Check Out First Images From The ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 4 Finale

This week the fourth season of Star Trek: Lower Decks wraps up with the release of the 10th episode. We have the first images, but once again more details are being held back.

Lower Decks Season 4 Finale

Today Paramount+ released three images for the tenth and final episode of season four. Just like last week, Paramount did not release any other advance details for this week’s episode, not even the title. Earlier this month at New York Comic Con, showrunner Mike McMahan talked about his concerns over leaks for episodes 9 and 10:

“The last couple of episodes for this season are a big swing and I am really proud of them and I cannot wait for you to see them. We held them off [from the press] because I don’t even want a breath of what happens in them to get out. And it just feels like the ultimate Star Trek, the ultimate Lower Decks.”

We do know the season finale arrives on Paramount+ on Thursday, November 2.

Nick’s fleet assembles

This episode will pick up on the cliffhanger ending from the previous episode (“The Inner Fight”) which revealed that Nick Locarno is the person behind the mystery ship that has been capturing alien ships all season long. Episode 9 ended with Nick beaming Mariner (who he knew back at the Academy) to his ship. One of the three images released this week shows Nick and Mariner looking out at a collection of alien ships, including the Ferengi and Romulan ships we saw captured earlier in the season. The others are presumably more ships he has brought into his fleet. There is also a large structure with a light shining out of it. Nick’s jacket and ships all show the emblem he is using for his fleet, which is explained in our easter egg analysis for episode 409.

From episode 410 (Paramount+)

More new images:

There are only two other images released this week and both show the bridge of the USS Cerritos with the lower deckers and senior officers together.

From episode 410 (Paramount+)

From episode 410 (Paramount+)

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Very excited about this episode. I loved episode 9. I still think Tony was on track a podcast episode or two ago…I think there’s a big guest star still to be seen. Either way, incredibly excited

My theory (which is mostly built on wishful thinking…) is that Locarnos plan somehow connects to Sito Jaxa (directly or indirectly). After all, it can`t be a coincidence that Mariner knows (and namedrops) Sito AND is familiar with Locarno. Of course Jaxa appeared in the famous “Lower Decks” episode of TNG and Sito and Locarno appeared together in “First Duty”. Now…
My hope is, that Sito Jaxa somehow is alive and will show up in the run of this episode.
This could potentially “heal” Mariners issues as well as the rage / revenge issues Locarno seems to hold… (?)

My prediction: we’ll get Sito, Locarno, AND Tom Paris.

My fear is Sito will be setup at the big bad.

If so, it would rob the Lower Decks episode a somber and powerful ending.


I hated that ending. I wanted Sito to come back in future episodes.

I remember that the DS9 COMPANION mentions they played with bringing Sito back. Still kinda wish they had.

I still remember how surprised I was when it was revealed she died. It felt so shocking and powerful at the time.

That was, briefly, the plan. The episode Hard Time in DS9 was originally written for Sito before becoming an O’Brien episode.

That would have been a great idea, although O’Brien being one of my favorite characters I certainly don’t regret the substitution. Maybe TPTB thought Sito would not have been familiar enough to DS9 viewers, since she was a TNG character…

The companion identifies they were worried of destroying the emotion of the ending of the TNG episode.

Interestingly, for the beta canon verse, Sito was found in a Cardassian prison and served in the First Contact Battle of Sector 001.

Sad that this will be the last new Star Trek for awhile … but since Episode 9 was great, I’m hoping at least our last one for awhile will be excellent!

And I can always go watch “Subspace Rhapsody” for the sixth time. :-)

Is the season 5 Discovery approx Jan/Feb release off the table? I thought we were hopefully about 90 days away from getting that, right on the heels of this?

I haven’t seen any dates or even any rumors of dates for Discovery season 5 beyond sometime in 2024.

I don’t remember seeing a specific date either. But they did promise a big promo push leading up to the season 5 release. The actors are still on strike so that may interfere with whatever plans Paramount has to hype up the final season.

