Alex Kurtzman Gives ‘Section 31’ And ‘Academy’ Updates, Teases “Exciting” New Star Trek Projects

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At the Star Trek Universe panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday, Alex Kurtzman gave a update on what’s going on with Trek at Paramount Plus, teasing future unannounced projects as well as production details for the other known projects already in the works.

Paramount Plus talking about more new Star Trek

Alex Kurtzman is the man Paramount has put in charge of the Star Trek Universe on Paramount+—but he wasn’t  originally scheduled to be at the Star Trek Universe panel, as it was put together and announced before the WGA strike was settled. The SAG-AFTRA strike is still ongoing (and negotiations broke down earlier in the week), but writer/producers and others are now back at work in Hollywood—and on Star Trek. Even with all the corporate cost-cutting on content, Kurtzman had an optimistic update on the future of the franchise on Paramount Plus. He told the NYCC crowd:

“I have to say, our friends at Paramount Plus have been unbelievable, truly unbelievable. They have supported all of these shows in the most extraordinary ways. I will tease that I did meet with everybody at the top this week. And there’s a bunch of new things now in the works, which is really, really exciting. So there’s no shortage of support from Paramount Plus for the Star Trek universe.”

Kurtzman did not offer any details on what “new things now in the works” means, but fans are likely hoping Terry Matalas’ much talked-about Star Trek: Legacy concept is in that mix.

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Michelle Yeoh made sure Section 31 remains on track

In April, Paramount+ announced a Star Trek: Section 31 movie event starring Michelle Yeoh in the popular role of Phillipa Georgiou from Star Trek: Discovery. The original plan was for that project to go into production this fall. The double strikes resulted in a lot of production schedule shifts in Hollywood, with some projects even getting shelved or postponed, but Kurtzman made it clear that Yeoh has used her clout as a newly minted Academy Award winner to keep her Star Trek project on track:

“So we are back on our feet after the strike with Section 31. It is happening. Michelle [Yeoh] is just the most extraordinary person on every level. She had one of one of the most unbelievable years that anybody could ever have in the history of ever, and she had a million opportunities to hit the jackpot on it and do other things. And what she did with all of the power she had accrued is make sure that Section 31 was moving forward.”

Of course, nothing can happen until the SAG-AFTRA strike is resolved, but it appears that everyone involved is ready (and raring) to go once that happens.

Michelle Yeoh in Star Trek: Discovery “Die Trying” (Paramount+)

“Fun” Academy show is aimed at a new generation

The other big project announced earlier this year was the new YA-focused Star Trek: Starfleet Academy series. Writing for the new show shut down due to the WGA strike in May, but Kurtzman says they are back at work and still on track, and reminded the crowd that a certain Lower Decks cast member is in the writers room:

“So we are back in the writers room. We are officially going to start shooting next year. Noga Landau—the amazing Noga Landau—and I are running it. For all the Nancy Drew fans out there, she’s incredible. First of all, it’s the greatest writing staff. We had so much joy just getting each other through the strike, staying connected, and driven, and coming back into the room and working was so wonderful. We just came back this week as a matter of fact. And one of our writers is in fact, Tawny Newsome, which is really exciting. She’s a genius.”

The executive producer and co-showrunner also talked up why he is excited about this new series:

“What I’m so excited about the Starfleet Academy is that it’s really important that every show really has its own distinct identity. Otherwise, what’s the difference between one or the other? And I think fans were waiting over 60 years to go inside the chocolate factory and see what’s like in there. And when you’re in Starfleet Academy, you’re not yet on a ship proper. And so you get to make mistakes, and you get to learn who you are, and figure all that out. I think that this idea that the generation is inheriting – I look at my son and we look at kids now, they’re inheriting all these massive, massive challenges. Then the question becomes how do you hold on and rebuild all the hope? And I think that’s what our show is so much about. It’s really fun. It’s really funny. And it’s ultimately a show that speaks to the generation now. And that’s this question of how are our better angels going to emerge and what are they going to do to get us there? Because it is going to be on the next generation to do that.”

When this show was announced in March, Paramount+ had set production to start in early 2024. It appears they are doing what they can to stick to that schedule.

Lower Decks star Tawny Newsome (at Star Trek Day 2022) is part of the Starfleet Academy writing team (

Strange New Worlds season 3 shoot still shifting

The recent end of the WGA strike means prep work on the third season of Strange New Worlds has restarted, but Kurtzman indicated the schedule is in flux:

“Season 3 was just about the start before the strike. So we’re we are now back on our feet and everything’s kind of getting resettled. Schedules are shifting around but it’s definitely in the works and we cannot wait.”

In an August interview with, supervising director Chris Fisher said he and his team were already planning ahead in terms of restarting work once the strikes wrap up.

The Strange New Worlds season 2 finale (Paramount+)

Final season of Discovery still coming in 2024

There was also a brief update on the fifth (and now final) season of Star Trek: Discovery from Kurtzman:

“We have finished it. It will be airing early next year. It’s an incredibly satisfying ending to a show that is so near and dear to my heart. Sonequa Martin-Green gave the performance of her life. I think you guys are going to love it.”

Kurtzman is co-showrunner on Discovery, his first Star Trek TV series, which launched in 2017 on what was then called CBS All Access. Production on the fifth season wrapped up in November of 2022, and at NYCC last October, Paramount+ released the first trailer. Since then, Paramount+ decided to make season 5 the final season, and allowed for some reshoots on the season finale to turn it into proper finale for the series itself. Paramount+ had already announced plans to debut season 5 in early 2024; there were hopes they would use NYCC 2023 to put a firm date on it, but the (recently resolved) WGA strike and the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes likely are impacting plans for the rollout of Trek in 2024 for the streamer.

Screenshot from Discovery season 5 trailer released at NYCC 2022

More from NYCC

We will have more coverage from the panel as well as our interview with Lower Decks creator Mike McMahan and other Star Trek points of interest from NYCC 2023, including the Kid Cudi partnership and an update from IDW on Star Trek comics.

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Love to hear something about the Nicolas Meyer Khan audio drama.

sometimes months can seem like decades

Man I completely forgot about that lol. And wasn’t that announced back in 2021? It’s a podcast and can be made for like $90, what exactly is the hold up?

Well I’m not sure whether or not audio actors fall under the current actors strike but that might be a thing?

Bring it on! All of it!

Good to hear things are moving forward. Though I’d hesitate to call Paramount Plus’ support “unbelievable” and “extraordinary,” Mr. Kurtzman, when they unceremoniously canceled a show and yanked it from the service in a matter of days.

Yeah. Just remember Kurtzman gets his multi million dollar checks signed by these people and will say anything to keep them coming. They cancelled two of his shows this year and threw one off the site forever. But he probably gets the same salary no matter what so of course it’s still all great to him.

Two? PIC was intended as a three season run, nothing more – nothing less.

I was talking about Discovery and Prodigy.

Kurtzman is clearly not adverse to hyperbole. There is a lot of noise when he opens his mouth. About Michelle Yeoh: “She had one of one of the most unbelievable years that anybody could ever have in the history of ever.” Which is too bad. I would love to take his words face value, but in the end it’s primarily marketing, not information.

Yup. To me his words are basically background noise.

