‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 To Debut In April; Watch New Clip From CCXP

Today at a panel at CCXP in Brazil, Paramount+ made good on their promise to unveil something new for Star Trek: Discovery which now has a release month and a brand new clip from the fifth and final season.

Disco returns in April

During the CCXP panel in São Paulo, Brazil Star Trek: Discovery executive producer and showrunner Michelle Paradise and star Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Burnham) revealed the fifth and final season will premiere in April 2024 in all Paramount+ markets around the world. Paramount+ has not specified which date in April but TrekMovie has confirmed the 10-episode season will be released weekly on Thursdays following the premiere.

Paramount+ also unveiled a brand new season 5 clip at CCXP. It features Captain Burnham and Book (David Ajala) dealing with an unusual alien creature. You can watch the clip below…

The previously released synopsis summarizes the new season:

The fifth and final season will find Captain Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery uncovering a mystery that will send them on an epic adventure across the galaxy to find an ancient power whose very existence has been deliberately hidden for centuries. But there are others on the hunt as well … dangerous foes who are desperate to claim the prize for themselves and will stop at nothing to get it.

Season 5 cast

Paramount+ also released a new cast photo for season 5 showing off returning castmembers Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Michael Burnham), Doug Jones (Saru), Anthony Rapp (Paul Stamets), Mary Wiseman (Sylvia Tilly), Wilson Cruz (Dr. Hugh Culber), David Ajala (Cleveland “Book” Booker), and Blu del Barrio (Adira) along with new castmember Callum Keith Rennie (Rayner).

New season 5 cast photo (Paramount+)

Mary Wiseman’s Tilly left the USS Discovery in episode 4 of season 4 to take up a post at Starfleet Academy, returning in the season 4 finale. It appears Tilly is returning to the USS Discovery for the fifth and final season.  It’s unknown if Wiseman’s Tilly will also be part of the new Star Trek: Starfleet Academy series which is currently in development, with shooting expected to start in 2024.

Callum Keith Rennie (Rayner) is new to the cast, playing Starfleet Captain Rayner. Rayner is from Ni’Var (formerly Vulcan). Here is his official character description:

Rayner is a gruff, smart Starfleet Captain who holds a clear line between commander and crew – he leads, they follow. Rayner’s all about the mission, whatever it may be, and he doesn’t do niceties along the way; his feeling is, you get the job done and apologize later. He has a storied track record of wartime success, but in times of peace he struggles. Collaboration is not his strong suit. That said, if it serves the greater good he’s willing to learn … but it won’t be easy.

Callum Keith Rennie as Rayner (Paramount+)

Although not pictured in the new cast photo, Season 5 also features recurring guest stars Elias Toufexis (L’ak) and Eve Harlow (Moll). Here are how they have been described:

Moll is a former courier turned outlaw, who is highly intelligent and dangerous, with an impressive strategic mind and a sharp wit. She goes into every situation with a clear plan and stays focused and clear-headed on her goal, even when things go awry. She’s not intimidated by Captain Burnham or the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery, and will face down anyone who stands in her way in order to get what she wants.

L’ak is a former courier turned outlaw, who is tough, impulsive and fiercely protective of his beloved partner, Moll. So long as he knows she’s safe, he doesn’t care about collateral damage or its consequences – a perspective that makes him very dangerous at times and will put him on the opposite side of Captain Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery when they come into conflict.

These new characters were first revealed in a photo and trailer released during NYCC 2022 (below)

Elias Toufexis as L’ak and Eve Harlow as Malinne “Moll” Ravel (Paramount+)

Discovery fans at CCXP

Paramount+ Brasil shared a short video of fans watching the CCXP Discovery panel.

They also have video from the CCXP exhibit floor where they have set up an interactive Discovery experience…

Discovery seasons one through four are currently streaming exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., the U.K., Switzerland, South Korea, Latin America, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and Austria. Seasons two and three are also available on the Pluto TV “Star Trek” channel in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel.

More to come from Brazil

TrekMovie has partnered with TrekBrasilis for more reporting from CCXP including more details from the Discovery panel as well as an interview with Sonequa Martin-Green and Michelle Paradise. So check back for more news from Brazil.

Keep up with news for the Star Trek Universe at TrekMovie.com.

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Looking forward to the first episode!

How does the instant beaming know where you want to go? Maybe I have to watch a re-run where they explain it.

