Michelle Hurd Says Teaming Up Worf And Raffi Again For Potential ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Spinoff Is “Necessary”

Ever since the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard wrapped up earlier this year fans have been talking about some kind of follow-up or spinoff to the series, and they have been joined in this line of thinking but many of the show’s creatives and stars. The latest to add her voice is Michelle Hurd (Raffi). In the brand new issue of Star Trek Explorer magazine, the actress talks about how season 3 introduced a new character dynamic with Worf that could continue.

Worf and Raffi reunited for Picard spinoff?

Michelle Hurd’s Raffi Musiker was the only new character that made it through all three seasons of Picard. In season 3 Raffi returned to her intelligence operative roots as she was teamed up with Worf (with Michael Dorn reprising his Star Trek: The Next Generation role) as they exposed the Changeling plot against the Federation. In her Explorer interview, Hurd pointed to working with Dorn as a highlight of her time on Picard. For example, she discussed how the two of them developed a special chemistry:

Talk to us about working with Michael…

He’s been an absolute gift. I don’t think the writers knew how well we would get along, how that energy and experience would come across on camera. The thing I do love about our writers and producers is that they can see that and then respond with, “Oh, they’re really working. Let’s see what else we can get out of that.” Honestly, from the moment I first met Michael, I was giddy – of course, because it’s Michael Dorn – but we just clicked, naturally. It wasn’t forced. We became collaborators. We had each other’s back no matter what. It’s been an absolute gift working with him.

Hurd is hoping that she can keep her partnership with Dorn going. She has spoken before about how she is on board for a potential spinoff series to Picard but when asked about this by Explorer she again pivoted to how it could allow for more of the Worf/Raffi dynamic:

How open would you be to playing Raffi again, whether it’s on a Rangers series, or a Raffi/Seven spin-off?

So open. I think that the Worf/Raffi story can be told. There’s so much for us to tell. That kind of energy, that chemistry that we have, it’s tenfold. Also, it’s necessary to see these two individuals on camera again. As a child, to see us represented is incredibly powerful. It’s impactful and necessary. And, of course, throw Seven in there!

Michael Dorn and Michelle Hurd in “Imposters” (Paramount+)

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Star Trek Explorer #9 arrived on Tuesday, November 28 in the USA and Canada (and arrives on December 28 in the UK and Ireland). In addition to Michelle Hurd, there is also a Picard interview with Todd Stashwick. There are also interviews with Kether Donohue (Peanut Hamper from Lower Decks), TOS and TNG star Diana Muldaur, and Strange New Worlds costume designer Bernadette Croft. There is also an unpublished 1993 interview with TOS movie-era executive producer Harve Bennett talking about his Starfleet Academy movie pitch. The issue also includes new original short fiction from Keith R.A. De Candido (Discovery) and Greg Cox (TOS) and much more.

Here are the newsstand and exclusive covers…

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Personally, I absolutely enjoyed Dorn and she acting together. They played off each other well, with a good mix of tension and humor. The character of Raffi improved greatly in S3 of PIC, imo, and Dorn really hit his return as Worf out of the park.

Would love to see her serving with Worf on a Klingon ship.

Ya I personally didn’t like Raffi in the first two seasons but she def came into her own in S3 with Worf’s help.

Fully agree.

Same. They were a treat to watch and Dorn playing Worf again was a great reminder why that character is still so popular 30 years later. I truly hope we see both of them again.

sounds boring

Maybe, somehow, Raffi and Worf can join Georgiou for the Section 31 movie. Would love to see that trio together (imagine “pacifist” Worf and Georgiou together lol)..

I had the same thought while watching season 3. They all seem like a good fit to me. Didn’t they describe the S31 movie as being a bit of a guardians of the galaxy style all stars thing? Or am I imagining that?

Interesting, yes. They had great chemistry together. Necessary, no so much. Unfortunately, fan sentiment is still leaning hard into the further adventures of Nepo Jack.

I found the chemistry between Raffi and Worf better than that of Raffi and Seven.


Same–because there was no chemistry at all between Raffi and Seven. Or Raffi and Picard. Or Raffi and Elnor. Or Raffi and Agnes. Or Raffi and Rios. Or Raffi and her son. Or…

OMG we get it you don’t like the character.

You think you made a point.

You did not.

I know that you ABSOLUTELY hate the character, but I found the chemistry between her an Picard to be okay. Same with that of her son, knowing that they had a strained relationship. The chemistry between her and Elnor what that of a mentor and I found it believable. Maybe step away from your hate of the character and look at it without that bias.

Well, I don’t ABSOLUTELY hate the character, so your point is moot. I simply don’t enjoy her. I’m glad you liked her. I’m not required to, however.

The “chemistry” between Raffi and Seven felt totally forced, well, because it WAS. Worf and Raffi came off much more natural.

Completely agree. It was a very forced relationship, and it seemed both actors seemed uncomfortable with it. Hard to tell if that would improve IF they move forward. But neither shared a lot of screen time together in season 3. But I really did like the chemistry with Worf. And I think that Raffi was more together with herself in season 3 as well.

Definitely. Because it was organic.