Exactly, it’s all marketing. But I will say that Yeoh really does have the clout Kurtzman is speaking of and she could make or break the S31 show however she wants.

Publicly talking ish about your boss is rarely a recipe for success.

Those actions also suggest that it’s possible nothing is safe from removal. Often when the team manager gets an endorsement from management that manager gets fired soon after. So just because he says everything is peachy doesn’t mean it is. This is just me trying to look at the bright side.

I’d say SNW is pretty safe as it and the Yellowstone shows (and Tom Cruise) are the only ones that put P+ on the map.

Totally agreed. I mean at the end of the day Kurtzman is never going to bad mouth P+ when they are the ones signing his paycheck. I always take what these people say with huge grains of salt.

Looking forward to seeing S5 of Discovery and I’m still sad that it’s the last season but sounds like S5 will be the best yet and every season has been fantastic.

It will be a sad day for the entire fandom when Discovery ends and i hope we see these cast of characters again in another show someday. Also looking forward to Starfleet Academy especially with it set in the 32nd century as they can do a lot more with it set in that time then in past eras we have seen.

I’m also looking forward to seeing the Section 31 movie and i do hope we get more Section 31 films too and well as other tv movies which could be based on any era of Trek(Earth-Romulan war movie please).

Speak for yourself. I think the Discovery cast is the worst of any Trek show by far. Please no to seeing any of them in any other show.

Can’t imagine having watched Voyager or Enterprise and having this opinion. There’s no accounting for taste, though.

Stamets? Gray? Burnham? Georgiou? Tilly? Culber? Awful.

Just to be clear, cast is different from characters. Which do you mean?

I like most of the Discovery cast. The characters are more hit-and-miss. Saru and Prime Georgiou are my favs. Burnham (when she was less cry-y), Stamets when he was more grumpy, Lorca before he became a too-simple and boring moustache-twirling villain, and Culber once he because a fuller character have been my favs. I have never liked Tal, Gray, Mirror Georgiou, and most of the minor supporting “bridge crew” (who have been basically non-entities). A lot of the other supporting characters (basically anyone in the 32nd century, and the various admirals and other characters in seasons 1 and 2) have similarly been variously uneven, bad, or just meh.

As for acting, I think most shows have a least one less-than-great actor in the main cast, but if I had to pick my least liked cast overall, I think it would be close between Voyager and Enterprise. They both have actors who were not good or not good in the part; but I think I would have to chose Enterprise as my least fav cast.

You have reclaimed your life.

Prime Georgiou was good for the 7 minutes she was on screen for. I genuinely can’t stand the rest. I don’t understand the love Saru gets. He was good in seasons 1 and 2 then became rules/authority obsessed and dull. All personality fell off a cliff.

As for the characters, I suspect the writers/casting department had other priorities than making them likeable and interesting.

I agree about Saru. His cowardess, Stamets’s grumpyness, Lorca’s brokenness. They all were interesting characters, then the show filed down their characteristics to blander versions that I like a whole lot less.

For me the cast was not the problem. They did the best they could with what they got. The problems with DIS (A LOT) were all about the writers room.

Those are characters. Sorry, when you said “cast” I made the wild mistake of assuming you were talking about the actors. The sort of mistake anyone reading your comment would make.

Also, Cruz and Rapp are at least fine (and, while I don’t much care for Culber, I would say that Cruz is at least *good*). Yeoh was at least pretty good as Penitent-universe (#iykyk) Georgiou.

Sorry I meant characters. No real comment on the actors themselves, but I’m going to assume they talk about how much they love each other as much as their characters do on screen, so basically every 7 minutes.

Discovery wrecked Trek in every way. First of all in its first two seasons it broke canon in every single possible way it could. Then in season 3 it literally destroyed the federation and made all of the efforts of Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, etc utterly meaningless because one day a baby is going to cry over mommy issues and blow up the galaxy. As you said, there’s no accounting for taste.

You’re one of those “The Last Jedi ruined my childhood” people aren’t you. Urgh. That second sentence is one of the worst takes I’ve ever read on here.

Discovery was not perfect in its first two seasons by any means, but I at least felt we were watching something satisfying with potential. They blew it with the time jump.

I wish we could have seen Fuller’s version. That first season had some interesting ideas – it fell apart with the cartoon evil mirror universe stuff. I’d thought maybe Fuller could have done it with more complexity.

Depending on which version of “Fuller’s pitch” we would get to see, I could see it being either very good or very bad. I think the anthology idea would be interesting, but very hard to do on a TV-show budget (at least any budget that wasn’t for Westworld season 1 or GOT), which is probably why it was not done.

However, the rest of what I assume are Fuller’s ideas (since they appear early in season 1), seemed to be bad, and most of season 2 and part of season 3 were spent walking them back. And those that weren’t walked back still plague the show to this day. Re: mumbly, boring Klingons; Mirror Universe Lorca and Georgiou; bad exterior ship shots and combat sequences (if you aren’t looking just at beauty shots of Discovery itself); production money wasted on extravagant ship sets or costumes/props out of proportion to their story importance (the Klingon sarcophagus ship, the Klingon Torchbearer armor, 3D printed bland indistinguishable-division DISCO uniforms); the approach and characters being so dark as to be almost un-Star Trek; and too much serialization/insufficient writing to support that serialization. Though these last two points weren’t restricted just to DIS (see PIC seasons 1 and 2), DIS did plot that course first and it wasn’t fully corrected until LDS/SNW/PRO/PIC S3.

Ugh, just thinking about the Section 31 show and the Academy show, I really hope they jettison everything to do with DISCO’s portrayal of S31 and their approach to serialization. S31, so far, has been a disaster of both characterization (Starfleet officers and the show itself treating S31 as though it is cool and good) and continuity (it clashes with established depiction/understanding of S31 in-universe both before (ENT) and after (DS9) in the timeline). PIC S3 did ok with serialization, but I think it was probably the weakest part of the season overall. PRO has done it well, but that show focused more on strong individual episodes that add to or are set within the overall arc.

DIS completely wrecked S31. They not only took them out of the shadows for all to see but they gave them their own freaking fleet for crying out loud. That destroys everything they were meant to be in the first place. I hope the new S312 show somehow course corrects that.

Right. And what about those dumb, black combadges? Those were stupid…[see’s phaser pointed at head]…I mean those were cool.

I don’t Fuller was intending on completely rebooting Trek with DIS. That’s something you just don’t do. Not even Abrams fully rebooted Trek.

The KU was as close as you could get to a reboot without being a 100% reboot. But for me it was close enough that it really could be treated as one.

The same goes for Secret Hideout nu-Trek. They pulled the same trick the KU did. It’s all for all intents and purposes a rebooted universe.

This just seems compulsive with you, someone says something complimentary about Discovery, and you just have to take a piss on the comment. Discovery wasn’t perfect, but neither were other Trek shows. The show has it’s fans, and we’d not have any of the other Trek we have now if Discovery hadn’t blazed the trail.

Excuse me but when someone says “It will be a sad day for the entire fandom when Discovery ends”, forgive me for telling them to speak for themselves.

Yeah… That’s obvious hyperbole. Most of us employ it at times. I know I do. But that’s a little too over the top and feels more like it was designed to generate responses than anything else.

And yet, here you are, speaking for fandom.

