First Official Image From Set Of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 3 Released

As we reported earlier this week, filming on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 3 began on Monday. And today we got a little glimpse onto the set.

Hello season 3

Paramount+ shared a shot from the USS Enterprise bridge set on Instagram. It was taken on Tuesday, as can be seen on the clapperboard for episode 301.

You can see the back of Celia Rose Gooding’s Uhura at her communications console with the message on Instagram is “Hailing frequencies are open. Hello from the set of #StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds Season 3” The clapperboard also confirms our earlier reporting that producing director Chris Fisher is directing the season 3 premiere.

Our report earlier in the week included confirmation from Fisher that production had started via his own Instagram post on Monday from the set with the message “Day 1, Episode 031… shenanigans in space!”

After that report, actress Jess Bush posted an Instagram story showing off her new season 3 cap (which we shared via our Twitter).

Season 3 was originally set to start filming at the beginning of May, but the double strikes put that on hold. Filming for the 10-episode season is scheduled for just over 5 months, and is scheduled to wrap on May 21, 2024. Strange New Worlds is produced at CBS Stages Canada in Mississauga, Ontario just outside of Toronto.

Section 31 is next

In case you missed our earlier report, Paramount+ is also getting ready to go into production on the Star Trek: Section 31 movie starring Academy Award winner Michelle Yeoh. The streaming movie event is scheduled to start filming on Monday, January 29th with a shoot planned for six weeks, wrapping up on March 13.

Paramount has not set release dates for either project, but it’s possible one or both could arrive on Paramount+ by the end of 2024. Currently, the only confirmed live-action Star Trek coming to Paramount+ is the fifth and final season of Discovery, set to debut in April.

Stay tuned for more production updates.

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Can we also get a shot of the janitor cleaning up the set please? And what color socks was Ethan Peck wearing?


Blue is the only logical answer


And, they’re off and running — yay!


Now begins a ridiculous shooting schedule because modern showrunners lack the skills of previous showrunners who could deliver content much faster and efficiently.

There are also more buffers in place against crews being overworked and getting injured or killed as a result. Not enough buffers, but some.

And making the trains run on time seemed to be Berman’s thing, and somebody else’s too. Mussolini?

There are also more buffers in place against crews being overworked and getting injured or killed as a result. Not enough buffers, but some.

Yeah, it’s actually better these days then in past decades — it’s the opposite of what that dude is suggesting.

And making the trains run on time seemed to be Berman’s thing, and somebody else’s too. Mussolini?

Lol, well said!

Exactly. Today’s showrunners are extremely skilled–and in a lot more areas than their predecessors, including knowledge of how to protect those on a set. Being on a set where people are far less likely to get hurt due to slipshod decision making by idiot suits has made my job a lot safer. Boring One has no idea what he’s talking about.

The bigger point is that while the production schedule is at the discretion of each series, there’s no working around budgets or delivery dates, one of he reasons everyone on Picard season 3 was so impressed with Terry Malalas. Coming in on time and on budget always makes everyone involved happy.

I recently read about how the bridge set on Voyager once caught fire.

Probably a disgruntled fan. The 007 stage has burned down more than once, but I don’t think anybody was seriously hurt.

Or it could have been the pyrotechnics used on set or even just overheating due to lighting on set or faulty electronics. You can’t just wander onto the Paramount lot and walk onto a sound stage.

And making the trains run on time seemed to be Berman’s thing, and somebody else’s too. Mussolini?

Hollywood isn’t my world, admittedly, but surely there’s a huge difference between Rick Berman keeping a Star Trek production running on time (or indeed believing that on-time departures are desirable in public transport) and Mussolini.

Doesn’t Jonathan Frakes himself have the moniker “two-takes Frakes”?

I’m drawing a comparison by going to extremes (I suppose I could done something like this by referring to Berman as the ‘original space Hitler’ in terms of how he didn’t get along with Probert or Snodgrass, to name two quality folk.)

Part of the way Frakes is able to develop that rep you cite is by doing his homework and casting the right people, so they don’t get into many messy situations.

I have a quote from him that didn’t go into the PIC article that is somewhat relevant … here you go (and so far as I know, he is not referring to somebody in the Picard cast):

. If the problem is with an actor who perhaps lacks experience or training – and as I get older, I get better at identifying this – then it could be a limit to their range or to my ability in soliciting the right performance from them with what I ask. It could be that they haven’t themselves amassed life experiences to draw upon to realize what is on the page, too. Well, as a director you can bury yourself chasing that, five takes, ten takes. And you’ve tried every possible version, save giving them a line reading, and I have too much respect for actors and the profession of acting to have to resort to that. They’re my brothers. So then I have to move on after saying, ‘we’ve got it, moving on’ – knowing full well that isn’t the case, but not wanting to tear the actor down or spend even more time chasing it. That’s as good as it’s going to get.