For my money, Raffi has consistently been the worst character to come out of the modern era. She’s broadly written and severely overacted. In person, Michelle Hurd is a total sweetheart and I wish her well… but she’s just not a good actor, in my opinion.

You forget Grey as the worst character…

Grey is a non-character in my eyes. They did nothing at all during their time on the show. They were cardboard window dressing. So to me, they don’t even enter into the discussion of worst characters since they made no real impact. Raffi, however, is a large part of went wrong with seasons one and two of Picard. Season three was great despite her presence, though I will admit her scenes with Worf were better than any of her awful scenes in the other seasons. Grey, though? I barely even remember their time on Discovery because they did even less than the bridge extras.

Reg Barclay would like to have a word with you….

Barclay is a popular and well-liked character, played by a popular and well-liked actor. He’s the opposite of Raffi.

So Raffi, and Seven… and Worf will make it a threesome!

Sorry, couldn’t resist. I remember watching The Ready Room with Michael and Michelle, and you could easily see the connection they developed from working with each other. I thought pairing them up worked well, and I would watch something where they team up again.

A lot of things that feel necessary to actors wanting work don’t always feel necessary to the audience.

Their chemistry was one of the highlights of season 3 for me as it really felt like they were building something new instead of just a relying on the TNG cast chemistry (which I also enjoyed, but there’s already seven seasons of that). If Legacy or similar 25th century series does ever get made I think Raffi and Worf as a duo would be high on my wish list (along with Captain Seven on the G).

They were such a great pairing. We definitely need more of them together.Worf has always been one of my faves and there was a reason Raffi was the only new character to make it to the third season. Michelle Hurd is great and there is so much to the character. As for how they get together, it has to be on the Enterprise G.

Raffi was a favorite for me in PIC S1; in S2 I didn’t connect with her so much because the Raffi/Seven relationship just felt so thrown together, and by the time S2 began it was basically over and we were supposed to care. Michelle Hurd and Michael Dorn have onscreen chemistry; no I’m not talking onscreen romantic chemistry … partner/colleague/friend chemistry. Worf and Raffi working together was one of my favorite parts of PIC S3.

I predict Star Trek: Legacy will be announced this WINTER 🖖

If you’re putting good money on that, I’ll be happy to take it all from you.

LOL Do you think we’ll ever see this show? If so, when do you predict we’ll get an announcement?

Assuming the tea leaves, crystal ball, and the stars in the sky all aligned, it would take a year for an announcement to be made. The reality check is PS3 wrapped early 2022. Sets were struck, everyone went their separate ways, then the strikes wiped out most production and development for this year.
You’re the one making predictions – I, for one, don’t want to see a spin off of season three.

LEGACY is a non-starter. It exists in the minds of the stars and some (not all) fans, but CBS will never do this.

I will come back to live action Star Trek for Legacy. Do I expect it to happen, no?

Besides, Paramount+ is too busy making classic hits to drive subscriptions like SFA, S31, and the soon rumored puppet episode of SNW.

As I noted above, LEGACY is a non-starter. It exists in the minds of the stars and some (not all) fans, but CBS will never do this.


Ugh. Michelle Hurd can leave. Everyone and anyone else can stay.

Excellent idea. It could be the series Discovery only hoped to be.

I really hated Hot Mess Raffi by the end of season 1. By season 2 I was hoping Q snapped her into the sun and do us all a favor. But season 3, I thought she was awesome with Worf. She was still a hot mess but just more likable. Matalas did the impossible and made me care about her.

I really want to see her and Worf working together again. I know it’s a long shot but it would be so great if they were part of the Section 31 movie. You put those two in that then I will start to care.

I know Paramount is too broke for more movies or TV shows but give Legacy to Netflix or Amazon if they can’t afford to do it. I think both would happily make it since they obviously want more Star Trek. That would be awesome! 😎🖖

I will also board the Raffi-dislike train. Out of all the new characters from season 1 & 2, she was the least interesting. I have a thought why they only brought her back for season 3 and not the others, but I will not share it.

However, her time with Worf was the only time I found her interesting in the entire series. I want Star Trek Legacy more than any other possible new show, but I am hoping they drop the Raffi character (but it won’t happen). Maybe Raffi will leave the ship after a few episodes leaving room for Jack to level up quickly.

Raffis character for zero reason was a quintessential poverty level black woman’s life, within a realm where you utter words to a slab of machine, and it gives you whatever you want…
She was never and will never be a good fit.

Maybe if she started klingon, or it’s revealed she’s a half breed like belanna but with no ridges, sure.

But what this is, isn’t a good thing.

Also, I’d like to see a woman of her stature attempt to take on a man of equal or larger size and actually take the beating that would actually happen but still win through wits and determination, not brawny girl Power bestowed by writers.

I don’t like her character I’m not a fan but she seems like a nice person so no offence intended! I didn’t mind Picard season 3, I was able to enjoy it. If she’s in the next one then so be it but I do hope we get Star Trek Legacy and build upon that success.

Outside of Paramount just being too broke, I still can’t come up with a single reason why the Legacy show isn’t at least on the table considering how popular season 3 was and fans clamoring for that than any other future project.

But I still keep hope alive it will happen, just a question of when and what form.