Where am I speaking for the fandom? I’m posting my own personal opinions.

Other Trek shows weren’t so blatantly callous about absolutely destroying canon like DIS was. To say DIS wasn’t perfect is the biggest understatement ever. DIS is an embarrassment to the franchise.

SNW sure as hell was. That’s probably why they did that show that announced their universe as a rebooted one.

You’re talking to someone who doesn’t give much of a f**k about canon, and there have been gallons of digital ink spilled over how TOS and all the TNG shows blew off canon in service of a story. Discovery isn’t guilty of anything the franchise as a whole has a glorious history of doing.

I was in the room. It was a very disappointing panel. 20 minutes on a music video, an hour on Lower Decks, then just a brief 5 minutes on everything else. If you read the comments above, that’s the entirety of the updates. And for some reason, Akiva Goldsman was in the audience, not on stage, and they just handed him a mike to talk about the crossover episode for a minute.

Even with the SAG strike ongoing, they could’ve done so much more at this panel.

I don’t think there’s much to tell. The strikes slowed everything down. I was hoping for a date for Discovery, but since they didn’t share it I suspect it hasn’t been decided yet.

Don’t think we’ll get a specific date until the SAG-AFTRA strike is resolved and the cast is able to promote it. And since the AMPTP has to take a nap after their little temper tantrum on Wednesday, who knows when that will be.

20 minutes on a music video, an hour on Lower Decks

Jesus, that would be like going to the Taylor Swift Eras concert and instead you get an hour of boy bands…lol


People don’t understand how much the strikes scuttled everything.
The WGA strike is over.
But,JUST over.
There wasn’t time to put a top a top class presentation together.
As for Lower Decks,that makes sense..
You Go With What You Have.

This was planned weeks in advance. The WGA strike was just concluded, in addition to the ongoing SAG strike, which may go on for a while. You’re lucky you got what you did.

I love Nancy Drew… the books. I hated the series.

I’m glad you clarified that as you were starting out kind of creepy there. ;-)

Lol You think I’m annoyed by the snoozefest that is TNG (loved Picard S3 however where the Picard was revealed to have been compromised by the Borg, the return of TMP style starships, etc), you should hear my daughter and wife go off on some new Nancy Drew series and how it had so little to do with the books (and apparently younger daughter can’t even watch it).
On the plus side they all bonded over some show called the Inbestigators which is hilarious for a kids detective show though too young. But great writing and funny too.

If it’s true, I love the fact that Michelle Yeoh is so invested in Star Trek and Georgiou! Many other Hollywood actors who win best actor Oscars get swept up in bigger things. Like Whoopi Goldberg before her, it’s great that she is so keen to remain in the Star Trek family. 

Agreed. Tremendously excited about the Section 31 movie and the Academy series…and rather relieved that they didn’t make too quick of a decision on Legacy, which I am skeptical on.

I’m a Star Trek nut and have been since the 60s! So glad Prodigy has found a new home and, like you, looking forward to Section 31 movie and ST-ACD. But equally hoping they will either move forward on a Legacy show and if not seasons, some Legacy movies.

Yes, say what you will about NuTrek (and lord knows there’s plenty to say), but landing Michelle Yeoh is one thing they did right. She could easily have joined Jack Lord, Sean Connery, Marlon Brando, Matt Damon, Toshiro Mfume, Tom Hanks, etc. on the list of A-list talent who got away.

Absolutely. Trek is a known career killer for anyone but the Captains and First Officers. It’s 100% typecasting.

Thankfully both Goldberg and Yeoh are successful enough to be able to avoid that.

“For all the Nancy Drew fans out there, she’s incredible.”

She was also responsible for Tom Swift which was, well, not great either.

“And I think fans were waiting over 60 years to go inside the chocolate factory and see what’s like in there.”

Post Discovery era from the showrunner of Nancy Drew and creator of Tom Swift may be a tough sell even for the targeted demo who tuned out the latter and didn’t really show up for the former. The existing fanbase will watch and if their kids are in the room they may watch with mom or dad but this may be a tough sell for the intended demo.

And what of ST4?

That’s under Paramount Pictures.

Wrong studio The films are from Paramount. This was the CBS panel.

There isn’t one (yet). You’re welcome.

Honestly the only thing I care about is Legacy. And they keep saying, “We hear you!” But it only seems to be falling on deaf ears. As we have sadly seen with Rene and Aaron, the casts of the 24th century era Treks won’t be with us forever. Legacy can’t wait for five years of Trek 90210.

To each his own, but I am relieved that the Academy series continues to be the next series they are going with. I am not convinced that the Legacy series is a great idea — the sentimentality and great fan service we got on that show covered up a lot of bad storytelling and other major problems that showed to me that Matalas is not “all that”. My opinion.

Academy sounds awful. It sounded awful 30 years ago too.

Same here. SFA was an idea I was never interested in, either 30 years ago, or today. Sec. 31 is going to have to get some stellar reviews for me to watch that, too. Sadly, not too thrilled here, about any of it. That being said, I had no interest whatsoever in PRO, but it turned out to be one of my favorites. Guess time will tell.

I have zero faith any Secret Hideout project will have even mediocre writers. Much less “stellar” ones. There have been so very few OK episodes across the shows that I’m convinced if they do something decent it’s a mistake.

I’m not as anti SFA show as you (in the right hands I think the concept has real merit) but I’m certainly not impressed with any name that is currently attached to it.

It’s even worse this time around because it is set in the horrible HORRIBLE 31st century that DIS completely annihilated the Federation.

Lack of confidence in LEGACY does not inherently make the Academy series a good idea.

Here’s the thing. Yeah, sure we can say we don’t like the idea for an academy series, but the fact is we’ve heard very little about the actual series, let alone seeing even a trailer. However, we’ve seen Picard season 3 and what Matalas did, and personally I was not that impressed — so that’s more of a known quantity in my book

So if it’s an either or proposition I’ll take my chances on something we don’t know much about yet because Matalas Trek I do know about, and in my opinion it wasn’t very good.

We know all we need to. It’s set in the wasteland that is the 31st century. DIS destroyed the prime timeline of Star Trek and SFA will do nothing but continue that trend.

Agreed! I’m 42 so none of the new stuff is geared towards me. I don’t think Legacy is happening. I’m not interested in SFA. It’s an asinine idea.

To be fair, when Prodigy was announced I didn´t think it would be geared to me but I absolutely love it so you never know.


I remember back on the day. Fans were outraged about the asinine idea of killing Spock off before Star Trek 2 came out.

It’s just total conjecture to say you hate the idea of something before you even have seen. Even a trailer let alone the series… One might say that is asinine lol

Once you’ve seen it it’s no longer an idea, it’s an actual thing. So yes, you can dislike the idea of something. Seeing it can change your mind however, although traditional Trek history is about traveling to new worlds. A teen drama set at Starfleet Academy may be a very inexpensive series to shoot, but as it stands now the idea is a groaner.

So true. I loved the idea of a Star Trek comedy. But then when I saw what they did it was actually terrible. But I still think the concept of it is still viable. Especially after seeing the first few laugh filled VST’s. I know it can still work in the right hands. The question is has the concept been damaged?