They don’t. It’s nonsense science, and one of the many reasons seasons three and four have been weak.

As opposed to the regular transporter, which is firmly based in real science.

It’s amazing what you can do with a bulls**t compensator….

Firmly based in Trek canon.

The “science” of the transporter works within the internal logic of the show (usually). Machine moves person to a different place instantaneously. People can wrap their heads around that and go with it without having to reconcile it with how quantum mechanics works. And Trek usually has set limits, rules, and exceptions.

But this doesn’t really make sense on the basic “how it works” level of how someone targets a specific destination, without just making all of the characters into Nightcrawler.

It would make “some” sense if you said that the tricorders are implants in people’s heads and everyone had an Iron Man HUD in their vision now where they can do some of the stuff. But even with that I don’t think it would allow people to beam as quick and as specific as they do in Discovery.

While I tend to find myself rolling my eyes at most of Discovery’s technological absurdity, there is similar technology shown in an episode of Voyager.

The 29th century borg that was created from the Doctor’s mobile emitter had a built-in transporter. So, as much as I dislike the personal transporters used on Discovery, the technology is canon.

It’s canon just because it appears in the show. It is supported by a previous example of later-era technology (“Drone”), but in Discovery’s case as depicted, it doesn’t make any sense. The drone had implanted/inherent computer tech and thus could interface with system to control the transport. I don’t think anyone has been arguing that ‘miniaturized’ transporters don’t make sense. (At best, these personal transporters could make sense if the creators/writers made any attempt to do so, but they have shown zero interest in any real world building in seasons 3 and 4.)

As opposed to TOS’ universal translator, which somehow knows what your context is. There’s no lack of nonsense science in Trek. You’re just giving a pass to the parts you like.

The UT was a necessity for storytelling. Instant personal transporter that reads your mind is not.

According to one person who works on the show who answered a question on twitter regarding that very topic. They said the combadge has a form of neural component that can read the wearers mind and beam them to the location that they are thinking about.

Wouldn’t that require the person being able to somehow scan the area in their mind to know where they’re beaming to? Otherwise, you’d risk beaming inside of a door, rock, or some other material. Or into nothingness.

Like what happens if I think I want to beam to the other room, think about the spot of the room in my mind, but someone has put a chair in the spot where I’m beaming that I didn’t know about?

I mean, you would expect the transporter system to have some built-in safeguards like not just beaming you into an object or into the void of space (unless you’re wearing a spacesuit/force field).

They have a preprogrammed ‘home’ location or they can enter a location via holokeyboard.

It’s apparition from Harry Potter. And the programmable matter is basically a summoning spell. It’s 100% the fact that the writers are all gay women. Michelle Paradise should have stuck with writing about how to be a lesbian….instead someone asked her to run a sci-fi show so CBS would look progressive and now this is the crap we are stuck with.

Paradise has had previous experience in television writing and production before running the writer’s room on STD. Whatever you think of the job she’s done — I have no opinion, not having watched the show since season 2 — your presumption that her hire as a lesbian is some sort of virtue signaling on the part of CBS is completely uncalled-for.

I’m trying to figure out how to report this comment, but there doesn’t seem to be an option. Take your BS elsewhere please.


I know this person had been booted, but I don’t get the comment. One of the best and most memorable Star Trek episodes of all time was written by a gay man: David Gerrold wrote The Trouble with Tribbles. How does being gay make you a bad writer?

And why would a gay person write a show on how to be gay? Do straight people write shows on how to be straight?

Makes no sense

It makes a lot less sense even than that. CBS/Paramount + are in the money-making business, not the virtue signaling business. Sure, poor staffing decisions in the industry are made all the time, and for all kinds of reasons. But, first and foremost, the talents and ability to get the job done by the principals involved are taken as a given. Would any possible benefit with the progressive/LGBTQ community outweigh putting millions in production capital at risk by hiring a showrunner solely due to her sexuality? You might just as well argue that Paramount in the Aughts was hopelessly prejudiced in favor of employing straight white men, as Berman and Braga were kept in charge long past their sell-by date and a franchise worth billions cratered. But everything these days must be politicized and made part of the ongoing culture wars, whether it comports with objective reality or not.

Good points. These production studios want to make money. If the research/data points to creating a more inclusive set of characters and plots, then they do that. It’s not about “shoving woke ideas in our face,” but rather “this will make us more money because it increases the range of the demographics.”