This final season will see our beloved crew take on a new adventure, and we can’t wait to celebrate the series’ impact on the franchise leading up to its final season early next year.

  • Tanya Giles, chief programming officer at Paramount Streaming.

That does imply sometime in the first half of 2024. Do you know when she made that statement? I wonder if the various strikes scrambled their timeline.

Early Spring of last year, so before the strikes. Yeah, it’s possible that could change it, but I am not sure why that would make sense if they want Trek fans to maintain their P+ subscriptions.

We’re supposed to get both Discovery Season 5 and Prodigy Season 2 (on Netflix) sometime in 2024, but to my knowledge, WHEN in 2024 has not been specified.

2021 & 2022, with their near-constant new Star Treks, have spoiled me, I suppose.

Yeah, 2021/2022 was the year we got the promised five Trek shows they kept promising we would get. That dream died fast lol.

But at least we will have the final season of DIS, PRO and LDS next year. And PRO will be 20 episodes so that will give us some extra content.

I’m guessing SNW won’t show up until 2025 now since the Actor’s strike looks like it’s going to run through next year. And even by some miracle it’s over sooner by next month, Hollywood shuts down in December for the holidays. So the soonest that will probably get into production will be early next year at this point. Same for the Section 31 movie although that still has a shot of 2024 but not holding my breath on that either.

This final season will see our beloved crew take on a new adventure, and we can’t wait to celebrate the series’ impact on the franchise leading up to its final season early next year.

  • Tanya Giles, chief programming officer at Paramount Streaming.

“Early next year” could mean anything from January to June. I’ll expect it when I see it. :-)

I’m waiting for Discovery like I’m waiting for my next dentist appointment. 😂🙄

I tease because I love. But since there has been no word on any of these shows they are probably waiting for the strike to end. We know actors can’t promote any movies or shows and why a few of them had been pushed back even though they are finished making them.

They probably want the actors to promote the fact it’s the final season to get more people interested. That’s probably why they didn’t say a date at Comic Con because they simply don’t have one yet. If it was coming that soon they would’ve released a new trailer and a date then.

It could all be in flux until the strike is over but maybe I’m wrong.

“Early” is certainly not June — unless you are George RR Martin…lol

I think we might be looking at how the Fenris Rangers get started. It won’t be Beta Tom PARIS running things though. It’ll be Tom RIKER.

That’s actually a fascinating idea. Makes it all the more disappointing that prodigy made Chakotay a starfleet captain. I think the origin of the rangers could easily involve surviving maquis, and Chakotay would have been an obvious choice to be their leader, returning home and realizing there was still a need for freedom fighters. Could even explain how Seven joined them.

Tom Riker though is an interesting choice, but I’d love to see a voyager regular in their ranks, perhaps B’elanna.

It really shows how strong a connection fans have to these shows when the season villain is a character that was introduced back in TNG thirty one years ago and was only in one episode lol. I don’t think his name has ever been referenced once outside of The First Duty until last week.

And why LDS is so fun, it finds ways to connect to the overall franchise no other show would even think to do. Sure, everyone will think of a way to bring Khan back (and sadly has) but this is completely left field as you can get. I don’t think anyone ever thought we would see Locarno again. And once Paris was created, he was basically erased altogether.

Yes to absolutely all of this!

And no to anyone bringing back Khan!

BTW, there is a clip of this week’s episode on YouTube. It’s a scene between Mariner and Locarno and is part of that image of them in this article. Very short but reveals what he wants with the ships. I’m surprised TM hasn’t posted it yet but maybe no one knew about it. Anyway it’s there if people want to have a look or maybe the site will find and post it.

I’m not sure if they’re allowed. It was originally exclusive to IGN.

Ah, fair point. Didn’t realize that.

They just posted it as a new article here.

Wait a minute… is that… V’Ger in the middle?

OMG, you might be right.