Well said! I am frankly astounded to see that someone would take your comparison literally. Give me a break!

Nah, fascist efficiency was wildly overstated.

So it was just a ‘triumph of the will’ that got them as far as they did?

The new film by the guy who did SEXY BEAST and UNDER THE SKIN is supposed to imply that Nazis didn’t just fall in line out of a sense of having to obey somebody else’s orders, but because they actually got excited by seeing how efficient they became with killing. Kind of like wanting to excel at a sport by getting the highest rating.

Is that the director who always uses those annoying, super-fast zoom close-ups in his films?

Not that I recall. UNDER THE SKIN is a film I describe as feeling like it was even directed by an extraterrestrial. My memory of SKIN is that it is one of the finest SF films of that decade along with Spike’s HER (SJ had a short really good creative stretch didn’t she?), and I’ve seen SEXY BEAST a ton of times and found it to be a real blast.

Loved HER with a passion. 😊

So it was just a ‘triumph of the will’ that got them as far as they did?”


On a more serious note, Italian fascist efficiency was wildly overrated. I suppose I could have clarified initially, but I figured it was understood, given that you were the one who mentioned Mussolini!

Still, there’s also a decent amount of scholarship that suggests that the Nazis made certain trains run on time and not others, as it were (Jonathan Glazer might know which trains I’m talking about, based on what you said.)

I wrote that smart-ass reply with Hitler in mind and then remembered the quote was from bm, so you caught me out making a hash of it. Maybe my defense should be that I got caught up in the heat of the moment? Naahh, I’ll just admit I got it wrong.

Spoken like an anonymous poster on a Trek fan web site who hasn’t a clue about how streaming TV series are produced today.


or about 96% of everyone here – myself included ;D

Whether streaming or linear, there’s really isn’t a difference between how they’re produced. Bigger budgets, maybe, but even those days have passed after just a few short years.

Nah, I know a couple of people who have on streaming series, and while the hours are tough, they are not nearly as bad as on the 26 eps per years series back in the day where they had many a nights working till midnight or later.

When you’re only doing 10 shows it’s always going to be easier. The flip side is that for a lot of people in this business, that 10 episode gig could be it for the year. No one complains about getting a series that runs 18 – 26 episodes.

Shorter seasons ultimately benefit the studio. When it comes to Star Trek, Paramount isn’t looking at two Star Trek series, they’re just seeing 20 budgeted episodes of live-action Star Trek. Having been involved with another successful franchise, there were x number of dollars to produce x number of episodes, Series one might get 16 episodes, series two 10 and series three 6. Only a handful of people worked on all three, everyone else was on their own until production ramped up again the following season and with streaming, that could be more than a year off.

Different issue, but yeah, you’re right on that.

Tell me you’ve never worked on a TV series set without telling me you’ve never worked on a TV series set.

What you’ve written above is so off the mark, as any of us who do this for a living would attest to.

That dude frequently manufactures head scratching brain farts like this in his over zest up to be critical of the Kurtzman shows. He doesn’t like reality getting in his way… lol

A production schedule is a production schedule. You’re implying that they get more time today because today’s showrunners don’t know what they’re doing but the dynamics of a production schedule have never really changed.

We had a bunch of shows in production at a former employer, one was effects and stunt heavy and and another was shot entirely on sound stages but both got the same number of days to shoot. To accommodate the schedule on one show, they had two units shooting simultaneously since the stunt work was extensive. We needed the show delivered by a specific date and they had to deliver. That’s never changed.

Production on SNW was delayed because of the strikes but the schedule is not being rushed.

7 comments into an article about the return of a beloved fan favorite and we’re already being given sniveling, whining, snarky comments.

Trek’s back, baby!

Best new Star Trek show done since DS9. This, and the last two season of Picard are really fantastic and have me watching Paramount + (and be before that CBS all access.)

Yay. More mediocre Trek hailed as awesome since our standards have dropped so much over the years.

Boo. More mediocre commentary lamented as pointless since hate posting has become a thing over the years.

If you want to complain about something, complain about this non-news (photos and empty comments) promoted as news by both the studio and our otherwise generally very effective Trek News sites. I wish the studio would just let the cast and crew actually talk about what they are doing. Not everything has to be kept a super secret!