Actually, that’s a separate argument from the one I was making, which was just about people getting jobs based strictly on their politics or how they identify sexually. As to messaging, that the majority of creatives in Hollywood happen to be liberal and that their work to some extent reflects that is undeniable. (The arts tend to self-select for liberal values, just as the police and military tend to self-select for conservative ones.) That doesn’t mean that conservative voices are locked-out — there just happen to be fewer of them, so their cultural influence is correspondingly diminished. Aside from setting-up ideological hiring quotas in the entertainment industry I don’t know how you remedy that, and from a conservative perspective quotas are supposed to be a definite no-no in any case. And there’s another thing to consider: while the majority of writers, actors and directors tend to lean left, that’s not so much the case with those they answer to: the people who hold the purse strings and run the media conglomerates and decide what actually gets made.

Normally whenever a new clip is revealed for an upcoming season of any Star Trek show I feel pumped up. But that did nothing for me except make me shrug. I hope the rest of it is better than this.

Looks great i can’t wait to see S5 though i wish it was airing earlier at least now we have a date.

Agree. Looks sick. Can’t wait. Just give us a date already lol.

Since Wondercon is at the end of March, maybe there will be another Discovery panel there

The creature looks cool, I was reminded a bit of ‘Darmok’ with the transparency of it. I never had a problem with the production values that went into Discovery, just pretty much with the rest of everything else about it :)

Yeah, I’m not really sure what the clip is trying to make appetite for. This clip merely teases a monster-of-the-week. I reserve judgment though. I’m sure there is more to it than just an angry non-communicating alien.

Are you sure it isn’t time for some historical metaphors?

That hairstyle from the past few seasons is really going to date that show in the years to come. Even when long hair and long sideburns were trendy and commonplace in the late 60’s, Roddenberry always made sure that the drew looked professional and very consistent.

Yeah because the bee hives never look dated now.

It took a few years for them to look dated but she *already* looks dated (and it never has looked professional). Updos of various kinds have long been common for women in military service.

but she *already* looks dated”

Had you never seen a black woman until a year and a half ago or something?

yeah, but bee hives are going to be the hottest trend of the 2260’s!

Braids are going to look dated in 20 years? What?

Because it’s long? Is it the longest hairstyle we’ve ever seen on a female character in Starfleet? And even if it is, it’s set in the 32nd century – pretty sure that’s a decent excuse for those sorts of regulations to have evolved.

Braids have been a part of black culture for *generations*. They are absolutely never going to look dated.

Maybe do some research in the future to avoid looking *deeply* problematic.

Braids aren’t professional, huh?

Looks amazing! Very excited for the new season. (Just wish they had digitally edited out the trees at the top of that same quarry near Toronto that has been sued at least 5 times that I can think of. If you are going to have CG cloaking animals flying around, how hard is it to edit out the trees and make it look like somewhere different?)

Like that the new guy is partly human/vulcan/romulan. Nice ears! Very 1,000 years in the future.

Why has the quarry been sued?

Great we finally got a more specific release date.

OTOH…ooof at least 5 months with no new Star Trek episodes (unless Netflix drops Prodigy S2 before then, which I doubt).

We really were spoiled, weren’t we?

Since Netflix has the distribution rights I think they can release it whenever they want without Paramount’s permission.

They might have a non-compete clause stating they can’t debut it while a Paramount+ original is airing new episodes.

True, but it will also be interesting to see how Netflix handles the distribution. They may choose to release the whole season at one time.

I bet they’ll go for two 10 episode releases a few weeks apart.

Looks like fun, certainly spendy! Putting my Paramount+ sub on hiatus until then seems like a smart move however.

Was really hoping for January. I’m going to have to let the monthly membership drop until April now because I’m not paying for 5 months of nothing unless they quickly announce Halo season 2 is coming out in January

Halo returns February 8th, 2024 so you’re in luck! You’ll be out a few bucks, though.

That’s great news. I loved S1.


Absolutely. Enjoy!

That they think this is what will draw in viewers tells you everything you need to know.

I’ll take their assessment, based on viewership levels from previous seasons and current statistical projections by studio business staff over an anonymous poster named “Mallory” on a Trek fan site.

Lol, give me a freaking break. :-))

I think at least the haters will be watching in droves to celebrate its demise! 😂

I bailed on Discovery after season 2 but the comments and feedback tend to be more entertaining than the show itself.