I am totally opposed to the idea of a S31 show/movie – if it follows the established, terrible approach from DIS: mainly that everyone knows S31 exists (though that genie might be hard to put back in the bottle) and it seems that it is largely thought of as a super cool organization, and a good idea or good component of Starfleet intel. If, they spend the whole movie walking those parts back, i.e., depicting it as bad, known bad, and Georgiou working to take it down (ala SD-6 in “Alias”) such that by the 24th century it is underground and unknown, then I will say that is a good course correction.

As for an Academy show, I am have mixed feelings about it. I see it could have a lot of potential (especially now that Tawny is on the writing staff; In Tawny I Trust) to examine “new” elements of Trek. But it could also be lame. I am not too excited about its assumed setting of the 32nd century (based on the hints from academy storylines in DIS and the official short blurb about it from CBS), largely because I think that whole era was under-baked in DIS and just not very good. A focus on cadets could have it trying to be too “hip” and “cool” using violence and “edgy teen drama” to get the youngins to watch. I do like the idea that Academy gets to show a new era of cadets who have to deal with the failures of the previous generations (the Burn and collapse of the Federation) and how they try to make a better future. I just don’t trust the creatives behind DIS (execs or writers) – though I don’t know how many of them are carrying over into Academy, so maybe that worry is unfounded.

The Section 31 feature just smelled bad right from the start. To be fair, I never liked the concept when it was introduced on DS9. But some things they did weren’t too abhorrent. Even on Enterprise. But as usual, what they did with it on Star Trek Discovery was just juvenile and the evil Georgeau character was awful from day one. Her inclusion is just taking what was a shaky idea to begin with and insuring it was be awful.

I liked S31 on DS9. TBH the concept of S31 didn’t start their IMHO. In my own head canon it was S31 that was responsible for the assassination of Chancelor Gordon in STVI.

Was this before or after you saw them on DS9?

I think the concept of S31 is a good one, but only when the good characters oppose it in-universe. It undermines our heroes if the show treats S31 as doing good work.

Remove Space Pol Pot from the equation and everything presented about them on Star Trek Discovery then there is a possibility of a show or movie about clandestine UFP operations might work. And they can’t be an evil organization, either. But I still consider such an endeavor high risk low reward.

I’m seriously hoping the course correct and put S31 back in the shadows. But that is a VERY hard genie to put back in the bottle! I mean they gave it their own fleet and badge designation for crying out loud! How anyone green lit that and thought we would be happy about it is beyond me! Also I hope William Sadler returns as Sloan. I wish Alexander Siddig would too but I know he said he is not interested in returning to Trek.

Hmm, I haven’t heard that Siddig has said he isn’t interested in returning. Any idea where you read that?

It was from the red shirts always die website I believe

Ah, I checked, and RSAD has an article from December 2020 that reports on an interview from CBR .com (alexander-siddig-returns-star-trek-ds9-role), where Siddig says he would like to reprise the role.

Spock came back tho. Unless DIS season 5 somehow erased that the Federation is destroyed in the 31st century there is nothing that will redeem it in any way, shape, or form.

Having variety is for the best though I think. So long as it has a great premise beyond a familiar cast, Legacy is still a great idea to round out the offerings. Between that, animation, younger demos, some Section 31 and Discovery cast event TV movies and Strange New Worlds straddling the line between them all, they’d have everyone covered.

Agreed, on all counts.

Definitely want the Legacy show too! 👍

Picard season 3 rocked!

But the Academy and Section 31 project are stuff they been trying to make happen for years now. Bott of these can be straight up ass but as Phlox says, optimism. I will care more about Section 31 if we get people like Bashir or Worf part of it but not holding my breath.

And we probably won’t hear about a Legacy show for awhile since season 3 just ended in April. It would be way too soon to announce anything. It took over a year for SNW to get announced.

But hopefully there will be discussions around it when the actor strikes are over.

Siddig is on the record saying he does not want to return to Trek. Dorn is of course always a possibility.

Legacy is boring

Legacy is exciting if Terry is doing it (IMO)

Legacy is the only thing Terry knows how to do. Cameos, easter eggs, references and copying entire scenes from previous Trek, whilst offering absolutely nothing new/coherent.

That’s unfair, all relevant to Picard season 3, plus there was new stuff in there.

A new series would have to move things on

New stuff there, Q coming back from the dead? The Borg Queen coming back from the dead? Moriarty? Lore? Shelby? Ro? Tuvok? More Enterprises? Changelings? TNG cast? Picard piloting the ship manually? The crew playing poker to finish the series? There was nothing new there. It was all fan service and nostalgia, that’s why fans liked it. Matalas has nothing else to offer.


Well I won’t take away the fact I enjoyed it. I’m sure Terry can adapt.

Most of what you have highlighted are the purposefully nostalgic, lets-wrap-up-the-TNG-crew’s-storyline-correctly-this-time story.

If you want to actually address new elements that Matalas added, the two highlights I would point out are: Ro’s return and the Changeling motivation. Those were two innovative additions to Trek history.

Previously (at least in my understanding) we largely saw Ro’s switch over to the Maquis as her violating her oath to Picard. This new story add that Picard failed to support his “star pupil”. I think that was a worthy addition and one of the best parts of the new season.

Similarly, a dark storyline where an individual changeling was mistreated by the baddities at S31 (that is my assumption on who was behind it, though PIC S3 just says vaguely it was Starfleet Intelligence) and thus had a justified grievance against Starfleet is a powerful storyline. It got torpedoed by being the opening act to the real (TM) storyline with the Borg, but it had promise.

If Legacy gets made, and isn’t beholden to some overarching crappy serialized story, I think there amazing potential to revisit these kinds of character- and story-driven elements from legacy Trek. To pull them out, reexamine them, add and discovery new facets to them. I see that as the entire reason for a show like “Legacy” to exist – it would stupid to waste the potential of these existing characters and stories by not exploring them when we have the chance.

One potential gem of a option for Legacy would be revisiting Admiral Shelby. Clearly her disappointing appearance in PIC S3 was dictated by the amount of time and money available for a Shelby cameo, but there is still a chance to see an amazing meeting between Riker and Shelby again. Legacy could have a story that includes a flashback scene where we see how these two characters last met before her death. Where were these two characters 30 years after their last on-screen meeting? Are they friends, enemies, begrudgingly respectful frenemies? What does Riker think about Shelby now that she is dead? Does he miss her, does he feel any regret about how their professional relationship ended? This is the kind of stuff Legacy could explore.

100% Correct

To be fair you don’t know that. He hasn’t been given a chance to get anything new out there.

No, it was a miss-mash of Star Wars, zombie shows another freaking data rebirth, and a silly Franken-Picard.

It held together because of the sentimentality back to regarding the reunion of the next generation cast – that worked good enough for a one off, but there’s no way I want this guy near any future Star Trek series. He has no clue how to tell a coherent story that doesn’t dissolve into space opera BS

Frankenstein Picard was not from Season 3. That was season 1. And yes Seasons one and two sucked but TM had little of anything to do with that.

Well said! 100% agree.

THIS !!!!!

I disagree. I think Legacy might be good if they brought in somebody who knew how to get back to Star Trek stories instead of that space opera, Star Wars-like BS that was Picard season 3

Other than the Enterprise battle scene at the end nothing about S3 was like Star Wars. If anything it’s the kelvin movies that rip off SW.