Yeah, because Enterprise, insurrection and Nemesis set such a tremendous standard at the end of the Berman area.

The Nemesis/Enterprise platinum-level quality standard will be nearly impossible for any Star Trek series today or in the future to ever surpass.

And yet very little of NuTrek has surpassed it, even if we were to accept your dislike of ENT and NEM for the sake of argument.

And have I got a great investment for you in my new camp lejeune mineral water franchise

I certainly accept his dislike of ENT and NEM at face value, but also have to agree with you that NuTrek isn’t up to snuff either (and in fact disappoints on a more alarming level.)

While I would certainly agree that nu Trek often disappoints — and when you’re only producing ten hours a year, there should be a lot less of that — at least I don’t feel like I’m in a Twilight Zone episode where I’m trapped in a sausage factory, watching variations of the same thing on endless repeat, as I often did during the latter half of the Berman era. YMMV, of course.

at least I don’t feel like I’m in a Twilight Zone episode where I’m trapped in a sausage factory, watching variations of the same thing on endless repeat, as I often did during the latter half of the Berman era. 

Well said…100%

The latter half of the Berman era — particularly with Enterprise, Insurrection and Nemesis — was the low-bar of Star Trek in my opinion. I don’t want to see standards lowered to that level ever again for any Star Trek production.

I haven’t seen even half of VOYAGER, and much less of ENTERPRISE, but with VOY, at least it had a decent color palette. The scenes on the bridge were easy on the eye. That alone elevates it above pretty much everything that has followed. Between idiotic lights shining in the crew’s faces so they wouldn’t be able to read the displays in the JJ flicks (and don’t forget the barcode scanners on the helm, which look about as appropriate as the silly old moire at Spock’s station) and the insane amount of strip lighting in the new shows, there’s nothing easy on the eye.

Not going to contest the overall opinion because we’re talking bad scripts during the last stretch of Berman era, very bad. But looks-wise it wasn’t unwatchable yet (though I found ENT to be awkward in its visual concepts.)

Agree on Voyager — which is why I didn’t include that in my critique.

Hey, nothing wrong with the moire, which was ‘60s op-art groovy. Besides, Nimoy could sell anything, and if Spock could take those goofy displays seriously, then so can I.

I could never retcon a justification for it, though I’ve tried for other things. I was hung up on fractals in a big way in the early 90s, and thought that instead of bar graphs and the usual way of displaying information on screens, that a ship could have fractal displays instead that basically tell the operator what the trend for any given system is mathematically. I thought it would be a very beautiful way of filling out a control room, but my writing partner said it would date the show, and I conceded he might have a point.

Did you try retconning an explanation for the static paintings?

I stopped noticing them pretty early. With a small TV, unless something got a closeup I didn’t really ‘see’ it too well.

Though I guess they could be private heads up displays if you look straight at them, and safe nondistracting static views for everyone else.

Now if anybody can defend/explain the distractingly bright lights blinding operators at their stations in jjverse, that would be neat trick. Please don’t suggest that in future our pupils will respond to light on a conscious individual wavelength basis or I will lock onto your privates with a tractor beam — 23rd century version of torn apart by 4 wild horses.

Fans, it seems, just about universally loathed the kelvinverse iBridge. One of my favorite stories of the era was when James Cawley of “New Voyages” related how after they’d had a chance encounter on the Paramount lot Abrams had taken him straight to his new bridge set, eager to show it off. Cawley said that when he first saw it, it was like he’d been kicked in the nuts. Then Abrams saw the expression on Cawley’s face, and it looked like *he’d* been kicked in the nuts.

By comparison, I’m pretty good with the SNW bridge, as it’s mostly a bigger, more polished take on the TOS concept only with better graphics. But I completely agree with you on the annoying strip lighting. If they had resisted the temptation to go there I’d probably rate it at least half a letter grade higher.

Sorry for late reply, that kicked-in-nuts thing is very funny. Obviously didn’t make any difference in the end, but still funny. Kinda wish JJ was more like Kubrick (well, in ALL SORTS of ways), but I’m thinking of 2001, when Arthur C. Clarke took a look around the stage and mentioned how one of the ship cockpits reminded him of a Chinese restaurant — then he said that killed it for Kubrick, who demanded significant revisions to the already-completed set.

In a different realm, Cawley’s expression could have helped salvage the 09 visual style. If only … if only …

I distinctly recall that anecdote, which if memory serves was in reference to the Moon Bus cockpit and concluded with Clarke reflecting “Better avoid the Art Department after this. . .”