I stuck with it to the 2nd episode of season 4 and it gave me an ulcer

For me the show lost its way and is unengaging in the 32nd Century. When it was interesting and fun even in the 23rd. I feel like 32nd Century is DOA, and i feel the same about Starfleet Academy in that era. Don’t like the ship designs either. Detached nacelles is probably my least favorite design ever. I like Book as a character, like Michael as Captain. And i like Adira very much from third season. But why can’t those characters exist in the TOS era. Nothing in the 32d century is distinct or even necessary. Its just like a super duper way later than TNG Era. Like its cool or something.

I liked Disco Spock way more than SNW Spock. Disco Spock was interesting. The new version in Strange New Worlds is not recognizable, some playboy in a romance drama. I literally can’t imagine Nimoy playing it because of how cringe it is.

I’m not into DSC at all anymore but totally agree with you as to SNW Spock. The character has been cheapened and made into a parody. I’m all on board that SNW is a parallel universe.

Spock breaking into broad smiles is a bit disturbing on SNW, and I would blame the writers for that, but I can separate that from my opinion that Ethan Peck is doing a great job as Spock and that overall I really like his performance.

Completely agree, 32nd Century feels more like “magic” stuff then technology.

LOL, and I know I add to your entertainment value. ;-)

Well, that kinda’ goes without saying! I’m not a fan of the show but I appreciate and respect your passion for it.

I wish I had your willpower man. I really do. 🙄

The comments do keep it fun though. It’s really fun to read them on YouTube. They never hold back over there.

That’s a no mercy zone. Yikes!

That was a good time to get out. I held out until the middle of season 4.

Yeah I only watched it because it’s Star Trek, but the last two seasons has been a complete downfall from the first two that were actually good.

Ugh… Discovery. Maybe this season will surprise me by not sucking. That’s a super tall order for this show but I’m hoping it happens.

I should’ve loved season 4. Adolf was off the show for good. Tilly was gone after the fourth episode and I think Burnham only cried like one, two or three times? I can’t remember but less. And Grudge the cat got more screen time now that Tilly wasn’t around. This should’ve been the best Discovery season EVER!!!!!

But nope, still sucked. This show is like both of my sisters, a constant disappointment.

And season 5 is bringing back Tilly, whhhyyyy, so my faith is waning this show will go out on a high note. But I keep hope alive.

If they at least bring Carl/GOF back then maybe the season can be salvaged. That guy is awesome!

You know TG1701 is unhappy when no emoticon can be seen in his post!

Come on, turn that frown around, you can do it!! Sorry this is a place I could’ve put a smiley but I’m too old for emoticons. Just pretend it’s there.

But seriously, I’m actually looking forward to Discovery. Yes it can be annoying sometimes and make no sense, but maybe the show is aimed at a demo that doesn’t care about everything making sense… So a mushroom drive is ok, a child having a tantrum blowing up every ship in the galaxy using dilithium is ok, instant mind-reading poof transporting is ok… but I draw the line at group hugs and emotion-sharing therapy sessions and unintelligible dialogue that’s spoken in whispering bursts forcing me to put the captions on…

Nevertheless I accept that a lot of people either don’t mind or even like these things, so I’ll reserve judgment, at least until I see what the new season looks like. I just hope the cat is still going to be there.

Perhaps someone should award his sisters a gold medal for endurance and patience? And I’d love to hear “their side of the story.” ;-)

Lol, I’m kidding. :-))

As usual we’re on the same page! 😎 (that one is for you!)

And I know I come off as a huge Discovery hater (but that’s not hard lol) the truth is every season I started out liking the show, at least at the beginning. Every single season although just ‘eh” on season one because it barely looked or felt like Star Trek but I didn’t hate it. I just accepted it was supposed to be a reboot but in the end it sucked badly. The weird Klingons, everything looking way too advanced , Spock having a mutineer sister and MU Georgiou were all eye rolling but I would’ve been OK if the story wasn’t so ridiculous that ended on planting a bomb in Qonos to end the war.

But season 2, I really liked it in the beginning and loved Pike. It felt like a different and better show. Then we got Burnham’s dead mom in a super time travel suit, Section 31 being buddies with Starfleet for some bizarre reason, Control T-1000 destroying the galaxy and then Spock saying mentioning Burnham’s name will get you stoned at Starfleet headquarters was beyond silly.