No, he’s the reason it’s boring. He has no new ideas.

Totally agree with you. Who wants to see old folks staggering around in space. I’m 75 and would rather see more SNW !


Season 3 reminds me of those old reunion shows they had for sitcoms in the 90’s like Green acres and the Andy Griffin show. Just terrible.

Who said anything about old folks. Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd are probably the oldest of the theoretical Legacy cast but they are certainly not Shatner level old.

Really? Which episodes have you seen?

Legacy doesn’t exist. It’s a mass fan delusion. Sorry.

So was Strange New Worlds, until it existed.

… and thus far, it’s not lived up to Pike’s appearance in D3.

Said no one

Not really relevant to the point.

Forced to agree. It really hasn’t.

In what way? Almost of the entirety of S1 of SNW dealt with the consequences of Pike seeing his future in DIS.

I very much get the impression you’re not. And its about as much a fan delusion as the prospect of a spinoff starring Discovery’s Pike and Spock and yet here we are two seasons deep.

Yeah, I think Kurtzman is playing along to not piss off the fans who want it, but I don’t think it’s ever happening

The thing you care about most, then, is a non-existent show. People keep acting like Legacy is a real show on the table. It isn’t and never was. Much like the Captain Sulu and Captain Worf shows, it exists in the minds of the fans and the actors, but not at the studio.

Also, I wonder whether the people calling for Legacy really want to watch a show with Seven, Raffi, Jack Crusher and Sidney LaForge – or whether they expect TNG The Sequel, featuring the TNG, DS9 and Voyager casts.

Strange New Worlds is a different beast — Mount, Romjin and Peck had a season of Discovery to establish their solid take on the characters. And there are a lot of possibilities with a TOS prequel. I wouldn’t be surprised if the studio was considering it even before fans were.

I think there is no difference between those two descriptions. “Legacy” (as it has been generally understood so far) is a show with the main cast of Seven, Raffi, Jack, and Sidney with guest-of-the-week appearances from legacy shows like TNG, DS9, and VOY (and ENT if they can justify it). Ryan, Hurd, Speelers, and Chestnut seemed to be well-received by most fans, so I don’t think you are going to get overwhelming disinterest on that point.

As for SNW, from what has been said, Akiva Goldsman was pushing for it from about Day 1 in DIS S2 because he liked the characters and the setting. Fans reacted well and their enthusiasm probably recommended the idea to CBS/Kurtzman showing there was interest in it.

There are clearly creatives that are supportive of the idea of Legacy (Matalas and basically the whole cast of PIC S3) and there is much fan support for it. Whether those are strong enough recommendations for the idea to overcome streaming development and budget issues at CBS is a separate question.

There indeed were and still are a lot of possibilities with a TOS prequel. But the producers either had no faith in that concept or their ability to stick to the rules so they created their own time line so they wouldn’t have to be beholden to the restrictions of being a prequel.

And they keep saying, “We hear you!”

To be fair, they can’t really do much until all the strikes are settled.

If they really heard fans, Jonathan Frakes could be Charlie in “Star Trek: Legacy and Academy” where legacy characters train Borg’ed up cadets.

You haven’t been listening. Assuming the suits had some interest in a Picard spinoff (there isn’t), the strikes killed any chance of that happening with P+. Now that Netflix acquired Prodigy, the only glimmer of hope there is for a Picard spinoff is if Netflix and P+ strike a deal. And if by some miracle it happened today, it would be years before it ever hit the small screen.

Do you have any evidence at all that there is no “suit” support for a Picard spinoff? Kurtzman’s statements of “you have been heard” are the only official statements I have seen and they are very neutral phrasing.

And there is no way to know what the strikes have done to the potential for a new series. As others have pointed out, the time between the end of DIS S2 and the announcement of SNW was about 1 year, so we still have a good 6 months to go before we hit that same timeframe for a potential Legacy announcement. Now that the writers are back, concept development can start again.

Additionally, just because CBS jettisoned Prodigy doesn’t mean anything for a new show. They say they are still developing S31 and Academy, so they see interest in more Trek. From everything I have heard, CBS’s decision on Prodigy was all about sufficient tax benefits from dropping it (“word” is that it was an expensive show and may have not been generating enough viewership from the “Nickelodeon” demographic to justify it in this time of budget crunching for streaming). That tax/budget justification doesn’t mean anything for a potential completely different, live-action show with a different fanbase and different costs.

I guess we have different definitions of neutral. When I read there have been no conversations at all about a Picard spin off, I’m taking that at face value. “You’ve been heard” means nothing. Matalas can’t stop talking when someone shoves a mic in his face, if he’d had any inkling something was cooking, he’d be chatting it up.

SNW’s was spun off of Discovery, a show in active production. Cast and crew under contract, and plenty facilities, props and sets at the disposal. PS3 ended production twenty months ago. Cast, crew and facilities have moved on to other projects. Props and/or sets stored, scrapped. or auctioned off.

There’s no “they say” about S31 and STA. For principle photography starting late this year and early next year (setting aside the SAG strike at the moment), development will well past stories and writing, there are folks building sets and props, making costumes, and some FX work under way. Michelle Yeoh has a contract, you don’t keep a hot commodity on a “we’ll get back to you” leash for her time. If S31 isn’t ready to go when the strike ends, she’s off to another project. A Picard spin off’s best chance of seeing the light of day is for another streamer to work out something with P+. Regardless, the shows starting from scratch either way.

For that to work, someone’s going to take a hard look at what PS3 actually was. It ended with Jack Crushers very well-connected parents insisting he’d earned the uniform, even though it looks like he spent just time at the Academy to get fitted for the uniform, and to clear the extensive criminal record the show went out of its way to establish in earlier episodes. So, yeah, how the adventures of Ensign Nepo works as a show you’d sell to Netflix does seem like a tough sell to me. I could be wrong, though.


I think it has been very neutral: “you have been heard” is as neutral as it can be. The fact there haven’t been talks yet means very little. I think we can all agree that seasons 1 and 2, and the audience feedback from them, would not be something CBS would likely have felt good about spinning off a new show from. CBS probably wasn’t even thinking that a spinoff was a decent option, until they got the positive feedback from S3. There is no guarantee that that feedback will do anything, but there almost assuredly would have been zero potential before then. Since then they have had very little time to make any choices as the last 5 months have been blocked by the writers’ strike. So making any decisions about a spinoff before now was not going to happen. There is still plenty of time for an actual decision.

Yeah, SNW was spun off from an active show, but it didn’t use any of those assets (other than the little bits used for Short Treks). Everything was redeveloped and renewed for SNW. Even the Enterprise bridge set was revamped (removal of the new corridor, new color scheme, etc.).

S31 is close-ish to active production (or seemed to be before the strikes), but even the latest about Academy says it won’t even go into production until late 2024. That means writing is about the only thing that has happened for it so far, and to me that means it is still “they say” (heck, a section 31 series was announced 4 and a half years ago; and it is only now just a single streaming movie that is still in preproduction). Get back to me when there is something like even a casting announcement for Academy. But I do agree with you that another streamer, like Netflix, willing to fund a Picard spinoff like Legacy might be the easiest route if CBS’s budget woes are the limiting factor. We even have a good example of Netflix having done that for DIS season 1 and 2 (and maybe season 3? I don’t remember).

