The Multiverse Is At Stake In ‘Star Trek Online: Both Worlds’ – Watch The Launch Trailer

Today Star Trek Online launches “Both Worlds,” the 31st season of the multiplayer online game. The new season features the return of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Nicole de Boer.

Both Worlds is live now

Star Trek Online: Both Worlds is available now on PC and will launch on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on March 12, 2024. In Both Worlds’ new featured episode, “Scorpion’s Abyss,” players continue the multiverse story from the game’s last season update. This episode includes Star Trek series original cast members reprising their roles as characters in the game, including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Nicole de Boer as Captain Ezri Dax, Star Trek: Voyager’s Garret Wang as Captain Harry Kim, and Star Trek: Enterprise guest star Kipleigh Brown as Captain Kuumaarke.

Here is the launch trailer…

And here is the official synopsis for the story:

Star Trek Online: Both Worlds continues last season’s multiverse story following a misunderstanding with the Tholians and the tearing of the Reality Vortex. Serving as a launching pad for the Mirror Borg, it threatens the multiverse. In this new update, you’ll need to infiltrate the Mirror Borg Unicomplex, a technological labyrinth guarded by relentless Borg, to sever the vortex and save the multiverse. At the heart of this nightmare awaits the Borg King, the architect of this multiversal threat. Will you prevail against impossible odds and rewrite the fate of reality?

From “Star Trek Online: Both Worlds” (Cryptic)

Both Worlds also includes the following new features…

New Episode – Scorpion’s Abyss
The Aetherians report a new Reality Vortex in Fluidic Space and ask for help to close it. There, you find Mirror Borg using the vortex as a beachhead for an assault on the multiverse. A daring mission into a Mirror Borg Unicomplex puts you face to face with the Borg King.

New Task Force Operation – Battle of Wolf 359
This new 5-player space Task Force Operation will let you relive the greatest battle against the Borg at Wolf 359. Learn from the past to defend the present. [See exclusive TrekMovie preview for more details on the Wolf 359 TFO]

Season 31 Event – King and Collective
For this new event, players can play selected content to earn a new T6 ship, the Alliance Rex Pilot Escort.

Elite Random Task Force Operations Feature
This new quality-of-life improvement feature will give players the option to queue up for Random Elite TFOs to score extra rewards.

More screenshots…

This new season marks the 14th anniversary of the game. In addition to the new content that pays homage to various Star Trek series, Cryptic has also just announced a new anniversary sale, plus the chance to gain bonus XP.

Star Trek Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. To download and play Star Trek Online today for free, visit

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Gawd, I hate multiverses.

100%. 1. It’s degenerated into a plot device for lazy writers. 2. With some rare exceptions, it typically takes away accountability for the characters.

But JJ verse is part of the multi….

Yeah I see your point. 😉🙄

I don’t mind them too much but Marvel has made me sick to death of them as well


Just to add: the reason I hate them is because if anything is possible — literally the baseline assumption of the multiverse — then nothing matters.

(Plus, at this point it’s been done to death.)


Nothing personal, but I love multiverses. My #1: Power Rangers. Star Trek is among my honorable mentions.

Somewhere in the multiverse, you hate them and I love them.😝

Lol, awesome!

If you tallied everything about Star Trek fans have said they’re sick of an eliminated it, there would be no more Star Trek left.

So sick of the multiverse thing….

We Trekkies kind of started it. Isn’t Star Trek online essentially a big “What If” already?

As someone else said, Marvel (and now DC too) have really overdone it.

I mean “Mirror, Mirror” was a multiverse story, so Star Trek has done it from the very beginning.

“Yesterday’s Enterprise” is another great multiverse story.

Gary Graham r i p

Sorry to read of his passing. We didn’t much see eye-to-eye politically, but he was good on “Enterprise,” really good on “Alien Nation,” and his body of work will live on.

Really really good on ALIEN NATION and solid in one of the very first episodes of MOONLIGHTING, I think it was called GUNFIGHT AT THE SO-SO CORAL.

I think his portrayal of a Vulcan was up there with Mark Lenard’s.

Oh lawd I’d rather play Elite Force!