Season 3 was also good in the beginning. They finally went to a century where they couldn’t keep destroying canon every week. The Federation falling was a good storyline and I really liked Book, Vance, Adira and Grudge. Adolf was still annoying but she was finally gone. But the show ended ridiculously with some kid yelling that caused the Burn and even worse Tilly was the first officer. 🙄

Season 4 didn’t start off great but OK. I did like most of the first half and happy when Tilly left. The new aliens sounded real interesting and was hoping we meet them soon.

And then we got one of the dumbest and dullest stories in the second half with the boring Book chase and landed on a planet where they all caught the aliens thousand year old emo dust and everyone crying and hugging each other. This show was begging to be cancelled after that.

So believe it or not I stayed open minded every season. Every time there was an episode I liked I loudly said so on other boards, especially Trekcre. I never wanted to hate the show and I was hoping like Enterprise my mind would eventually be changed and I would learn to like it.

Instead it only got worst. At this point I’m just waiting for it to end now. But maybe I will like season 5. If history taught me anything I probably will like the beginning. 😉

Well at least you tried hard to like it. I initially gave up on it in mid-season 2, then came back to it a year later or so to give it another chance… I still don’t like it. I don’t like that they’re preaching to us telling us how we’re supposed to think. TOS at least presented their point but let us make our own interpretation of it. DSC is condescending. I don’t remember most of what happened in the 4 seasons, so it didn’t have any impact on me. For sure we agree that it never felt like Star Trek. The show that feels most like Star Trek for me is Lower Decks, even more so than SNW…

I’m curious if they’re going to go the same way with the over-the-top emotions and kumbaya moments. I do like most of the characters, even Burnham is not as bad as I initially felt she was. Grey was horrible and useless and there for only one reason and we all know what that is, and this is not fair to the actor or the character. Every other character suffers from bad writing, not the character him/her/themself being bad. This is a Starfleet ship, make the crew act like a Starfleet crew. I still don’t know who the chief engineer is or what Adira does or what their rank is… Anyway we’ll see soon enough.

All great points! 👍

With Discovery there were just so many problems I had with it like you. The biggest is it just didn’t feel like Star Trek in its first season. I remember talking to other fans on Reddit and Facebook and I lot of them like me just didn’t understand who was this show for? It oddly didn’t feel like it was for TOS fans at all. Everything about it just felt so off from that show. It didn’t feel like it was for TNG, DS9 or VOY fans either. It just felt like it’s own thing that just burrowed some Star Trek elements to call it Star Trek but that was it.

And that would’ve been OK if they just said it was in another universe like JJ verse was. Pretending it was a prequel to TOS was like pretending the Nolan Batman films was a prequel to the Burton Batman movies. But it’s Star Trek so I still wanted to give it a chance and if it was just a better show maybe people wouldn’t have cared as much why it feels and looks nothing like Star Trek. And like you I just don’t like so many of the characters. Saru was cool and I really liked the original Georgiou before we got the fascist edition but most just wasn’t very likable. I like more of them now like Stamets and Culber but still far down the great ones like Worf, Seven, Data or Spock. But I like them

I feel Discovery is both a better and worse show today. Don’t ask me to explain that lol.

I really like this line you added:

“The show that feels most like Star Trek for me is Lower Decks, even more so than SNW…’

This is EXACTLY how I feel about LDS and why I love it so much. It feels the most like Star Trek for me too. I was so let down by JJ verse, Discovery and definitely Picard. I didn’t really care that much about the first two but Picard was supposed to be the show that made me feel we were finally getting real Star Trek back again and finally going forward. And it ended up being as bad as those IMO, but love season 3. I actually think Discovery season 4 is way better than Picard season 2.

So when LDS showed up I really expected the worst. Instead the show surprised me and oozes Star Trek in a way I haven’t felt since Enterprise ended. Everything about it fits in the old universe. It was clear McMahan was a die hard fan all his life. I also love Prodigy and SNW and they also feel like Star Trek but LDS still does it a bit better than those IMO.

But people hate this show too, including my own girlfriend who says it’s a show for really dumb fourth graders lol. So it’s all just opinions at the end of the day and every show will have their fans and haters. Just how it is. If you love Discovery, good for you. But you still think it sucks, that’s life and plenty of other Trek to go around. In the end the show just isn’t for me I guess.