As much as I dislike unearned promotions and unjustified developments that we have seen in recent Trek productions (Kirk in Star Trek (2009) and other stories in DIS like Burnham going from mutineer to Captain in 3 seasons or Tilly even being considered for a temporary 1st officer role as an ensign, or Mirror Georgiou being treated as a redeemed friend after killing millions/billions, trying to genocide Klingons, being a cannibal, and just being regularly mean to everyone within hailing distance), I don’t think Jack being graduated that quickly is going to be an issue. As it was a Matalas wish-fulfillment scene, it could be retconned that Jack was actually still a cadet or something if the show actually happens. And, as for Jack’s so called criminal record: 1) we don’t really see any of it happen, so we the audience only have potentially partisan characterizations of that record, and 2) loveable rogues who aren’t afraid to break the rules to do the right thing is a Star Trek staple and the general Trek audience isn’t likely to frown upon that person kind of person getting into Starfleet. [The whole nepo thing seems to be a personal hangup.]

Looking forward to these new Star Trek projects and returning shows once the actors strike ends.

Strange New Worlds has my heart at the moment, but I’m interested to see what the Starfleet Academy show is like.

I guess I’d better finish the Starfleet Academy fan fiction story I’m writing, before the show makes it wrong. :-)

I don’t like what Discovery has made of its future timeline, but maybe the Academy show will use it to more interesting effect. If the Tilly academy episode they made is the backdoor pilot concept then I am not encouraged, but maybe they will surprise us.

Right, that’s my biggest concern with Starfleet Academy as a show–Tilly is not a character who could carry a series.

Oh, dear; I forgot it would probably be set in the Discovery era. Yeah, that’s, um, sub-optimal. I think Mary Wiseman is a good actress, but I hope they get MUCH better writing for the series than for that episode.

I agree totally. I like Wiseman, but that episode with the cadets might be the worst episode of the last two seasons of DIS (or at least one of them).

Agreed. I totally hate what Discovery did to the 32nd century.

Nothing new but sounds fine. Still don’t care much about Section 31 but open to it. The Academy show can suck but it HAS to better than Discovery at least. And excited Tawny Newsome is a writer for it. Gives me some confidence this can be a fun and Trek-y show.

Just hope SNW gets back on course after a horrid season 2 with some strange new worlds, exploration, danger, etc. Started off okay, the S2 finale was good but outside that might as well be some adults playing cards around a table in a holodeck when they could be exploring the universe and learning.

Wow. “Horrid”? What did you think of S1?
I liked season 1 a bit more, but I thought both were good (and for my money season 2 didn’t have any episode nearly as bad as “The Elysian Kingdom”).

As for learning, I think these characters are doing a lot of learning, a lot of personal development – it is just that the development is driven by stories set on Enterprise. They are constantly exploring their own character and who they are as people, though just not as much of it is driven by exterior action or exterior danger storylines. Though I agree, the highlights from season 1 for me included most of the external stories (Children of the Comet, Memento Mori, and A Quality of Mercy).

Frankly, I was a little surprised that SNW S2 had so many “bottle episodes”. With as good as the show looks, it seems like it would be expensive. And I guess I am surprised that they didn’t go to as many strange new worlds as I would think that kind of a budget would support. Maybe they spent so much money on sets and props, etc. that they have to stay budget-conscious about story settings? Maybe the quest to keep the show looking as good as it does (keeping up the the Joneses of other “premium” TV?) has forced them to be more bottled up. Maybe if they were willing to look a little less glossy, they would take the chance to hit more new worlds?

SNW isn’t the flagship show. So it gets a lower budget. Academy is probably the next flagship after Disco.

You might be right there re: budgets for SNW. But, I can’t really imagine what a “flagship” Academy show would spend all that money on. I guess it comes down to the show’s pitch. Maybe they are going beyond just a “cadets on campus” show to a “boots on the ground, on the front lines, rebuilding the Federation” show. It will be interesting to see when we get a better description of Academy.

Other thoughts: if DIS did have such a large budget/large fraction of the overall Trek budget, I wonder if DIS’s ending means anything good for the budget of SNW [probably not] or for the potential for a Legacy show [maybe?].

I highly doubt it. SNW is the one that consistently makes the streaming top ten list. DISCO never pulled that off and Academy certainly won’t if the comments here (myself included) are any indication. SNW is constantly promoted by P+ right up there with Football in commercials.

I thought SNW was Academy.

Assuming that SNW does indeed have a substantially lower budget than DSC, I’m not sure any Trek show will get back to those higher budgets any time soon.
When DSC started it was reported that Netflix basically covered most of the budget for the show.
I’m assuming CBS made a similar deal with Amazon Prime about Star Trek Picard. What that meant was that viewer numbers on Paramount Plus could be lower and CBS still had a good chance not to lose money on them.
SNW is the first live-action show that’s not distributed by a third party internationally. That means that Paramount Plus can exploit the show everywhere (where P+ is available) but it also means that they have to fully fund the show themselves. And lo and behold, some people complain that the show looks cheaper.

It could be a coincidence that DSC was cancelled not long after it was pulled from Netflix. But it’s also possible that Paramount Plus realized that the show simply wouldn’t get the viewer numbers on P+ alone that it needed to justify its cost.

The Academy show will face the same financial constraints as SNW. And unless P+ partners with Amazon Prime again on a potential Legacy show (just assuming Amazon Prime here due to their history with Picard), that show may also have less money at its disposal than its predecessor.

Ya I hated that ep.

Star Trek has been truly awful since Enterprise went off the air – I have watched all the JJ movies and live action shows and they have all been extremely disappointing (to say the least)

Strangely at this point I am prepared to give an Academy show a go, I mean Strange New worlds has squandered its potential, Discovery went off the rails about halfway through S1 and became the worst show ever written, the less said about Picard the better. A legacy show would be a complete disaster IMO
I just dont think I can take another show set on a starship in space, Star Trek can not currenly do shows about “where no one has gone before” because all they are doing is rehashing previous shows but badly

So yes, give me an academy show at least it will be something different, how can it be any worse that the garbage we have had the last 15+ years?

I don’t entirely get the kind of opinion: that all post-ENT Trek is bad.

I can understand not liking the JJ Abrams movies: I find the first one fun, but hollow like most JJ stuff; STID is for me the worst Trek movie; and Beyond is closest to a classic Trek movie though Kraal is a terrible villain and the final set piece fist fight is a waste of time after the good ship interception crash which should have ended it (also it being an alternate timeline kind of robs these movies of any real import in my opinion).

DIS has elements that could have been good, but the serialization/writing fails it, the characters are either bad from the start or got all their interesting facets sanded off, and the new 32nd century setting is boring and underdeveloped.

PIC S1 and S2 have most of the same issues as DIS with serialization and being overly dark and nasty and just not good stories. But S3 is much better, though a few too many shortcuts (budget and story-wise) and silly decisions for me to qualify it as an all-time-great season.

And I can even understand not watching Lower Decks or Prodigy because they are “animated” or “just for kids” (even though I think you are missing out on two great shows).