Speaking of 2001, have you seen the videos scoring sections of the film to Alex North’s original music? Of course they only confirm that Kubrick made the right decision, but fascinating to watch nonetheless. Amazing what you can find on YouTube these days.

Not sure why but my reply yesterday was labeled spam when I hit post comment, so here goes again: thanks for tip, will check it out. Have heard the unused score on CD and wasn’t impressed, felt parts were very SPARTACUS and other part was muzak-y, but will be interesting to see in context.

Maybe original post was considered spam because I mentioned a fan edit of NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN? (in context of using different music.)

Watch it or don’t. Most people are just trying to escape their lives for an hour.

Trek isn’t meant to be your girlfriend. It can only fill the void so much.

Yeah because there was no mediocre Star Trek before the new era. 🙄

Lol, exactly! :-))

Are you kidding me?!? Spock’s Brain, The Way to Eden, and And the Children Shall Lead were the gold standard! I ask you: Brain and brain! What is brain? You Herberts! You guys make me so upset I am going to summon my avenging angel, “Hail, hail, fire and snow. Call the angel we will go. Far away, for to see, friendly Angel come to me!!!

LOL, exactly

I don’t know after being forced to sit through cartoon episodes and musicals to finish Strange New Worlds season 2, i’d probably take any of the weak TOS episodes over them except Turnabout Intruder which is awful to this day.

I think it’s okay to believe that nothing nu Trek has produced so far equals the best of TOS without opining that two pretty-well-received-by-fandom SNW episodes are yet inferior to its absolute worst. YMMV, of course.

You know what i saw Rascals on tv today and it is way worse than those. It was pretty much unwatchable.

Don’t know as my standards have dropped, though my capacity for taking this stuff overly seriously while the world implodes certainly has.

My wife threatens to break sets of blu-ray disc’s each time she finds me on, I’m that freaked out by how much trouble a republican sized minority has been able to make as well as the forsaking of ethical standards.

Amen, brother! It’s crazy!

I think that actually understates just how precarious our current situation is. Madness everywhere, not just here, and not even just when it comes to politics. I watched a YouTube clip of the 2001 ‘Blue Danube’ sequence the other day, then made the mistake of reading the comments, which rapidly degenerated into a “debate” as to whether the moon landings were faked or not. I’m not kidding.

My mother had a fascination with the stuff you’d see on the ‘ancient aliens’ channel, and when she was alive I’d tease that her aliens must have put some crazy juice in the human water supply to soften us up for invasion, the way things were going. Well, it’s been three years now since she passed and from where I’m sitting the aliens are still pumping it in, faster than ever. I think we’re seriously screwed.

Nick Meyer may have bought us some time with the day after but it feels like a ‘time’s up’ call for human race along.

Lighter note. I thought hyams should have shown delegates at un scuffling and put Danube over that action in 2010.

That would have been hilarious. I haven’t watched 2010 in ages. My opinion back then was that it was a totally not-bad film from a pretty bad director. If it were anything but an unnecessary sequel to one of the greatest films ever made I’d probably like it a lot better.

My reply here from yesterday also hasn’t shown up. I’d agree with your assessment of the film, except I actually watch it often, mainly for the ship miniatures. I did get into a critique of a part of the film that contradicts the film 2001 rather extremely, but if that is what led to the post not posting, then I won’t repeat myself here.

Yeah, I had a huge reply to someone on the subject of “Prodigy” devoured as spam yesterday, so I grok your frustration. This site has the worst posting feature ever, period.

Just to add: the one scene in 2010 I found utterly preposterous was when Bob Balaban as Dr. Chandra successfully reboots HAL by just manually pushing those lucite brain blocks back into place. Hell, I could’ve done that, and for half of Chandra’s salary.

I was too uncomfortable for Balaban in that scene, who was clearly not in zero-gee and was really feeling it. Ditto for Scheider on the DSC flight deck as Bowman shows up, it looks like the blood is rushing to his head or something.

For me the biggest of many problems was Scheider’s Floyd apparently lying in his teeth about HAL not being briefed about the monolith. I mean, Sylvester’s Floyd actually pretaped a message saying specifically that only HAL knew. I’ve tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, since Scheider’s performance makes it look like Floyd is so pissed he may well be acting, but it really just seems like a way of kicking the NSA (which was a good match with the CIA for such villainy in movies and in life.)

Don’t recall that, but I’m sure you’re right. Another thing that bothered me at the time were all those little TV monitors that replaced the rear-projection screens on those otherwise meticulously-reconstructed DSC sets. I get that it was more advanced in terms of production, but it still looked primitive even back then, and of course now it dates the film horribly, whereas 2001 largely holds up to this day.