Really dumb fourth graders, LOL! That sums me up pretty well… anything on the edge is going to be divisive. LDS is definitely pushing the boundaries. I did like Picard S1, thought there were things I thought were questionable. Didn’t watch S2 at all. I read too many bad comments and reviews about it. I couldn’t care less about Picard’s family or whatnot, I feel Stewart made it into an ego thing, to the point where I can’t even stand to look at his face now… S3 was ok but if you take away the fan service nothing is left. Each episode was just written to make you want to see the next one to see what would happen, and not because it was so engaging… I just wanted to know who the villain was (forgot her name) and when it was revealed it was an ultimate downer. She turned out to be a dud.

As far as JJ verse… I really liked the cast and look of the 2009 movie Enterprise bridge… made it look modern… but ABSOLUTELY hate the half-melted Enterprise. I’m erasing this version of the Enterprise from my mind. Nothing will ever beat the Refit, and I don’t mean the A, that wasn’t even the Enterprise… The 1st JJ verse movie wasn’t that bad, but I still can’t understand how Spock could see Vulcan explode from the ice planet he was on. And making Vulcan explode (and Romulus) was a bad, bad call. The 2 other movies were terrible garbage. Clearly they had no good idea for a story so they tried to get us with effects, like we’re really dumb fourth graders!

Lol and believe it or not she actually likes the show way more today than she did in it’s first season. She really hated Mariner when it started and just couldn’t believe someone like that could even have a career in Starfleet. She only watched the first 3-4 episodes of season and had no interest to watch it again.


She decided to watch the first episode of this season since it focused around Voyager, one of her favorite Trek shows (TNG and VOY are the only shows we love together). And she did notice Mariner had matured and watched a few more and likes her more now. Absolutely loved Tendi and T’Lyn though. 😄

She watched most of season 4 but still don’t have a big interest in watching the others. I wouldn’t call her a ‘fan’ or anything but she doesn’t think it was as dumb as before, but still pretty dumb. I’ll take that as a win. 😂

I agree with you on the rest. I didn’t hate Picard season 1 so much as I just felt let down by it. It was mostly decent until the end and just got super dumb like Discovery. But season 2 was so bad, not even Q could save it. I can’t believe a season of TV could be that bad???

I really do love season 3 but I know it wasn’t perfect either. But I really loved about it is that Star Trek felt like a show for adults again. There wasn’t the weepy melodrama you get in Discovery or the loose silliness you get on LDS and SNW (and as I said I really like those shows). In JJ verse everybody there feel like they are still in a college fraternity. I can’t take those characters seriously at all, certainly not in charge of the flagship.

But Picard season 3 felt really mature and the characters more weighty and grown up dialogue again like what you got on TNG. There was lots of jokes and banter (“Swords are fun” lol) but it didn’t undercut the serious moments. That was the kind of tone I was hoping we got the first two seasons…or any season of NuTrek.

But others still had problems with the season. I definitely get it too. Some of the episodes felt like filler and I didn’t love Vadic either. I liked her being a shape shifter but it was another tired revenge story NuTrek just keeps doing and they could’ve done a better job explaining how she and the Borg worked together

But overall still loved it and rewatched it twice now. Never rewatched the first two seasons or any season of Discovery to this day. Have zero desire to watch them again.

Oh sorry I completely forgot about your points with JJ verse. Don’t get me started on those movies. They are just sooooo dumb! 🙄

You mentioned Spock being able to see Vulcan getting destroyed by watching it on another planet lol. It’s just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended bro) of how ridiculous that movie is. That entire Delta Vega sequence is just mind boggling stupid. I went into a huge rant about it on Trek-web when that site was still a thing years ago. But nothing in it, NOTHING, makes any sense.

Why are you sending Kirk down to an ice planet full of deadly monsters in an escape pod when there are literally just two Starfleet officers manning it? Kirk would’ve either froze to death or eaten waiting for Scotty to come get him. Why not just beam him to the base then like they do 99.9% of the time??? Why is Spock just sitting in a cave when he knew there was a Starfleet base and literally said it wasn’t even far? His planet just been wiped out and he knows who did it. Wouldn’t it just be logical to go the base ASAP to alert everybody?? And why did he ask Kirk if he was Captain of the Enterprise when he barely looked 25 and knew Kirk was in his 30s when he became Captain?