But, I can’t understand a Trek fan not liking Strange New Worlds. To me, SNW keeps the good elements of 90s Trek (episodic approach, good characters), adds modern production values and character development (which TNG and VOY sometimes dropped), and recaptures some of the spirit of TOS (action adventure at an earlier time in the Trek universe), and has good writing and fun stories (going hard after different genres to maximize the mood). Maybe you are one of those rare Trek fans who just doesn’t like the original series setting because it is old/outdated or just isn’t like ’90s Trek? Or, conversely, maybe you don’t like the modern characters or the modern-character-centric stories in SNW?

Or, maybe this one of the many Trek fans who have enjoyed TOS as well as Berman era Trek and prefers well written stories around compelling characters on at least a similar quality level to what came before? Or even new Trek that respects what came before? Maybe this fan, like a lot of others, just isn’t seeing that in anything from Kurtzman?

As I don’t follow your opinion from other posts, do you think SNW doesn’t have well-written stories, compelling characters, or a similar quality to what came before?

I personally think it has all three of those things.

One thing I don’t think SNW does enough of that older Trek did is the “high-concept” sci-fi/allegory. This is probably partially just the way TV in general is these days and partially because they only have 10 episodes a season to work with (though Goldsman has said he wants to do more episodes a season). SNW has done some: I think “Children of the Comet” is a good one and “A Quality of Mercy” is another. Other episodes that have good sci-fi elements (like “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”) are more character-centric than concept-centric. But outside of that, SNW is a high-quality sci-fi Trek show in my opinion.

I am not pleased with SNW. I feel the bulk of the characters are badly drawn out and the episodes themselves for the most part are not played out well at all. The only thing I will give them credit for is they did finally see how they were screwing with the in universe rules & lore so they devoted an entire episode to explaining their show is a KU style alternate timeline/reboot. But the overall quality of the show is extremely lacking. Perhaps I expect more because with only 10 episodes a season I expect the ratio of good to bad episodes to be much better. TOS S1 & 2’s good to bad episode ratio was extremely good and this show should be at least there. But honestly I’d be satisfied if the good to bad ratio was even down to TNG’s level. And they can’t even achieve that.

Hmm. Appreciate your thoughts.

I assume by the episode you are referring to is “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”. I don’t think that episode says what you think it says re: an alt KU-style timeline (though I can see how anyone inclined to think of NuTrek as all being a non-Prime timeline can read it as such). How is the change to Khan’s backstory after TTT any different than, for example, Sisko’s image now being that of Gabriel Bell after “Past Tense”? The only real difference is that we the viewer knew about Khan before, whereas we did not know about Bell before the episode, so the Khan change “feels” different.

I personally don’t like that the showrunners feel like they need to rewrite the history of late 20th century and early 21st century earth. Maybe they are operating under the incorrect assumption that casual viewers won’t grok that our present/future doesn’t align with the Trek “past”. Guys, it’s fiction, it doesn’t need to align!

They have done this at least twice now with “Strange New Worlds” (s1e1) and “TTT” (s2e3), but interestingly the two changes line up together: the delay in creating Khan leads to a delay for the Eugenics Wars, which leads them directly into WW3 instead of there being a gap in time. I wonder if the SNW showrunners think this revised sequence aligns with the events of 2022 as seen in PIC season 2 and even the events of 1996 as seen in VOY’s “Future’s End”?

Cool Story……

I understand your reasoning. I really do. I do want to see something different for sure. But more than that I want to see something GOOD. Even if it is set aboard a Starship. And yes, Starfleet Academy will start off as the first “stationary” set show since DS9.

But… You are saying Trek hasn’t been good since Enterprise. I don’t entirely disagree with that. But consider what Trek has had in common since Enterprise. There is a common denominator on the TV side. Secret Hideout run by Alex Kurtzman. Who was also involved in the first 2 Kelvin features. That is the problem. He has no idea what makes good Trek and he hires people who have no idea what makes good Trek. I’m seriously of the opinion that if something he touches even reaches mediocrity (and some have) it’s a mistake.

I think Kurtzman can hire good people: see LDS, SNW, and PRO. I think that he failed with PIC seasons 1 and 2 (and Matalas getting full control for PIC S3 was a huge improvement). And I don’t remember if he was even in charge for DIS season 1 or he was brought in after Fuller’s production was falling apart but the rest of DIS’s development hasn’t been a winner in my book.

That’s the thing… LDX is the opposite of funny and filled with unwatchable characters. SNW is run by a guy who seems to have no idea his show is a prequel and while Prodigy started off promising the 2nd half of the season went downhill. And that is still the best thing they have made, not counting the first 3 Very Short Treks earlier. S3 of Picard like Prodigy started off OK. But the back end of the season severely fell over a cliff. I don’t have any faith in Matalas to handle a Trek show either after that. Unless he learned from his mistakes.

To be fair Kurtzman has good ideas. But is a complete and utter failure with implementing them.

Well, aside from, IMO, unnecessarily changing some 20th/21st century backstory around Khan, I think SNW has done well as a prequel. (Better than ENT did prior to season 4.)

And I totally disagree with your takes on both LDS and PRO.

As for PIC s3, I think Matalas did a much better job than anyone in charge in seasons 1 or 2. I know that doesn’t say much, but with sufficient time and budget (which the behind the scenes info seems to indicate he just didn’t get for s3) he could make really good Trek.

At the very least, he understood that bringing on people with experience in previous Trek TV productions would help produce Trek TV. I think (hope?) that if Matalas gets the job, that needing to plan for an on-going Trek series rather than a “last hurrah” TNG season might rein in some of his less successful ideas (for example: throwing in both Changelings and Borg into one story, throwing in fun cameos that don’t add much – Shelby, Moriarty).

There’s no way there hasn’t been Good Trek since ENT and if you are counting ENT as good Trek I have a bridge to sell you.

Enterprise was the worst Star Trek series until Lower Decks.

It´s a shame there wasn´t anything more on Discovery but other than that I´m happy with the news and the general feel that we´ll keep getting plenty of Star Trek.

Where is the Star Trek Kelvin film? It’s been years!!!!!

It seems to be stuck in development hell. Every once in a while, someone at Paramount seems to say that they are still working on some Star Trek movie but nothing is actually moving into production.

Wrong studio This was the CBS panel. The films are from Paramount.

Soon to be decades. Don’t hold your breath….

At least the writers/producers can get back to work; hopefully that means once the SAG-AFTRA strike is resolved shooting can immediately begin for SNW S3.

Good to know Academy is still on track to begin production in mid-2024, and again at least the writers have time to craft ten episodes (sans the re-writes that occur during production). I was not completely sold on Academy as a series, but I was also very against Lower Decks and Prodigy, and I was proven wrong each time so I’m willing to be proven wrong a third time.

Aside from SNW I’m most excited about the S31 film, mainly because I’d love see a really big, engaging story that also wraps up the whole concept of the organization in a nice ribbon. As someone who loved PIC S3, I would of course love to see Matalas’ next idea come to fruition, as long as it’s not another “getting the band back together” thing; Captain Seven has a ship now, let’s just focus on Seven and her crew, maybe throw in a fresh face or two, and send them off to explore some distant region. When the S31 film was announced, Kurtzman said the concept could work for future P+ exclusive films. If they want to get the band back together again, or mix more TNG/DS9/VOY characters, I’d rather see that in a film.