Watch a 2001 YouTube video and you’ll likely see a ton of comments from younger people who are gobsmacked that the film was released in 1968. I’ll doubt you’d find that level of amazement that 2010 came out in 1984.

The real question is was 2010 before or after FLASHDANCE! (Hyams was shooting in smoke before Beals turned up, but none of his pics were enough to turn it into a going concern like ET and ‘DANCE did.

I think they did cheap out on the DSC command deck, because I’m pretty sure it is made out of foamcore. I remember in the theater thinking I saw a dent in the console that looked like what happens when something falls on cardboard, not metal, and when we had a good-sized TV awhile back I saw what looked like multiple instances of damage resembling what happens with cardboard. You’re supposed to be looking at the monitor screens, not the in-between parts, but you know my eye wanders …

Not sure if this will get through, but I found these images of missing shots from TMP klingon battle that I– that’s right ME — have never seen before. Have no idea where the guy got them from (well the wide 2nd one might be from Apogee’s reel, but I sure don’t remember closeups of nacelles being zapped and half-vanishing like this!)

Damn, those were cool, thanks. The second shot of the ship firing the torpedo was beautiful enough that I saved it. That sequence was nicely conceived, and I’m sure they did their best given the time constraints. But why they chose to keep that one with the three ships rising in the frame with the horrible matte lines — they even retained it in the Director’s Cut! — I’ll never know.

I double-checked and they are actually from Apogee’s Trek reel; I must never have watched it all the way through, because the nacelle eating shows up near the end of the reel very briefly.

They’re filming in Canada so that’s a tuque.

And today I learned a new word. Thanks!

We don’t always agree on everything across this country (and don’t even agree on the spelling of tuque/toque), but I bet nobody raised here would call what Bush is wearing a beanie or a knit cap, lol.

Quite right. And tuque is the French spelling.

The only place I can see this from Norway is the SkyShowtime streaming service, which does 1080p and stereo only. I really want to see the new Star Trek, but with that shitty quality and the limited time I dedicate to watching video, I pick some other show from another streaming service that has proper 4k Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. This is so I can enjoy my setup that is optimized for these qualities, also thinking that it is better to wait for an opportunity to watch the show properly.

Most services support proper quality now, but not the one where my Star Trek content is served :(

Pleaaase make sure new Star Trek series and movies are distributed in full quality!

VPN, my friend. VPN.

It’s amazing to me today that some many people are still ignorant of this option?

VPN’s are a bit of mystery to most people.

Isn’t that what I just sorta said? ;-)

And pay double? Once for the streaming service and a second time for the VPN?
When Paramount+ was only officially available in the US they didn’t accept foreign credit cards. No idea if they have changed that by now. So you would need to get a VPN and a US credit card.
By the way: Using a VPN to pretend you’re in a different country than you actually are is against the terms and conditions of streaming services. So chances are you’ll get blocked before long.

If companies want people to watch stuff legally they should offer a legal option in a customer-friendly way that actually has an acceptable quality. Otherwise, those people that are technically savvy enough will just bypass official means.

Heh. I remember back in the Seventies when I’d struggle to get an old black-and-white clunker of a TV in our garage to pull in a signal out of Los Angeles so I could watch a few fleeting moments of a TOS rerun before the static came roaring back in. You young’uns and your hi-def.

Strike delayed production or not it’s kind of interesting that they would start production this week instead of waiting two weeks for the holidays. Not exactly a friendly schedule for an international cast and crew to leave their families at the holidays. The Berman/Braga shows all shut down for a holiday break. I guess Paramount really wants to have new content.

Plus the cast and crew need to get paid — I’m sure all those who are not the leads don’t want to wait another month for their first paychecks in seven months, even if it means international travel. And it’s not like they didn’t have a ton of time with their families during the strike — they are probably so with all that family time (but are pretending to their famines that it sucks of course) — lol

I’d certainly be going stir crazy and would jump on a plane.

Some productions HAVE to start by year’s end for some kind of tax/production liability, I think. 2001 began shooting I believe on 12/30 or 12/31/65, to do the lunar surface stuff.

Wesley Kirk is far from my favorite but he is getting better at playing a Kirk, just not the Kirk. He is making the character his own without Shatnerisms, he might be a little too stoic when he is serious, a little smarmy and know it all when he shows he is ready for command responsibilities. But all i see if Jim Carrey playing Kirk.