I also loved when we got Spock’s exposition mind meld dump that we learn Nero and his miner goons apparently took Quantum and Temporal Mechanics at the Romulus night school since they were able to somehow calculate Spock’s arrival from the black hole down to mere minutes…25 years later lol. Like…how?? Seriously? Already mentioned the ridiculous Vulcan viewing which goes to the most ridiculous part of the sequence.

They finally meet Scotty and his side kick whose name I can’t remember. We see Scotty sleeping (BTW, did you ever get that message an escape pod landed on the planet for you to retrieve before the occupant dies of frostbite? Guess not) and is angry when he wakes up. Not over the billions of Vulcans who just died like an hour ago that was so close to him, he literally could view it with his own eyes; but he just wants to be relieved and eat. Doesn’t remotely care their biggest ally in the Federation and Earth’s first contact with aliens just got wiped out, he’s more concerned about the horrid Starfleet rations. And then to add salt to the wound he’s facing a Vulcan who just lost said home and all he wants to know is do they still have sandwiches in the future.

That scene should’ve been deeply emotional for Scotty and angry over what just happened. Instead they used him for a comic relief at the worst time possible. That’s something out of Transformers not Star Trek. This is why these movies were made for teenagers and not thinking adults.

Also it’s funny how the planet wasn’t remotely affected by another planet it practically shared an orbit with and was three times its size at least and was just eaten up by a giant black hole. Apparently it was fine, no physical ramifications of any kind. More great ‘JJ verse science’ at work there.

Finally to make it even dumber if that was possible, it was great how Spock introduced Scotty to transwaro beaming in all of ten minutes that not only manage to transport people tens of light-years away that they could never do even in the 24th century but apparently somehow(???) knew exactly the precise coordinates a ship traveling at billions of miles a second would be…AND manage to beam on said ship with it’s shields up. Apparently that’s something else Scotty manage to invent in the future too but it seems only Spock knew about it and never shared it with anyone else in the 24th century either.

Just all around plain dumb, all of it and that’s from just 10 minutes of this movie. If LDS is for dumb fourth graders JJ verse is for even dumber fourth graders who got held back… twice. 😐☹️🙄

Yeah again just creepy Creatures and Burnham do it all alone without crew 😝

In the last season I would really like to see a scene where Disco is in trouble and then there is a common line spoken “there is another ship intercepting… It is the Enterprise” this would give me the biggest goose bumps in my life :)

And then they vaguely suggesting who is commanding the ship after centuries of being on ice in a certain Section 31 facility… Fan service, sure, but that would be a lot of fun.

The Enterprise-X?

There is 26 letters in english alphabet. With the rate how the ships named Enterprise are introduced into service I think that last ship with one letter – Enterprise-Z was introduced in 28 century, so the next ship was named Enterprise-AA. Because of that, actual Enterprise in year 3190 would be something like Enterprise-AT.

It’s nice that the Captain can just let her non Starfleet boyfriend hang around and go on dangerous away missions.

Is it just me, or does that quarry show up on a lot of planets?

It looks like Vancouver-based Trek is getting its go-to locations just like LA-based Trek had them.
While the AR wall gives them opportunities to create worlds never seen before it’s probably not well suited for action set pieces. For one, there’s limited space inside the volume, and the tech is probably quite sensitive to pyrotechnics.

DSC is filmed in Toronto, not Vancouver.

Right. Somehow I thought west coast of Canada.

Based on the previous trailer and this clip, it seems to me that this will be another entry:
“Star Trek: Morphing into Star Wars (… the Bad Robot adventure continues)”.

I do not deny it will have some level of entertaining value (visuals, action).
Yet, I sorely miss episodes which *successfully* delve into moral/ethical issues and character development.
Even the Strange New Worlds episode S02E08 missed the mark by the end by just (seemingly) dropping any consequences of the previous action – killing a Federation ambassador.

Here’s hoping that ST:DSC S05 will pleasantly surprise and a bonus hoping – that Starfleet Academy won’t be a Star Trek reiteration of high-school dramas but it will capture the striving to become the best with a high level of *responsibility* involved.

I don’t agree. The ending was left ambiguous, just as Sisko’s “I can live with it” left the ending of “In the Pale Moonlight” ambiguous. That there were no further onscreen consequences took nothing away from the issues being raised in the first place.