Academy show is a waste of time, which genz’s did they survey to give that a greenlight. Had enough of silly Tilly for one lifetime.

…imo, one of the most annoying characters ever written in the franchise. On par with Reg Barclay.

Forced to agree. I’d add Wesley Crusher and Troi’s mom in that group as well.

We all love Tilly ❤️

I do not want either of these projects.

Not at all interested in either upcoming show, honestly. I can imagine some interesting things they could do with 31, but have no faith in the writers Kurtzman & Co. employ. But totally open to one of these positively surprising me like PRO did.

Amen brother, amen!

I suppose it’s possible Secret Hideout could make another Prodigy level mistake. Unfortunately while the first half of the season was surprisingly decent they still succumbed to the Secret Hideout gravitational pull. And that 2nd half quality dropped considerably.

The academy show sounds awful

This has been a pretty turbulent time for the franchise, as we’ve seen the end of Picard (which is admittedly towards the bottom of my rankings, but I still enjoy it more than others seem to), wait for the final season of Discovery, and the whole Prodigy fiasco. So it’s good to get some updates on the future, even if some of it’s repeating what’s been said.

First and foremost was the pre-NYCC news about Prodigy (Wooooo!!!!), which immediately made things a lot less bleak, even though I’m still bitter at Paramount+’s handling of that whole situation.

But what they actually talked about during Comic Con, I’m particularly excited about the Starfleet Academy show. I like how it’s a different take on the franchise, while still being firmly planted in that universe. And I love the idea of Tawny Newsome being involved. I’m a bit less sure about the Section 31 movie, but then again I was skeptical about Lower Deck and how much Prodigy would appeal to me as an older viewer, so I’ve learned to keep an open mind.

I’m really curious to see what these other secret projects are. I’m with those who are hoping for Legacy to be made. But beyond that, I hope they have some unique ideas which help push the franchise in new directions. And I really hope to see more animation, considering how much I loved Prodigy and Lower Decks.

And of course, I’m looking forward to more Discovery, Strange New Worlds, and again Prodigy season 2 (so glad I can say that again without it being wishful thinking).

So with Star Trek: Legacy: there’s still a chance?

Not really, unless Netflix wants to give it a spin.

Yes. There is still a chance. It’s early days yet for any development/progress.

I see Legacy as a TV movie like Section 31.

I could see a TV movie being an avenue for a DS9 follow-up, but I don’t think there is enough room in a single TV movie to do a general legacy approach.

Not terribly excited for the S31 project, but given that my favorites of the current Trek era are Prodigy and Lower Decks, casts which are largely new characters, and about the only thing I liked out of PIC were some of the new faces, I’m willing to give the Academy show a chance.

Can’t wait. When the designs for the sarcophagus ship were leaked before season one, my guess at the premise was that the Discovery would be in a race against Klingons for ancient Klingon artifacts. The premise for season five has intrigued me, because it sounds kind of like what I thought season one would be. It also reminds me of one of my favorite Trek games “A Final Unity,” as well as the TNG episode “The Chase.”

I’m also looking forward to Academy, as it’ll finally give us a deeper dive look at Earth. I’m hoping there are characters that beam home for supper, like Sisko did when he was a cadet. That would mean we could see other parts of Earth, aside from San Francisco. And we’ll probably see a bit more of civilian life than we have in past shows, which is something I’ve always wanted to see more of.

Since Earth had left the Federation (but rejoined recently) and with Starfleet HQ no longer on Earth either, it may make more sense in-universe not to put Starfleet Academy on Earth. However, it certainly makes sense from a production standpoint so let’s see what they’ll do. Also, some of the 32nd century tech they introduced during seasons 3 & 4 requires VFX, such as floating furniture or stuff made out of programmable matter. They mostly kept Discovery’s interior design after the jump which gave them an in-story excuse to limit how much we saw of that 32nd century tech. Any new show should leave most design cues from the 23rd century behind. I mean, how many present-day academies are decorated like it’s still the 12th century?
I guess what I’m saying is: It will be interesting to see how much they’ll have to compromise to get the show done within a reasonable budget.

I think the fact that Earth has rejoined the UFP right before the Academy reopens suggests they’ll have it on Earth. For all we know, Starfleet HQ will be back at Earth for season five of Discovery. But the fact that the Academy was probably disbanded during the Burn suggests it was either repurposed for the United Earth Defense Force, used for something completely different, or the buildings are no longer there, giving the new show to have any kind of locations they want for the Academy, different from the TNG era or the 2009 film.

The Academy should give us the tech we saw from Daniels in ENT. The whole idea of Starfleet needing warp or dilithium in the 32nd century is nuts when Daniels could travel through space/time without it.

Man I would take a galaxy spanning archeology hunt for DIS season 1 any day (especially compared to what we got).

As for the Academy show and the setting on Earth, I agree – I would like to see more of earth and earth culture. I have always wanted to see a show set at the “upper decks” of Startfleet – somewhere in Starfleet HQ maybe. To give us a look a the wider setting of the Federation – development and exploration priorities, big picture interstellar decisions. Maybe something like a “West Wing” for Trek (but without the politics).

I specifically want to see as much lower decks as possible, in all professions in the Trek future.

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy is going to flop so badly. I hope it doesn’t forever damage the brand.

If Star Trek Discovery hasn’t already done it then nothing will.

It would be cheap to produce that is all they care about. It will probably have a CW budget. Be on one set. Be like a current day 90210. Just what we want,lol.

Michelle Yeoh’s mirror universe character is too campy and over the top. i liked it when she played the prime universe version of the character. the mirror universe character is just to trite / cliche and predictable.
i’d be interested in the academy show if it was not in the 32nd century, and if it has Tilly as the main character, that may be the 1st ST show i won’t watch (well 2nd-ish if you count Prodigy).

Why the hell wouldn’t you watch Prodigy? The target demographic has nothing to do with whether or not a show will be good. If it’s good, it’s good.

I’ll tell you, I knew from the very first lines of the series that it was ABSOLUTELY Star Trek. The first lines of the show are about how the universal translators on Tars Lamora don’t work. Star Trek’s most important theme is a diverse group seemingly implacable foes learning to communicate in order to solve problems, so setting up that obstacle to communication, brilliant sets the show up as a way to traffic in the themes of Trek. And that’s generally how the show tells its stories. It has an idea it has for an arc for a particular character and sets up obstacles tailor-made for those characters. It’s my second favorite Trek show in the current era.

the Star Trek universe”

The Star Trek multiverse.

There fixed that for you LOL

Just green light Star Trek Legacy already

Not That Easy.

It should be

I’m super glad to hear that Section 31 would move forward after the strikes. Personally, I think the concept has a lot of potential and it seems like the writers have worked on the script for some time now, so it sounds quite optimistic.

How about, oh I don’t know, GETTING DEEP SPACE NINE IN HD!!

This should be the priority Damn it. Every interviewer needs to be asking this question over and over and over

TNG failed to garner 20 million in blu-ray sales so they cancelled any plans for the other shows. They were expecting to pay for the entire cost of the remastering in disc sales. Not in selling it to netflix, or syndication, or what ever they’ve made off of Paramount plus.