

It’s a vibe, but not an especially memorable one. Glad he got to do it, though; must be a lot of fun for a fan like him.

If it was a TNG thing maybe. Imagine paying $150 for a hoodie. 😲

That’s a normal price.

I like some of these designs but I do not have 45 plus dollars for the DS9 stuff.

Anyone who became a fan because he grew up watching TNG marathons with his dad sounds like he had a great father with excellent taste.

This project sounds cool and it looks like it’s really coming from the heart. It’s nice to see he’s one of us. 😎🖖

Too bad these are so expensive like $150 for the hoodie sweatshirt. Otherwise, I’d consider buying one or two of them..

Definitely agree with that sadly. I would love to buy something but not with those ridiculous prices.

Yeah, that’s the price of two hoodies.

These are all going to be collectables…buy them all keep them boxed, sell in 10 years.

I love that tune.

There’s nothing here that moves the needle with getting a younger generation interested in Trek or expanding the audience. It’s cute. I get why they did it. Ultimately, it’s just a big ol nothing burger.