Dear Mr. Hall, thank you for your comment. It made me think more about my previous post.
I have rewatched the ending of ST:SNW S02E08 to get a fresh perspective.

I do not deny that some issues (war crimes and justice, PTSD) were raised in SNW’s S02E08.
The episode, presentation of the issue(s), raised simply did not resonate with me (that much) and the ending was missing something when compared to DS9’s S06E19 “In the Pale Moonlight”.
The latter episode was a “wow” experience for me. (Its off-screen continuation in novel “Hollow Men”, only half-way through, thus far seems to rather water it down by Sisko having second thoughts about his decision to live with it.)
SNW’s S02E08 felt to me like a build-up without a proper climax.
Perhaps, it was by design to leave a certain unease (of different kind than in the DS9’s S06E19) in the viewers.

Also, the below three factors affected my experiencing the episode when watched for the 1st time:

1) Over 5 seasons of build-up in DS9 enabled me to root for Sisko.

2) ST:SNW contains some things that make it harder for me to enjoy as a (prequel to ST:TOS) and continuation of Star Trek (since it is advertised as such). This includes canon inconsistencies (La’an and Kirk vs. Kirk not knowing who Khan is in ST:TOS “Space Seed”), portrayal of Spock, design issues – size of the Enterprise interior (Star Trek shorts where Spock and Una get stuck in turbolift). Unfortunately many episodes left me with a feeling that it could/should have been better.

Disclosure: I occasionally watch records of live streams of Robservations at https://www.youtube.com/@THEBURNETTWORK/streams . This made me more susceptible to what I perceive as potential not fully utilised in the modern Star Trek that is – apart from the cinematic reboot – presented as an extension/continuation of the “old” one (the Roddenberry and Braga-Berman eras). Which implicitly calls for comparing the new products with what came before. Let me also state I do not necessarily always/completely agree with R.M.B. (the presenter) but he surely does have many interesting points.

3) It was advertised as going for the vibe of DS9 war episodes which lead to raise my expectations by comparing with DS9’s S06E19 mentioned in your post.

BTW, ambiguous is not a word I would associate with DS9’s S06E19 – it (at least my interpretation of the experienced episode) was clear: Sisko and Garak did unlawful things to achieve a greater good and the captain decided not to disclose the whole truth.
On the other hand, I would probably use it with SNW’s S02E08 since I am not entirely sure whether Dr. M’Benga found it more difficult to live with what he did (something in the spirit of O’Brien wrestled with in ST:TNG S04E12 “The Wounded”) or the Klingon(s) did.

I really hated S2E8 of SNW too. That’s the the only episode I really didn’t like at all last season. Like you I had so many issues with it.

I don’t think it’s bad like the way I think Threshold, The Fight or Shades of Grey is bad but it really left a sour taste in my mouth. It tried to be on the level of The Wounded but missed the mark completely IMO and let Pike look like more of a softie with no spine then he already is.

Now that Paramount+ had landed in Japan, I am disappointed. There is no TOS, DS9 or Disco. Just Kelvin movies I can access elsewhere and SNW, I can piece together from YT. I love “Discovery” as it is my 3rd favorite Trek. I miss Michael Burnham, her crew and Zora.

To my huge surprise that actually looks good.

Michael advancing the narrative and probably saving the day, who would have thought. It speaks to how weak the rest of the cast and characters are that there’s no one else you could imagine doing this sort of thing, unlike in every other Trek show, including new ones.

New male character, of course he’s highly flawed, dislikeable with a LOT to learn. I expect he’ll be emasculated and preached to in the same way Shaw was on Picard S3.

Adira and Tilly back. Why??? Especially the former. At least they ditched Gray when they belatedly realised they had nothing to add to the show’s story-telling.

Yeah Grey was awful. Glad they are gone at least.

Yawn…DSC peaked in Season 2. i want this show to be good and i keep giving it a chance and will watch season 5, but i just don’t like it as much as other ST shows. . the sets are great, i liked the original DSC ship design (all the 23rd century ship designs in general for the show were cool) i think all the actors are good, but the writing, editing and tone of the show is very uneven.

the only thing that gives me hope for that academy show set in the 32nd century DSC era is that Tawny Newsome is involved on some level. i just hope its not a Tilly centric show.

Trek is Trek….


Looks OK, still expect it to suck. So much wasted potential. Sigh

That clip made me think “Picard and Dothan at El Adrel”